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Review #1, by AceFelton72Yes... I Am A Star : Picking Up the Pieces

9th May 2016:
Tears in my eyes, this story is emotionally gripping. The depth of your characters are incredible, and I feel with them for the (hopefully for not long) loss of Atria! What doesn't kill you, make you stronger, huh? ;) Please write again soon, as I'm really curious of Atria's fate

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you're hooked! I'm working on the next chapter and should have it up soon. Keep reviewing! - Alex

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Review #2, by AceFelton72The Dark Mark: The Chamber Reopened

17th March 2014:
Great story! I'm actually quite fond of your
characters.. looking forward to read more of this :)

Author's Response: I'm quite fond of them myself! Thank you for reviewing, it might give me the motivation to get on and finish this thing... nearly there!

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Review #3, by AceFelton72Fluorescent Adolescent : more than nice

14th January 2014:
I promised myself to ship James with Effy, but after this chapter, I'm all in for Al! Really good story though :)

Author's Response: hahaha maybe you'll change your mind in the upcoming chapter! cheers :') xx

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Review #4, by AceFelton72Healer of Hearts: Chapter 1

24th October 2012:
This was so good! Poor Harry, I really feel bad for him..
Can't wait to read more :) x

Author's Response: Thanks so much! The next chapter's waiting to be validated now so hopefully you won't have to wait too long. I'm glad that you like the story so far!

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Review #5, by AceFelton72Remember the Slytherins: Mad World

27th September 2012:
This has become my all time favourite story! I love the darkness of this story and that it isn't just about the perfect Potters.. Your story make me proud to be a Slytherin! Thank you for writing this.

Author's Response: Wow. Thank you so much for the review. :) I'm glad the darkness hasn't scared you off, lol, and I really hate the notion of 'lollipops and rainbows next gen', you know? I'm proud to be a Slytherin, too. :) We stick together.

Ellie (who can't say anything more coherent because she's so flattered)

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Review #6, by AceFelton72The Sky Thief: The Sky Thief

27th September 2012:
Aww, this was the cutest!
From the way they met, to the end.. I have to say I smiled goofyly throughout the whole text!
It would be so great if you do another one shot of this, where she's at the Burrows, meeting the family, since they're wizards and all that.. :)

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Review #7, by AceFelton72Chasing Time: Heart Skips A Beat

14th August 2012:
Great story! Haha, so funny with the shirt.. I really want one myself actually :) I hope there are more of the Marauders in the next chapters .

Author's Response: thanks!...i actually have one, that's where i got the idea...its from hot topic, idk if they still have them though.oh and there will be plenty of marauders coming up ;)

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Review #8, by AceFelton72Curse of being famous: Chapter two- living the dream, maybe

14th August 2012:
Cool story :)
haha, first I thought McGonagall would throw a fit, because of the leather biker jacket, so it surprised me when she didn't .. Anyway, I really like Arianna as a character! Please update again as soon as you can Xx

Author's Response: Haha yeah guess I forgot about the jacket, oh well, guess I shouldn't be writing at night before bed :)

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Review #9, by AceFelton72Snake and his Badger: Rainy, cuddle days.

4th August 2012:
Aww, now I feel really bad for them both.. It was kind of mean of Albus to do that bet, but he regretted it, so I kind of have to forgive him for that.. soon :)
Is Lexi the new chaser? That would be awesome! Imagine Albus' face if he came to the game and found that out.. well, oh my!
Please update soon! xx

Author's Response: Same here! *high fives*
Hmm.. you'll see :>
HAHA Albus' face would be priceless HAHA
thanks for reading! the next chapter is still awaiting validation :) so I hope you'll like it! xx

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Review #10, by AceFelton72Warning: This Girl Is Not A People Person: Running Away From Things That Hurt

10th July 2012:
This gets only better and better!
I really liked the part about her mother, and it made me curious about her past. I hope it'll come more of this later, and with a better explanation about why she shuts people out, the way she does, cause this really made me wonder. :)
Keep update, and I'll try to review.

Author's Response: thanks i'm glad you like it :) yeah chapter three pretty much explains it all - although i feel like its a bit rushed so let me know what you think, thanks for reviewing!:)

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Review #11, by AceFelton72Warning: This Girl Is Not A People Person: Not in The Mood for Human Interaction

10th July 2012:
I'm so glad I found this story! It's not a typical story I usually read, but this didn't disappoint, at all :)
The way you're describing Effie, the I-don't-care attitude, and that she doesn't have any friends, is actually refreshing.
Update soon :)

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Review #12, by AceFelton72Remember the Slytherins: The Fighter

22nd June 2012:
Aww, you're almost making me cry!!
It's no words to describe how much I love this story no matter how cliche that sounds like.
Sadly, I've no idea who HE is, but I can't wait to find out.
I really like that this story isn't just about a "perfect" Gryffie girl, who will end up together with either James or Albus, but we can actually read how the Slytherins feel.
Update soon! Much love xx

Author's Response: Believe me, I've cried when I wrote the chapter before this. I'm rather attached to Nick ...

Anyways, I'm really glad you like it. Honestly, I had no idea who 'he' was really going to be until I really thought about it two weeks ago. That's probably a bad thing ...

And, I'm really glad you like the idea. I am personally a Slytherin, and though it is amusing to read all the Quidditch Next Gen. romance out there, I didn't think it was that realistic. I'm glad you agree. :)

The next chapter will be in the queue after a one-shot. Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by AceFelton72A history of magic: Chapter one

23rd December 2011:
This sounds really great! I guess the historie of magic classes are about to be improved a lot.. Merry Christmas! x

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! You made me so happy!

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Review #14, by AceFelton72Upside down : The Plan

4th December 2011:
Wow, this was an amazing chapter. This was really sexy, and I am totally cheering on Al and El :) Continue this fantastic job! :D 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :) I'm currently working on chapter 5 so it should be up soon. Please keep reading!


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Review #15, by AceFelton72The story of us: Boys and Girls

28th November 2011:
A great and original story. You said she liked Potter, and by Potter, i really hope it will be Albus Potter, and not James.

Author's Response: hmmm... hmmm... I must admit, at the moment as I'm writing it, the story is taking a sort of different turn from my original plans. In my original plot, Albus wasn't really in it at all, but he is sort of currently demanding attention, so at the moment, I don't even know. After putting up chapter three I'm going to have to quickly re-work minor parts of the plot...
Thanks for your comments though :)

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Review #16, by AceFelton72Shattered: Enter James

28th November 2011:
Amazing. . This is fantasic, and I love it!
I really liked James POV, but I think Charlie/Albus fits better together. I loved how you have portrayed him.

Author's Response: Keep reading. . . all will be explained in time. (MWA-HA-HA-HA!) I do have a master plan, but I'm not 100% sure who ends up with Charlie. It will end with a bang, though!

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Review #17, by AceFelton72Slytherin's Princess: Memories, football and house elves

24th November 2011:
This was an interesting story! I really like Kes as a character, and your introduction of her.
Definetly Logan Lerman:D I guess you mean as Al, right?
Please update this story soon.

Author's Response: Thank you!
And yes, Logan Lerman is Al!

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Review #18, by AceFelton72Only Power Remains: Chapter Three

16th November 2011:
I like your story more and more for every chapter I read. I find Jade an interesting character. She is a great pairing with Riddle, and is actually so mean as him. It is really different from the other stories I have read here, but I really enjoy reading this.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! This made me smile! I'm so glad you find the story different! I always felt like some of the characters Tom was paired with could never really keep up with him! I'm so pleased you like her! And thank you so much for the kind review!

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Review #19, by AceFelton72Fading away. : Lazy Saturdays.

16th November 2011:
Heey Courtney.
Poor Lorrie! Eating disorder is terrible.. But I like her, and her personality. I don't like James.. He's just..ugh. Loved the way you portrayed Al. Most people don't make him like this, and it was refreshing to read.
Hope you'll update soon :)

Author's Response: Heey Christine :3
Haha thanks! this idea for this story wouldn't go away, so I had to post it, and I'm glad you like it. :3

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Review #20, by AceFelton72Shaping Up With A Marauder: A Sea Change

15th November 2011:
Haha, Butteroinks :L
I think this was a really good chapter and introducion. I do feel kinda sorry for her because of that thing with Butteroinks *LOL*
I am going to read some more chapters now. Do you want to send some cookies to Norway?

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Review #21, by AceFelton72Ready or Not, Here I Come.: Crumbling the Cookie.

14th November 2011:
Hii :) I really liked this chapter. It was a great introduction, and I feel so sorry for her. Poor girl, and it is terrible by her brothers that they didn't tell her. Loved the name Nagini Zabini.. ^^
I'm looking forward to your next chapter, so I hope it doesn't take too long!
-Adios for now!

Author's Response: Hii!! ^_^
Oh thank you :) The next chapter should be out soonish ... Give or take, when I get back from Fiji I reakon :)
Thank yo for your lovely review ^^ x

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Review #22, by AceFelton72Murder.: Fooled by some.

10th November 2011:
Finally something I haven't read before.
I like the way you wrote this, and that Albus was the killer, instead of the "perfect guy" he usually is.

Author's Response: Thanks, this means a lot. :3

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Review #23, by AceFelton72Nature's Bounty: Round One

8th November 2011:
Congratz with making an amazing story!
I don't know about the first question, seeing as I am a new reader, but please don't change the title. I really like it..
Poor Rachele, her death made me cry :'(

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Review #24, by AceFelton72Illicit Society: The Distracting Type

2nd November 2011:
Again, this was a really great chapter :) I really like your flashbacks. They give a lot of imformation..Oh my God, she killed the McKinnons? Poor girls..
That letter sounded professional!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by AceFelton72My love for orange juice is stronger than you think.: Morning wake ups, Stupid proffessors and Mashed Potato

31st October 2011:
Hahah, I like this story, and her random thinking. The Houston thing really makes me laugh. Al is so in love with her :D, please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, her random thinking is quite amazing i'd say she's half mad but then i'd be half mad to think it up. Or is he ;)

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