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Review #1, by mrsronaldweasley262The Magic of Metamorphosis: The Magic of Prologues and Eagle Knockers

24th May 2013:
Amazing first chapter!! I love Julianne :) especially her name! I have a one-shot that I'm writing about a girl named Julianna haha ;)

The writing is fabulous and really flows well and I think the way that Julianne is portrayed is great.

You should definitely update really soon!


P.S. thank you for having absolutely spotless grammar and spelling, it makes everything so much easier to read!


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Review #2, by mrsronaldweasley262Composure: three.

23rd May 2013:
I like it, I think you're doing awesome. The writing flows nicely and it's nice and light, not overly heavy and dramatic. It's good!

I really like Eva, she's very... Real? Does that word work? It works in my head. I like Harriet and especially Eoin. How do you pronounce his name? Is it like Eeee-oh-in?

You should update really soon ;)


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love them all, they're like my little brain children. That sounds weird... Eoin is just O-en, like Owen, but nice and Irishly spelt :) You're so nice, ee, made me so happy! Thank you so much

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Review #3, by mrsronaldweasley262Hot and Cold: Again

17th May 2013:
Oh my god, I loved it! Their relationship was so perfect and so much like what I always think they should be like.

Would you ever consider making it into a full story? Because I think it would be incredible and I would totally read it. Your writing was so good and flowed really nicely too.


Author's Response: Thanks for the extremely cheerful review, it's always nice to get ones like this. I always thought their relationship would be complicated, and unsure, so I had fun writing this one shot. I think I will probably keep this story as a one shot, but may write another Rose/Scorpius story with the same relationship. :D ~F

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Review #4, by mrsronaldweasley262Living In London: Chapter 12 - Belinda

4th April 2013:
Wow, okay. So I don't think I've reviewed for this story yet... but let me just say, I absolutely love it. The way you write is perfect and I totally love Belinda. Her name is so pretty, I used to dislike that name when I was little, but I think it's so gorgeous now.

It's funny, my dog's original name was Monkey when we adopted him, but we changed it to Buddy (my parent's doing... not mine, I wanted Kingsley or it to stay Monkey) so I kind of really love her Crup. Like a lot. My dog is big, but I keep imagining Monkey to be a complete doofus like my dog so I'm a bit attatched. Haha.

Anyways, I really love this story and I hope the next chapter comes soon!

Is the letter from Al?


Author's Response: Aw you're so sweet, thank you so much for the review! Yes, I know the name Belinda is gorgeous, it actually means Beautiful which is kinda ironic... And yup even though we only see a little tiny bit of Monkey he's such a great crup, he's so cute, I actually wish I owned a crup like him! As for the letter, you will just have to wait and see, it'll all be revealed in time. Thank you for all your positive comments!

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Review #5, by mrsronaldweasley262Road Works: Party Prep

4th April 2013:

I love the story by the way! I like Gemma, she's a cool character :D

Author's Response: Telling you would spoil the next chapter wouldn't it... I couldn't possibly do that. :P
I'm glad you like her, she is definitely one of my favourite characters to write as. She just has so much spirit and is a joy, she makes writing interesting.

Thank you for the review, it made me smile to know you like the story :)

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Review #6, by mrsronaldweasley262Beyond the Veil : Professor Neville Longbottom

20th January 2013:
Oh my god the chapter image you used. I think I died a little at how utterly gorgeous he is. SiriusLee (hahahaha), he's just too hot.

I love this story idea! It's so creative :) Also, the writing is really good and I like the characters. I love that you brought Sirius back in a way that didn't stray from the traditional story line. I mean, sure, he was meant to stay dead, but that way you made him come back is believable and makes sense. Like, I could see JK Rowling making that a posibility!

Props to you for ingenuity! I really love the story so far!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I know he was meant to die, but I always found the Veil kind of odd. JK Rowling made it an image of death but I kind of took that idea and spun it a bit. I'm glad that you like it so far and I'm also glad that you like the image. ;) He is really hot and that image is one of my favorites. Thank you so much for the review and I'm glad you like it so far. :) Please keep reading and I hope that you continue to like it. Please tell me if anything is out of whack or completely off because I enjoy criticism in any shape or form...well, most of the time.
Thank you again for the lovely review. :D

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Review #7, by mrsronaldweasley262The Madness That is My Life: The Madness of Not Normal

11th January 2013:
WHOA! Addie just does not have good luck. I feel bad for the poor girl and would love to just give Al a hug punch in the gut for being such a dick to her. I mean, come on! She's like "so yeah, I'm falling in love you you" and then he's just like "..." Jeez Al, way to be a major jackass.

I'm sad that Cormac is married with another family. Poor Matilda. She and Addie both have pretty shit luck.

I love that Anna and Mary were included in this chapter! I love Hufflepuffs!

Ummm... Neville is right, by the way. She shouldn't buy Al a gift because he's an insensitive prick and is screwing with Addie's emotions. I liked that Matilda called Addie Addison, her name is so pretty!

So yeah, awesome chapter. I like the way the story is going (including the Albus being a major bitchatron)!

Please update soon :D


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Review #8, by mrsronaldweasley262Finders Keepers: The Unexpected Promotion

12th December 2012:
Woot! I really like it so far :D I'm liking the whole Sophie thing and how she - so far - really dislikes James. Update soon because I have a feeling I'm really going to like the story :)

The writing is awesome too, but a one point you slipped in the name Joel out of the blue. I assumed you meant Ray? Aside from that minor little slip I really liked the writing. It had good flow and wasn't choppy!


Author's Response: Yay! Glad you liked it! Thanks for catching onto the whole Joel thing - originally Ray's name was going to Joel. Sorry for the confusion - I will fix that. Anyway, thank you again and chapter two should be up soon! :D

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Review #9, by mrsronaldweasley262Falling (What Else is New?): Josie-Getting Started

7th December 2012:
I really like your writing!!! And I think Josie and Neville's relationship is perfect :)

I'm kinda hoping that Addi and Josie are really close sisters and like to team up on Colin, but I'm sure it'll be great either way!

Can't wait for the next chaper and the ready of the story :D


Author's Response: Thanks! I was actually planning on them being close, or at least getting closer later on in the story, so now I will almost definitely do it.

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Review #10, by mrsronaldweasley262My Great Escape: Not a Quitter (generally speaking)

4th November 2012:
I think this is one of the best written stories I've ever read! Seriously, it's so good! I love Harmony. She's such a real character, and even with all that dark stuff in her life that she has to deal with, she doesn't let it consume her. This story is awesome and I find Harmony's sarcasm to be really funny! I liked when she was talking aboute Fred and Dart's eyes darting towards her and then she says 'ha. darting'.

Im glad that this story is so real and it's not all 'oh my god I'm so hot and so cool and so crazy.' Because that's not how most people are and this story really shows how someone who seems really normal has all these different sides to her. I'm really hoping that she starts to come more out of her shell with James and co.

Wow, this review is pretty long. I guess your story is just that awesome! :)

Please keep writing and update soon because I love this story and I really want to see what happens when Harmony goes shopping with the girls and what happens during lunch. Well, acutally I just want to keep on reading and reading. I truly love your writing style!

When the time comes for her to buy a dress, can you explain it in depth? I love hearing about what people wear (I know it's kind of weird). Also, I think Harmony's dad should make a surprise appearance and totally shake up her life when things start to get really good (aka if/when she and James finally get together as a real couple)!

But that's just an idea and I'm sure you've already got a really great plot all sorted out. :)

Thank you for writing such an amazing story!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much. This review actually has me smiling like an idiot, I really appreciate you taking the time to write all that stuff down! It's such a compliment.

I do see Harmony as a real character, because parts of her are very similar to parts of me. I also find writing her in the first person pretty natural, because I just ask myself how I would respond in that situation, and the answers usually come quite easily.

I have a few different ideas in mind for her dress for the Ball, but I'm sure I'll describe it in detail! I don't want to give anything away about future chapters but if her dad appears - still a very big if - it won't be for a long time. Right now I'm just focusing on the Hogsmeade trip. :)

Thank you very much for this amazing review. Hopefully I'll get another chapter up shortly! X

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