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Review #1, by Gabriella HunterNot My Own: The Ultimatum

29th May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the Twitter land here with your review and stuff! I was so bored today and I'm so happy that you were cool with me stopping by and everything,

I was so curious about what had happened to James since the last chapter! I totally remember everything from the last time I read this and I have to say that your writing is once again just so lovely.

I love how gritty and realistic you paint the world that Remus has to live in. He is constantly reminded of how much of an "other" he is and can't even find peace in a moment of rest. I think the idea of him living in a hovel, surrounded by werewolves and still being left out is just really powerful.

I get a really good sense of not only Remus but how his relationship with James and the others has shaped him. I honestly liked this version of James here too, he's very compassionate and he's showing remorse for not taking Remus's pain so seriously in the past.

I don't know how Remus would be able to do, it personally but I loved that James was overwhelmed by it all. He's usually such a confident person and I liked seeing him stumble and being unsure of himself. The bombardment of senses and the uncomfortable realization that he's not in his own skin was really powerful to me.

But I'm nervous about that ending! Rhea sounds like a terrible person but I LOVED the introduction to her. She came to my mind like an old, cunning queen and although she doesn't give off the vibe that she's dangerous right away, you can tell that she has her moments too.

But what is James going to do now? He's basically torn between his job and moving forward but he has to kill someone at least to get the information they need! I don't like that all! :o

I'm curious to see if we're going to meet Fenrir later on too. I get chills just from the mention of his name and I'm leery of Gigsby too, I hope James doesn't trust him much.


Anyway, great chapter! I shall be back!

Much love,


Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review Gabbie! I am glad you like the added charters and how I am presenting things for everyone. A lot of this has been clear in my head for years and honestly the results of the Rhea encounter won't be fully explored until much later in the story.

Again glad you enjoyed and I will look forward to when you return to the story!

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Review #2, by Gabriella HunterJust Couldn't Be: Chapter One

26th May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and I am so sorry that this is kinda late right now. I got a cold or something and was sinking into the abyss.


This is so intriguing! I have never read a story like this before and I'm really curious about where you came up with the idea. :D

I have to say that I really love Charlie as a character and I never read many stories featuring him. That's a real shame because I know that there's so much you can do with him, you've given him such great depth. I feel like he's a person that we might actually meet at some point and to add his close relationship with his brother just made this all the more fantastic.

But what?! I never would have put him with Fleur or even think that they have a connection to begin with! You made their gradual love for one another so deep and real that by the end, I was so upset! Ugh, I wanted this to have a happy ending but I knew that I wasn't going to get it.

Fleur is in love with Charlie but there's no way that they can be together. She's going to end up marrying Bill even though she doesn't love him and that in itself is heartbreaking.

The feelings! The feelings! You did such a wonderful job on this and I really hope you continue it someday!

Much love,


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Review #3, by Gabriella HunterBlank: Blank.

19th May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and all that! Sorry for the lateness and stuffs, I was really excited to read this though and I'm happy that I finally get a chance to sit and devour it.

So, this was pretty darn fantastic. I'm always curious about stories that feature Asexuality and I think you've done an amazing job with this.

It's not something that we see all the time on the archives but I liked what you did here with Luna's character. She's usually kind of used as a hopeless romantic but here, she's so grounded and sure of herself as a person. Even more so than I remember from the books, she knows who she is and what she wants for her life.

I know the feeling of being disconnected from people when it comes to romance as well. It's a strange sensation to not want those things and it took me, personally a long time to understand that there was nothing wrong with how I felt.

Luna's observations were fresh and honest. She didn't come across as cold hearted or stiff, I appreciated that you showed her intelligence and determination. War changed her and left a few cracks but she's healed, grown and become a woman she can be proud of.

Very inspirational for me, personally and I think you did a wonderful job. The passage of time through your paragraphs flowed well and your characterization was beautifully written.

No worries from me on this! Thanks so much for the excellent read. :D

Much love,


Author's Response:
Hey Gabbie!

Im fine with the delay! We all have rl stuff that cant be helped. Don't worry 'bout it.

omg wow. Thank you so much for your compliments! I always knew I wanted to take a foray into writing LGBTQIA, and so when Jayna's challenge came up i knew it was the perfect opportunity to start that, and with a topic I'm extremely passionate about, which is what the challenge is all about.

When I read or see stories of Luna being a hopeless romantic, I am astounded. Because not once in the books is Luna portrayed as being of the romantic sort.

Luna was always so honest, blunt and straight forward that i feel she would be the same about her sexual and romantic orientations. She was so freaking underrated in the movies.

Im so glad i've inspired you in a way! With every single piece of writing I put out, I aim to inspire someone someone. I'm so glad that the time jumps weren't choppy as I feared, and that I embodied Luna well.

Happy! And you're very welcome!


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Review #4, by Gabriella HunterObliviate: Obliviate

19th May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and sorry that I'm heading over here kind of late. I'm kind of going through some RL things at the moment and haven't been feeling all that great but I'm here now!

I really enjoyed this!

I feel like we never hear enough about Hermione's struggle in fan fic when it comes to how she had to leave her parents behind. It's such an emotional scene that I wish we had seen more of in the books too but I love what you've done here.

There's something so smooth and perfect about your word choice too. I was sucked in from the very first paragraph and I love that we get so much subtle emotion from Hermione. She's always displayed as being very strong and capable but we often forget that she's suffering as well.

I like this vulnerable side to her and the fact that she has accepted that this war might take it all. That fear is real and so beautifully written here, so by the time she does erase her parent's memories, you feel it.

It was a powerful way to end this, I think and I thought you made a good choice here not to add any dialogue. It was nice enough to be in Hermione's mind, feeling and grieving with her and I really liked this!

Great job!

Much love,


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Review #5, by Gabriella HunterThe Department: Chapter One

19th May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review for our swap! :D

I love reading a story about Sirius Black but I don't really get to read many of them for some reason. I might need to branch out more but anyway, this was certainly an interesting first chapter!

The thought of Sirius being regulated (No pun intended) to desk work when we know that he's a much more active person is really neat. He's bogged down by paperwork and quite frankly doing something that isn't very thrilling but I like that he's trying to make the most of it.

I'm not sure if this story is going to be an AU or not but I'm curious to see where you're going with it. I like that you've dropped this right in the middle of the ongoing war with Voldemort too. It's such a dark time to be in and with everything that we know later on, it makes me really eager to see where you're going to take this.

I like the structure that you have with the Ministry too. It's not all glitz and glam, it's busy, crowded and filled with superiors who don't really care about the people who work for them. I think that's a realistic way to look at it, we all know how corrupt it is as a whole but there are so many stories that you never get to see.

Plus, it reminds me of when I was working and I can sympathize with Sirius. ;__;

James was a pleasant surprise here and I liked this level of maturity that you've given him. We certainly don't see it often enough and I like the bond that he has with Sirius.

But that ending! No! Poor Sirius! I like how you didn't go into much detail about his relationship with his brother but left it all for us to decide. His reaction was powerful and gut wrenching, just wonderful writing on your part.

Let me know when you get another chapter up!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi Gabbie!

I'm happy to hear that you found this to be an interesting first chapter :D

To be honest with you, I'm winging this a little bit, and I'm not 100% on where it's going to go! But as of right now I'm not planning for it to be extremely AU - I mean, Sirius wasn't an Auror in canon, at least that we know of, but for the most part I'm planning to stick to the canon timeline. (Spoilers? Maybe I shouldn't have said any of that! Oh well)

I'm really glad you enjoyed this, and will certainly let you know when there's a new chapter. Thanks for the review!


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Review #6, by Gabriella HunterBroken: Broken

14th May 2016:

Surprise! This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review. :D

It's always nice delving into your work and I'm so happy that you put this in my review thread but I was actually going to check it out the same day you sent me your message. Real life got in the way though but I'm so happy that I'm here now! :D

This is so good! I'm honestly just blown away by the uniqueness of this story. I don't think I've ever read anything like it before and I was absorbed the entire time.

You've chosen to write during a very chaotic time and I was actually really tense reading the first few paragraphs. The Battle of Hogwarts is really difficult to write but I think you've done a great job here.

You've captured the panic, pain and all of those powerful emotions so well. Molly as a main character is the perfect person to show this perspective from too. We know that she's strong but through her eyes, there's this gut wrenching depth to it that I love.

A mother who lost two of her sons, it seems and it losing her will to go on. I think you balanced out her strengths and weaknesses so well. Molly isn't a character that I'm familiar with writing much but she felt so real here, you just gave her so many layers.

I was really scared for a minute that she had been killed but instead, she's transported to an entirely different realm! Very interesting twist here and I think the entire conversation with Mórrígan was so well done. You've given such a broad history with her character and even though this is just a one-shot, I get the feeling that she's always been around.

The way that she breaks Molly down was kind of cruel, I suppose but I think it was the only way to get Molly to become so fearless. The possible death of Ginny and the way Molly had to watch Fred and her brothers die was just so painful.

Beautifully written but so hurtful, you really packed in the emotions! I'm a little sad that Molly won't remember her experience with Mórrígan but at the same time, I hope that she won't see her again. Hahaha.

You ended this wonderfully and there's this great action. It's dramatic and a powerful way to show how far Molly has come. This was a really great read!

Much love,


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Review #7, by Gabriella HunterChoices.: Holiday Thoughts

14th May 2016:

This is Gabbie once again here for your review and it's great to be back!

I am really curious about this story, are you going to continue it or will it be just a few chapters? I really think you should make more chapters if you're thinking of ending it here!

Secret weddings! I can't believe that Draco did something like this! I'm surprised that they managed to sneak away though and I'm curious to know Hermione's side of things.

It's always nice to be in Draco's head for a minute but I'm really curious to know her POV.

I was nervous about the ceremony because I was really hoping it wouldn't turn into a Red Wedding type of thing (Game of Thrones reference) bu thank God you did not do that! I am surprised that Ginny was there and decided to keep it a secret.

I never see Theo being used as a friend for Draco that much so this was a nice change. I always see Blaise in that position and it makes me happy to see Theo in the same sort of position that Draco was in.

Ah! Lucius murdered his own wife?! Why?! What?!

That was a dark turn for this story and I felt so badly for Draco. I wish that he could have stopped it from happening but now that he and Hermione will be back home...I have this feeling that it won't be easy getting things back to normal.

My only CC here would be that I feel like you need to flesh out some things more, like the setting and characters. Draco is great but I would like to see more from Hermione too and the people around them. Otherwise, that last line was perfection and you did a good job here!

Much love,


Author's Response:
Hello Gabbie!

Yes I am currently planning to continue it. I'm not sure how long, I was planning to do a large time gap, but due to popularity I may not be leaving such a large gap as was planned.

Yay for secret weddings! I was a little shocked too. More details about their wedding will be coming though, so don't worry! As for Hermione, you may get a little glimpse of her thoughts and opinion later on.

I don't get your GoF reference, as I don't watch it (nor am inclined to). I always imagined Ginny as the one Hermione turned to, as she didn't really like any of the other girls in her year, and so she turned to Ginny.

I don't know about you, but I feel that the Slytherins were so overlooked. As far as I can remember, Theo, Daphne, Blaise and Astoria aren't even mentioned in the movies! And I love them, because you can really shape them and their personality and their character yourself, without being worried about being flamed because you've written them as being OOC.

Yes, poor Narcissa is dead as a doornail. More on that later.

I felt bad for Draco too. But he's getting through it. He definitely could not have stopped it, because Draco was banned from where the murder took place. It definitely wont be easy for Draco, but he has Hermione.

More from Hermione will be coming. I'm debating whether to write a companion piece for this, in Hermione's POV but this is more focussing on Draco.

Thank you!


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Review #8, by Gabriella HunterStranger: 17 Years Old

13th May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with the last of our review swap! :D

I have to say that this was such a wonderful story and I feel bad that I haven't read it much sooner! It's inspirational and just written so darn well.

You should be given all kinds of praise for this! :D

I like that Millicent finally took the steps to being who he wants to be (Thank you for also using the right gender here) and that he has such a strong support system from Pansy.

I would have been interested in knowing how their other friends were feeling about this and I really wanted to know how his parents felt. I get the feeling that it might not have ended well but this chapter had such a lovely hope about it.

The chapters were short but you managed to put so much emotion into each one. I think that takes some talent! I also loved that Pansy was just such an unrelenting and lovable person in this story. She never abandoned him and that last paragraph with them just sums up how strong their friendship is. :D

Just wonderful writing and characters all around with this one! :D I can't go on about how much I loved this, thank you so much for sharing it!

Much love,


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Review #9, by Gabriella HunterStranger: 15.5 Years Old

13th May 2016:

Back again and I only have one chapter left, which really makes me sad. I am glad that I was able to read this though because I probably would never be able to find anything this good again!

I have to say that this was a really amazing chapter. Millicent finally gets a name for how she's feeling and not only that, Madame Pomfrey was just so understanding.

I wonder how often this happens at Hogwarts and who else may be trans there but I feel like that's another story.

Anyway, I think that you explained Millicent's feelings so well! It's really tough to break it down like this but you've done an awesome job.

I'm not trans but I know a few people who are from the pages that I follow. They're usually so misrepresented and transition is something that I don't think a lot of people understand.

You've put a lot of care and patience into this that I don't think anyone else would have without the right knowledge. Madame Pomfrey was so kind and she didn't have the judgment or disgust that Millicent might have thought.

I am really, really anxious to find out how Millicent's mother reacts to everything. I'm not sure if you'll answer that but I love the bit of hope that you've given this chapter!


Much love,


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Review #10, by Gabriella HunterStranger: 15 Years Old

13th May 2016:

I'm back again! There were so many things about this that I loved. We jumped a few years but I think your Millicent is just so wonderful that I know her so well.

I love that you have her so awkward and unsure but still brave enough to voice out her fears to a friend. We never see that side to her and I am so happy that she managed to find someone who understood her.

I didn't think it would be Pansy but that is also a lovely surprise. The two girls seem to be pretty close and I think the way you explained Millicent's discomfort with herself was so well. I personally try to learn and understand more about transgendered people because I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable.

I follow a really amazing woman named Kat Blaque who talks about these issues in an easy and intellectual way. I think you've done a great job here though of not only bringing this to light but not making it seem like a negative thing.

Thank you for that!

Ooh, I've also really liked this unique inclusion of Transitional Healers. These sort of things always made me curious about the wizarding world and you've really opened my eyes to the possibilities. :D


Much love,


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Review #11, by Gabriella HunterStranger: 12 Years Old

13th May 2016:


This was an interesting chapter! I think you chose to do something really unique here by having each chapter a different period in Millie's life.

You get different mannerisms, thoughts and fears with each one. It's oddly like I'm growing up with her and I think that going through puberty is one of the hardest things in the world.

She's not quite sure of what's wrong and once again, she's not sure how to understand it. I like that you have her examining her body too, that's something we don't see very often either.

A young girl goes through so many changes around this age. The insecurities and all those ugly emotions can really be hard to go through alone. She seemed so vulnerable here and it really make her appear softer, less rough around the edges than I've seen her before.

And we've gotten a tiny Pansy too! I like the display of kindness from her. We often see her as being very rude and selfish but she seemed genuinely concerned. I can tell that she cares about Millie and I wonder if we'll see more about their relationship in the future or if this was just a one time thing.

That last lines really brings back memories from when I was here age. I didn't know what to do or think when I started developing, only that it was something I couldn't change.

Very poignant!

Onward to the next chapter!

Much love,


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Review #12, by Gabriella HunterStranger: 7 Years Old

13th May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review for our swap!

Thanks for agreeing to it! I always like coming back to your work!

I don't read enough stories about Millicent. I think that she's actually a really underrated character. We don't know much about her personality aside from a few mentions in the HP books and I think you've chosen a really great person to write.

I also saw this was for a challenge! I really like the idea of this too and I wish that I had been able to participate. I never read that much about trans individuals on the archives and so this was a great thing to see!

I like that even at a young age here, Millie is pretty certain of herself. She's self-assured in her own way and she isn't afraid of speaking her mind. Her mother seems really overbearing so I'm surprised that she was able to talk back to her, even in such a low voice, without getting some kind of reprimand.

You've also given us some great insight into her home life too. Her family is well off, she has a brother that she envies and she's not sure why she doesn't like pink. She just doesn't because it doesn't feel right. I think that was the important thing to focus on, instead of this really mature analysis of who she was right then.

You kept it age appropriate and have really made me curious for the next chapter. I shall be on it like butter on toast!

Much love,


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Review #13, by Gabriella HunterTraitorous Hearts: An Admirable Thing

11th May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here and it's good to be stopping by again! I'll most likely be here again in a few because we still have that jumbo swap to get through. Admittedly, A Force of Wills has more chapters than TH so if you want to switch up with a different story at any time, just let me know.

Anyway, this!

I don't mind chapters like this at all because it gives my heart a break. Haha. I like that there was a weird moment of peace during Draco's scene.

I was wondering how he was doing and it's nice to see that he wasn't eaten! I don't think he would have been very nutritious.

I think Draco's scene was my favorite part of this chapter though. I think I understood him better here when he had his guard down than I would have any other time. It's interesting here because he always prided himself of being above everyone else and now he's not even able to get the pillow he wants.

It makes you question your life but instead of Draco regretting how he treated others in the past, he just wants things to be the same as they were before. That's another grey area about him that I think Astoria might understand whenever they see each other again.

I also really dig this idea of him being able to shuffle through other people's memories. I don't think I've seen that before and it's such a unique idea! *Steals it for later*

What's really telling about this is that Draco is pulled into Astoria's memories so easily. I love the idea of them being like a clock, each new piece is more intricate than the last and this really gives me a more in depth understanding of Astoria too. Sweet dreams, Draco!

On a whole other note, my brother used to believe that whole thing about pictures stealing your soul. Hahah. I had a good chuckle while I was reading that whole bit (Also, it's pretty darn sad to see Astoria and her father, knowing what happens to him later)

So, Astoria!

Hahha. Back again with that sass! I was really curious about what would happen after that last intense chapter. I think you did a good job by not having that same mood fade into this one, it makes me really anxious for the next one.

It's the lovely, ominous reprieve before things turn horrible. I love doing that in my writing so I'm not going to be fussy. Hahaha.

Anyway, she's going to get more than she thought by helping Neville (I think he looks like a smexy cardigan lumberjack) and I'm eager for the next chapter!

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


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Review #14, by Gabriella HunterSweet Madness: Cauldrons and Cheese

11th May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review for our angry swap!

I love reading stories that feature Snape and the Marauders battling it out. I don't know why but I always think they're really funny and I was wondering just what sort of story I was reading here.

Comedy? Drama? Horror? Hahaha. I like this dark opening though because we really don't get a clear idea of what's going on. We slowly grasp that it's not quite what we think and I really liked your Severus. He seems to be snarky and mean enough to scare children already but he's such a jerk for doing that to Wormtail.

I do wonder what he's up to though with that potion and who he's going to give it to next.

I'm actually kind of nervous about it...

I never write the Marauders and I'm not sure why that is but I feel like you all write them so much better than me. I enjoyed the mix of personalities here too, I got such a clear idea of who James and the others were.

The dialogue was witty and sharp as well, there wasn't need for much description in between and I laughed throughout the whole thing. Curious to meet Lily and see how the others react to James's obvious crush on her too.

But now Wormtail is back and not only does he seem to like Cheddar more than he should, he's not quite himself. What exactly is going to happen? Hahaha. The others must be used to this sort of thing because they didn't seem surprised but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.


Thanks for the read!

Much love,


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Review #15, by Gabriella HunterConfession: Confession

11th May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and thanks for the swap! :D

I think this was a really interesting challenge! I don't think I would have been able to do it because I rely heavily on description and all that stuff. You did a good job though because I was able to picture the boys very well.

I got so much about their characters just from this dialogue. There's this really great bit of depth that you have here, you get so much about their relationship. I would love to read more about them and gosh, was Scorpius just the cutest person in the world?

I love how nervous he was and I really like how Albus was so patient. It's clear that this is a thing that has happened between them for sure and I just found it so adorable.

The actual confession between them was just the sweetest too. Scorpius was so worried that Albus wouldn't feel the same and thank goodness he listened to Rose. Hahaha. I hope Albus passes his OWLs and I also hope that there are going to be more kisses. :3

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hey Gabbie!!

I know what you mean! I never realized how much I do rely on description, or even dialogue tags, until I did this challenge. It was not easy at all.

I'm so happy that the nervousness and the tension was portrayed clearly enough through only dialogue.

ScorBus is my OTP for life, so I'm thrilled that you found them cute! As soon as I saw this challenge, I immediately thought of this moment and I was really hoping that I'd be able to do it justice. I'm so happy that it worked! ♥

I'm sure there will be many more kisses to come ;) And I think Al will do fine on his OWLs, too. :p

Thanks so much for the sweet review, Gabbie!! ♥ ♥

Love and hugs,

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Review #16, by Gabriella HunterThe Next Great Adventure: Chapter 4: The Weighing Of The Wand

10th May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums and all that jazz here for our swap! Thanks for the awesome review you left for Transparent. :D

Argh, thank you so much for updating! I was wondering when you were going to continue this because I really love it. :D

I was really, really nervous about this part of the story because I wasn't really sure what was going to happen. I thought that the weighing of the wands would be just a simple thing but of course, there's always a catch here.

I like that your afterlife has some dark and light aspects to it. Nothing is all that simple and I'll be curious to see how Harry is able to get around. What I didn't expect though was the actual weighing of the wand! I think that was such a cool and unique idea!

I can't imagine what it must be like to have all of your memories shot back at you like that. It sounds like a beautiful and painful sort of thing. Harry held up way better than I would have though and I don't know why but I was getting kind of nervous towards the end.

I had a feeling that you were up to something and just when I thought that, they don't go where I expect! NO! Who could this mysterious person who might need a cough drop be?! Tom Riddle? Malfoy? Random villain?!

You left us with a cliffhanger and I'm going to really be looking forward to the next chapter!

Thanks for the swap!

Much love,


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Review #17, by Gabriella HunterFingers Crossed (& Hope for the Best): Back to Reality

9th May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums with your review and I'm sorry that this is so late! Real life has been a pain and I've been kinda in a slump but here I am!

So, this! It's pretty unique and although I've read quite a few stories about Rose, I really like this version of her. She's not like how I imagined she would be and honestly that's just so great.

I like that you have her more like Ron in this story because we usually have versions of her being like a little Hermione. I like that she's sarcastic, grumpy and not all that great at Quidditch. She's this nice blend of the two of them and man, I totally understand where she's coming from!

Graduating and looking for a job, not getting the job you want and then being kind of in a slump at your parent's house? Yeah. I know those feels. Hahaha.

I really liked the conversation though between Rose and her parents. It didn't seem overdone and they felt realistic to me, people make mistakes all the time with having Ron/Hermione like they were when they were kids. I'm pretty sure certain things about their lives have changed and they've matured, which was shown here very nicely.

I don't think I see that very often in fics, especially from Ron. I like that he's a stern but understanding father here and it's obvious that he just wants the best for Rose. I'm not sure if she's a daddy's girl or not but I totally got that vibe.

I liked Hermione too because she was softer here, she didn't come off as too harsh and overbearing. She was concerned and sweet, though I think she would rather have Rose in a safer position than anywhere near Quidditch.

I feel Rose though...that doesn't sound like the job of a lifetime. I do wonder what she'll encounter there and what's up with Albus? I hope we find out about that soon too. :3

I do like that you bring the whole thing about their last name to light. I would think that a few of the kids would use it to their advantage and it's interesting to see Rose admit it.

I wonder if she'll end up tossing it around too at some point? Hm. Hugo seems like the sort who might but on a whole other note.I totally loved him. He's a real little brother in this and his one-liners were just gold! I'd love to see more of him at some point. :D

I only spotted a few moments where you should add a comma and switch up a few "him" for a "he" in some sentences but otherwise, you did great. :D

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi Gabby!

Thank you so much for reviewing.
That's okay, real life does often get in the way!

I'm really glad you like Rose. I honestly can imagine a million different versions of her (I read too much Next Gen fanfic o.o), so it's fun to try out something a bit different from normal. I'm really glad you said she's a nice blend of the two, because that's exactly what I was going for. I wanted her to take after them both (good and bad traits).

Yeah... I've been there too! Haha

I am so relieved you thought Ron and Hermione were alright. I do stress a bit whenever I have to write them, just because they are such well known characters, and everyone would be able to tell if I got them wrong :P
So, I am so glad you thought they were realistic.

You do find out what's going on with Albus pretty soon!

Yeah, their last name is something I don't see them ever really escaping. I totally see some of them fully embracing it (like James!), but of course some of them won't want to. This Rose is one of the latter, though despite being incredibly stubborn she may slip up.. we'll see!

Hugo is the best! I'm pretty much just making him the most annoying, bratty younger sibling, but he's a lot of fun to write!

Thank you, I'll have to give it another read-over soon and see if I can fix the typos up!

Thank you very much for reviewing, Gabbie!


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Review #18, by Gabriella HunterOnce Upon The Marauders: The Untold Story: 2nd Year - Quidditch and Queer Things

9th May 2016:
HELLO! >:)

This is Gabbie here from the forums with your review and sorry this is so late! Real life has been a pain and I've been kind of floating around in a funk. I'm doing better now though! :D

It's been a while since I've read this but I haven't forgotten anything. Hahaha. I really like this story, it's taking the familiar theme of the Marauders in a different direction.

I like that you're focusing on important issues but still making it clear that they're children. I think some writers tend to forget that when they're writing kids around this age, there's a certain level of innocence about them that starts to get lost around this time.

You've certainly set each character well here, they'r so thoughtfully fleshed out that they seem very real. It's interesting to see each of them interacting with one another and even debating the darker things that are happening at the moment.

The ominous stirring of Voldemort and his rise to power is certainly alarming. I can only imagine what that must be like to hear from someone like Lily, who still doesn't know everything about the wizarding world. I thought that you wrote that scene very well too, their reactions to the news of more mysterious deaths and Voldemort's followers felt realistic.

There are so many questions and some fear thrown in. I liked here that you had James being the one who didn't believe what was going on at first. Nice little twist I think because most people would have had him jumping to conclusions about the entire thing.

Lily will have to talk to Severus though, I have a bad feeling about how that conversation will end up being. Hm.

I liked the dynamic that you continued to use for Sirius and Adhara. They're from the same family and yet are so different. I feel like Sirius was very emotional here and it was an interesting take on his character, who is usually written as being rather cool.

It was nice to see these two patch things up eventually and I was surprised when Adhara joined the Quidditch team! Good for her!

I was wondering when the boys would start to realize that Remus was hiding something. They were already suspicious but I think it says a lot about each of them that they didn't immediately get involved. They were mostly hurt and confused about the entire thing.

Before I forget, I do want to say that I like the boy's dynamics. Peter is so desperate for attention, James is the ringleader, Sirius the loyal friend no matter what and Remus is the only one who has some semblance of reason.

Anyway, I didn't know how you would have the boys confronting Remus. I liked that each reaction was different though once they realized what he was hiding from them. I liked that you didn't have it being this huge, emotional thing though.

The boys knew, Remus knew and they let each other know that there was nothing wrong with it. That shows a level of maturity that I might not have gotten from anyone else so that's a great job on your part. :D

Anyway, this was a super great read as usual and I didn't spot any problems with it!

Much love,


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Review #19, by Gabriella HunterChoices.: Choices are the hardest things to make.

9th May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your super late review! Sorry about that! I've been going through some personal stuff and haven't been really ready to start reviewing again. I'm better now though!

So, this!

Draminone is something that I don't really stumble across all the time anymore. I'm not sure why because I used to read them all the time but I was happy to get back into this!

I think that you've chosen to write about a very difficult time in Draco's life. I have personally never strayed from that part in canon but I like what you've done here.

He's alone in more ways than one and he can't quite make up his mind on who he wants to be. I think that's the main difference here between doing what others want and being who he wants.

I can't imagine how hard this must have been for him and I can't believe that his own father is using his mother against him. I like that you have Narcissa being the emotionally fragile of the two because when I picture the couple, Lucius is outwardly falling apart and Narcissa always appears cool and collected.

I like that Draco was able to make his decision in the end but I feel like you probably should have set up your scene better. The flow would be fine if you gave more detail about Draco and Hermione's background. How did they fall in love? Did Ron and Harry know? What sort of problems had they had?

It's those sort of details that will really help flesh this out better but I didn't spot anything else that troubled me. I think the ending was nice but again, just a few smoother sentences and a bit more detail and this would be perfect.

Thanks for the read! :D

Much love,


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Review #20, by Gabriella HunterTraitorous Hearts: In Dark Spaces

6th May 2016:
Hello! >:)

Surprise! I haven't forgotten about you, girl! My little life has been all over the place and I haven't been motivated to do anything lately.

My apologies!

This is seriously going to be one of my favorite chapters. It explored so many different aspects of Astoria's character and I think you've nailed her personality. Some people tend to slip up when it comes to novels and instead of their characters growing, they begin to fracture.

What's lovely about Astoria is that she has those moments when she's wavering into someone she doesn't recognize. I feel like that's an important trait to have in general because how many times have you been shocked by something you've done or said? It's a realistic thing to go through.

I've never been yanked into a cupboard though and I thought that scene in particular was just amazingly written. I love your descriptions and i just got this feeling of being shut off from the rest of the world. Astoria is just made out of pure gold, her snappy retorts and her calmness during this situation says a lot about her.

I think that you're doing something interesting here with her grey areas. Astoria has already made it clear that she wants to live but at the same time, Neville does bring up some good points. I was going to try and get disappointed with her for refusing to help them but at the same time, I understood where she was coming from. Becoming involved in something like this is dangerous for a person like her and she certainly doesn't see the point in it right away.

Neville handled himself well and I like that even though we don't see him, we get a strong sense of who he is. There's such a strong presence from him and I can't wait to read more of their interactions together.

I find it interesting that Astoria is trying to relate more to her fellow Slytherins. I'm not sure if it was actually out of loneliness but I think that her point about people drifting away from you due to tragedy is so true. I've had that happen more than once and it's strange to experience, especially when you try to get things back in order.

It was also painfully clear that she had nothing in common with the other students in her year. I thought that was a good point to make, she feels "othered" in more ways than one.

So, let's talk about the last half:

Why you do this?!

I think I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! Ugh, the way you described the Great Hall was just so brilliant. It felt like such a small space and there was this oppressive atmosphere that you did such a good job at highlighting.

But OMG! I want to punch Amycus Carrow in the throat! I can't believe he tortured that poor girl like that! Such a darkly beautiful scene though, I know it couldn't have been easy to write. You did such an amazing job though that I was so absorbed in it that Astoria's non verbal magic made me jump!


She was going to stand up and take that punishment though! That shows that her character has changed significantly and instead, Slughorn stepped in. Shocked!

Astoria has made her decision to do the right ting but I wonder just how far she's willing to go. Hmm. I'll have to stop by for the next chapter soon!

Thanks for the GREAT read!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hey Gabbie! I never thought you had forgotten about me! I know things get crazy sometimes!

I am so glad that you said that! I completely agree. One of the things I like about Astoria is how she periodically surprises herself. She's changing, and has multiple instincts warring all the time. She is a person whom, we know, has strong protective instincts, at least towards the people she cares about. But it shows that she has that capacity. But she also has a very healthy sense of self-preservation. And so, as those different sides of her are battling it out, sometimes even she is surprised by which one wins.

She doesn't always recognize herself, but I think that's a part of growing up, like you said. And especially for Astoria, who is under a lot of pressure to grow up fast, I think it's a pretty natural progression.

Haha! Thank you! Whenever Astoria gets scared, annoyed, or vulnerable, she tends to bring out the sass full-force, and Neville just shoved all three emotions at her, so he got stuck in the path of Astoria's Speeding Snark Train of Self-Defense. She is good at maintaining her calm, though. She's so highly analytical that she's able to focus on facts to keep her head. Astoria knows that the best way to gain control of a situation is to act like you already are, which she does like a champ. She's very manipulative that way. #snaketraits :)

I'm REALLY happy that you understood Astoria's perspective! That's what I was really hoping for with this chapter. It was the only response that felt natural to me. Look at all that Astoria has been through: the person she trusted most--her mother--broke that trust. She also lost her mother. She's been helpful to the rebels once, and look what happened! She and her whole family were nearly killed! And Astoria isn't just a girl; she is, for all intents and purposes, the head of the Greengrass household. There's so much weight on her shoulders. It's more than just her life that she feels she must protect. Her family is also at stake. I think her initial refusal makes a lot of sense, and I really feel for her in that situation. She is 16, and the world is asking so much of her.

I'm so glad you liked Nevill! Major canon characters are the hardest to get right, so it means a lot that you thought he showed up strong.

Astoria *is* really lonely. You're right that she didn't just take up with Ginny because she felt isolated, though. She's trying to rationalize her actions. There's clearly a part of her that wants to DO something, but her mother raised her to be rational and cautious. She's trying to spin the situation into something that she can control.

:D HEEHEEHEE! (I'm not laughing about any of the truly horrifying things that occurred. Those were truly hard to write. But it does make me happy that you were on the edge of your seat!)

Amycus Carrow *deserves* to be punched in the throat. He deserves WORSE. Honestly at this point he makes *my* skin crawl. And poor, poor Amara. I rarely feel remorse for what I make my characters go through, but I hated putting her through that. Truly. It was awful. But it was the sort of thing I could believe happening. I don't think these kids just suffered cuts and bruises and crucios. The Carrows are sadists, and I think they came up with all kinds of ways to cause pain.

But YES! Astoria finally *snaps*, and I am so proud of her in that moment. I think at another time, in the past, Astoria would have stood back and let someone else take the fall. But after what she's just witnessed, I don't think she could bear to imagine some 2nd year being punished for her sake.

How far she is willing to go is a VERY good question, to which she definitely doesn't yet know the answer. I look forward to hearing what you think about it! Thanks for this splendid review!


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Review #21, by Gabriella HunterLiar: Marauders

5th May 2016:
Hello! >:)

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review for our swap! I'm sorry that this is so late but real life has been kicking my butt lately and it's such a pain.

I was super excited to see that this had another chapter!

I've been waiting forever!

We get a different POV in this chapter with Remus and I like the contrast between him and Peter. Remus has had to grow up so fast and he doesn't quite understand the same things that the other kids do. You can tell that he feels more like an "other" even without being a werewolf.

It's interesting to see how he's wavering though about keeping his secret from Peter. I can understand why he would be scared but the need to have real friends seems to be more alluring and I was surprised when he didn't immediately give into it.

Once again, I'm really enjoying the differences you've made with Peter's character. There's something so soft about him that we don't get to see very often and I like that he actually seems to battle with right and wrong. Of course, we all know what happens later on but this bond that he has with Remus is so lovely to see.

The addition of James and Sirius made this chapter feel a bit lighter. There were some dark and uncomfortable truths here though that I think you balanced well. Each of the boys are different and I like that you showed some good snippets of that. You also get a glimpse of who they become later on in life, there's already such a strong hatred for Snape!

And James seems awfully aggravated by Lily...

I really enjoyed the argument between Peter, Sirius and James. You did such a great job of showing their personalities without spending too much time on it. I got a good sense of who they were and just through dialogue, I was able to see where they would be in their friendship.

They sure do seem to trust one another but at the same time, I wondered if maybe they had pushed Remus too far. It's one thing to say you love a person for what they are but an entirely different thing to prove it.

Naturally, the boys want to prove it and that last scene was so dramatic! It was riddled with emotion and you left me on a nice cliffhanger!

I'll admit that I think a few scenes cut away too soon because it was a little hard to follow what was happening. I understood the time jump though but I think it could have been just a little smoother. There were also a few spelling errors but nothing a quick read through can't take care of.

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi, Gabbie!
You have nothing to apologize for... I was very late too, so we're even! ;)

Glad you liked Remus' pov. He had to grow up quickly, poor child... and he does feel different... being a werewolf is no fun...

Remus doesn't want to lose Peter like he lost many other friends. He's used to think that people will hate him because of his lycanthropy and that no one will just accept him for what he is (except his parents). But at the same time he feels guilty about lying to his only friend...

Ah, Peter... well, you know my thoughts about him. He has his dark side, anyway, and I think I showed it a tiny bit here. And don't forget that this is the Peter of Jimmy Portman, so the ending will be a bit different than what people might expect.

James and Sirius are so much fun to write! I'm glad their presence served to lighten the mood and balance the angst out. Ahahah! Yes, they aren't too fond of Snape... And Lily is just Lily, I guess...

I love the Marauders because they are all so different and have such different approaches to things, but right for that reason they work so well as a group. Even if they do argue quite a lot. :P

They were a bit brutal with Remus... but they did love him and they did prove him so (in this particular case, saying they loved him for what he was was already a proof, but they went much further with it, didn't they?)

Glad you loved the emotions in the final scene. More to come in chap 4, so stay tuned (I confess, I have no idea when that one will be up...)

I know what you mean... trying to fit all the things I wanted to say in seven sections was a big struggle, so I decided to cut off a few moments and leave them to the reader's immagination, especially at the beginning... and I guess it made the flow a bit fragmented... I'll try to see if I manage to fix it...

Thank you so much for swapping and for the lovely review!
With love,

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Review #22, by Gabriella HunterStolen Away: Stolen Away

5th May 2016:
Hello! :3

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review for our swap! I haven't forgotten about you and I hope you're feeling better. I've got allergies at the moment so I kind of know how you feel. Hahah.


I don't read enough of this pairing and I was very pleased to see that this story featured them. I didn't immediately get a romantic vibe from the first few paragraphs and that just made Sirius's emotions all the more powerful later.

I will applaud you for sticking so closely to canon. I always end up messing up so badly with that and while this starts from a rather dark place, I think you did something wonderful towards the end.

Sirius is one of my favorite characters and I'm always curious to see how other authors picture him. I love this version of him here, he's torn with guilt, anger and this genuine longing for the past. It's such a great contrast to the setting, which is a bit gloomy (But is a great representation of how dark his world has been for so long) and shed some inner light on him that we normally wouldn't see.

I wa so absorbed in Sirius's inner struggle that I nearly missed the abrupt change he had while recalling his relationship with Remus. It was at this point that I realize that there was a romantic aspect to the story and you did such a beautiful job of writing it.

The emotions felt real and just so tender, you could sense the history between them. It didn't feel one sided or rushed either, I could tell that these moments were special and had a certain depth that I don't think I would have gotten anywhere else. :3

Remus didn't actually play a huge role in this story but I think you wrote him well. You can picture this tragic, kind hearted soul and for a few minutes I'm sure he glowed.

Lovely writing on your part!

But that ending! No. I wanted this dramatic mometn between them but this ended on a kind of bittersweet note that actually fit it better. I can swoon and sigh about this all night but I'll let you rest up!

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


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Review #23, by Gabriella HunterAreopagitica: Room 101

1st May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review for our swap! Gah! I tried to get here as quickly as I could and I'm so happy that I made it in one piece. Real life was kicking my butt.

Anyway, this!

My feelings! How could you? I was so worried about all of them! I wasn't sure how to react in the beginning when Tracey let them all go though. What's going through her head? Is she going to try and say that she was overpowered later on to get them beaten up by the Carrows once more?!

I'm so fishy about that whole thing. Man.

I thought that when Seamus and the others got back to the dorm, things would settle down a bit and they'd be able to comfort one another but everything turned so sour! No! The others turned themselves in and now they're being tortured in horrible ways!

On that note, I think that you did a really good job of writing that. There are so many elements to writing this sort of material and I think you did an excellent job. Each fear was different and more personal than the last, which is not easy to do.

Ginny's fear just really set up the other's so well. You knew that something was suspicious from the beginning and then when she picked up that diary...Ugh, I just got the chills. That part of her life isn't really spoken about that much in the HP books and isn't mentioned nearly enough in fanfiction. I'd imagine that she would be really scarred from the experience and I'm sure that having Tom Riddle in your head is a nightmare no one could possibly understand, save for Harry.

Neville's experience took it to a whole new level because I was biting my nails by this point. Each fear and experience showed something very different about the characters and we got to see the true depths of them. I loved that about this section because Neville had his parents taken away from him in such a horrible way and he can't even protect them now that he's stronger. That is some powerful stuff and I just felt so sorry for him.

I want to punch the Carrow's in the face.


Luna's moment really tore at me because outwardly, she seems like the sort of person who never even gets sad. What's great about this last part is that you show that she does have deep rooted fears. Her personality might seem off to most people but I believe the trauma of what she went through really shaped who she became. Just great visuals here, wonderful emotion being written and a fantastic ending.

That last line is pure magic! Phew. Update soon because I am freaking out and I need to know what happens next!

Much love,


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Review #24, by Gabriella HunterLace And Paper Flowers: Bomb Shield

1st May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums once again here for our swap! This is the third and final one, sadly but this was so much fun. :D

I was curious about what this story was about because the title didn't give me any hints, which is nice. I also saw that this was for the Quill and Ink challenge! I was going to enter this but my workload was a little too much at the time.

Second person is so hard! I don't know how you were able to do this without going crazy. Iv'e never really attempted it with much success but what I like here is that you were able to convey so much emotion in such a short amount of time.

You could feel the history through your heroine's eyes and I got the chills. Abuse of any form is a difficult thing to write about but you've really done a great job of showing how it damages children.

It's not always an outward thing and I know from personal experience that a lot of what you wrote for your OC is true. Loud noises, particularly shouting is hard to get used to after growing up in a place like that.

I may not have experienced everything here but there were a ton of things that rang true for me and I'm proud that you've written this.

Thanks for the awesome swap!

Much love,


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Review #25, by Gabriella HunterIn The Shadows: Broken

30th April 2016:
Well, well, well!

This is Gabbie showing up for the second part of our review swap! It's great to be back and I saw that there are a ton of other stories that I need to read. Let me know if you want to swap again! I am totally down.

So! I don't read enough Ginny fics. I don't know why because I think she's a great character but I tend to forget about her.

It's a shame because there are so many good stories out there, including this! I always like reading a fic that really delves into who she is as a person. Not relying on the fact that she's a tough, pretty girl is a relief to read. :D

I like these stories where she's vulnerable and afraid because we get to see so many different levels to her. There's this softer side to her that I would love to see more often and I really enjoyed that here. She's got so much going on in her head, the darkness that she can't really chase away is always there.

I'm not sure if the little whispers in her head are just from her experience with Tom Riddle's diary or a mental illness but you wrote it so lovely. It didn't bog the story down but gave Ginny depth and great emotional range, I was able to follow through her life so well and it was like I actually knew her. :D

I also don't read enough stories that talk about what she might have really been going through mentally/emotionally while the Carrows took over the school. It's some tough stuff to go through and she was really young, despite the fact that she's so tough.

What I really loved about this is that she was so close to breaking and then Luna came, like a breath of fresh air. There's something about Luna that always makes me happy and the following scene between them was perfection.

I always start to grin when I read scenes like that because I'm just that sort of pervy person but in all honesty, this was so romantic, tender and emotional. It was beautifully written too and the ending just sums up how I felt about it.

Great job!

Much love,


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