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Review #1, by 800 words of heavenEvolution: Sharpened

7th February 2016:
Heya! I always say that I'll be back soon, but then I disappear for months on end. But this story is just so wonderful that it keeps bringing me back!

I really admire the way you characterise minor canon characters. Slughorn reads very true to what we know of him from the books, including his relationship with Lily. So wonderful.

I really enjoy the brief glimpses we get of Sirius and Lily together. I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but because Sirius and Lily are so close in canon, I'm super excited to see their relationship develop in that direction over the (hopefully still significant number of) remaining chapters of Evolution.

Sirius and James' conversation was interesting. I liked the way you mixed politics and James' possible love life so seamlessly. The dialogue flowed very naturally. I was worried for a moment that Sirius would forget to address the "James and Lily" situation, but you brought it all back full circle very nicely indeed. It was also nice to see another side of Sirius; someone who cares for his friend, and wants to fight in the war, and thinks astutely about the opinions of the student body. It was a very subtle form of character development, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the sort in the future - for all the characters, and not just Sirius.

This was a wonderful chapter, as always. And, as always, I'll see you again in the grey box at the end of the next one :)

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Review #2, by 800 words of heavenEvolution: Open Season

26th December 2015:
Hello! It's been a ridiculously long time since I read Evolution but since I started reading it during the holiday season, I thought it would be an apt time to return.

Ah! I've missed Marlene and Alana! It was really nice to see them talking about something other than boys. Lily came off a bit like a robot with no feelings, but clearly her friends know she loves them and will miss them the next year. And the end scene with Sirius and the Quidditch magazine made me chuckle.

There's some really wonderful moments in the first couple of scenes with James. Your love and understanding of the machinations of sports is very apparent in the first few lines, and Peter is an actual gem when he's dissing Sirius for being the "vice-captain" - words I thought I'd never use to describe Peter Pettigrew.

I'm really pleased with the way Lily's behaving when she and James are on patrol. She's very understanding but still firm when she's talking with the Hufflepuff first years. It seems a lot closer to the image I have of Lily in my head, where she's more mature and balanced than she is at this point. It's lovely to see her move in that direction.

James finally speaking about what's bothering him is also some unexpected character development. For all that I think of him further along his arc than Lily, this scene highlighted that he's never actually been very open with his feelings to other people - at least not verbally. I'm hoping this forms part of the basis of their friendship.

This was a really wonderful chapter! I'll see you at the end of the next one :)

Author's Response: Howdy! Thanks so much for returning and the detailed review!

Yes...hopefully once I actually finish (which I had been hoping to do by the end of the year, though that's obviously not happening now) I can do the re-writes to make more serious conversations the norm and flesh them out a little more.

Though here Lily was obviously a bit distracted and subsequently irritated, I would say she definitely gets into this mood when she's ruffled or is trying to avoid something - particularly admitting something. Almost a defense mechanism for her as if - "if I act like I just don't care about this/you, it/you will go away." :p You'll get to see it make a return in the latest chapter before it gives way toward the end if you keep reading ;)
And yes, another subject of the edits will be showcasing more of this Lily earlier on, because though I do think she's quite strict prior to her exposure to James as a rule, her kindness needs to show through more than it does at present.

Indeed, this is sort of the final, pre-relationship step in James's maturation - being willing to open up. As you've probably seen, Lily's not the best at it either (no coincidence), but as they spend more and more time together, both of them start to come around more (hmm...).

And I'm glad you didn't miss Peter getting one in on Sirius! So many people have Peter as Sirius's constant whipping post (in terms of jokes) and while I think there's definitely truth in that, I also think Peter got his jabs in on occasion or Sirius wouldn't respect him as a friend.

Thanks for the detailed feedback and the kind words!

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Review #3, by 800 words of heavenDamage Control: The Devil is in the Detail

26th December 2015:

I read the first chapter a while back, AND I HAVE RETURNED. I really liked this second chapter! Poor Hero!

I'm really enjoying Hero so far. It's apparent that she's very hardworking and well-read and wants to go to high places. She's shrewd and sharp because her job needs that of her, but she's not quite... cutthroat. At least not in the way Lily is!

Lily's turning out to be quite the "villain"! I'm very very intrigued to see where she goes and how she develops and gets more depth as a character.

Your writing is great. I like the descriptions, and dialogue is my jam, so this dialogue-heavy chapter was perfect. I also loved getting the worldbuilding for the department, as well as Hero.

Hoping for some Potter boys shenanigans in chapter three! Great stuff :)

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Review #4, by 800 words of heavenDamage Control: Choices, choices

27th September 2015:
Heya! Here for our review swap!

Ahahaha, I'm so glad that I picked this story to read (I was eyeing the Percy one, which I may give a whirl anyway)! So much fun! I think I was grinning from like the third line in, and I didn't stop until the last word of the chapter. I can't wait for the appearance of the Machiavellian Lily Potter, as promised in the summary. Hero seems to have her suspicions already, but yay for unpleasant surprises!

Oh, goodness. I loved loved loved the way you've shown the Wotters. They're nuts. It's great. I'm hoping they all make at least one appearance in this story at some point. They all sound crazy in their own way and I think it'll throw Hero into a spin - or not. She seems to be able to hold her own in this business. (My fave so far is Albus. Really want to see him being a brash activist.)

And that brings me to Hero. This was such a lovely introduction to her character that's left me wanting to learn more. She's so sarcastic and snarky! I'm really pumped for more of her particular brand!

This was such a fantastic start, and thanks for the lovely read :)

Author's Response: Hiya! (my first review swap so yay! I should do this more often)

I was hoping you'd choose one of them hehehe. So happy you thought so! This is my experimentation with dark, dry, wry comedy so it's great that it made you smile. You won't have to wait long for Lily Luna *cough*nextchapter*cough*.

Ah, that was so much fun, designing that crazy family tree full of nuts. I just wanted to turn them all upside down inside out. That's a tall order but I'll see what I can do about them making an appearance in some way shape or form.

Woohoo for Hero! She's a no-nonsense firecracker that might not come off too well so I'm glad you are already attracted to her brand.

Thank you for this lovely review! :D

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Review #5, by 800 words of heaven'Dromeda: 'Dromeda

27th September 2015:
Heya! Here for our review swap :D

I've been on a recent Andromeda/Ted kick, so this caught my eye instantly, although I was very tempted by your Regulus/Mary one-shot too because REGULUS. It is difficult to resist a Black brother :P

I really liked the way you focused so much of the story on Andromeda's feelings about her family. She doesn't fit in, but doesn't go the typical teenage angst route (*cough*Sirius*cough*) but just accepts it and rides it out. Her love for them is clear, even though she knows that they know that she doesn't fit in. I think it shows a real maturity to her character, which was really nice to see.

Does Andromeda have any friends at all? She seems to spend most of her time with her sisters and their friends, and the rest she's like this super quiet person who studies all the time. What does she do for fun? Is she a knitter? Embroidery? Painting? Ceramics? (CERAMICS!) You mentioned that you're planning to continue this story (yay!) so I'd love to see more of Andromeda in her down time.

Haha, I really liked Ted! He's very much like his daughter (I can see where she gets it from). He's just like this chill guy who is very smug about making a pretty girl smile. Too cute! I'm excited to see their relationship grow! I think it'd be cool to see something written from his point of view, actually...

Overall, this was just a very enjoyable one-shot and I'm excited to see where this may lead in the future. Thanks for the lovely read :)

Author's Response: Hey! :D

Andromeda and Ted are my babies, I love them! and it definitely is hard to resist black brother ;)

I'm glad you liked that aspect, I think its so important to include because its a massive thing to leave your family, so I wanted to establish their relationship to emphases how tough it will be for her!

In my eyes she has a very small group of friends which are mainly her sisters and other Slytherins (that have been pre approved by her family). She's a character who is sheltered from the real world, but is also fascinated by it! :)

I'll definitely make sure to include that for you! :)

I LOVE Ted! And yes he is definitely like his daughter! I will be doing some Ted POV so don't worry about that ;)

Thank you for such a lovely review and swap!

Katie :)

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Review #6, by 800 words of heavenRadicalia: Prologue

27th September 2015:
Heya! I was browsing through the archives and this caught my eye, so I thought I'd give it a go.

I really liked this prologue! It read a lot like Rowling's first chapters read from the books, written as they are from another point of view from the main story. I hope we get to see more of Nathaniel as the story moves along. He's just lied to a bunch of Death Eaters but WHY? Also the way they treated Ginny was not cool.

I'm really looking forward to seeing where this story goes. This first chapter has successfully got me intrigued in the rest of the story, which is basically what you'd want from a first chapter. Ginny seems like a total butt-kicking kid here so I'm hoping for plenty of action for her to show off her mad skills.

Thanks for the lovely read :)

Author's Response: !!! YEE! Thank you SO MUCH for reading and reviewing! I had that weird nervous feeling from posting a brand new story and so this means SO MUCH to me :D

You make SUCH a good point about the whole "opening with another POV" thing--that's is a total Rowling move. And I only just realized that I, like, ALWAYS do that :P I'm really glad that device worked here because I wanted the opening to be kind of High Impact, you know?

Man, I'm so excited about Nathanael that I just want to tell you all about him! But I will refrain, and not be spoilery, and just let the story unravel as it ought.

I'm working on the next chapter right now so hopefully I'll have it up soon!

Thanks again SO MUCH for taking the time to check out this story!


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Review #7, by 800 words of heavenBehind Enemy Lines: Save Them

27th September 2015:
OMG you've been writing OF! Yayayay! Don't worry too much about updating schedules for stories. I'm terrible with regular updates, but people will still read. Of course, you'll lose readers, but there's always new readers to be found. I'm really interested to see where this goes, so I'm hoping that there will be quick updates :P

Ah, the reason she caves into the plan was just so bittersweet. It's both selfish and full of love at the same time. She needs those boys to live, but she's also doing it out of a weird sense of love - they're all she has, after all. And it was nice to see Remus being kind to her. I'm sure he understands what it means to be an outcast better than most, so even though Victoria doesn't understand where he's coming from, he gets it.

And yes! Regulus missed her! Finally, a sign of their relationship moving into a new direction. I'm curious to see if he'll pursue the issue later or not, or if he'll just let it slide until something escalates and Victoria is forced into either telling the truth or spinning up a wild tale that'll get her into even more hot water.

These first few chapters have been great! I'm looking forward to coming back soon, hopefully :)

Author's Response: Yes, lots and lots of OF. It was super fun to write this chapter though.

I think Remus is an absolutely gorgeous character. I've always written the lighter side of him, so I'm looking forward to digging a little deeper.

I just adore Regulus. He's my favourite character in the whole series, so definitely expecting a lot more exciting stuff between him and Vic.

I think I'm going to go start chapter five now actually, you've inspired me!

x Ely

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Review #8, by 800 words of heavenBehind Enemy Lines: Stupidity and Judgement

27th September 2015:
WOW PLOT FLIPPING TWIST. I was certainly expecting the same thing that Victoria was expecting - her to turn up in some Death Eater hideout, and Regulus was going to have to torture her or something horrible like that. This is much better though.

I really liked your portrayal of the young Order members, the ones who'd been Victoria's classmates. I think Dumbledore nailed it on the head by saying that she's just very lost but has the bad luck of getting lost when there's a war going on. And everyone is judging her for it. It showed characters that are quite often written as heroes to being fallible and human and prone to the same mistakes as normal people.

(Also Pettigrew was SO SHADY with his one line. OMG WORMTAIL YOU TWO-TIMING RAT.)

AND THEN THERE WAS ANOTHER PLOT TWIST. She has to save her boys! Ah! I'm not very hopeful for her success, but so far, I've been pleasantly wrong about everything in this story, so there is hope!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it!

I'm a Slytherin, so I like seeing the darker side of Gryffindors characters who are often written as heroes. Don't get me wrong, I love the Marauders but I like seeing a different side to them.

Pettigrew is the shadiest.

We'll see about that hope ;)

x Ely

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Review #9, by 800 words of heavenBehind Enemy Lines: Diagon Alley

27th September 2015:
Back again!

I'm struck once again by just how mundane Victoria's life is. I can imagine myself so easily in her position, which is a little bit terrifying because it seems like a horrible place to be.

One of the things that stuck out the most to me in this chapter is just how lonely she is. She seems to be with Regulus, even for just a few hours a week, to keep the loneliness at bay. And this seems to be a mutual feeling, here. Maybe it'll develop into something more than that, but I'm kind of enjoying reading them as they are right now. What I'd like to know is why she's this way? Is it because of Danny's death? This is the consequence, a self-imposed exile from her world, along with the escalating tensions of Lord Voldemort. I find it funny that she wants to avoid both sides, but then hangs out with a bunch of Death Eaters every Friday evening anyway - and in Knockturn Alley to boot!

I really loved the way you built the tension in this chapter. First it was just the mention of a man watching her that she didn't notice. Then it moves on to paranoia. And then finally, the realisation that she's in real danger. But by then it's all too late. WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST APPARATE AWAY VICTORIA?

Moving on...

Author's Response: It's a terrifying idea right? Being stuck in such a boring life—I'd absolutely hate it.

She is incredibly lonely, but she hasn't really admitted it to herself. She uses Regulus just as much as he uses her, but I'd like to think their both incredibly grateful for one another even if they don't show it (yet).

Yes, Victoria is a little bit of a special character. I think she's just very confused and lonely, and that makes her act a little strangely sometimes.

x Ely

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Review #10, by 800 words of heavenBehind Enemy Lines: Friday Night

27th September 2015:
Heya! I didn't read the original version of This story, but it caught my eye, so I'd give it a go!

I like Victoria so far. It's so hard realising that being average can be horribly mundane. She she was in school, everyone thought that she was going to go places, and now, she's stuck in a dead end job because of just how normal she is. I can imagine that having a Muggle father will be a problem later on in the story, though, so I'm excited to see how her family and her new friends will intersect.

It's interesting that you show Victoria to be friends with Death Eaters. I've read stories that usually show their stories from two extremes: their own sides, with a Death Eatere as a main character, or those who fought on the other side. But Victoria is on the fringes of both, stuck in the middle (seems like a theme for her).

There was just a quick glance at Regulus and Victoria in this chapter. Looking forward to their relationship developing - hopefully before either one of them dies (someone is going to die, aren't they?)

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Well thanks for trying it out!

I've always been interested in that spot in between the two sides. I always thought that there must have been people who weren't on either side so I wanted to explore that.

Yes, Regulus will unfortunately have to die at some point but there will be some Regulus/Victoria before that happens...I promise!

x Ely

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Review #11, by 800 words of heavenDance for Yourself: One

27th September 2015:
Heya! I'm here for our review swap! Sorry for being a little late.

I'll address the question you posed in your AN first, since it was something about which I was thinking as I read the entire piece: I really liked the extended metaphor! It never felt forced or contrived, which is a real achievement. Sustaining the theme of dancing so overtly in a 2000-word story is just so difficult and I really commend you for it.

The use of second person was also really fitting for the mood and tone of this story. It's as if Andromeda is telling herself this lie about her life, and then as the story progresses and she meets Ted and falls in love, she realises the reason why she doesn't fit.

All in all, this felt to me as a very poetic piece of writing, thanks to the metaphor. I kind of read it floating and swaying in my own head, which was kinda cool. It had a great flow and excellent characterisation. I would've liked to learn more about Ted, but I understand that the focus was on Andromeda, so it didn't detract from the story at all :)

Thanks for the lovely read and the review swap :)

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Review #12, by 800 words of heavenThe unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart: The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

27th September 2015:
Heya! Finally popping in for our review swap!

Like you, I was also very unsure what to pick to read (so many choices!) but I saw that this had one first place in The Magical Creatures challenge, and that you'd also entered it into the Children's Story Challenge, so I couldn't resist.

Ah, this was just perfect! I really loved all the lore that you built around boggarts. It was really imaginative, and I'm so going to adopt this as my boggart headcanon, now! Also Brian is such an ordinary name and he's so scary! It was so cute how his own voice scared him a little - that was a very nice touch.

The way you wrote this story was just perfect. It definitely read like a fairy tale. There was the cherubic little girl who was hated by her family. A magical animal. AND A HAPPILY EVER AFTER YAY. And it was so mysterious, still! It really felt like reading one of the original Grimm's fairy tales.

All in all, this was such a lovely story to read, and now I'm smiling and it's just fantastic! Thanks for the swap :)

Author's Response: Hi! Welcome to my AP! :)

I think it is a good thing that you chose this story! I'm quite happy with how it turned out! :)

Ahahah! I'm glad you liked my interpretation of boggarts! Poor Brian... Being a boggart and not liking scary things must be really hard...

So happy you felt like the fairytale tone worked! Wow, like the Grimms, you say? That's such a huge compliment! Thank you!!! (And of course they would get their happily ever after! Happy endings are the best!!!)

Oh, thank you! I'm so happy that you enjoyed this story!!! If I managed to make you smile, then I've reached my purpose!!! ;)

Thank you so much for the swap and the lovely review!


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Review #13, by 800 words of heavenIn a World of Colours: The Beginning of an Adventure

27th September 2015:
Heya, I'm finally popping by for our review swap!

OMG! Your first fic! So exciting! And it's a really good start, too. I'm super excited to see where the plot goes. Also yay for Jily! I got into reading fanfiction thanks to Jily and the Marauders, with my first fic being a Marauders one, too, so this was just perfect!

I really loved how you jumped right into the plot. You spend a few paragraphs establishing the beginnings of Lily as a character, and her love of sending the moving photographs home, but then BOOM! The potion drops, and they're inside the painting.

James seems like an incredibly sweet guy. I'm looking forward to learning more about him and reading him grow as a person.

Finally: talk about that cliffhanger, though! Thanks for the lovely read :)

Author's Response: Hello, thank you for stopping by!

The first fanfic I read was also Jily and now I love Jily and the Marauders so much that I just can't let them go. They sure have a charm which can draw anybody towards them. :D

I am glad you liked the plot and the format of the chapter. James' character will develop in the subsequent chapters.

The next chapter will be up soon, so can't say much about the cliffhanger now.

Thanks for the lovely review and the review swap!

- Emm ^_^

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Review #14, by 800 words of heavenRabbit Heart: 1. Have a Heart

25th September 2015:
Hey, hey, hey! Here for our review swap!

First off, congratulations on your Dobby nomination(s)! I was surprised to see that I hadn't actually read much of your work (which was strange) but you're such a fantastic writer, so the noms are well-deserved!

I've been meaning to read this story since FOREVER. There are several reasons for this, which I shall enumerate below:
1) It is written by you. It's gonna be good.
2) The Florence + The Machine song plays in my head every time I read the title and then I'm just awkwardly bobbing my head, regardless of the fact that I may be in public at the time
3) Allison Scagliotti is a face claim who should be used more often than she is (I've only seen her being used in your story). Every time I see the banner for this story I'm like "It's Claudia from Warehouse 13!" This of course means that I hear Wren's voice as this sarcastic young adult who rolls her eyes a lot and is a total butt-kicking lady with a heart of gold.

Wren is not like that yet, of course, since she isn't Claudia. But she's still wonderful. I'm really looking forward to getting to know her better over the coming chapters. Moving house has never been a traumatic experience for me since I've done it on a semi-regular basis during my lifetime, but I still very much empathise with her, which is just a credit to your fantastic writing, really. Funerals are emotionally draining, and then above all that she's having to leave her childhood home. It's even worse because she's seeing her great-grandmother act in a way that's so completely different from what she is to Wren. Realising that parents and grandparents and all those people to whom you look up are human and as fallible as you can be quite the slap in the face sometimes. The timing really couldn't be worse.

Also, just hats off for getting Albus spot on. He's clearly very concerned for his friend and loves her dearly, but he's also a little awkward with feelings and expressing comfort (and hungry because it's time for lunch). That, more than anything else, really brought it home to me that they're just sixteen - little young things, really (goodness, I sound so old).


Author's Response:


You flatter me. No really. Thanks for the kind words!

Yay for another Allison Scagliotti fan! I didn't want Wren to have "just another pretty face". I wanted something with character, and Allison's Warehouse 13 character jumped readily into my mind. You're right. She's not as kick-butt as Claudia, but she has potential. Everyone's gotta start somewhere, right?

Wren's got some "stuff" hitting her from all sides here. It's not earth-shattering, but things keep piling on, so she's overwhelmed at all the change.

Albus. Thanks, I'm glad you like him. Yes, he's young, they all are. And I too feel so old saying that. :P I know some sixteen year olds are better at playing "older" than others, but they're still sixteen, and there's all that insecurity bottled up inside. Also, these characters haven't had any tragedy to mark them up, so they'd certainly still feel it.

RABBIT ALIENS!! Ack, how did you guess my plot so quickly??? I'm losing my touch... no really. Just kidding. Please read on. I hope you like it. And really, I'd love it if you had the time to just read a few chapters and leave me an occasional note. With a story this long, I'm just hoping that people like it enough to get to the end.

Thanks for the swap!


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Review #15, by 800 words of heavenHighland Is Calling: Highland Is Calling

25th September 2015:
Hey, hey, hey! I'm here for our review swap!

I really love the idea of this fic! Origin stories are the best kind of stories, and The Weird Sisters definitely deserve one.

I adored the physical descriptions here. It made me feel like I was up in the Highlands myself - or what I imagine the Highlands to be like, since I've never visited. The cold air, the mountains, the notes of bagpipes on the wind. And I really loved the small-town feel. It's such a wonderful idea to show the band have its roots in some backwater village up in the mountains, and the way that theme coloured the entire piece was just wonderful. Myron never forgot where he came from, even when he left, and even when it was something that was bringing him down.

And then it was all framed by unrequited love! Oh no! Poor Myron! But honestly, I feel like he's too good for Kirley, and I hope he finds true love with someone who is more appreciative of his awesomeness!

Thanks for the lovely read :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reveiw swap!

I really respect your writnig style so I feel thankful you could capture what I wanted to express in this story. And I'm glad to know you enjoyed my world about highland. Maybe for people who live there don't feel like this but I tried making the scenery beautiful as I felt when I visited there.

I'm planning to write the sequel to this, Kirly Duke and Myron Wagtail.

Let's do reveiw swap again.


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Review #16, by 800 words of heavenRosie: Why is it taking so long?

25th September 2015:
Heya! I'm finally here for our review swap! I'm so sorry for the delay. I'm also sorry for choosing this story, because it's so old so you may not want to think about it (because you hate it now I don't know). But I couldn't resist the title and summary. Poor Ron completely and utterly frazzled because AH CHILDBIRTH. Too cute. Impossible to stay away, really.

And you didn't disappoint! This was just as adorable and fluffy as I thought it would be and I'm sitting here grinning like a fool. Really made my night :) Ron's characterisation was just spot on. He's a first-time dad and he's so terrified because wow baby-birthing can be really long, but also he can't even see Hermione since he's been relegated to the waiting room. It's probably even worse, because everyone around him is so chill. The staff at St Mungo's are like "yeah, just another delivery" and both Harry and Ginny are like "it's cool. Everything will be fine. Been there. Done that."

(Also loved that pregnant Ginny was here, even for such a short time.)

This was just really wonderful and heartwarming and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the lovely read :)

Author's Response: Hello!
I don't mind that you chose an older story to read! I actually really like this story, and forget to go back and look at it because I wrote it a while ago, so this gave me a nice chance to read it over again.
I'm so pleased that you liked the way I wrote Ron. I thought I was going to have a pretty difficult time with him, but it flowed a lot easier than I thought it would once I started writing. Harry and Ginny were really fun to have in there, to try and balance out Ron's freak outs. Haha.
Thank you for the lovely review!
Cassie :)

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Review #17, by 800 words of heavenHermione Granger: Prologue: Harry Needed Her

25th September 2015:

Hey, Beth! I'm sososo sorry about the incredibly late review, but it's midterm break for me finally, and therefore, after an eternity, I have the time to review! Yayayayay!

So I'm still basically waiting for the next chapter of Hurricane Luna (not that I'm obsessed or anything...), but this story caught my eye because PRETTY BANNER. Also, not many fics are just named after their main characters. I can't recall ever reading a story just called "Ron Weasley". So cool banner and cool title, but also Hermione is a cool lady!

I really loved the way you started this story off! I expected it to open from Hermione's point of view, but it starts with Ron! It's just so sweet to see how much he loves and misses her and OMG I misread the line when he first sees her, so I thought that she'd lost her skin, and that was why cartilage and sinew was visible in her neck. I just went "COOL. ZOMBIE VIRUS." and then moved on without another thought. I actually got to the end of the second paragraph before realising that no one was nearly as excited about a zombie virus as they should be, so I went back and fixed my mistake :P

(Either way, it was a great beginning and I loved it. Although, think about it: LIVING ZOMBIES).

And then it was a flashback! The thing with Bellatrix's Cruciatus curse being particularly nasty was a really nice (and by nice I mean horrible WAT HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO HORRIBLE) touch. And although I'm cringing at Hermione's physical and psychological pain, it's all tied in with her feelings for Ron and how he was there the entire time. And then we jump into the action of hunting Horcruxes (excellent band name), but that too is tied up with the relationship between Hermione and Harry, looking specifically at how she views her value to him.

This was just such a wonderful start and I'm super excited to see where you take Hermione. I'm sorry for both the super late review, as well as the rambling sentences (just finished an assignment - still in fusty academic mode).

PS: Congratulations on your Dobby nomination! *hugs*

Author's Response: Hello!

It seems I'm just as terrible about replying to reviews - so sorry it has taken me so long to get to this.

I LOVE the banner. I'd had the story in the back of my mind for a few months and then the banner challenge popped up and I *had* to have this. The name of the story came with the banner - haha, so I can't take credit for that one at all. Actually, I asked if I could change it because I thought "Hermione Granger" was too simple. But now I absolutely adore it. It's simplicity is what makes it striking - and it kind of gives Hermione a chance to tell her story. It will get a bit dark, as the gist of the plot deals with depression and PTSD, but I think it will be a challenge for Hermione to focus entirely on herself, when she's been so used to being Harry's sidekick.

Haha - zombies. That's so funny! I can see why you thought that :)

I'd written the bit with Ron MONTHS before I even thought of writing this story - it was in response to one of the chapters I wrote for my novel - I just needed to write a little back story. When I first decided to write this one, I worked and worked and wrote and wrote and FINALLY realized I already had my beginning! I'm so pleased with how it came out!

Yeah, I figured Bellatrix was evil enough and arrogant enough to put her own twisted spin on the cruciatus. It's not bad enough for her - she's got to make it WORSE!

Thanks again for the review!

♥ Beth

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Review #18, by 800 words of heavenMaybe This Time: Maybe This Time

22nd September 2015:

This. Was. Wonderful. Obviously not because it was happy, but it still left me with this feeling of hope. I really liked the way you tackled the micro-fiction challenge. I don't think I could ever do it, but the brevity of each section was just perfect and really suited the tone of the story. Nothing felt forced, as if you were trying to shove one aspect into place for the sake of another.

I also really liked the way you wrote Eloise. She reads as a very complex character, even with so few words, and I'd love to read things where you've written her elsewhere. She clearly loves her mother, and her parents' relationship has affected her profoundly. I particularly liked how you sort of left it unclear as to whether she wasn't settling for anyone other than the best fit for her, or if she was self-sabotaging her relationships. And I really liked the part where she defended her choice to keep her last name. You go girl!

I loved loved loved the way the first and last sections echo each other! Really cleverly written, and very emotionally poignant. This story really pulled on my heartstrings. Thanks for the lovely read :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for choosing this story to read! It has a weird feeling of being unfinished to me so I feel kind of odd about having it p even though I haven't been able to figure out what else I think it needs. But to hear your positive feedback is so encouraging.

I love writing micro! This is my first time doing it to this extent with such strong limits on each scene, but I'm really happy with how it flows.

Yay for complex ladies!

I like how you said "her parent's relationship has affected her profoundly." I think that's a very god way to put it, as it does not judge that effect as overall positive or negative, but still a hue part of who she is as a person. Your comment on the ambiguity of why her relationships aren't working out is also very astute.

Aw, yay! This review was really wonderful an I'm so glad you chose to read this story and enjoyed it so much. Thanks lots!


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Review #19, by 800 words of heavenForgetting: Exquisite

17th September 2015:

Wow. Aditi, every time I read something that you've written, I am bamboozled all over again by just how good it is. And I a always so excited to see you improve and grow as a writer and try new things. It's very brave, and I wish that I was as brave as you sometimes.

Okay, so this is great. I loved it. Rose is crazy. Her reaction is super extreme but it works in this style and tone and creepiness. I was feeling Rose's anxiousness and frustration and angst and it was GREAT.

I'd actually love to read this story from Scorpius' point of view. I wonder how he'd view their relationship, and if he's just as crazy as Rose. Also those few moments before his "unfortunate end", those would be interesting to see from his perspective. What goes through his head just before he dies? I think your way of writing would really suit a story like that, and I'd be super excited to see your take on it.

Thanks for the lovely (and very creepy) read! Til next time :)

Author's Response: Hey 800! Wow, thank you so much for the lovely review! Such praise means a lot coming from you because you're an incredible writer and I totally want to write as good as you do, so thank you!!

I am pleased you think I've improved and that you think I'm brave. It means a lot, thanks.

Rose is crazy haha yes. Her reaction is definitely extreme, mainly because she's off the hinges. I am glad you could feel all her frustration and angst.

It surely would make for an interesting piece now that you mention it. I'll definitely consider writing a spin-off from Scorpius' POV.

Thank you for the read and review!

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Review #20, by 800 words of heavenThat's Life!: The One With the Wedding Dress

13th August 2015:

Woot! This is such a great start to the story! I haven't read a next gen fic in a while, and I'm so happy to have broken my drought with this one. Friends is a great show, and I'm keen to see how you reimagine it for this motley crew.

So I'm assuming that Molly is the "Ross" of the bunch and Charlotte the "Rachel". A budding romance already, or am I jumping to conclusions too fast? Probably the latter :P Molly seems like an interesting character, and I really felt for her here. Im excited to go on the journey with her as her heart heals and she moves on with her life, though. And it's great that her friends are along for the ride!

The only thing that I was a little sad about in this opening chapter is that we don't really get to meet any of the other characters. But as you mentioned in your AN, it is just supposed to serve as a quick introduction, so that makes sense that we didn't get much on them. I'm looking forward to it for the next chapter!

Amazing start! Hopefully I'll be back soon to read more :)

Author's Response: Ahh, I'm so glad that you chose my story as the first Next-Gen you've read in a while! It really means a lot :)

Molly and Charlotte are, indeed, the Ross and Rachel of the group. You may not be jumping to conclusions as fast as you think you are, don't worry ;) It really means a lot to hear that you're interested in Molly and learning more about the journey she'll be going on throughout the course of this story! I can promise you that, if you return, you'll learn a lot more about her and the friends that surround her, so don't worry! There's more to come about them.

Thank you so much for the review and I hope you return!

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Review #21, by 800 words of heavenThe Internal Monologue of Jamie Nott: But I have another plan

12th August 2015:

Jamie, you are a very smart person. Perhaps you can answer my question. Why does it take me approximately the same amount of time it takes for a new sun to form to read the next chapter of your internal monologue? Why? Because I missed you. And you were right, as you mentioned in this chapter, I was incredibly excited to see what plan you had.

I hope you and Gail work things out. She seems a little crotchety at the attention you give Devyn. This may be partly your fault since you jab of Gail's hearing organ about her. Maybe another conversation topic is in order next time? Or perhaps just introduce Gail and Devyn (have they met already? I can't remember)! I'm 99% sure the two of them will plot your untimely demise :P

Aww Jamie! You are just too romantic! I am just so impressed with the effort that you've put in - most of the romance is in that, really. And no! Gobstone fanatics have stampeded your plan! But it seemed at the end that Devyn may at least have been impressed by the brie? This is completely understandable. Brie is impressive.

This is so lovely and I am excited to read the final (did I read that right? I think so.) chapter! Hopefully it won't take the building of another sun for me to get to it!

PS: Is Luna Lovegood or Rolf Scamander taking on mentees at the moment? I've heard that they are one of the most eminent names in contemporary magizoology. I feel like they could teach you lots about the field without forcing you to change yourself one bit. Just a thought...

Author's Response: 800! Hullo!

Am I? You think? Aww, thanks. But, ah, yes, your question.

Why? Errmm. I'm not sure, but that's alright! I have missed you, too, you know. You've been such a wonderful pen pal.

Yes, well, Gail can be a crabby one at times. I guess I shouldn't say 'crabby.' Snappish? No, that sounds like 'snap fish.' Waspish? Not quite. Errr. Cantankerous, maybe?

My fault?! Yeah, you're absolutely right. I really am sorry about that. I mean, since James was on about that whole 'grand gesture' thing, I've been rather stressed about it. Devyn's. . . I'm doing it again, right. Moving on.

Well, the other day, Devyn did see Gail throw me around a bit. The three of us hang out together occasionally. I'm thinking I should be glad because it hasn't been often enough to go about plotting my untimely demise. That's a scarily likely thing, 800, I am now positively terrified.

Gobstone fantatics. . . I shudder. I'm sure they're a lovely bunch when they're not running over me and my display of fairy lights.

I hope so--about Devyn impressed by the Brie. I know she liked it, but. . . impressed is a whole other leve. That's like going from watching seals swimming—I like that, that's cute—to watching seals take over popular Las Vegas circus acts.

Final, yes. FInal chapter of my internal monologue. I hope you enjoy it, 800.

Hmm. . . I do like that idea. I like that idea a lot. I'll make a note to check with the Scamander twins next time I see them. They're so little and adorable. Your career advice is amazing. I wish everyone had a you to talk to about career choices.

Until next time, 800!
Jamie Nott

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Review #22, by 800 words of heavenWhat Can't Be Done: Chapter 1

12th August 2015:

Is there a sequel to this story? Or do you have a stories offered thread? Because I really really really want to know how this turns out! I'm envisioning this super detailed political drama with flashes of Legally Blonde 2 thrown in (my only point of reference for how bills are passed tbh). Because this was SO GOOD.

I don't think I mentioned this in my previous review of one of your stories (I think it was the Seamus one), but I just totally love the way you write. I'm just so impressed that you write stories that are about different things. Hermione's political career is probably stellar, but it's often not explored in fanfic (or at least the fanfic I'm reading). I'm just so pleased to have found this story!

I really love the way you've written Hermione here. She's tenacious and hardworking and always has her sights set on the next project, which is just amazing. I'm sitting here questioning my life choices because I know I'm not headed in the same direction as your Hermione Granger. She's gonna kick some serious legislative butt!

Thanks so much for this lovely story! If you couldn't tell, I really loved it, and I really love your writing *hugs*

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Review #23, by 800 words of heavenHappy: Happy

1st August 2015:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIRTHDAY BUDDY! (It's my birthday today, as well) *hugs* *cakes* *confetti*

I know you probably don't want reviews on this story, but I can't resist a good Molly story, so I thought I'd check it out anyway :P

Ah! This was so cute! This is actually the perfect thing for today. Fluff and family and Molly. She's just so happy to be surrounded by her family, even though she grieves for Fred and misses him terribly. But that's always going to be there.

Gah! I actually don't really know what else to say, this just made me feel so warm and squishy inside.

Thank you for the wonderful read, and happy birthday once again :)

Author's Response: I SAW THAT IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY AND WAS THINKING THE SAME THING. That we are birthday buddies, I mean. Therefore, this day needs to go down in the books :D

Yeah, I admit that this is one of my least favoured one shots, but I think that all authors feel like that about their earlier stuff. If you liked it, that's the important thing :)

Thanks for the birthday review!

Dirigible_Plums xo

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Review #24, by 800 words of heavenDraco Malfoy's Dare: The Dare

29th July 2015:
Hey, hey, hey! I'm here to leave a review for all the Slytherins who participated in the HC 2k15!

So I'm trying to branch in terms of what I read, so I thought I'd try this little story. Draco and Luna sounds like such an odd pairing, so I'm super curious to see how you're going to make it work!

Draco is a right jerk! As are all the Slytherins who play that game, really. As if they have an entire game where the aim is to humiliate the person being dared, and somehow ensure that as many other people are taken down too as collateral damage! I'm actually really looking forward to Draco beginning to like Luna and then his entire plan blowing up in his face. Also, this game goes on for ages, since he has until the end of the year to complete his dare.

Luna was suitably Luna in this. She seemed happy in her own world as usual, but with those flashes of complete understanding as to what was going on around her. And it was so sweet to see that she was just happy finally have some real friends.

Nice first chapter :)

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Review #25, by 800 words of heavenOutsider: The Unexpected Visitor

29th July 2015:
Hey, hey, hey! I'm here reviewing all the lovely Slytherins who participated in the House Cup this year!

So this story sounds really cool, and I'm pumped to see where it'll go. I really actually liked that you opened it with Dudley visiting Harry.

Ooh, I like this new Dudley a lot. He seems like a very complex character, thanks to his old bullying days. He's changed a lot, and realised that so much of what his parents told him was a lie, but there are some things that he still believes. I also really like that Dudley isn't shunning the possibility of his daughter being magical because of Vernon and Petunia's teachings, but because of his own bad experiences. It really humanises Dudley, and makes it harder for us as readers to judge him harshly because of it.

Ah, poor Nora! It's so tough being different from everyone else, and sometimes, kids just take a disliking to you for no apparent reason. I can see that it's going to be a tough road ahead for her, especially since she'll be suppressing her magic for the next ten years.

A lovely start :)

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