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Review #1, by draco_loverAdvanced Potions for the Pathetically Dimwitted: Sixteen

9th August 2013:
I felt something fishy was going on. Honestly, I don't think a guy introduces a girl to his sister and then writes to his mom about her unless they were serious... or he was that desperate. Really hoping that Cassie and James did not do it. I loved her relationship a whole lot better with Orion than James, because James is just no good for her. Freaking James -.- I hope Cassie doesn't choose him, I really do. I'm also hoping Alvie either gets with a good bloke like Albus, or finds someone just as good.

This Alvie chapter was quite different from the usual's, but it wasn't completely bad. It gave quite a handful of insights, but Cassie's are a bit more enjoyable if I were to be honest. Poor Alvie, does that mean the baby is dead? I can't wait for the next chapter! Stupid James... 10/10! :)


Author's Response: James is such a stupid head :( I don't think there'll be anymore Alvie chapters, she was weird to write for me, I don't know what it was. Shrug. I'm glad you're enjoying :) Thanks for reading and reviewing! xo

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Review #2, by draco_loverThe Other Reality: Living The Reality

8th February 2013:
I have to admit, that was beautiful. I liked how everything flowed just amazingly well and Draco and Hermione's "memories" or experiences just showed how imperfect and perfect a couple like them are. You took these two characters and made them come together so well, I can very well believe that this could actually happen to the two of them. I suppose there are instances were it may seem sort of far fetched for them to say or act a certain way, but I loved how you made Draco and Hermione become a very believable couple in your story, even if you twisted how the story actually ended. Please, don't get me wrong, I absolutely fell in love with this story and honestly I can't wait for the epilogue to come around (: You are absolutely a great writer and I love how you write all your stories. I especially love all the tidbits of short stories you post on Draco and Hermione's lives before they were sent to the other reality (haha I mean their future) and they're pretty heartfelt. I love this Draco and Hermione...

If I haven't said so already I will again: I love this story! I will predict that I will definitely read it over and over again until my hearts desire! I love all the twist and turns you add throughout the story it makes it even more enticing. I have to admit though, I didn't really enjoy the part where you forced them back to the past. That. Was. Cruel! They seemed so... perfect in the future it just made their love seem much more interesting, especially since Draco was technically with Ritch for a week (I think?) Instead of those three months... If I recall correctly... Then again, how they actually fell in love was just as pleasurable, especially Draco's first proposal. I just adored Draco's proposal so, so much! Ugh, I'm sort of wishing for a proposal like that now...

Again, I certainly loved this Dramonie and how you brought them together. Well, I believe that's all I have for now. I have to get back to homework which your story kept me from :p. I'll leave a review on your epilogue, ya? I hope this review was to your liking (:



Author's Response: I saved your review to respond to last because I had to read and respond more than the others haha

The way you described my story right there ^ Wow. Thank you so so much you have no idea how unbelievably touched I am :') If there's one reason Im constantly thinking about Dramione and how to progress and when and what to write and the story in general, it's you all. You all have brought me to SUCH a high level and made me feel so good and keep on writing that I.. i have no words to describe it!

Im usually pretty handy with words but nothing will help me describe how much I love you people :')

Thank you so so so much and Im so sorry that I forced them back but unfortunately I keep saying so to myself and others- A writers got to do what a writers got to do, right?

Haha my expectations of reality have HIKED because of all that I write :P Its basically my fantasies pushed into a story hahaha cause who knows if they'll actually come true?!

Thank you again so so much and that's all I have now too! HAHAHA I hate fan fiction because i can barely ever concentrate on anything else while Im on it :P
This review was ABSOLUTELY to my liking- no loving haha- thank you so much!

See you in the next chapter :') xx

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Review #3, by draco_loverSuck it Up: Everybody Lies

29th January 2013:
Good grief, you had me worried when you didn't update for about 5 months or so. You have no idea how many times I thought you abandoned this story I almost cried :( But all that matters is that you are not abandoning this story *happy dance* and you are back!

Lovely new chapter by the way, it was interesting . Goodness, so if Ginny remembers her family that will make the plans meant to use her harder. I hope she remembers Hermione soon, it would be a bummer if she cheated her and turned her in, but that's a little to predictable. So sad...
I wonder what Molly's reaction would be when some random looking girl hugs her and calls her "Mother"! That would be most amusing indeed. So if I hadn't made it clear already I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, but it could at least have been longer, you know? :( Thanks for putting up a new chapter though, you made my day.

I'm eagerly waiting the next chapter :) 10/10


P.S-Sorry about your ex by the way, the...other species... can be such jerks sometimes -_- I applaud you for punching him, sounded like he deserved it. Take care!

Author's Response: Mostly, this chapter was a quick shoutout that you guys have NOT BEEN ABANDONED! I've just been super busy (pssht, stupid exes) and I guess you'll have to wait and see... ;) Thanks for the WONDERFUL review and be sure to check out the next chapter - you're in for a big surprise!
As always:
Welchie :3

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Review #4, by draco_loverThe Ardour of Troy : Prologue - The Apple of Discord

16th December 2012:
Oh goodness that was good! The first few paragraphs alone are captivating ^^ I love your writing already especially this story! Please write more I want to know what happens next. 10/10:)


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Review #5, by draco_loverPrincess Particular: Roxanne Knows Best

31st October 2012:
This story is so cute and amazing I can't wait to read more! ^^ Please have some more up soon (:

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I am so glad you liked it! I am actually working on the next chapter now, so hopefully it will be up soon. Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #6, by draco_loverDelilah's Black Book of Poems: Trust Me for an Hour

22nd October 2012:
Loved it!!! (: I am eagerly waiting for the next chapter. I can already tell it will be a good one, a very good one indeed. Dramonies are so awesome, forbidden love makes everything more exciting, and you are an incredible writer! ^^ My heart almost broke at their sad goodbye, and Draco's words were so sweet and tender to her, I would want a (kind-of) goodbye like that. Actually I'd die for one, but then if I died what would be the point? *sad face*

I am on the edge of my seat for when they get together again (:


Author's Response: draco lover,

Your words are so sweet. Thank you! Dramionies are awesome, I must agree with all of my heart. I love these two together. :)

Oh, if you are looking for a sad goodbye, it is coming soon... when feelings are admitted and she finds out he has the Dark Mark. It is coming and makes my own heart break. ;'(

Thank you so much for your review and for the excitement you convey for my story. I means so much and thank you for your wonderful 10/10. My heart thanks you.

More Dramione action to come...
Dark Whisper

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Review #7, by draco_loverHer Reason to Stay: Wait For Me

14th October 2012:
Hello again after me not reviewing for five chapters :(,

All I have to say is I'm sorry I haven't been reviewing as of late. It's just I've kind of lost my reviewer flare for awhile as well as my writing muse. It's rather sad really. I was also working on this song-fic but my muse (begrudgingly) has decided to leave me for time being, but I will promise you a long review to your final chapter as long as you accept to read my long message ;) On to more important matters..I can only imagine what will happen in the next chapter and I hope I'm right. Draco at the airport, Hermione coming back after an undetermined amount of time and all that sappy love stuff that follows afterwards. *Sigh* Finally they are together but still you make me wait even more until this Dramonie comes full circle. How dare you :( But at least they are kind of together now. I suppose that can make up for it (: The question is though: How long will Hermione make him wait? Oh, I do hope you don't make it for a year or two that will just be mean. But I can see how that can spark some romantic flare there... It could be interesting.

This chapter was awesome! Though it was short :/ but it was excellent anyways as short as it may have been in my opinion. But I suppose if life gets in the way there isn't much you can do, and yes I loved Draco's confession. Draco confessions are always the best don't you think? Some are just super awesome and make me wish I could find a guy like that. I suppose I can only daydream for now.

My heart goes out to your friend, Jeff, whoever he is as I do not know him but he sounds like a wonderful friend. I wish the best to his family and hope he is in a better place.

As always a super duper awesome rating from me to you! 123981723817232123/10 (: Can't wait for the next chapter and then the beginning of your sequel!!

- draco_lover

Author's Response: Hello again! It surely has been awhile!
I also have to apologize cause its.. Feburary.. and u posted this in october.. so ya.. i guess i can say the flare has been lost in both of us... but i'm gonna try! I haven't abadoned HRTS! I have one more chapter left.. i can't abandon it now! Things have just happened.. and I've been busy. But I will for sure try! The sequel will be better!
But yeah... I always say this.. and I will continue saying this.. you're just gonna have to read the next chapter to find out ;) haha once I finally get it up and running. Chuckles.
I honestly feel the same way that you do when it comes to Draco's confessions... I guess every girl is trying to find a guy like that to confess :).

I really do appreciate it.. its been a few months now since the accident.. and there has been up days as well as down days.. but I know he's in a better place, I just miss him.

It truley has been wonderful reading your reviews and yes I know I have one more chapter.. but I really do look forwards to them. It makes me wanna write more knowing that someone fully enjoys what I write :D. I hope you continue writing (I want to read them) and I can't wait to read your reveiws in the sequel!

thank you for all the support, I am truley humbled,

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Review #8, by draco_loverPumped Up Kicks : ~Where the Lines Overlap~

3rd October 2012:
Oh look, a Dramonie moment! My life is complete now haha (: I like where this story seems to be heading and I have a small guess as to what might happen soon, but I'll just wait and see. Now, let's see... action + romance brewing + Hermione/Draco + Mona/Logan = interesting story? It think so (: Super excited for the next installment of your story! You have me very excited to see what happens next so please have it out to be validated soon, yeah?



Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed the Dramione moment! I wonder what your guess might be as to what will be happening soon. But, I'm glad you love my story! I've just added another chapter to the queue, so it will be up soon. Thanks for review!

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Review #9, by draco_loverA Clandestine Love Affair: Love

30th August 2012:
Absolutely beautiful! (: The ending is so wonderfully done to! Definitely one of my favorite one shot Dramonies as of now (: 10/10 ^^


Author's Response: So glad you liked it! It was a pleasure to write this, just came to me and I couldn't let it pass by.

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Review #10, by draco_loverPumped Up Kicks : You Wouldn't

22nd August 2012:
Mona and Logan are a good couple! They are kind of like Hermione and Draco, which makes me predict that this will be a very interesting story ;) and I really, really, really think this should be your number one priority for awhile because I'm like dying to read what happens next! :)

William finally spoke! And when he said that he took a break... I was kind of confused on that part. Can he control how long/when he paints or no? Because he said that he "can't" and "didn't want to" but then he stopped...I'm confused! Lol anyways awesome new chapter, I can't wait for the next one!

- draco_lover

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! I will be updating this next (:

Also, the part about William taking a 'break' will explain why he's back to normal in the next chapter. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #11, by draco_loverEnchantress: Chapter Eight Everyone Loves a bit of Harmless Flirting

18th August 2012:
Awesome new chapter. I love all the diary entries and letters in this story! (: They're very romantic and moving I wish I could write something like that ^^ Hopefully I will someday. Anyways I love your story, it's pretty genuine and very original, pretty brilliant in my opinion.

10/10 I can't wait for the next edition to this story keep writing please!


p.s- first reviewer!? very rare for me lol (:

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'm sure if you keep practising you will. I look back at some of the stories I've written and see my improvement. I couldn't have written a story like this a year ago!

I'm glad you love the story, I have to admit I've hit a bit of a writers block. I've written up to chapter fifteen and am now stuck. The characters in my story refuse to cooperate :) No doubt I'll find some inspiration soon.

I've just posted the next chapter, so fingers crossed it will be validated soon.


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Review #12, by draco_loverPumped Up Kicks : ~Until You're Mine~

4th August 2012:
This story is so amazing I Love it!!! I like how you write your chapters with at least a little something from the 3 or 4 main characters. Can't wait to read more of Draco and Hermione and Mona and Logan. I think, in a kind of weird, way Mona and Logan are a cute couple. Update the next chapter soon please!! (: I'd say more but than this short review might be way longer than I'd intend it to be. Anyways eagerly waiting for the next chapter! (:


Author's Response: Thanks so much!! c: I'll try to update as quick as I can, I'm sort of in the middle of writing/updating three stories at the same time. But, I'm really glad you like it!! This makes me super happy!! But, yes, there is more Mona and Logan coming up.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #13, by draco_loverThe Other Reality: The Accident I: Mudblood & Death Eater

27th June 2012:
Ritch spiked his drink >:/ Probably with some kind of love potion like thing. Oh my god how desperate can she get? She needs a life lol. It was pretty heartbreaking to see Draco act like that :( I hope the baby doesn't die and Hermione's past doesn't happen all over again. God I hope that crash at least knocked some sense back into Draco though (if they survive that is) Super genius cliffhanger but i wish there were more! I can't wait to see what happens in your next chapter!


Author's Response: THAT is something i seriously agree with- people hated her before but now she's just osncusncieuvne. Everyone's ranting out their hate for her in their reviews :P Thank you so so much. There WILL be FOR SURE. Don't worry ^^ xx

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Review #14, by draco_loverHer Reason to Stay: Show Time

29th April 2012:
YEEESSS!!! Your chapters have finally arrived!!! And NOOO!!! I wish you hadn't had made Draco said the things he said to Astoria cause now everything is just complicated again! Well it is to me anyways :'P Ugh why must everything be complicated for you? Haha oh well, I suppose it makes the rest more interesting but I'm still waiting ANXIOUSLY for the Dramonie moment to appear when they finally get together and all my wishes come true and and and they're gonna be a happy couple and we can just all be HAPPY! (I think I had quite a lot of sugar today, don't ya think?Or maybe I'm just really happy that you're back! haha :D)

Lol sooo moving on to more important matters I loved your 2 long awaited chapters. Don't worry I forgive you for taking some time off of HPFF and onto real world matters ;) It's all good! I like how you made Draco kind of desperately want to see Hermione (even though he's trying to fix things with Astoria) it makes him more in love with Hermione than Astoria (I suppose) which is how it should be.

I think that's all I have to say really...sorry it's kind of, like, one o'clock in the morning right now for me and my brain kind of zones in and out and makes me a little hyper until all my energy runs out when it's late at night so I really don't know what else to say about your story instead of going on and on like a child thats been addicted to candy for to long!!! :( That makes me feel like a terrible reviewer but I'll definetely make it up to you in the next chapter, yeah?

500/10 as always!!! :)

your constant reviewer (;,

p.s it's a wonder that I was able to have correction punctuation & grammar in this review! lol

Author's Response: Well hello again :)) long time no review right?? :). I wanna apologize again... i just got soo busy with work and such.. but i'm back again!!
All I gotta say about the whole complicated thing... it makes my stories much more interesting right? ;).
Astoria in my opinion isn't a bad person. All she is is just a girl in love... but yes.. I cant wait to get more Draco/Hermione moments on here.. they are (in my opinion) def worth the long wait!)
Thank you so much for reviewing once again! I missed getting online and reading them! I hope you continue to read and review long after HRTS is done.. and the sequel has started! :DD

Gotta love sugar! I know I do :)

the happily humbled writer,

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Review #15, by draco_loverThe Dark Taste of Bloody Revenge!: The Dark Taste of Bloody Revenge!

19th April 2012:
Damn that was good! It was kinda confusing, but I think you did that on purpose since Hermione is, as of in the beginning, "sort of insane" because she's cooped up in darkness and she has no idea whats happy, sad, loving, scary, ect since she keeps getting her memory erased and you wrote that perfectly since she questions a lot of things and seems lost about everything, until the end that is. Anyways! This was a good read for me :) The little twist about the good side losing in the end is kind of sad though, but Hermione and Draco are together! And in a interesting way to! :)

A brilliant one-shot by the way if I hadn't so said already. (or short story lol) . Pretty dark, but my "reader needs" were happily satisfied. ^^ I'm not throwing you any suggestions but I can sort of imagine a sequel to this with Hermione and Draco running away to be free. Ok so I'm gonna stop talking now before I make this turn into a too long of a review alrighty? :) Liked this story bunches & you're a good writer!


Author's Response: aw thank you so much aha it took a while and it still makes no sense to me too but oh well so glad you enjoyed it, i will hvae a read of some of your stories, much lovexxx

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Review #16, by draco_loverThe Other Reality: Newfound Determination

19th March 2012:
Alright so I must admit I was a little iffy with this story but I was just blown away by how I actually came to LOVE this story because of all the unexpected-ness and the creative ideas :) This story is definitely going to be on my list of favorite Dramonies ^^ I especially congratulate on how you've been progressing Hermione and Draco's relationship instead of having them hit it off from the start (instant relationships kind of annoy me :P). I think this chapter is my favorite so far! It's kind of heart warming and stuff.

I'd just like to point out that whenever you write "today morning" it should actually be written "this morning". I'm not sure if someone's already told you but I thought I should just tell you so you can edit it. I can't wait for the next chappie :) I'm eagerly waiting it! 10/10

- draco_lover

Author's Response: Im so so glad you came to love it :) Thank you so much ^^ Yess, I really get annoyed at Dramiones where they happened to be already in love for ages or he loved her secretly etc etc :P

Omg my sister keeps correcting me about that too! SORRY! Ill edit it and correct it as soon as my exams get over and I can edit everything up again :) Thanks so much for telling me and reviewing :) xx

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Review #17, by draco_loverSuck it Up: Mother May I

26th February 2012:
I like Gabriel already :) he's like... a gentleman for looking away at Ginny's lower body. So I'm guessing Ginny's hair is black because Lilith brought her back with her own powers, therefore having Liliths "black hair" trait. I wonder how it will be for Ginny at Hogwarts and how her siblings will figure out its her. I can't wait for that :). I'm glad Ginny is able to replenish some of her memories along the way. I just hope she gets all of them, if not some of them, back soon. Gabriel kind of reminded me of characters from the book Maximum Ride because of his wings... but I predict he will be an interesting character. I'm awaiting to see what goes on at Hogwarts with Hermione and Draco.

Ok, not to sound like a complainer, but I found that my review to your previous chapter had been deleted or something and I was planning to comment on your review, but luckily I remember a few things:
I'm ecstatic that you made the facebook thing for Suck It Up, but I can't seem to find it, so can you help me out?
I'm glad you liked me review! I was almost blushing for a moment :)
I know there are plenty of other good stories out there, but yours just seems to really make me want to read it on until the final chapter (of what you have so far) of your story. It really makes me want to just sit and read until I've finished it, which some stories have also done, but I just like yours the best because almost a little bit of everything: suspense, thrills, love/romance, twist into other things like vampires, wolves, a human/ warlock/ bird person mix ;). I think you have a lot of creative of ideas in this story. And it's a Dramonie :D

So that's all I kind of wanted to say :) I can't wait for the next chapter!! 10/10


Author's Response: Hahaha no, that's not why Ginny's hair is black, but that is a good theory. And yeah, I've read Maximum Ride (Love me some Fang!) but I really just wanted him to seem like... Sheldon from the big bang theory, but more sociable-ish and just kinda timeless in his manners and gentlemanly-ness. And I can really say anything about the Facebook thing and all of the reviews really mentioning that got deleted - sorry! :(
However, I do hope you continue to read and enjoy Suck It Up and there really are better written fanfics out there! But a part of me - however secretly selfish - is pleased that you love mine so much:) Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by draco_loverHer Reason to Stay: Hermione's Choice

26th January 2012:

So it appears as though that I was half right. Hermione is deciding to leave...for another five years, what a another lonely five years it will be :/. I like how you've added their emotions in here almost perfectly, but I kind of feel like you probably could've added just a smidge more to this chapter. But it's just my opinion so no worries. Let's see what else was fascinating about this chapter... the part where Blaise finally cracks. Lovely ending for a closure. (And I'm not being sarcastic). It feels like this is the ending but its not, so that means there'll be some action in the next few chapters (hopefully Draco and Hermione finally being together ^^). I think Draco should make a run for her and break it to Astoria already.

Congratulations on graduating high school I'm so happy for you! It appears as though you'll have enough time on your hands now to finish your story and go with the sequel! ;)

Can't wait for the next chapter! Sorry for the short review if it's not to your liking. As always Congrats on the new chapter! 500/100!!!

hoping for the best ^^

Author's Response: Hey Hey Heeyy!

First of all thanks once again for reviewing and sorry for taking soo long to answer back! I suddenly got busy with work and stuff.. but hey.. better late than never right.. ya thats a bad excuse and i use it alot.. sorry.. chuckles..
but anywho...i know this chapter is short... and next chapter is actually shorter (sorry...) but im so glad that even though the chapter was short..i could fit in so much emotion! Whoop Whoop! chuckles.. well he had to sometime... with all hes been through.. i kinda feel sorry for the guy... and ur just gonna have to keep on reading to see what Draco does.

i actually graduated last year... this year ive been working (alot as u can tell) but i actually just got accepted to the college i wanna go into so.. yeah!! :DD uber excited.

But ya.. thanks again for reviewing.. i cant wait to read another review and see ya next chpt ;).

sorry for the wait,

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Review #19, by draco_loverExpecting Otherwise: A Picture Will Last Longer

10th January 2012:
I love what you are creating with this story! It's so interesting and amazing and completely creative! I LOVE your whole Bray thing. How he finally stands up for his girl and kid (if he likes the baby now that is). I can see how Adella would've fallen for him. I do have to say though, this is totally what I've concluded, but I think Chase is actually falling for Adella, or he's just being a good friend. Who knows? ^^ Let's see what Bray has to say about sticking up for Adella ya? I love all your characters, like every single one!!! They're all a bucket of laughs and that's made this story extremely entertaining. Also I enjoyed Katja's back story with Deuce. I wonder if he'll ever be told about his unborn child? Anyways till next time, I can't wait for the next chapter! 10/10 and one of my favorites :)

I'm so waiting for when Draco and Hermione enter the story (that's if they ever do :) ahaha)
* draco_lover

Author's Response: I am so glad!! Yes, Bray is a complicated character, and he changes his mind a lot. Adella is sort of...addicted(?) to him, so even though she knows he's a bad influence on her and doesn't always treat her right, she can't do anything about it. For now, Chase is just being a good friend, but it's like you said; who knows? ANYTHING can happen. And I mean anything.

I am so glad you find this entertaining and funny! I NEVER, literally NEVER get tired of hearing that I've made people laugh. It's the greatest feeling in the world! :'D

Oh gosh - thank you, honey!! You are too kind!

They will enter the story in about the 10th or 11th chapter...I THINK. And I'm even gonna write a chapter in Hermione's pov! That will be funny xD

Thanks for reading and reviewing, hon! :)


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Review #20, by draco_loverHer Reason to Stay: Coming to An End

20th December 2011:
Hi, hi :)

So in the last part... I totally saw that coming ;) Just saying. Again another twisting turner (turn twister?), and it was a lovely one at that as well. I actually got to admit, I was a little scared for how the beginning started out because I truly did think Ron was there for Hermione. But there was your habit of making it be something else. Same old, same old :)

Totally loved this chapter! But I think I'll hate your last chapter :p This kind of wraps up something, but I can't put my finger one it at the moment. Oh lookie, one more week till the wedding, yay! This chapter was well done, for sure. I think, that Hermione is going to leave just so everyone won't be hurt by her actions and presence anymore...or she'll tell Draco how she feels for him and she'll leave if he doesn't want her and probably stay if he does... I don't know that's just what I think.

Honestly, I feel horrible for not being able to think of anything else to say to your newest chapter, so I guess we'll just see if my next review is better :D

9 more chapters!!!

Author's Response: hey girl hey!

im tricky aren't i? ;) and like ive told you before... ur just gonna have to keep on reading (and reviewing =D) to find out what really happens..

thanks for reviewing again though... it always makes my day reading them :)

i know scaryyy! but theres also a sequel ;)

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Review #21, by draco_loverHer Reason to Stay: Natural Born Enemies

7th December 2011:

First off, I'm sorry I took forever to review, and I don't think an excuse is good enough for missing out on your newest chapter, but that's just how I am :P Secondly, I'd like to congratulate you on your last ten chapters mark. You've been doing a mighty fine job on this story :) Lastly, how you portrayed Draco and Hermione's unforbidden love is wonderful. It's pretty cute and tragic that even while they were at Hogwarts they could not be together. Both finding others to try and rid themselves of the forbidden love, it's pretty tragic in my opinion, but it made me wonder if that's still how you will end your story. With them not being together, always not being able to be together because of their childhood and differences, so I hope that's not how you will end it because if you do then I will definitely be crying, but I am not you so I can't make the decisions :P

After thinking about it for awhile, I've concluded that you are either not from the U.S.A, you're not one who watches much T.V, or you just have no idea at all what the Hunger Games series is which it is a book series (duh :P) by Susane Collins and I think it has a couple of twists and turns like your story ;) and now they have decided to make it into a you really not know what it is? lol Well, I just told you what it is so...ya.
Psss guess what?! I'm a brunette too ;) don't worry, I actually have several blonde moments, which makes me feel kind of dumb haha. For now, I suppose I'll just have to wait and see what you'll come up with for your story, good thing I usually make god guesses. USUALLY. I can see why you would want your story to be full of surprises instead of what people expect, keeps them in suspense for more! Haha, am I right (no I don't think so) ?

Well, I have no idea when you'll post up the next chapter so... Hope you have a very merry BIG Christmas and joy!!! (Or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or nothing, or whatever because I seriously don't know what religion you are) You get 500/100 again Congrats!!! And see you next time.
*TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)*

your follower ^^

Author's Response: Heelllooo! :)

First of all i also want to apologize for taking forever... work has been hectic with the holiday season.. but i am here!! :) Thank you so much for saying how their forbidden love is wonderful... in weird sort of way.. chuckles... you're just gonna have to keep on reading to find out the ending! mwahaha! jk ;)

yes..i am american.. i live in iowa... i just dont really watch tv much cause my hectic work schedule.. but i shall see what this hunger games is... my friends have been talking to me about it and it sounds interesting.

Merry Christmas :)


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Review #22, by draco_loverHer Reason to Stay: Go With What Your Heart Says

21st November 2011:
Heelllooo :D,

First of all, I noticed that we are probably the only ones who can keep up with old conversations which means we are doubly awesome ;D ...This chapter...OH GOSH! This chapter! I didn't expect it to be like this. I imagined more yelling, denial, and frustration! How you come up with these ideas is completely beyond me :P...Yes, I suppose your right, I really can't hex you, but i never said I really would because you aren't supposed to know this but, ummm.I'm not a witch XD I was once but not no more. Hahaha got you! So ya, I'll never be able to hex you. Besides I'd never want to :)

About the HEARTS thing...What would the letter E be then? And wouldn't you need to add an A as well??? Lol but yes it would be pretty cool if it did say HEARTS...Well, you see, J.K Rowling, I suppose wouldn't understand Draco's motives because this isn't the Draco she created. The Draco she created would still be mean, stuck-up, full of his pure-blood pride, and would definitely never ever want to be with a mud-blood, so I guess we are stuck on Draco's motives huh? I agree though it is a reason why writing is so awesome XD and thanks for liking my whole detective thing XP I think I was a wee bit more hyper that day :D

Back to your story...This chappie was great! Really couldn't stop reading it :P But that means only 10 chapters left :( :O but I can't forget there will be a sequel for me to read! By the way have you thought of a name yet? Anyways, this chapter made me wonder what Ron would've done if he didn't get Lavender pregnant, but was still with her. Would he leave her for Hermione? Nah, Hermione wouldn't want to take him back anyways when her heart is in so many places at the moment. I don't know why, but you always come up with these great ideas that no one(well maybe just me) would really expect. This story has come a long way and I've seen it come into something as wonderful as this :) As always 500/100!!! YAY XDD!!!

your follower ^^

P.S I'm sooo excited for the Hunger Games movie to come out XD can't wait XDDD

Author's Response: hello once again!

haha.. well he did buy her all of her drinks... chuckles ;) and im glad ur not going to hex me..

i actually thought of that right after i sent it... i felt like a blonde even though im a brunette :). well i guess Draco and his motives are never gonna b figured out... maybe by the end of the series (the whole two books!) ill understand him more.. and i cant wait!

I actually dont have a name yet... with me... i never really come up with a name until im a few chapters in the story.. but i promise you this.. once i decide on one i will let you know! I actually had another reader review and tell me that they were wondering what was going on in Ron's head when he was cheating on Hermione with Lavender... it got me thinking a little and now im starting to form some ideas in my head but its just an idea right now.. so we will just have to see!
Im glad to read that you dont know what to expect with what happens... its cause im just sneaky like that ;). But i really am glad to read that.. i dont want my story to be something that people expect.. i want people to be surprised with the twists and turns if u get what im saying.

Once again thank you for reviewing once more and um.. whats hunger games???

until next time,

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Review #23, by draco_loverOtherwise Engaged: What Perfection Looked Like

7th November 2011:
Dearest Maria,

Stumbling upon your story was the best thing that ever happened to me. I can't tell you enough how much I absolutely adored your story and that I will be thrilled yet sad when I read your last chapter. I do got to say you've packed much, much emotion into your heart-thrilling story I can't tell you how much I'm glad you made this story that mad me feel so many emotions. Yes, the day I found your story I instantly knew that this would be great, but I didn't know how great as I do now. I would've reviewed your other chapters but it seemed all to pointless to me, and that I should just hold onto my feelings until I reached an end like this one, though there will still be one more waiting for me. You are an excellent writer that I feel this story should be officially published and be known all over the world, just like J.K's Harry Potter books. If I could, I would do this for you, but seeing as I'm still young and have no knowledge of that business industry whatsoever I sadly can not do it :( but if I could I'd have this story be first place in being published. The way you've created this ingenious story and have formed it into something as wonderful as this is truly a sight for me. It is pretty often, but not impossible to find marvelous creations such as this one. I know I may be being a suck-up telling you stuff like this, but unfortunately it is true in my eyes. I hope you can see what I see as well in your work. Though, it is true you are not the only one who has made just as wonderful (or even better) stories than this one, I do know some. Your score for me will and forever shall be 1000/10. A little to much? No, not really :) I will await the validation of your last chapter to this very well done story of yours and until then this is the end for this review.

your reader,

P.S not to be all grammar-y but I do have to note that you did have some mispellings or grammar errors in some of your chapters. I am telling you this in case you ever want to edit your story. Just a final thought ;)

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Review #24, by draco_loverHer Reason to Stay: Left Stranded

7th November 2011:
Hellooo Again!,

All I can say right now is "OH DANG!" Is someone in denial or what? XD Blaise. . .tsk,tsk,tsk Blaise oh Blaise! You naughty boy!(well man actually :P) Do you not know that you don't propose to a woman that way!? Ruin her fairytale why don't you by forcing it on to her! Hahaha anyways WOW this was somewhat an emotional chapter with the being taken somewhere fancy, getting questions blown at you, not wanting to say yes when the Big Answer was popped up, and then having you boyfriend walk out on you and then BAM! What other perfect timing could there be than for your ex-friend/boyfriend/fiance walk in on your life when you probably had enough for one night :) Some perfect timing you got going on there kitty ;) This is an entertaining chapter even though it's shorter than the rest ;D But no!! Ron is NOT I repeat NOT allowed to even attempt let alone try to get Hermione back! Then again, he does got a pregnant girlfriend waiting for him >:)

I literally squealed in delight when I saw chapter 18 finally come about X) Man oh man oh man, I think you left me waiting to long for this chapter you bad person ;D I think I'm going to have to hex you to make you work faster X) Who am I kidding I would never do that, no! Besides I'm an understanding person and I'm pretty sure you have an excuse as to why it took some time for this chapter to finally be validated ;P Oh, yes BTW I completely understood that it wasn't Hermione's door Astoria was knocking on, it was Daphne's it's just that she was knocking really loud and Hermione was the closest . . . I didn't mean to cause you trouble or worry that you weren't clear enough that it was Daphne's door. In fact it was perfectly clear but I just read wrong :/ sorry about that won't happen again, though I can't promise that XD (hehe I hope I'm making sense :P)

Mwahahaha you may be the master of all HRTS but obviously I have mastered YOU in making YOU LOL when all you do is chuckle >;D (Hot wheels!) Beat that! Oh, yes I absolutely loved your little Halloween prank on me ;P I thought it was perfect (and a Happy Halloween to you to even though it's over! DX). . . I do believe there are some cases when a writer too, does not understand there character that they are writing, though we may never truly know that either *blowing bubbles out of smoke pipe wearing investigator clothing while stroking my chin thinking* XDDD Well that's all for now . . . bwahaha!!! I think I'm hyper(er) today than usual so sorry for my. . . randomness I suppose ;P

your dearest reader,

P.S-I almost forgot your rating!!! 500/10!!! XDDD CONGRATS!!! I'm still wondering who I should pick as my husband Chad Kroeger or Prince Royce ;D Any suggestions there???

Author's Response: Heeelllooo!! :D

First of all.. im so excited to hear that this was one emotional and entertaining chapter even though it was short.. the shortest chapter so for actually.. but hey... it was a fast moment thingy for Hermione... everything was happening so fast for her.. the chapter was just short... if u get what im laying down.. chuckles.

in my defense.. it was not my fault for it coming so late!! it has to validate! and it takes days! chuckles.. so please don't hex me!! but ya... interesting night for Hermione isn't it.. and with Ron... well you're just gonna have to read the next chapter to find out.. which im in the process of putting up right now!! so no hexing! chuckles...

U know.. i should really add a word that starts with E to Her Reason To Stay... then the abbreviation would b HEARTS... but a E word wouldn't go good with it and it would confuse my readers.. but hey.. wouldn't it be cool :D...

random thought there.. but anywho... i guess the only one who truly understands his motives and actions would be the amazing J.K Rowling... oh how I would love to ask her that one day!! (small quiet fan-scream!) But hey... its another thing why writing is so freaking awesome... buy hey.. the whole detective thing is cute :D

thank you so much for another awesome long review... and ill see you in the next chapter.. which i am now working on unless i decide to go to bed cause its almost 12:30 am... but ya... Chad Kroeger all the way dude... all the way!!

Goodnight and see u in the next chpt!


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Review #25, by draco_loverBack To Normal?: Back To School

5th November 2011:
Well I have a pretty good picture as to what might happen :) Great story so far by the way! You should definitely continue on with this story but you shouldn't have us readers opinion in this because even if we readers didn't like the story so far, it should still be continued on no matter what! :D I did, however, noticed that you had a couple of grammar mistakes in this so if you want to edit this later on...It's a suggestion ;) Also I'm sure you could add a few bit more details in this but just a FEW is needed, not many. So I can't wait to read more of this and OH MY GOD!!! I'm the first to review! I'm so happy X) Ahahah anyways your a good writer, continue on please!!, and your story is fascinating so far! ;) Oh yes, 9/10!!! CONGRATS!!!

your reader,

Author's Response: Thank you for the review and the rating and for letting me know how I am doing. I have the next chapter already done, but I have to still edit it, I always miss things when I am editing though, so I may still have mistakes or grammar errors, but I am trying, haha :) Once I edit it, which I hope is soon it will be up. Once again thanks for the review. :D

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