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Review #1, by SourceoftheTickingThe Store Cupboard: Chapter 1

21st September 2011:
The snake detail? If it's the reference I've decided to assume it is, excellent. Jolly and fluffy, like a gang of cats hosting a pantomime.

Author's Response: The snake is a bit of a nod to Arthur's attack in OotP, even though that takes place in the future. Not sure if that's the reference you thought it was.

A gang of cats hosting a pantomime? XD lol, That's awesome! Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #2, by SourceoftheTickingUnder the Cloak: Under the Cloak

21st September 2011:
Excellent stuff, missing moments- particularly fluffy ones- are what I eat for breakfast. Just as a small warning, I'm woring my way through your catalogue, and I might be about to flood your reviews section. Sorry about that. Totally deserves it though, a lovely piece of writing.

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Review #3, by SourceoftheTickingHopeless: They're going to die, you know

21st September 2011:
Loving the second person. The 13 year old angst was palpable, but from the way the locket was described originally, that's exactly what it would evoke; I aways imagined it as a regurgitator of the ill-formed, immature fears that lurk in our heads, that wait to one day lure us into a psychotherapist's office and burn our money. All round really satisfying.

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked the second person. It's new for me, so I wasn't sure how well I did. I love your phrasing of the locket's effects :P I thought the ridiculous amounts of angst could be excusable considering the locket. I'm glad you agree.

Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #4, by SourceoftheTickingHarry Potter and the Return of the Phoenix: The End of the Story

13th September 2011:
This is great! The dialogue is strong, and seeing how Ron and Hermione digest the information is a bit of a fun rarity. Looking forward to your next chapter!

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