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Review #1, by hvidrine001Object of Their Affections: What Makes A Father

8th October 2013:
Ahh, I just love where this story is going. I do have to say that I hope they'll be a future for Rose & Harry because they so obviously are in love with each other. I also hope there will be a relationship between Rose and Remus as father and daughter. I do hope the next one will be a little long since I just can't get enough of this story!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! The next chapter is already waiting to be validated. It's twice as long as my chapters usually are, so I hope you love it! Be sure to leave me another review and let me know what you think!!

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Review #2, by hvidrine001Letters to L.C. : Home not Home

21st October 2012:
Well first off, let me say... This story is amazing! It's actually one of my absolute all-time favorites on here. So kudos to your excellent writing, seriously... I can't get enough!

I must say, I quite enjoyed seeing the feisty side of Lenny. It was very entertaining and showed how she has evolved and changed as a person what with everything that has happened to her. I believe she does deserve to be happy though, but I don't think Lenny and Sirius should get together right away, like the immediate future. I think she should make him work for it. Maybe a one on one confrontation after Lenny avoids him sort of thing would be good to add in? *shrugs * It's just a suggestion...

- Until next chapter ;)

Author's Response: I'm so excited that you say that! Lenny has a little fire to her, as you'll see in the sequel ;). And Sirius and Lenny will definitely confront each other very very soon, you just wait.

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Review #3, by hvidrine001Letters to L.C. : Protego

21st September 2012:
They're so close but so far away (Lenny & Sirius)... What a phenomenal story; I can't wait to see what happens next in the next chapter!

Author's Response: Awh thank you so much!

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Review #4, by hvidrine001I Never Knew You: Camping: Part I

2nd May 2012:
My favorite so far... So romantic if shaylee and remus would end up kissing in front of the camp fire! I was like awww so close lol.

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Review #5, by hvidrine001I Never Knew You: Weekend

21st November 2011:
This story is amazing.. really it is. I love Remus Lupin love stories. I just hope that Shaylee and Remus do realize that they love each other and have a happy ending. At this point, I'm glad they had an almost kiss- It makes you on edge to find out what will happen next. I hope Remus comes to his senses soon and tells Shaylee how he feels before it is too late and he loses her.
Ahh, I am soo looking forward to the next chapter !!

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