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Review #1, by corbin2013Lady Malfoy: Into the Sunrise

17th October 2012:
i came across this story in the 'recently added' section a few days ago looking for a good story to read... i spent at least 6 hours a night for the past three days reading it. it's so amazing, your plot line is stunningly intricate and i can't believe you were able to think of it all on your own. i legitimately started crying when i realized that eli had taken narcissa's place in azkaban. your character development is wonderful. the plot line is wonderful. it's new and fresh from other post hoggy stories i've read and i want to commend you on that.

two improvements i can think of are Natalie's date of birth in some earlier chapter i don't remember. To my calculations, i think she should have been born in 1980, not 82, unless she was 2 years younger than malfoy. i could be incorrect but i just wondered. second, there's a point where draco and hermione are talking and she says, 'happiness can be found in the gloomiest of times,' i really think it would be improved if you quoted dumbledore and said, 'happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.' i think it would add a spin off of dumbledore to maybe talk about draco and dumbledore's relationship, maybe more of that loving side of draco we don't get to see much at the point in the story? what hermione says also seems a little out of place because it is so close to what dumbledore said, but again, just a suggestion(:

i really enjoyed reading this for the past few days and still find your plot unbelievable, you really are a true writer

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Review #2, by corbin2013Tempting Fate: Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

3rd September 2012:
write faster! i'm dying over here

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Review #3, by corbin2013Tempting Fate: Chapter Twelve: Of Cuts and Bruises

4th July 2012:
jaflskdjfaklmvakje please update

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Review #4, by corbin2013Still Delicate: Epilogue

19th February 2012:
i laughed the whole time

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Review #5, by corbin2013Still Delicate: The Other Side of Normality

19th January 2012:
i love the way its written, from scorpius' point of view.. it does a good job of showing what else is going on.

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Review #6, by corbin2013Facing Fate: Ron Finds Out

11th January 2012:
kind of disappointed that i've waited so long for a chapter and its so short. i love the story but wish you'd update more often and make the chapters longer!

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Review #7, by corbin2013Along Came Sirius: Chapter Twenty-Four: Impulse

16th December 2011:
i wish they would have 'accidently kissed' again, that would have made this chapter more exciting... WHEN WILL THEY BREAK UP???

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Review #8, by corbin2013Along Came Sirius: Chapter Fifteen: Saving Secrets

15th December 2011:
WILL THEY BREAK UP ALREADY. i started reading this at 6... it is 10:41... i am addicted. your writing style is fantastically similar to JK's... but more not childish? not that thats a bad thing. i love love love love it. probably not going to go to bed tonight until i finish reading.

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Review #9, by corbin2013Escaping Fate: Chapter Seven

10th December 2011:
why aren't they talking? i feel like there's no sufficient context as to why the girls wouldn't be talking. i love it though!

Author's Response: It will be covered! (:
Thank you so much for your review! Stick with me; I should have a new chapter up soon! (:


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Review #10, by corbin2013Escaping Fate: Chapter Four

10th December 2011:
had a hard time seeing how this was going to relate at first... but great idea!! my only question is how melissa's mother grew up in britain (theoretically having a british accent), but melissa comments on how she's never met anyone with a british accent. does she cover it up with magic? these aren't the sort of things that go away with time. great story though, i'm really enjoying it!!

Author's Response: Hi! I'm sorry it took so long to respond, but I really appreciate your review! (: Mel's mother (well both of her parents) have been in hiding for so long, that they've ridded themselves of their accents. (: It helps them blend in! haha. Thank you so much for your review! I hope you stick with me.


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Review #11, by corbin2013Expecting Otherwise: Seating Arrangements

3rd December 2011:
Her friends all seem like douche bags! not digging it. but it is original, you never would have guessed that the spawn of hermione granger would be a bitch with a mean boyfriend...

Author's Response: Well, some of them definitely are :p But they're just mostly arrogant teenagers with an attitude problem. Yeah, well, she's not a bitch, well...maybe she is, but she's gonna change - you just wait and see ;)

Thanks for reading and reviewing, hon! :)


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Review #12, by corbin2013Facing Fate: George is Right

29th November 2011:
i love it! update faster please, i can't handle the suspense!

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Review #13, by corbin2013'Witch!': The Sound Of Companionship

1st October 2011: continue continue continue!

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Review #14, by corbin2013Facing Fate: Zabini's

26th September 2011:
I love the style, its romantic yet down to earth. It really makes me keep reading, especially because I've always felt that Ron and Lavender were never really finished, and that Malfoy was always a good guy underneath the devil he was because of his father. I feel like Ginny's character is perfect- I've read a few reviews and people keep complaining about 'ginny's softness.' Well, I agree with you and think she would be a little different because of Fred's death. I like what you're doing, just remember that mean people don't matter! Keep at it please, I am hooked. (:

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