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Review #1, by DmlongKnock on Wood: Misery Loves Company

24th March 2013:
Hello dear! Wow has it been a long time since I've logged in. I assure you I am still alive and well though! IM SO SORRY for temporarily abandoning you! BUT im back now and soo look forward to catching up! Now on to the review:

I loved that Teddy and Hannah teamed up a bit to make their ex's jealous. I do hope Teddy & Emmy get back together though. Their breakup made me sad. NO MORE BREAKUPS! lol

Hannah's conversation with Minky has given me a sliver of hope for Fred & Hannah! She can not give up on him!!

Now, the good part. I am so so so freaking proud of Hannah for FINALLY dumping Scorpius once and for all. That just made my entire night. I kinda don't want Rose & Scorpius to work out just because I don't think he deserves her, but then again I love the idea of them together so I'm kind of on the fence about that one.

If Fred is dating Delilah again I will murder him. I don't care if he is just trying to make Hannah jealous, he needs to not be such an idiot. I loath Delilah!!

It broke my heart a bit to hear Hannah turn down the job with Fred & George! She is destined for that job! In a perfect world she gets back together with Fred and they live happily ever after working along side each other at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. HOPEFULLY! Don't let me down. lol

Once again, amazing chapter! I'll try to finish the rest tonight. I hope you're still writting regularly!

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Review #2, by DmlongUnprepared: After Everything

18th August 2012:
Ahh I feel so bad for Rose! :( The awkwardness between her & Ron made me sad. Why can't everyone just love everyone?

The fight between Rose & Scorpius was horrible & you may be shocked to hear me say this, but I sort of agree with Scorpius' actions this time. He has been put through the ringer just as bad as Rose has, so maybe it's her turn to step up & win him back.

As for the newspaper article: OMG! As if her & Scorpius didn't have it bad enough as it is, now their business is being aired to everyone! Though I must admit, it was a pretty nice touch to the chapter. :)

I hope you can update soon! I miss this story!!!

& HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope it was as amazing as you are. :D

Author's Response: I know, it would be terrible going through that! And that would make everything just too easy!
I have to say I agree with you too, Rose is being a meanie and has done way too terrible things too him!
I hoped you liked the article, so hard to write!!
Thank you and I`ll try to update quicker!
And again thank you, it was an awesome day :)

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Review #3, by DmlongCheating the Bet: I'll Be Waiting

1st August 2012:
The party was great!! But of course Albus has to go and ruin it! Ahh what an idiot. They were having such a great time together & seriously making progress. I'm going to pretend he was drugged & that's why he kissed the "bimbo" I thought it was to sweet that Al admitted to liking Alice for so long. And the whole "I'll wait for you" speech was adorable. Apparently untrue, but adorable nonetheless.

I feel so bad for Alice. :(

I'm hoping something good happens in the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks much :) Lol. I like the whole drugged theory. Very interesting :)

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Review #4, by DmlongCheating the Bet: Apologize

1st August 2012:
Awh Al definitely wants more than just friends, but i suppose friends are better than enemies. His apology was sweet & their kiss was amazing!!

Rose is a smart girl. How could Alice think she could pull the wool over her eyes & hide her snog buddy from her best friend? I love that everyone seems to be on board for Albus & Alice to be together.

I loved the quidditch match. I'm assuming it was Lee Jordan's son as commentator? He was hilarious. And of course Gryffindor won the match! It was sweet that Alice was worried about Al.

Going to read more now. Great work!!! :)

Author's Response: Thanks. Yes, Eddie is the son of Lee Jordan. I just thought it would be fitting. Like father, like son.

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Review #5, by DmlongCheating the Bet: Up All Night

1st August 2012:
I love how Al went & got Alice. Somebody was desperate for a snog!

It was nice that they were able to actually have a conversation, and I like that you gave Albus the map.

Their fight was sad, I definitely think Al hit below the belt with the dad comment. Hopefully Al doesn't kill Scorpius. I think he likes Alice more than he is letting on. Especially since he seems to be trying to fix things.

I seriously love this story already! If you couldn't tell. :)

Author's Response: Really??? You like the story?? I couldn't tell at all. Lol. Thanks for the reviews.

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Review #6, by DmlongCheating the Bet: Everybody Talks

1st August 2012:
Snog buddies? haha I love it! Though I must admit I don't see them staying just enemies with benefits for to long. There has to be something more there. :)

I knew Rose was seeing Scorpius. How cute! Let's hope that works out and her family doesn't murder him.

Also, I loved their girly chat. It made me feel like I was at a slumber party or something. lol

I wonder how Alice's & Albus's first "meeting" will go! Hopefully good! :)

Author's Response: Thank you much :) I was going for the whole slumber party feel. I wanted to show her openness and closeness with her friends. I'm glad you like it :)

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Review #7, by DmlongCheating the Bet: Oops I Did It Again

1st August 2012:
Okay so maybe not rainbows and butterflies, but definitely more chemistry & I totally loved it!! I thought it was funny that Rose thinks Albus & Alice would be a perfect couple. I just might agree with her. :)

I just love the chemistry they have together!

Also, am I wrong to be guessing Rose's mystery man is none other than Scorpius Malfoy?

Great chapter! :) on to the next one.

Author's Response: Nice guess work. Rose and Scorpius together is one of my favorite ships. Thanks lots for your reviews :)

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Review #8, by DmlongCheating the Bet: Heat of the Moment?

1st August 2012:
I am so in love with this story already! :)

I've never pictured Al to be the womanizing Potter. I guess James has always played that part in my mind, but I like that that's how you portray Albus. It will be a different read for me.

I am definitely excited to see what happens between Alice & Albus next. Obviously they are "enemies" so I don't expect rainbows and butterflies in the next chapter, but I'm definitely excited to read it!

GREAT chapter. :) I'll catch up on the chapters you have posted now and just a heads up I love reviewing so you will be hearing much more from me. Hope that's okay. :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much :) I just thought that Al needed a little twist.
And I love getting reviews, so I hope to hear more from you :)

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Review #9, by DmlongAnnie: Prologue

1st August 2012:
Awh I love this! I feel horrible for Annie, but I think you have done a great job on this chapter. I'm intrigued. I hope you update soon. I can't wait to read more. :))

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #10, by DmlongKnock on Wood: Everything

9th July 2012:
Aww this chapter was exactly how i thought it would be: depressing and heartbreaking. :(

That pretty much covers it.

I hope you update soon & congrats on the awards!! No shock there. :)

Author's Response: I know! I was so distraught writing this I didn't want it to be sad I just wanted them to be happy!

But it had to happen :(

Update.. I hope I can get one in before I go on vacation! We'll see.

Aw, thank you♥! I still am in shock about them!

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Review #11, by DmlongLike Father, Like Son, right?: Shades of purple

9th July 2012:
Haha I loved this chapter!! Rose cracks me up. She really does have the worst luck. I can only imagine how the next chapter will go. Update soon! :)

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Review #12, by DmlongKnock on Wood: Separate Detentions

6th July 2012:
You must hate me. That's the only solution I've come up with..but I'll get to that later.!

The Howlers were hilarious. I love how they held hands while listening to them. It was super cute. They WERE such an amazing couple!

The dementor drawing had me cracking up. Idk why I thought it was so amazing, but it was. Especially Hannah & Fred's team work on it. I was chuckling through this whole part.

I actually had my phone "reading" it all to me while I was getting ready for work this morning and I was laughing out loud and would have to go back and reread some things because I thought they were to funny.

The detentions sounded awful, but I couldn't help but laugh at Fred'd attempt to trade. Can't say I blame him. As for scooping up invisible horse poop (for lack of a better word because I can't cuss lol) that was horrifying. But still funny! Poor Hannah.

Now for the horribly depressing part of the review..OMG! I am heartbroken.

Scorpius. Just Scorpius. I can't even think of anything to describe the loathing I have for him.

And FRED! My heart snapped in two for him (much like Hannah's wand). I feel so bad for him. :((

As for Hannah, well I still love her but I am seriously mad at her!! She did exactly what I knew she was going to do and she deserves to get round house kicked in the head (preferably by Fred). I almost want her and Scorpius to try to date now and it to blow up in their faces so she can get over that illusion of loving him. They just don't work like her & Fred do.

I am expecting very depressing chapters until she fixes the fiasco with Fred. She will fix it won't she?!

Somebody better tell Rose whats been going on. I mean seriously, it's about time she knew. It could be part of Hannah's journey to make everything right.

And if I find out Scorpius is dating Rose still in the next chapter I will scream. If Hannah has to take the fall for all this, he better be with her (and hit a few more extra bumps as he goes, just for being so stupid).

I think the worst part of the chapter was when Hannah over heard Fred & Albus talking. As much as I know that none of this would have happened if she would have just controlled herself with Scorpius, I still felt really bad for her. Especially when she was still clinging to the hopes of them being together and had to hear Fred dismiss that thought. :(

I really hope you update soon. You picked the worst week to post this chapter because I have to wait extra long for these lovely people at HPFF to get back from vacation now!! Still, I look forward to it and hopefully some good news.

And as much as I HATE all the sadness that happened, I've got to admit you did an amazing job on it. :)

Author's Response: Aww, of course I don't hate you! But I'll talk about that more later too :D

Aw... they /were/ ... I had fun writing the howlers I think their mums did plan to send them on the same day ;)

haha.. the dementor.. I have no idea what weird part of my brain that came from (much like all of my other 'humor' parts). I'm glad it was entertaining nonetheless!

*is old* Phones can do that?? ...really? Like.. they read off of computer screens? My cellphone is, not exaggerating, like four years old and I think it was one of the first touchscreens ever.. so yeah that's kind of cool.

haha.. Invisible Thestral poo! worst detention ever! And she thought it wasn't going to be all that bad :p I can only imagine how annoying Filch must have been in Fred's detention, though.

sad parts! :( I know.. I was pretty heartbroken writing this chapter. But I think it had to happen. Scorpius deserves all of the loathing. And Fred! I hated doing it. It made me so sad to have to break his heart because I love him so much.

As for Hannah, well I still love her but I am seriously mad at her!! She did exactly what I knew she was going to do and she deserves to get round house kicked in the head (preferably by Fred). I almost want her and Scorpius to try to date now and it to blow up in their faces so she can get over that illusion of loving him. They just don't work like her & Fred do.

Depressing chapters will be on the way! She has to hurt, in a way it's karma and she didn't tell Fred the whole truth about what was going on with Scorpius. I hope she doesn't get kicked though :p As far as dating Scorpius.. well.. I can't tell you that! And.. will she fix things... I can't tell you that either!!!


And.. Rose's finding out about everything will happen.. I just can't tell you when!

Hannah overhearing was actually a really last minute thing for this chapter! I almost ended it on her waking up in the hospital but I needed the chapter to be a little longer and I knew 28 was going to be lengthy. Plus it gave a final sense to the chapter without leaving one of those 'what's going to happen now?' senses. She did get all of her hopes crushed in that moment and I did feel really bad for her! It was interesting to write because I normally don't write very sad stuff!

hehe.. Bad timing this breakup came, didn't it!? The staff work so hard here I'm suprised they don't get more vacations :p but the next chapter is posted now! And I'm glad the writing went alright, despite the situation! Thanks again for the lovely review! I never know what to say after amazing reviews like this so thank you so much!! ♥

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Review #13, by DmlongKnock on Wood: Bump in the Road

6th July 2012:
Wow Scorpius has reached a whole new low!! If Hannah & Fred would have broken up over him just for him to turn around and date Rose again I would have lost my mind. But the fact that it really got Hannah second guessing her relationship with Fred really freaks me out! She better not break his heart!!!

I've always pictures Rose with Scorpius. Always! But I'm starting to think he really doesn't even deserve her.

The library scene? Brilliant!! I laughed so hard that they got caught making out on a table. Classy. Lol And they did such a great job at studying. I loved it!

I loved their idea to spend the rest of the day in Hogsmeade for their birthday. It was a fun little date..until George showed up. But I love how you wrote him & his lack of discipline for Fred made me laugh.

Great chapter! I loved it! Going to read the next one now. :))

Author's Response: Mmhmm.. he's hit another point of lowness in this chapter. That was the biggest thing I wanted to show/acomplish through Scorpius' manipulations was Hannah's second guessing so I'm glad you noticed that!

:D That was EXACTLY what one of the main things I wanted to do when I started writing this. I wanted to show the Scorose ship that people hold in such high regaurds (through the Scorpius cheating head boy/girl cliche other girl) that just because two characters have a 'forbidden' romance doesn't mean they're automatically destined to fight through everything!

Anyway, hehe.. I loved wiritng the Library scene. Classy indeed :D They're my favorite little rebels when it comes to studying!

George was fun to write here, dealing with Angelina and figuring out the Hogsmeade shop stuff. And I wanted to give them a fun little birthday date before they'd be carted off to detention for the rest of their lives.

thanks again so much for reading and reviewing! I'm so glad you liked the chapter!

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Review #14, by DmlongA Green Rose: Jealous

6th July 2012:
Omg! No I wasn't expecting that at all! Scorpius is just being stupid. Hopefully Rose's friend doesn't get her heart ripped out because of his dumb plan to make Rose jealous. Now, maybe he really does like Tabitha, but I'm sure his motive is more to bother Rose. Ahh!

Speaking of Rose, I don't think she was just mad at the fact that Scorpius is now with her friend, I'm sensing SOME jealousy. She just won't ever admit it.

And your making me really like Toby! Which could be a potential problem is Rose & Scorpius do end up fancying each other.

I really love everything you've done so far! I can't wait to read more. :) And I'm sorry it took me so long to leave you these last reviews.

Author's Response: Haha, glad I shocked you! Yeah, although I find Tabitha annoying, no one deserves to get their heart broken... And we shall see... ;)
Well, it is the title of the chapter...
Yeah, I LOVE Toby! Problem? Oh yeah, maybe he'll do something to really annoy Rose... Please!
Thanks for reviewing so often, just for that you can take your time!!
Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by DmlongA Green Rose: Scorpius' Decision

6th July 2012:
Scorpius.! Oh Scorpius. You don't fool me. You love Rose and I know it!! Okay, maybe that's a bit extreme but there is something there & he needs to stop denying it!!! :)

Author's Response: Haha! I'll be sure to pass this onto him to knock some sense into him!
Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #16, by DmlongKnock on Wood: Guilt

5th July 2012:
Oh my freaking God! No!! Will somebody please Avada Kedavra Scorpius?! He is ruining my life. Or rather Hannah, Fred, & Rose's life. I hate him. I really do.

I was all super excited because I figured Hannah & Fred were closer to the "I love you" moment and here comes Scorpius to shoot them in their hearts. Yes I am being over dramatic. But still!

And poor Rose! Crying at the breakfast table, that broke my heart. :(

I'm not sure how I feel about Hannah telling Rose her secret, but maybe that will help Hannah stay away from Scorpius somehow. Can somebody please hurt Scorpius?

Okay okay, enough Scorpius hating..for now.

If Fred gets his heart broken I will cry. You've made me love him so much I really hope Hannah doesn't go back to her old ways.

Reading the next chapter ASAP and hoping for some happiness.

Author's Response: haha.. I know! He's a jerk. He is a manipulator and I find it hard - even writing him - to find things I like about him.

They were so close! but I have that moment (hopefully) saved and it will be worth the wait!

I know, I do feel terrible for Rose here. But everything has it''s reasons.. and yes... maybe eventually someone will hurt Scorpius for all of the hurt he's causing everyone!

maybe :D

aw.. Don't cry! I love him too and I don't want to break his heart either!

Thanks so much for the lovely review!♥

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Review #17, by DmlongKnock on Wood: Potions and Proposals

5th July 2012:
I'm so sorry for taking FOREVER to review this!! I've just been in a weird funk where reading seemed like a hassle (major funk i know) and I didn't want to read your story with out being able to be all excited about it! Because you deserve an awesomely great review!

So on to this review! I loved the second task. I thought it was adorable that Al couldn't concentrate because he cared to much about Sophie, but as the rest of the competitors starting finishing I'll admit I wanted to slap him & tell him to focus!! So happy that he's in first place though!! :)

Now as for Fred & Hannah, I just LOVED their chat. I was seriously laughing when Hannah meant love, Fred meant sex, and she settled with graduation. It was great & cute!

I'm so ready to hear them say they love each other. I really like how you described Hannah's feeling about something missing now (being the I love you). So they should probably start saying it!!

Also, maybe I'm just paranoid, but the reference to veritiserum makes me think something is going to happen and Hannah is going to spill the beans about her & Scorpius to everyone. I'm hoping I'm just looking way to far into it though.

Loved the chapter & I'm going to read the rest now!!! :))

Author's Response: Aw, don't be sorry! I know that exact funk and I've definetly been there. Thanks for taking the time to come and read! And this is an awesomely great review! As are the other ones, I wish I would have been able to get to your responses faster :p *sighs* weekend jobs!

I'm really happy you enjoyed the second task! Al was pretty cute, wasn't he? I actually didn't even plan to have him make it into first place, it's just how the points ended up! But I am happy for him :D

haha.. I think if anything Hannah learned to think before she spoke with that one. They really had no idea what eachother was thinking, did they?

aww.. I know, me too! She has some growing to do before that can happen, though. I wish they would!

oooh.. haha I wish I was that meaningful :p I just know it was something that NEWT potions classes study so I put it in there ;D BUT I like your idea better! I'm going to go with that one!

Thanks so much again for reading and reviewing! I will get to your other responses very soon! Thanks dear♥♥

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Review #18, by DmlongHogwarts Ex-Golden Girl: Chapter One

23rd June 2012:
Oh wow!!! I am in love with this story already!!! :D

You have a great story line, I love that Aspen is a cancer survivor. It's definitely original in the wizarding world. You're really good at making stories unique. :)

Now, I love Aspen and I have a feeling you might love James. Seeing how he is the object of her affection. It might take a little while getting used to seeing him without Carmendy. Lol I'm really interested in where you take this!!

Great job!! I'll try to finish reading all the chapters you have posted so far by the end of the day! :)

P.S. I freaking HATE Michelle!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! Oh I'm glad I'm good at that! I like to do things other people haven't done! I know, sometimes I find myself writing Carmendy instead of Aspen! Thanks again! And I hate her too!


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Review #19, by DmlongTo Take the Jump: Epilogue

23rd June 2012:
Oh my God! The LAST chapter!! :(

I'll start off by telling you that I loved how you finished it! It was a happy, loving chapter and I enjoyed reading it. I love that you got really thorough with the family tree! I was seriously impressed. James & Carmendy's children were perfect. As was the other one hundred plus family members. Also, I love that you made Carmendy a writter. It was very fitting!

As sad as I am to see this story come to and end, I am equally as happy for having the chance to read it! You've kept me coming back to check for updates on almost a daily basis for the past ten months because I just couldn't get enough! I've loved everything about it! The fact that you poured all your actual emotions and feelings into each chapter just makes it that much more amazing! It's inspiring. :)

I just can't tell you enough how much I loved it! So congrats on writing a memorable HPFF story, your first actually. That's a pretty big accomplishment. I really hope you never give up writing. You've got talent. You can definitely count on me to check out your new story!!

So, thanks again for sharing your story with the Potterhead world here. Your the best! :)

Forever a fan,
Deanna :)

Author's Response: I don't even know what to say to that. But thank you! Thank you so so much! Your the one that reviewed on this story first, you stuck by me so much and I can't put how much I love you for that into words. You were the reason I wanted to keep writing so much! You are so amazing for reviewing on every single on of these chapters, an following me no matter how bad or depressing or short a certain chapter was. So thank you for helping me and keeping me writing.


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Review #20, by DmlongUnprepared: Before Next Year

21st June 2012:
OMG!!! *points wand at Grayson* AVADA KEDAVRA! Im sorry but I promised. Lol

Of course I always knew he had feelings for Rose, but I was really hoping he would never act on them. Unfortunately he did, and now he got punched in the face. And now everyone is going to know about Rose & Scorpius. And now they are going to go downhill again! Ahh why cant Grayson fall for someone else?! Here's the thing: I don't know how in the world Grayson will have a happy ending! I like him to much to see him sad over Rose, but obviously I love Scorpius & Rose more. I'd say Grayson should be with Dom, but I love the idea of Dom with Rowan. So I just don't know!! Your on your own with that, I'm sorry!

Now, aside from Grayson sneak attacking Rose, this chapter was amazing! (Actually, that kiss was a really good idea, so a much as I hate that it's sure to cause a lot of trouble, it was awesome as well.) But thats besides the point, on to Scorpius & Rose! I thought their little stolen moments in closets was so sweet! And the way Scorpius was looking at Rose at the Ball was a great touch. I really felt like I could feel the love there! :) & it was nice of Al to let them dance together at least once.

I can't forget about Teddy & Victoire. That was amazing! I was wondering if you'd include their engagement in your story. I actually got goosebumps during it. I loved it! Especially that Victoire didn't even let him finish proposing!

So, now that's it's summer I am expecting to read a new chapter every week!!! Just kidding, I'm sure you will still be busy, but I do hope for speedy updates, as I am dying to read more! You really left me on a cliffhanger and I'll be running through a million possible senerios until I can read the next chapter. lol

As for new stories to read, you could always check out mine. :) I'll warn you it's not anywhere near as good as yours though. Its not a Scorpius/Rose one, Roxanne is the main character. But anywho, just a thought.

Wonderful chapter. Can't wait to read more! :))

P.S: This is literally the longest review I have ever left! And I've wrote over 200 reviews, so feel special! :)

Author's Response: You did promise. So I'll let it slide.
I totally get how you feel about Grayson, I love him and want him to be happy, I just have no idea who to pair him with! He's so lonely!!
Glad you liked all the Rose/Scorp 'Aw' moments, worried some were a little cheesy again :) And yeah, I figured they needed at least one dance together.
So happy you liked the propsal! I wasn't originally going to put it in, but I'm so glad I did! And I know! I loved how she tackled him x)
Sorry for the none speedy update but I will have more time now! I'll bstart writing the next chappie soon! I will definitely check yours out, I'm dying for something to read!!


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Review #21, by DmlongTo Take the Jump: Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, Mr and Mrs. James Sirius Potter!

20th June 2012:
I absolutly loved this! LOVED IT!!! :))

I've been waiting for this for so long. You definitely didn't disappoint. The wedding was sweet and beautiful. Just perfect. And I cant lie, you made me tear up. I just knew you would!!

I especially loved how you did the video. It filled in the years you skipped in the story a little bit and I thought that was a great idea.

I'm super happy with how this story turned out, but I am also super upset that it's going to be ending after one more chapter. I'm not sure if I'm ready for it! :(

I suppose I don't have a choice though. lol Lovely chapter. :) And once again, I'm sorry it took so long for me to read and review.

Author's Response: Thank you so so much! Your amazing, it was really hard for me to right the chapter and all, but I'm glad it didn't disappoint! Yeah, I wanted people to know what kind of stuff had happened in those years! Don't worry, I don't think I'm ready for it either! But its under validation and I just have to accept it, I might do some sort of sequel though! Again, thanks for review!

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Review #22, by DmlongTo Take the Jump: Switching and a Wedding

20th June 2012:
Let me first apologize for taking so unbelievably long to review! I am terribly lazy and am so sorry. :(

That being said...WOW! Freaking wow! So much happened!!! Dom is a married woman with a daughter! And Carmendy is next! In the next chapter actually. I think I will cry when I read it. No joke. I even almost started tearing up when Dom told Carmendy her babys name (which is adorable).

I love that you had Carmendy traded so she could move back in with James. I've missed him!!

Just a side note, Fred seriously made me laugh. I think George's offspring is my favorite. If you hadn't noticed that already. lol

Now, I am going to read the wedding chaper! I'm stoked about it!!! This chapter was great though. :))

Author's Response: It's totally fine, just thanks for reviewing! I know right! It's insane! Thanks so much for your fabulous review hon!


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Review #23, by DmlongUnprepared: A Very Merry Christmas

20th June 2012:
Oh gosh, where do I even start?! :) Such an amazing chapter! I really don't understand how some of the chapters you don't think are your best work turn out being my favorites. Don't be so hard on yourself!!!

I absolutly loved Christmas morning. It was precious. A bunch of old teenagers sneaking downstairs to shake their presents and wait patiently for their parents to wake up, I was laughing. Great job on that!

I think Scorpius & Rose's presents to each other were perfect. Simple and sweet. I just loved it. :)

I was a little worried when they started fighting again. Although it is expected, I thought it would last longer than a few seconds. So glad that it didnt!! I really hope Grayson doesnt cause any trouble. I love him, I do. But i've been waiting to long for Rose & Scorpius to be happy and if he interfers I will Avada Kedavra him! LOL

Now, as for Teddy walking in on them, that was my FAVORITE part of this chapter. I was seriously laughing when I read that. I knew they would get caught sooner rather than later. I'm just glad it was Teddy, he seemed really chill about it. Curious to see how that plays out.

I'm super excited to read about the New Year's Ball!!! Hopefully you get that posted soon, and I promise to read it faster than it took to read this chapter. I'm sure you've realized this by now, but his is pretty much one of my all time favorite stories. I just love it!! Keep up the great work. :))

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! It's always such a relief when I know you like a chapter :)
I'm glad you liked the presents, I was worried they were a little corny!! But I thought they were cute, so I thought my story, my presents ;)
I know what you mean about Grayson, I love him but seriously, BACK OFF!
I loved writing Teddy's part! It was a random little add in but I'm glad you liked it :)
Thank you for all your support!!

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Review #24, by DmlongA Green Rose: Hiding Places

20th June 2012:
Oh my gosh I loved this!!! The detention was brilliant. I like how they were able to laugh with each other and have a little bit of fun. And running from Filtch was great, though I can only imagine they will get in more trouble for skipping out early in detention. Who cares though right?

As for their little moment? Perfect! It wasn't to romantic or to awkward or to early or anything like that. It was sweet and I just love how you had it play out! I can't wait to see what happens between them next!!

I'm super stoked to read the next chapter so I hope you update soon! I'll be keeping my eye out for it. Awesome job so far. :))

Author's Response: Haha! This has been my favourite chapter to write, and I liked being able to write nice things instead of relating how much they hate each other!
Phew! I'm glad you think I did it ok because I rewrote it like a thousand times. Earlier drafts of hallelujah choruses and cherubs singing were luckily hastily deleted! ;)
Don't worry, the next chapter will be up very soon!
Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #25, by DmlongA Green Rose: Revenge is Sweet...

20th June 2012:
I'm all for payback, and I think Rose did a great job at it, but I sorta felt bad for Scorpius because I don't think he really meant to spill the ink on her. In fact he was trying to apologize before class. I guess hatred just gets in the way of reasoning.

I'm hoping they have some interaction in detention together. At least a conversation. I'll go find out now!! Great job! Keep up the good work. :))

Author's Response: I think you, me and Rose are all similar in our thirst for revenge, but it doesn't work in every situation sadly! Exhibit A^^
Interaction...? Whatever do you mean? ;)

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