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Review #1, by DAK388Melting Into You: Chapter 2: Shock and Awe

22nd March 2015:
Kudos for Hermione. Ron and his secretary deserved that. Wasn't sure if I would like a Draco and Hermione story but, so far I am enjoying it.

Author's Response: Hey,
Thanks for reviewing and for being brave enough to try a Dramione in spite of your misgivings. I will try to do the ship justice in order to convert you.


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Review #2, by DAK388A Second Chance: The Kiss

24th February 2015:
Not sure how I feel about the story so far but, I hope everything works out for Harry. I love reading stories about Harry and Ginny. This is something that I can see Harry doing to get Ginny back. He loves her so much. Eager to see how the story ends up.

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Review #3, by DAK388The Reality of Winning: Chapter 2: Reality

28th March 2014:
Not a bad chapter. Waiting for Harry to reunite with Ginny. Was hoping I would see her in this chapter. Keep writing.

Author's Response: :) thanks a lot, it's nice to know people are reading and enjoying it

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Review #4, by DAK388A Cannon's Harpy: Family, New and Old

29th March 2012:
I am really enjoying this story. Keep the chapters coming. I want to know what happens. It is a bit different from other stories I read. I never thought of reading a story about Harry and Ron not knowing each other. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: I'm glad that you are enjoying the story. I'll be posting as quickly as I can over the coming days. Thank you for leaving a review.

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Review #5, by DAK388Protection: Complicated

22nd February 2012:
I am really enjoying your story. Hope you keep writing it. I want to know what is going to happen next.

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