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Review #1, by rbrammerAnd Capers Ensue: The Great Escape

30th January 2013:
First of all, I love you dearly and everything, but ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?
Oh, the feels. First, Bea is a crazy Chinese grandma, then Scorpius is dead. Then Bea gets kidnapped along with him, and THEN SCORPIUS ISN'T DEAD? And if that wasn't enough feels to give me a heart attack of happiness, THEN BEA AND SCORPIUS START MAKING OUT IN A CLOSET DURING IMPRISONMENT. I don't know how you come up with this stuff, but please continue to do so, because I would love to read Capers for the rest of my life. seriously. I want to know what Bea and Scorpius and Fred, Anjali, Potterpuff, etc., do until their dying days. You could do that for me, right? (:
I could not speak after this chapter. I was too shocked to articulate my feelings, and I always have words. You, ma'am, are a wizard with words. (if I have not called you this before now, I apologize, because you have always been).
Draco is dead? Poor Scorpius. I didn't like him much anyway, but that is mostly just past grievances against the golden trio that I can't get over. But his son is adorable and it's a terrible blow to be told that your father was murdered, whether he was a good one or not. The feels during that particular scene were almost too much to bear, and then you added in cutesy, comforting Bea and the salve. AND HE ASKS IF SHE IS GOING TO LICK IT OFF OF HIS FACE. Which, if the circumstances were less dire, I could totally see her doing.
And their escape? AH. So much good and bad feelings that come with that. For Bea to break her invention, it just proves how much she loves him. Scorbeaus will always be my otp. I love how you added a little love into what seems to be primarily an action fic. It's the perfect blend of adorable, a little terrifying, and the best things ever.
I can't wait for the next chapters, but yet I can, because I don't want Capers to end.
You're amazing.

Author's Response: :'D Capers is a rollercoaster flying down the hills and off the cliffs.

I actually will write a short story collection of lots of miscellaneous Capers stories, and I actually do have stories about them for about 10 years after they leave Hogwarts (it's just a matter of writing them out), so stay tuned! c:

Aaah a wizard with words. If that is the only wizard I'll get to be... well, I'll still be sad because being a wizard with magic is pretty darned cool, but I supposed I'll be all right.

Leave it to Scorpius to wrench our hearts out ;-; it was all him, not me, because I never planned to have such a sad scene but the circumstances insisted, and he stole the show.

♥ I love how every one of the characters' priorities changes. Fred struggles with his identity and finally becomes comfortable with being a protector, and then Albus proves he can be assertive in his own way, and for Bea, it's discovering selflessness - which I think is influenced mostly by Fred - and trying to figure out the balance between herself and others.

♥ thank you! c: With all the stories I have, I think Capers won't end for a very long time in their miscellaneous exploits!

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Review #2, by rbrammerAnd Capers Ensue: Another One Down

12th January 2013:
BUT SCORPIUS IS DEAD AND NOW HE ISN'T AND DRACO IS OH MY GOD I'M FANGIRLING SO HARD AND THIS IS REALLY BAD YOU SORCERESS OF WORDS, YOU. When Anjali says, 'of course he would do that, he loves her' (bit of paraphrasing being done here), she BETTER MEAN BEA. Because Bea and Scorpius are going to live happily ever after with the quirky Albus living next door, trying to keep Fred from continuing his chase of Anjali. Or something of the sort; you could come up with something much better. Which I'm counting on :D but first, IS DRACO DEAD and no way are they using Bea's machine for evil purposes! BAD BAD MEN. And where do they get off, kidnapping our favorite biscuit-loving heroine? Not to mention Scorpius. Grr, woman, you sure know how to do a cliffhanger.
LOVING IT. as always.

Author's Response: !!!

I do a lot of vague things with pronouns eh? :'D I actually did one before that was super subtle that I'll probably mention when I post the next chapter.

A few others have demanded that Bea and Scorpius run off and have lots of Beabies with Albus as their manservant/footstool so I suppose we'll see what'll become of this ragtag group.

I hope my readers know by now to pack the climbing gear because there's still cliffs to come 8D!

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Review #3, by rbrammerThe Art of Surviving.: Closure

17th December 2012:
No. NO. I don't want them to be done with Mary. I want Mary to spectacularly come back to life and her, Sirius, Lily, James, and Remus will have a wonderful life and live happily ever after. I DO NOT LIKE SAD THINGS AND I WANT SIRIUS TO LOVE MARY FOREVER.
But this chapter was UNBELIEVABLY cute, and I did love it, other than the moving on from Mary bit. Ah, I've been waiting for Lily to realize she is hopelessly in love with James and run away on Sirius's bike. I really love that bit, you know - about how the bike was originally for Mary, and he kept it for so long, which of course means he loved her for all of his life. (I have to think this, because they were my otp of the fanfiction world.) Funniest part?
“No,” Sirius said, “but I’m not going to fall off.”

“And I am?” I asked.

“Well,” James said, “given how you two bicker, I’m not entirely sure I trust him not to push you off.”

“No promises,” Sirius grinned, “well, Evans, are you coming?”
OH MY GOD THIS IS GREAT. I'm not sure how I feel about James turning Mary's speech political, but I like Sirius's 'To Mary McDonald and power to the muggles.'
all in all, wonderful story, wonderful chapter, still mad at you because you just had to kill Mary, even if that was in the last story, but still. Loving this. (:

Author's Response: There's a part of me that wanted them to hold onto to Mary forever, but the sad part about life is that it just doesn't always work like that. People have to keep on living and, towards the end, Mary realised that and that's sort of what she wanted.

BUT YES I've been waiting for Lily to fall hopelessly in love and then hop on Sirius's bike too, and I've had this chapter planned for such a long time it was nice to actually write it xD

Thanks for reviewing :)


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Review #4, by rbrammerAnd Capers Ensue: Missing!

1st October 2012:
AAah! Scorpius is MISSING. I knew something was going to happen to him, I knew it.
I love how they find where he was going by cupcakes and Freddie's stalking. (: I would love to leave a very long review but I'm in class, so it's a bit difficult. Don't worry, next chapter will be FILLED with my love of Capers, but this one will have to be short.
Once again, 'cause I'm sure I've told you this before, everything about this story is amazing, YOU'RE amazing, and I can't wait for the next update. (:

Author's Response: it is my duty to advise you to pay attention in class (says the girl who sneaks online at work).

I never ever thought that cupcakes and stalking would be so plot-appropriate. I didn't even think this chapter would be that long! xD but I realized that they couldn't just ~magically realize~ where he is. So much kudos to mystery writers.

♥ thank you!

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Review #5, by rbrammerAnd Capers Ensue: And So It Begins Again

19th August 2012:
I like this almost as much as I liked this chapter, but not QUITE as much, because I've been waiting for this chapter forEVER.
And you do not disappoint! Well, of course not, never expected you to, you're amazing. Ah, Bea wants to ask out Scorpius, I know it! So cute. He likes her too, he's GOT to. I mean, who wouldn't like Bea?! Of course, she's a little crazy, but all the best people are. She's such a lovable little nutcase :) I am hoping for a fluffy little date or something, which will totally spin out of control, like many things do around lovely Beatrice. :D
And awe, for Teddy letting Bea do her experiments again! I always knew I loved Teddy for a reason.
Scorpius really does bake. I like how Bea gets really upset over how easily he can do it when her cupcakes turned out awful (I guess baking isn't quite like potions - but at least with baking, adding the wrong ingredient won't make it explode! Well, most of the time :D ) cute, cute, cute.
And WHAT THE HECK. Malfoy's guys? The heck are they doing with Bea's prototype? Do NOT tell me that Malfoy is stealing it to fix, call his own, and sell. Because I will throttle a fictional character. I WILL. Don't doubt me. But even if that isn't the case, what in the name of all good and wizardy are Malfoy's goons doing pretending to be from the Ministry? Isn't that a little fishy? Plus, if the Ministry were already notified, and a real Ministry guy/girl comes, there is going to be a panic. (of sorts. Bea will probably panic.) So, there goes my 'reselling as his own' idea. Well, unless he's totally dumb and doesn't care. Gah, Malfoys. Except Scorpius, he's a doll.
I think I may have to read this again. and again, and again, and - well, you get the point.
Totally in love with the story and forever loving everything about it,


:3 hehehe. she may have been mulling it. The baking scene is kind of like /the/ date scene of Capers. It is the closest thing to a date, anyway. IT'S FLUFFY AND SPINS OUT OF CONTROL SOOO~

Teddy is a darlinggg. I might write him for a spinoff 8D I actually have these huge plans, but I'm keeping that on the hush hush. cough.

Not only can Scorp make better cupcakes than her, he does it excruciatingly attractively too!

YES. Bahah, i feel like I blinded everyone with the floofiness that no one seemed to notice that Draco's men are just casually walking away with the prototype at the end. Do not doubt the power of bribery ;) Draco can probably get away with a lot more than most. The Ministry... it's a big government. Like Bea said, most wouldn't have concern for little ol' her.

♥ thank you so much! :3

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Review #6, by rbrammerLong Lost Memories: Prologue: One Last Present

13th August 2012:
More. I'd reallly like to see the rest of it, it's the kind of thing I really like, and I like the way you write.

Author's Response: thank you so much! haha i'll update soon :D thanks for leaving a review!!

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Review #7, by rbrammerThe Art of Breathing.: Fed up.

10th August 2012:
I do not like this part. I would refuse to read on, but then I'd get agitated at myself, because I like this story too much. I hate that Mary dies, which is probably another reason I'm rereading this; I need a Mary fix, haha.
And, yeah, if you were wondering, I think I might leave a review on every chapter :D ha.

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Review #8, by rbrammerThe Art of Breathing.: Tough and Powerful.

10th August 2012:
Oh, no. I never even thought about it after I'd finished; Lily says this is the worst September first ever... She doesn't even know how bad it will be next year. Amazing, as always.

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Review #9, by rbrammerThe Art of Breathing.: Average.

10th August 2012:
I've already read this and I'm kinda crying. I love the way you write, which is probably why I'm rereading this again, haha. Well, just as the first time, it's amazing.

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Review #10, by rbrammerlullaby.: Make it a sweet, sweet goodbye.

27th July 2012:
This is going to sound like a crazy question, but the 'Ducky' you dedicated it to.. It isn't Karissa Schell, is it?

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Review #11, by rbrammerToujours Pur: Old Habits Die Hard

27th July 2012:
I'm so in love with this story it's really getting ridiculous. I'm really not quite sure if I've ever left a review before, so I'll just fangirl it all out about the whole thing, just in case.
Regulus is ALIVE? The way Harry thought he was Sirius... It almost broke my heart, and I really wanted it to be Sirius, but I've always wondered about Regulus, ever since we found out about him turning traitor to Voldemort in the Deathly Hallows. Even though I'm heartbroken Sirius can't come back, I'm really intrigued that Regulus did, and you portray him amazingly. I always had this idea of how he would act, and you got it perfectly.
Then Narcissa and Draco, oh my. I'm constantly trying to figure out what's going to happen, and I really like that Draco is shown caring for his mother, because I always thought she would probably be the only one he would show some sort of love for.
Poor Harry, I have to say again. It had to have been so hard for him, Reg not being Sirius. But, c'mon, even HE had to be curious about him. I hope that Regulus lightens up eventually, and they'll be able to get actual conversations in with each other. I really want to know what happened, and why he just suddenly showed up after all this time.
I'm also curious; if Regulus is still alive, does Harry still own the house and Kreacher? Kreacher still obeys Harry, but that could just be because Harry started to be kinder to him in DH... I'm very sorry if you've already addressed this, I haven't read in a long time, and I was in such a hurry to read these two chapters and review before I forgot what I was going to say, I didn't re-read everything yet. :P
And LUNA! Luna, I think, may be my favorite-favorite character, and you portrayed her well, too. A lot of fanfics just don't get her dreamy, ethereal quality right, or her innate ability to unnerve someone yet know exactly what to say. I like that she and Hermione remained friends after Hogwarts was over, even though Hermione was one of the people who always doubted Luna's beliefs the most.
Alright, I suppose I'll have to stop fangirling, because this is getting long. I think it's the longest review I've ever left.
But, yeah, amazing story, continue with it, complete 10/10.

Author's Response: Ahh thank you so much for your wonderful review! I'm so happy you believe my fic is worth fangirling over. Please excuse me while I fangirl over your review :D

Yes he is alive! It was a heartbreaking assumption for Harry, to think that Sirius might be alive, and then to have someone who looks so much like him be there, but not. Yes, I've always felt like Regulus' story was unfinished, untold. I'm glad you're intrigued about Regulus as well.

Ahhh thank you so much for thinking that my portrayal of him is "amazing," you have no idea how much that means to me. He's a very very very difficult character to portray since we haven't seen much of him, and have only been told bits and pieces (some of them conflicting too!). I'm so glad you think I've got it right and it's the way you imagined him to be. I will get to why he's back soon.

Draco and Narcissa, oh it's something I've thought about a lot. The fact that she went to such lengths to make sure he was protected, it shows that there is something more to their relationship than we've seen. I feel like now it's, in a way, Draco's turn. He's protective of his mum and loves her greatly for everything she's done for him and has tried to do. She may not have raised him perfectly, but circumstances wouldn't allow it, and she did her best.

I believe it is a bit of a loophole, and the only thing that I can say is, I feel like Regulus never actually /owned/ the house. He "died" before he would be old enough to own his own place, and Grimmauld Place was never truly his. But it was officially given to Sirius, who then passed it down to Harry. So yes, Kreacher responds to both Harry and Regulus, by wizarding law. Though we have seen how Kreacher rebels in his own little ways in the fifth book when he's unwilling to, but has to obey, so yes, he does listen to Harry (without the sass) because of the kindness that was shown to him in DH and what he has seen of Harry.

Oh Luna. Luna is such an amazing character. I'm sooo glad that, despite her being your favorite, you still think I depicted her well. You described her perfectly. She has this dreamy, ethereal quality to her yet at the same time can say something that hits so close to home that it shocks people. I mean, I believe after the war, everyone held on. The way Luna cared about everyone, her fierce loyalty, and her gentle kindness is something anyone would grow fond of, and even take the crazy with, if she really even is crazy.

Your review was fantastic and has made my day. I lovelovelove it, thank you so much. You have no idea how much it means to me that you sat down and decided to take the time to write all this.

Thank you so much!

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Review #12, by rbrammerBreak Out: III.

20th July 2012:
Ah! It's so tragic! I love how Arthur just.. breaks, from the calm that he's always portrayed with. It's so sad that he's been through enough to make him break, but I think it's cool to see that side of him. And the Ron/Bill thing! Bill is seeing Ron as his little brother, but Ron has been through a lot, and he understands it all. Besides, his best friend is dead, and the love of his life is captured. There is no way in hell that he would be out of the thick of things and discussion. He'd want to plan, just like in DH after he comes back, to try and get on Hermione's good side again. Well, i believe I'm rambling, so I'll stop, but again- this is amazing, especially for an AU.
keep writing! 10/10

Author's Response: I'm so happy that people do seem to like the way Arthur's written, because he is, in my opinion, deceptively tricky to portray in an accurate light. :) In canon, he is the strong one in general, soothing Molly's worries, but of course the stress of basically losing two sons in one night would affect someone. Don't you agree?

I LOVE writing the Weasleys solely because of how different their interactions with each other are, and they're written very deliberately here. For example, right now Percy isn't socializing with them too much because he's only just set out to make amends less than twenty-four hours earlier. I really liked writing Ron and Bill's interaction because you're very right: Bill sees Ron as a little brother, not old enough to handle these burdens, when really Ron's done more than nearly any of them.

Rambles are always appreciated. :D Thank you very much for taking the time to leave me a review on this! I'm seriously so, so glad you like it so much, and I really hope you choose to continue on to chapter four, when it's up. :) ♥

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Review #13, by rbrammerYour Eyes: As We Said Our Goodbyes

11th July 2012:
Aaaah! I normally don't like Snape/Lily fics, but this is so sweet! It just shows how much pain Snape felt. I love it. Haha, you may be hearing from me a lot; i'm looking for things to read and you're very good.

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Review #14, by rbrammerWe Were Brave: Don't Forget

11th July 2012:
I've read and reread this too many times to count. I love it. It pulls the fact that they WERE just kids to the front of your mind, that they honestly didn't know what they were doing half of the time. I don't know about everyone else, but sometimes I would forget how young they were when I read the books, because they just seemed as if they could do anything. I could really see this happening, and I'm probably going to continue to reread it, just because it's so good (: I just thought I'd finally review it for you.

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Review #15, by rbrammerAnd Capers Ensue: That's How the Biscuit Breaks

7th July 2012:
Poor Bea! I mean, she almost killed everyone, but still! All of her time spent on that prototype, and it gets confiscated. She's a genius, but you know what they say; 'the difference between madness and genius is measured only by success', or something like that.
I don't trust Anjali. I think she's up to no good, and I don't want her to get back together with Scorpius. She's too... Slytherin-y. Not as in the actual traits of Slytherin house, but Death-Eatery Slytherin. Maybe that's going a little too far, but she seems to care only for herself, and I know that can be called a trait of Slytherin House, but I think Scorpius cares. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking; i'm not sure. I just don't trust Anjali with whatever she's cooked up.
Another wonderful chapter! keep it up, darling. (:

Author's Response: Hee, I giggled at first, because I could totally see that as an excuse she would have used to use: she *only* nearly killed everyone. And hah! Scorpius says somewhere in the second chapter that 'brilliance and insanity are close cousins' 8D Indeed, indeed.

Anjali is definitely a Slytherin through and through. I like to think she cares a lot about her family, and that a lot of what she does is for them, though the reader doesn't get to see too much of that, unfortunately. Sometimes, the villain is just the other side. Other times, on the other hand...

Thank you so much! ^__^

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Review #16, by rbrammerBreak Out: I.

30th June 2012:
This story seems really, really cool. I normally don't like reading AU, but this seems like it will be very good. Maybe it's just because i really like how you write already, but that's not important.I think you captured Dumbledore and Harry very well, they seemed just like they were in the Deathly Hallows. :) I look forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to review this for me! :D And advance apologies for the wait in responding to it -- I've been out of town for about a week, and it's taken me a while to respond to all the reviews I received in that time. :P

AU is something I'm slowly growing more attached to, and I think that's just because I love seeing where people can take stories, you know? It's the best fan fiction/original fiction blend. That being said, I'm so happy you've enjoyed this so far, and really have to thank you for your comment on Dumbledore and Harry's characterizations. :) That scene's probably made me more nervous than any other I've written so far, and I've got through chapter 4 done, if that tells you anything!

I plan on posting the second chapter in just a bit -- right after I respond to all the reviews on this story -- so I really hope you'll come back and see what happens next! I really do appreciate your taking the time to leave me a review on this. Thanks very much!! ♥

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Review #17, by rbrammerThe Melodies of Silence: The Melodies of Silence

24th May 2012:
oh, this was lovely. i love reading things from Molly's point of view, and i think you captured her very well, in this story as well as in 'She's Sitting Down Now'. Just thought I'd tell you. (:

Author's Response: Wow! this was a very unexpected review!! Thank you so, so much. Molly is one of my favorites, and I'm glad you think I did her justice.

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Review #18, by rbrammerI Know: I Know

2nd May 2012:
i really enjoyed this. i like angsty stuff, and this is good. i like the part about how harry kicked all the time 'He kicks all the time. Sometimes I wonder if he's trying to fight along with us. He is our little warrior, my treasure'

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your wonderful review ! :) This is one of the first stories I ever posted, so I still cringe whenever I reread it... But I'm thrilled you liked it!

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Review #19, by rbrammerTwinkle's Keeper: A Tale of Twinkle

29th April 2012:
definitely one of the cutest stories i've read on here. i really like that you used Percy, since he's viewed as pompous and snotty for the most part of the series. it shows that he really was a good kid before he started going snotty and came back again. but, i'm rambling, so yeah, it was really good. :) ten out of ten.

Author's Response: Thanks! Percy was a bit full of himself in his Ministry years, but he came around in the end and saw sense. :) I like to think that he was humbled quite a bit after that.

Thank you for reading!

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Review #20, by rbrammerThe Art of Surviving.: Chaotic.

28th April 2012:
more. i need more. this is worse than when i was reading taob because it isn't finished yet. this is addicting!! :) love everything, as always.

Author's Response: Ahha, oh dear. I'm sorry it's not all finished... but one day it will be and then what will you read? Maybe it's good it's not done yet?

Thanks for such a lovely review! :)


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Review #21, by rbrammerThe Art of Breathing.: Progress.

25th April 2012:
i'm crying.


this is ridiculously good, and you should be put under arrest. i am a normally cheerful, albeit very emotional, person, and here i am, and nine something at night, crying. because i am in love. not with a person; well, i am, but i'm in love with this story. BECKY'S LAUGHING! :) i'm so happy. i would have reviewed the other chapters, too, but i've been too busy trying to figure out what happens next, because obviously you're a word-wizard (there is such a thing, in my mind) because i'm addicted. and i really don't like marauder stories; they're too sad. but this... this is perfect.

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you so much rbrammer! I know this has been finished for quite a while but I'm honoured that you took the time to review and that you enjoyed it and everything *does a dance*

Also fully prepared to accept the title of word-wizard. YUP. Love it.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the story and thanks for leaving me such a lovely heart warming review! :)

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Review #22, by rbrammerThe Happy Face: The Happy Face

8th April 2012:
this made me cry. i love how innocent and loving that roxanne is.

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Review #23, by rbrammerMoonlight: Turbulence

4th December 2011:
oh my FREAKING god. you are amazing. you are obviously a writing GOD. i bow down to you xD lol. i love this story SO much. it's just getting better and better.

Author's Response: lol, well thank you so much! and thanks for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #24, by rbrammer"Love" and other complications: Annie-Rose's love

23rd November 2011:
ha, now i'm singing Friday. my little brothers are looking at me like i'm insane haha!! but great chapter. I want Effy/Louis, Al's not seeming very interested.

Author's Response: lol thanks for the read:)
im am following you on tumblr now :P yes im trying to make Albus mor apart of the race if you will, but atm he is just a pretty face lol. be proud of the friday followers haha thankyou Rebecca black for ruining every friday with that song haha jks

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Review #25, by rbrammer"Love" and other complications: Muggles and death of identity

28th October 2011:
i swear to Godric (haha) this is siriusly amazing. i want MORE. i love annie-rose, and liberty and quinn have amazing names. please update soon! :)

Author's Response: hehehe thanks i have just put the next chapter in the que so the next chapter should be up soon the thing said around two days so you shouldnt be waiting to long. thanks for the review it means heaps to me, i cant wait till yours is up dated too:)

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