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Review #1, by romance4ever Delilah's Black Book of Poems: A Squib Girl Named Delilah

17th September 2013:
Well Good Evening.

This will be my 3rd time reading, Once on a wet stormy day mimccing so closely the feelings in this chapter and then on a break in work feeling helpless like our dear Hermione and my 3rd writing my words of gratitude to you once again.
I shall not bore you with countless thanks you and you amazing as by now you should know this. Its written all over the reviews and in the forums ;) (< I CAN ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND THIS NOW) anyway back to this wonderful work of masterpiece fiction.
How well you told of Draco's misery, I think in the Manor he would be very easily addicted to the alcohol I often wondered how the family got through the Dark Lord staying there, Maybe it was Firewhiskey. His lovely Mother knowing and trying to ease the pain by hiding his treasures of misery. His obbessive nature oh i loved the mental image you gave me. I could picture his lost stare and turning back and forward the glass glug glug the drink.shivers up my spine thinking of it.
I love how you made the Dark Lord interact to. Its often a part I feel the films should have protrayed more as of course the Dark Lord would need a right hand man considering Lucius failed him whats better than to turn to Lucius' son and train him perfectly to resemble himself... Our Poor Draco...and then I turn to his other half... Hermione sitting crying upset and yet so brave to be far away from the person she loves..Her book or yours should I say.. Her only comfort and then the story comes true to her. I can only applaud you as it was clearly difficult to imagine a story to fit this story to fit jk's story... Inception much? But you done it brillantly. The simplicity of parts.. ''Friend''... I loved that line. I'm not sure why? I just found it endearing I suppose but it was a beautiful touch and of course isn't Ignorance bliss? What I would give to become a witch? But alas we are all squibs living among the magical thing that is imagination.
Hermiones question... I'm sure its played on her mind from day one However now... Its like cold icy water falling down her back.. she knows somewhere I feel that it wont end well but given Hermione she might just fight.
This story is on another level of fan-fiction this is like a Shakespeare sonnet or MacBeth...
My friend I look forward to the next piece of the puzzle and praying our Draco walks away from this mission unscaved I Fear it could end indoubtly messy

Your forever keen reader... SineadC

Author's Response: Romance4ever,
Dearest SineadC,

Um... where do I begin? Here I am, determined to respond to this review that simply glows from the page and I am still rendered speechless. It is these kinds of poetic reviews that are so hard to answer. I do hope that you understand that I am living proof that writer's block can happen with trying to respond to Reviews. For crying out loud, I am pathetic. But anyway, I shall try.

You read this extraordinarily long chapter 3 times? Oh, I can see the gloom of the day that would closely match the mood of this chapter. And really, you probably should not read at work. I do not want you to get into trouble! :) And 3rd in penning this wonderful review? You are truly amazing, thank you.

Your insight and depth into my story never ceases to amaze me. You truly get it. The despair. The dismal existence that is Draco's life. You don't know how wonderful it is to read your words. It is like having a conversation with my own mind, you are so in-tuned with the emotions that I am trying to convey. You understand it on a completely different level than most. I cannot come up with words to describe this author/reader connection.

It astounds me that you understand these "treasures of misery" and the image of him obsessing... with his lost stare and alcohol glugging. You describe these things better than I did. :) Its wonderful. You are so spot on.

Regarding the Dark Lord: I too feel that the films did not give us a reason why the Dark Lord sickly hugged Draco in the end. I have seen and heard that it was an unrehearsed thing that just happened while filming and they kept it. But I wanted to give my readers a reason, an understanding of why Voldemort would do such a thing. I am trying to provide this untold back story of what their relationship would have been like while living at Malfoy Manor and trying to imagine why he would do it. (I'm trying at least).

And oh, Hermione. Yes, her comfort is a book that Draco gave to her. It is the only thing she has and the story will tear her heart out when she finds out the true author of DBBP, a canon character. I cannot wait to reveal who it is. Hopefully everyone will be floored and it will make total and complete sense when it is all discovered. Get ready for the tears when that is revealed.

And the simplicity of "Friend." This actually came to me in several different ways. The first and only friend before Delilah was his house elf that was killed by his father's hand. And Dobby always had this thing about being called a Friend of Harry Potter. Even as he died in Harry's arms, he spoke of being there with friends. It was extremely important to Dobby and I equate that with the elf that the author lost as a child. "Friend" to him means much; a deeper meaning than normal and he would've been taught that by his elf long ago. It also serves to keep the author anonymous, but of course, he is not. He is canon!

And agreed, ignorance is bliss in many cases and we are mere Muggles enjoying the brilliance that is JKR and her world. All credit where it is due.

Hermione will live with her regrets concerning Draco. She didn't really mean it, but that is what he will remember.

And oh, my, another level of fanfiction? Oh, thank you for considering me so highly! It is wonderful to read and lends me encouragement to work on original fiction and be published someday. Thank you dearly for this wonderful, poetic review and for seeking me out on the forum. It is truly a gift that you give to me.


P.S. And since you give me such a gift, I shall give you one. The name Delilah came from a quote in one of the movies. "Much to his delight." Yes, it is him and his unnamed fiancé. If you might want to guess, please ping me on the forum and not in a review. Merry Christmas, Sinead. :)

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Review #2, by romance4ever Delilah's Black Book of Poems: Kiss Me Goodbye, Love

20th April 2013:
Dark whisper,

Where do I even begin? Do I start with my array of compliments I have lined up? Do I start by telling you how sorry I am for them to be divided Or do I simply say thank you?

My words, my thoughts and my soul felt every bit of pain, suffering, love and despair in this chapter. I know it cannot have been easy to write a Love being pulled in so many directions and do it all to fit in with your story and your plot. What can I say?? I have no words except for your talent is again amazing, to capture the anguish felt on both parts was truly bewitching. For Hermione to find her greatest love and passion to be not something she held dear in her heart was her biggest fear reveled, she had placed trust devotion and her own true love in the hands of what we all knew... A Death Eater...But is he the one that changes everything and does not follow the same path as A certain someone who broke our hearts in Dealthy Hallows. Is he going to be the one across the battle line standing, waiting , hoping and dreaming that his love his true love will welcome him back with open arms? Will he get his forever after? Will he have gone to far to turn back the tables? I have no answers no suspicions not even a clue because if I did I would sense this masterpiece would soon end? And for me I dont want it to happen. I cant fathom to begin where all my feelings my doubts my own reflection of love and my own soul would be shown in a story I could relate to. Given I'm not a death eater however we all keep dark secrets and its up to love and trust and maybe a push that those who do love us either learn to live with it or they accept you and your make up. Do I feel Hermione will recover? Time is her only answer but with great dark times looming will it be enough? I'm not sure. You captured throughout the chapter a beautiful hidden connection a understanding of two people who didnt know each other fully but loved each other. You brought strength to Hermione to lash out and fight her pain and you brought a raw honesty to Draco that he has not showed until he knew she could not answer her back, she got all she ever wanted to hear in his line 'And know that Ill be loving you until the day that I die..Any woman any person anybody hearing that line in such a situation would be paralysed with fear with pain and with adoration that they are loved sure isnt it mans worst fear to die? but to die alone and unloved?
I think Ive rambled enough for you Dark Whisper. Again a genius credit must got to you for inspiring passion and love and cryptic messages along this journey. And maybe one day this story can be in its own little black book of Loves greatest tales
Much love and look forward to hearing and reading your next epic piece of cherishing art.

Yours Romance4ever, Sinead x

Author's Response: Sinead,

You always give me such amazing reviews, I never know how to respond, but I shall try.

You are so right about there being much pain, suffering, love and despair in this chapter. And you really hit the reason why it was so difficult to write... how do I fit all of that into my story? Into JKR's story? How can I make sure that they are not too out of character (Hermione offering herself)? All of it had to be done very carefully or this entire story could've been a huge failure! It was so unbelievably difficult!

It does my heart much good to know that you understand and that this entire scene "bewitchingly" held your interest and that you felt their anguish. Thank you so much for saying that!

I think both of them experienced what they feared most. Hers: Him being a Death Eater after everything. His: Her rejection and not being able to love him in return.

Oh, how I wanted Draco to really come around in the books. I was rooting for him. I wanted to see more of his "defection" in the movie, but alas, the powers that make these decisions broke our hearts, didn't they? yes, they did, indeed... forever. It is only in the thousands of fanfiction stories that we can fix their error. LOL! XD

The war has begun and I have more of this story to write. I feel like it must be written... for the lovers of Dramione.

Will he be hoping that his love will welcome him back with open arms? The Draco that I am writing has issues with hope letting him down. And so, I can tell you that he will not be hoping for this. Hope to him is lost. :(

You are so right to mention that we all have our dark secrets and terrible choices that we have made in life. And sometimes it is the people we love the most that might reject us or accept us for those faults and flaws and terrible choices. There is much understanding and forgiveness needed in the world. (This relates to the beginning of this story and will come back in the end of it).

Hermione was strong to fight for what was right, but she wanted to collapse onto the floor, as all strong people want to do from time to time.

Indeed, you have mentioned one of my favorite lines in this chapter. There is so much there. He admitted he loved her, but did it in an almost cruel way. She had no way to respond to that. He had robbed her of her freedom to voice what she was thinking and was wrong. But no one can turn love to hate at a blink.

"Loves greatest tales?" Oh, my you sweet person, you... what a beautiful thing to say. Thank you. I do plan on printing all of this out one day and making my own little "Delilah's Black Book of Poems" book just for me. It will be my greatest writing achievement when it is completed. And, yes, one day I will be posting the last sad chapter, but not yet.

Your voice is a gem to me.
Thank you from my heart.
Dark Whisper

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Review #3, by romance4ever Delilah's Black Book of Poems: Trust Me for an Hour

9th October 2012:
Dear Lord Dark Whisper,
You had me crying and sobbing. More so this time because now i find myself in love and in ways i can relate...but if I lost this guy I know I would feel the agony Draco and Hermione are experiencing loosing each other, although I know they arent in many ways they are gaining a deeper more real connection in others.its still painful.
Again I must praise your writing in this the pure pleasure and bathfull of emotions I get with each chapter I read... I think at one point i was so upset...esp at this line ''they embraced as two lovers that were never meant to be together.'' Dear god how i felt the pain surge through my being... a credit to you and your skill and especially your talent at creating this amazing emotional pure and beautiful story...nothing for me will beat this and I look forward till the day that it comes to an end and i read it from start to finish all over again...weeping laughing crying loving and breathing in a worthy story with passion.

Again thank you and I look forward to the next bit in this masterpiece.

I must leave with another quote...
''The pen is the tongue of the soul; as are the thoughts engendered there, so will be the things written.''

Never have a gift

Author's Response: romance4ever,

Well, here you are again sending me wonderful compliments and a quote to match. :)

I made you cry? Awe... Well congratulations on finding yourself in love. Ah, 'tis a wonderful thing, indeed. It is wonderful that you can relate even more to this story. It is a sad one.

You are so right in pinpointing this "deeper more real connection", which is why it makes it so painful for these two.

You mention probably my favorite line in this chapter. It was meant to be heart-tugging and I'm glad that you felt what I was attempting to convey.

In speaking of my writing so highly, I'm not sure if an author could ever ask for a better review. I don't even know what to say to your kind, kind words, but I hope you will understand how much I appreciate them.

Someday, this story will come to an end and I hope that it meets every sweet expectation. It will be a bittersweet day for me, I can tell you that.

And now, to your quote... poetry! Ah, my soul is a hopeless romantic, " will be the things written." :)

My author heart thanks you again... and again... and again...

Dark Whisper

My apologies on the late response.

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Review #4, by romance4ever Expecting Otherwise: I Can't Do This

10th September 2012:
HIS FIST.OMG *FAINTS*.but oh my god yes GO ON CHASE. I want Bray to suffer so much esp after nearly saying that and Draco I want him to go so Bad ass on him with Ron and Harry...hehe thank you!!! AWESOME it was really awesome cant wait for the update! :):)

Author's Response: Hahah, if Daddy-Draco ever finds out about what Bray said to Del...well, I hope I'm there and I hope someone brings popcorn.

Thanks for reading and reviewing :)


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Review #5, by romance4ever Forget Me Not : The Heroine and the Villain

23rd July 2012:
This first chapter is totally awesome. I do hope you continues because i love your plot and its different from anything yet that ive read..Cant wait for an update on this
Bravo :) and good job

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I'm so glad that you like the plot! Thank you again and I will definitely update soon! :)

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Review #6, by romance4ever The Winds of Azkaban: Of Memories to be Saved

12th May 2012:
Hello Dear Friend,
Wow, it sums a huge deal up for this story, i was totally enthralled from chapter one. You managed to keep it away from my beau of a story. It was different it was a a bundle of emotions and feelings that fell into place like a river. I describe it as a river cause it started of a little stream a rush of water and then met the sea, the sea symbolism being freedom, rebirth and desires all falling into one. You managed to create this for this pair all over again a steady flow at the start a rush of emotions and finally joining together... Thank you for 3 amazing chapter. Yet again words cannot describe your talent and thank and i cant wait for update on the other but this was a worthy filler until that comes

Bravo and take a bow

Author's Response: romance4ever,

Oh, your words are so very kind and your river metaphor is so sweet. I'm so glad that you enjoyed my story. It certainly had a few twists and turns and lots of emotions.

I just love these two together and the end might've been a bit fluffy. :)

Your words mean so much... such a wonderful Review.

That 'other' that you are speaking of is on its way. Trust me when I say there is a lot in it. I appreciate your patience.

I humbly take my bow, romance4ever...
Thank you,
Dark Whisper

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Review #7, by romance4ever The Other Reality: Light In The Darkness

9th May 2012:
Aww Sigh, how i love to come on after a absence and see you have updated this. thank you! its really really great i have a ton of words to describe this cause it really have moved me as a story even how you capture Draco's fear of the dark and now its with Aaron too I love it so much
I cant wait for this update on the next part to see where they go, youve timed it so well in getting simple moments in their hate to become a big moment in friendship/love its really an awesome thing youve achieved WELL DONE :D
Cant wait and BRAVO!!

Author's Response: Thank you too! Ah Im glad my story's going so well and the pace is fine too (:
Thank you so much and Ill be updating it AS SOON AS I CAN ;)

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Review #8, by romance4ever Delilah's Black Book of Poems: The Undeniable Craving in the Room of Hidden Things

28th March 2012:
And yet again. Im amazed. Well done!! I hope you got my last review! I spoke from the heart on it... But this it was an ending i wanted to them but yet i scream saying NO YOU CANT LEAVE HER OR HIM. I want them to be together You've created everything between them everything anybody could have wanted! Thanks you again!! Keep going if this was a book i would buy it and frame it! Labelling it ''true art''

Author's Response: romance4ever,

Well, I'm amazed... at your words. :)

I did get your other review and I loved it so much that I didn't want to respond until I had a quote for you. I hope you liked it.

I want them to be together as well... but they cannot... *cries* She had to leave, but he did not. He stayed with her and held onto her for as long as possible. ;(

I think you really hit on something... creating everything anybody could have wanted for these two... because basically I suppose that is what I am doing... creating everything that I would've loved between them... a truly deep emotional relationship. I was elated when I found this site was full of like-minded people who realized these characters as having such a potential to be the epic couple of the HP story. It's a privilege to read and write about them together. Just Awesome, really.

Framing it and calling it art? Awe... wow! Bless you for saying such a thing.

Honestly, I wanted this story to be dark and haunting, but I didn't expect it to turn out as 'poetic' as it did. Does that make sense? Someone actually pointed out that it was my 'style' at a time when I didn't even know that I had one. LOL! :) Shows you how much I know about writing. Hehe.

Anyway... your comments are wonderful and so encouraging, something I desparately need.

Thank you so very much!
Dark Whisper

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Review #9, by romance4ever Delilah's Black Book of Poems: If My Eyes are Sad

23rd March 2012:
You done it again, You captivated me, you made me feel things i didn't know i could even feel, YOU ARE AMAZING! The kiss thing i pictured that every word you wrote, every kiss they took i could see it as if i was there stealing a private moment of theirs, But did i care? No Because you made it so magical, wonderful and beautiful.. The ''forbidden'' being the word, was truly genius. I kept reading the passage over and over and it fitted perfectly and it summed up everything. I sensed so much in this chapter like it was the end of something but the beginning of something else! And i pray to god it is! How you write these two together, stays perfectly in form, stays magical, stays honest and mostly it shows the love of them two. No story has got me like this None and i have read a few more than i count. This one ranks No. 1 for to many reasons i cannot name although i have said most of them here.
I leave you with this quote as i find it truly fitting for you

''An original writer is not one who imitates nobody, but one whom nobody can imitate.'' ~Chateaubriand, Le Gnie du Christianisme, 1802

No One could ever capture my soul like you have

Romance4ever, Thank you Dark Whisper

Author's Response: romance4ever,

Firstly, my apologies for taking so very long in responding to your wonderful review. I wanted to find a quote for you. :)

Your words are wonderful and kind and they tell me how much you love this story. Thank you so much.

I'm so glad that you could really 'see' their kiss as I tried my best to describe it so that readers could really picture my vision of their unique and searing first kiss. :)

Forbidden... she is. And for me, it really summed up what she really is to him. I'm so glad you liked it.

I just loved what you said about it being the 'end and beginning' of something. It truly is... their 'relationship' has changed in that feelings are now being revealed and whenever that happens in real life, it changes things.

Your words are so much appreciated. It thrills me to hear such compliments. I stuggle with confidence in my writings and Reviews like yours make me blush and say, "Really?" You are so sweet.

That you feel this story ranks number one is just incredible. There are so many and to be considered amongst the top is amazing.

Your quote is also an amazing compliment. Am I really deserving of it? It's wonderful that someone 'out there' thinks of me so...

Honestly, my Reviewers (such as yourself) have kept me going and they offer such inspiration and encouragement, my heart soars. And so the quote I found for you...

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us."
-- Albert Schweitzer

My writer's heart thanks you...
Dark Whisper

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Review #10, by romance4ever Love's Deception : The Present Tense Of Love

23rd March 2012:
I cant wait for the update this, well done, I sat reading it and i looked down to see only one chapter and I WAS SO UPSET cause you are talented and i just wanted more and more, to be honest i taken from the moments you started writing its amazing so i say THANKS hehe Well done and i look forward to reading more :)

Author's Response: Awh thank you so much! That's so sweet but I'm afraid it's already completed! It's only a one-shot! :( But thank you so much for the review, you're too kind.

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Review #11, by romance4ever The Other Reality: Memories

4th March 2012:
I was so happy!
And Mungos :O... Draco better kick that ''yoke'' to the kerb!!
I want him to see Hermione the way he did in this chapter. It was like i fell in Love with him all over again!!
I cannot wait for you to update THANK YOU!!!

Author's Response: YES SHE DID :D So was i :P
Wait till the chapter after next, you'll see that Draco again, glimpses anyway (: Thank you for reviewing xx

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Review #12, by romance4ever Delilah's Black Book of Poems: The Art in Dark Arts

3rd February 2012:
Id like to think is ''you'' but knowing Draco could be ''everything'' or ''his heart'' and watever it is its surely to make us all go awh and shed a tear and that break up oh lord i wanted to just sit and cry and nearly did
I honestly have to thank you for this Story its breath taking and i dont think that word is even strong enough for it
Well done and your writing is a credit to you :)
P,s i cant wait for his Vault to be opened but Wow

Author's Response: romance4ever,

Gosh, those are all wonderful guesses that could fit right in! Good job. You'll just have to wait and see. XD

That breakup was bittersweet, wasn't it? I wanted Pansy to be very sorry for what she did and realize all that she had lost. That is what sweet revenge really is. I didn't want her to hate him... I wanted to feel her loss for a very long time. I'm glad that it touched your heart, as he made it known that what she had done really did hurt him. ;(

Thank me? Well, you are very welcome. I am just glad that people like you are willing to tell me and that you don't think it too boring. I worry about that.

Thank you so very much for you wonderful comments and for taking a few guesses at his vault.

It is opened in this next chapter and she reads his heart felt words concerning her. I hope you come back for it...

Dark Whisper

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Review #13, by romance4ever Forbidden Love: Tell Me You Feel Nothing?

2nd February 2012:
Oh lord I would have given anything to been Pansy but magine walkin in on Draco!! Happy Dreams haha
Well done ya really created somethin in that kiss i was like in my mind going feel for feel it and get rid of ron!!
Cant wait for the next bit keep goin of course ;)

Author's Response: thanks so much! Ahh poor Ron he loves Hermione! Thanks for reviewing xxx

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Review #14, by romance4ever Abused: Goodbyes, Snapes, and... Drapple?!

31st January 2012:
"Draco knows that, but it's Draco's room, so Draco can say to get out of Draco's room because Draco's Draco."
By far my favourite line i have ever read!!!
Again well done i came back after a few days absence and found your story and i sat and read start to finish!!!
Yay To this i hope she wont turn him in but i think she like me as a soft spot for mr wolf!!
Keep going !!!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks, your reviews mean so much to me!!!:) Yeah, I had A LOT of fun writing that line. Maybe she will, and then maybe she won't who knows... I DO!XD She kind of does have a soft spot for Echo (or as she prefers, Snowball:P) I think we all do, I mean Echo's so adorable!!!

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Review #15, by romance4ever The Other Reality: Discoveries

26th January 2012:
I've just discovered this amazing work although i have read your other one and i was toally in love with that!!
I really want them to be ok!! I know its gets bad before better But i really want Draco to get a slap and say no i want Hermione haha
good lord keep going :) Well done :P

Author's Response: Haha thanks :) I myself feel like slapping him really hard :P You know what,I think Im going to add that in-Hermione slapping him. NOT EVEN JOKING (Y)

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Review #16, by romance4ever Abused: It's Echo, not Snowball, Echo

20th January 2012:
I want Snowball/ Echo!!! Aaww dear lordy i want him!! all protective and what not and then ya get Draco in the flesh your turning this into something that no one will resist!!! Jealous haha
Well done i hope Aqua finds somone but i'm sorry i like my Dramione :P

Author's Response: Back off, he's MINE!!!XD Actually, he's Hermione's. Don't worry Aqua does find someone, but it takes both Draco and Aqua a while to get over each other... I mean, they HAVE been together since they were 11! I'm glad you like it!!!:)

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Review #17, by romance4ever Expecting Otherwise: A Picture Will Last Longer

9th January 2012:
:O Cannot wait for you to update this story! so so so so so love it!
I love all your characters there each to there own and amazingly funny and have these wonderful personalities that youve created eeek im so exicted haha! Yave such a talent and i cant wait for Mammy and Daddy to find out that there "little princess" is preggers! and Draco i have a feeling he will have some strong words for Bray! hehe which if he does angry draco *druel* though i wonder who'll be angry the most? hehe see what your doing to me? i want more!
God i love it and cant wait
Well done again :)

Author's Response: You really do? :'D You are way too kind! Hahah, I'm just sitting here smiling like a goon right now - reading your review just made me really happy :D

Draco and Hermione will enter the story at some later point, probably in the 10th or 11th chappie. And I don't really know who'll be the most angry, because they've got two very different ways of handling things :p

Thanks for reading and reviewing, hon! :)


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Review #18, by romance4ever Abused: Why Do You Even Care, Mudblood?

8th January 2012:
Awww yay!!! i went on reading another story came back and yours was updated and my heart skipped a beat!! and i cant wait for ya to update again and i could easily see Draco sayin "like what ya see?" *druel* cause i certainly would!
hehe and most of all thank you for that amazing dedication you will never know how much that means to me and my next chapter is just souly for you! cause your are a more than fantastic writer! :)
cant wait for the next part
let the magic begin

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! Yeah, I would like what I saw as well!!XD You'll never know how much this review meant to me, I cried when I read this! Once again, thanks so much! Hope you had a happy holiday and an awesome New Year!

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Review #19, by romance4ever The Cheating Child: Truth

5th January 2012:
Uh Oh .
HEHE well done for the story ive been waiting for you to update this :) i was totally heartbroken when she told Draco bye i was nearly crying AND now she all alone and i want Draco to come sweep her away haha
anyway well done cant wait for another chapter :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Should update soon :)

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Review #20, by romance4ever Sectumsempra: A Failed Interrogation

4th January 2012:
Omg Im so happy haha, I was casually waiting for someone to update a story and then i saw you had and i had like totally missed two chapters and i love every bit of each one, ya got Draco to perfection, eager to please be loyal to Slytherin household but then seeing Hermione is the only way hell like live normally or something and he helps her and the way he said it .dreamy.
and then hes all broken cause of Weasley and i was all no my heart seriously bleeding for you!!! your writing is seriously above brillant and beyond superb!!
and that last line "they've been all" SWON
it just makes me want to read more and more and actually live thru this story
your fab well done my fellow writer~! yave a naturally gifted talent I hope to god ya keep going with this!!
Thank you for a great story :):)

Author's Response: This review made me smile. :)

Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm so glad that you think I've stayed true to Draco's character and that you think my writing is "above brilliant" and "beyond superb."

I will definitely keep going with this story, don't you worry! Thanks again!

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Review #21, by romance4ever Sectumsempra: Proving It

1st January 2012:
Awww I love it an that was so just what i needed :)
well done fro writing this i cant wait fro ya to update now :) Cutos and bravo

Author's Response: Thank you sooo much! I'm so glad it's "just what you needed."

Thanks for reading and especially reviewing!! :)

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Review #22, by romance4ever Light in the Darkness: Returning to Hogwarts

28th December 2011:
I think i want it to be adam cause then ya can do this hole he over steps the boundaries and Draco punches his lights out haha how good it would be to see Draco beat the shite of him :P
well done on your story its realy reallly good :):) well done cant wait for you to update :)

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Review #23, by romance4ever Abused: What the Hell Happened to Her?!

21st December 2011:
And i want more and more, so getting added to favourites cause i really wanna know where yar going and your plot is mysterious and thats me hooked !! thank yyou and kep kep going :):):)

Author's Response: Aw! Thanks so much! I'm phsyched that you added it to your favorites, because I'm a fan of your work! I had fun writing the next chapter, and it should be up soon! I'll make sure to mention you in Chapter 4! Happy Holidays!

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Review #24, by romance4ever Abused: Meet the Boy you'll be Spending your Entire Summer With

18th December 2011:
Awww and you wrote this story!!
Aww i cant wait to see where your going with it because the title got me straight away and then i read it and you have Draco down to a T
Bravo keep going
cant wait for the update :):)

Author's Response: Aw...thanks so much!!!I love your Dramione's amazing! The next chapter should be up soon!

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Review #25, by romance4ever Dancing With Delilah: Come Back to Me

15th December 2011:
Jesus that was like an explosion of everything ya ever wanted in a dramione story and you just done it in one chapter
jebus that was brill
wow i cant wait for you to update this! cootos and i bow to you

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