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Review #1, by Free_RhapsodyGame Theory: Act I. A Plea.

28th November 2011:
Ha, this is absolutely brilliant. It's witty, extremely unique and a marvellous take on the many 'seer'-fics, in which the protagonist is a genuine Seer.
This fic originally caught my attention due to it's captivating title; I've been studying the various forms of Game Theory in Bio this year, hence my interest. I'm glad I was initially interested by the title, this fic is fantastic.
There is this hilarious sense of humour throughout the whole chapter, and I was smiling the whole time; especially at the interactions between Clara and Aisling; Goodness me is that girl persistent.
I especially loved the descriptions you interwove throughout the story, from Emma foaming at the mouth to the 'saliva-infested' treat. Absolutely brilliant :)
*Off to read next chapter (again) *

Author's Response: What a lovely review! I won't lie, I enjoy picking apart trends and seeing what's beneath them and/or twisting them practically beyond recognition. Social satire is one of my favorite things, as I think will become very, very clear as we go along. It's funny that you mention the title, though, because I was thinking more of game theory in the political science sphere and I know literally nothing about it in biology (and only slightly more in political science, I should say), but I'm glad it caught your interest! Once again proof of my love of analyzing social politics and such in fic~

Aww, I'm glad the humor worked out! I was worried it would get drowned out by, er, paragraphs of exposition and telling-instead-of-showing. Because I kind of feel like the humor is a veneer for the absurdity, and vice versa. Again, things that become more obvious the further into the story we go.

Thanks so much for a lovely review! Hope you continue to enjoy ^_^

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Review #2, by Free_RhapsodyCaprice: Life at 11

27th November 2011:
I thought this was an excellent start to your story, as it set the scene really effectively and gave a brilliant introduction of the main character.
I loved the exploration of the character's mother; you have developed her character in quite a magnificent way and the influence of her on the main character's life life is rather stifling, providing an excellent motive for their attempts at escapism via Alice.
I loved the line; " "I live to paint darling, I love painting... It brings me such joy and of course as you can see the pay is very good." " That was really funny, loved it.
Overall, I'm excited to see where this is heading *off to read some more now*.
Well done! :)

Author's Response: Hey :)
Thank you so much for coming by to review :) I'm really amazed by this wonderful review! Thank you so so much! please do tell me what you think of the future chapters too!
Thank you again! :)

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Review #3, by Free_RhapsodyIt Goes On: Leaving Home

27th November 2011:
Wow, this was really amazing. I loved how it centred around Filch, this has to be the first fanfic I've read consisting of Filch as the major character. It was excellently written, love the descriptions and Filch's internal monologue; his reminiscing was quite sad and offered excellent insight into such a commonly disliked and abhorred character.
I feel like I really understand and empathise with Filch's actions in HP, all his explanations here really illuminate the loneliness of the man, separate form the wizarding world due to his failure as a squib.
I really loved this line; " "C'mon, my sweet," I said quietly. Mrs. Norris only looked at me with her big, tired eyes.."
That was really effective to me as it enhanced the tiredness of Filch by linking his present situation (and indeed, his history at Hogwarts) with the excellent imagery of Mrs. Norris's eyes.
I thought this was excellent and a very effective exploration of Filch's character. I really feel sorry for him now.

Author's Response: Hi!

Wow, thank you so much for your lovely review. To me, Filch is such an excellent character and it made me sad that in the movies he was used simply for comic relief. He is way more dynamic than to be seen as some half-wit. I just feel like his life was such a tragedy which is probably why i've become so attached to him as a person. If you think about it, how hard would it be to be constantly reminded that you can't do magic? That's tragic and he was every single day of his life! Kind of like us, eh? ;D
Thank you so much for your review i'm so pleased you thought it was a good exploration of his character! That is exactly what i was trying to do here, to give a window into someone's life that we usually ignore or hate. There are reasons behind everything.

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Review #4, by Free_RhapsodyShe Has The World: She Had the World

27th November 2011:
This was absolutely adorable, and the ending was so sad.
I loved hearing Teddy's voice through the whole story, it was at times quite hilarious ("There were too many Weasleys. I would never remember them all.") and heartbreaking sad ("Youíve won everything in the world. But in the process, you lost me.").
I really enjoyed the progression through their relationship, from the initial introduction to the proposal, each interaction between the two aided excellently in the development of their relationship. I also adored how Teddy kept changing his hair colour to amuse Victoire, that was really sweet and funny.
Victoire's character reminds me somewhat of that of Daisy Buchanan ('The Great Gatsby'; F.Scott Fitzgerald); able to love but more concerned with material success and the admiration of her peers. I'm not saying in the slightest that she is Daisy, I mean to say that the sentiments expressed by Teddy in the last scene are wonderfully sad, as they are predominantly attributed to mainly unrequited love due to the clutches of wealth and ambition. Overall, this was a very lovely and touching story, and the ending was very bittersweet. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really wanted Teddy to be a normal boy, but at the same time, a really loyal and sentimental boy like his parents, which is how the two voices came in, and I'm glad you liked them. The development was one of my favorite parts, actually, so I'm so glad you liked it! I've actually never read the Great Gatsby, but Daisy sounds like an interesting character. Thanks again for the incredible review!


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Review #5, by Free_RhapsodyReady or Not, Here I Come.: Crumbling the Cookie.

27th November 2011:
I did like this chapter; it was quite sad and made me very indignant at the girl being treated so.
The description of her sadness was really palpable, and it was easily to relate to, as I'm sure many readers have been in such a sad position, even if not due to similar circumstances. I really adored your description of her breaking heart;
"My heart is just like that, a harp."
That was really effective, and for me at least, it introduced an aural aspect to your description, reinforcing the visual ones and thus enhancing her grief and desire for revenge.
I loved how she made a comeback at the end, and decided to stick up for herself, that was an excellent ending and I'm intrigued as to what will happen next. Very great start :)

Author's Response: Hi!!!
I promise I will read and review the story that you asked me to review hun,
You didn't at all need to review this just becuase you thought you was being "inconsiderate", becuase you wasn't being anything that enthusastic, I know what its like to recieve reviews ^_^ So I will review your story I promise!!
I used to be really good with paragraphs and wording when I was younger, and then a few things happened and all of a sudden I lost interest in riting and have only just picked it back up - truly - recently, So I am glad you thought I had a good description.
What's happens next is funny - well I hope so, sort of anyway lol
Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hun :)
~Karni, xx

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Review #6, by Free_RhapsodyLetters to Harry: Letters to Harry

27th November 2011:
I thought this oneshot was lovely :) I especially loved the interactions between Harry and his family, that was very sweet and realistic. I really liked the allusions to Harry's children, and their interactions with their cousins and Scorpius Malfoy, that was really interesting and served as an excellent reminder of how Harry's life has moved on since the great battle, and indeed, since Dobby stole those letters.
The letters were very sweet and touching, and were excellent reminders of the sadness of the past, something which contrasted very effectively with the happy interactions between the members of the Potter family (or in Lily's case, her cheering up). One suggestion I could make though, when it comes to editing this, is to italicise the letter content, as perhaps that would make it slightly easier to read. I really liked the letter content though, especially the last one about Fred driving. So sad, he was one of my favourite characters.
I really loved the interactions between Harry and his daughter, that was very sweet and realistic and was a palpable reminder that even though Voldemort has been vanquished, bad dreams still pervade the innocence of children; and while they do, loving parents still cheer their children up.
The last line was lovely and was a really great way of wrapping up the story. Well done, I enjoyed reading this immensely :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Fred was one of my favourite characters too :( which is why I so wanteed to mention him in it. Glad that you liked the letters, it was difficult to make them not too cheesy and i'm glad that you found them touching. I really enjoyed writing it and am really happy that you enjoyed reading it :D

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Review #7, by Free_RhapsodyJar of Hearts: Nightmares and Memories

27th November 2011:
Wow, that last paragraph or so in the first scene was very shocking, loved that line "When are you going to pull the knife from my back?". I literally gasped there. And the imagery of the blood still staining his hand reminded me of the treachery of Macbeth's wife, so that description was tremendously effective and really enhanced the shock evoked from reading that line I previously quoted.
I also liked the feeling of anticipation created in the second scene, as Hugo prepares himself for his day at work and the inevitable interactions with Connor.
The internal conflict within Hugo was very pronounced and effective in the last scene, as he talks to himself in his office and remembers happier times. I did like that, it kept me guessing and I'm very intrigued as to what is the reason behind all this conflict and confusion. Well done, this was a fantastic first chapter.

Author's Response: Yay! love for dream metaphors! LOL. I totally didn't think of Macbeth, but I get that!
Ah. Connor. It's so hard for Hugo when his ex is his boss... But does he deserve it?
The next chapter is on its way. Conflict and confusion will be lifted in time.

Thank you so much!

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Review #8, by Free_RhapsodyHere We Are: Chapter One

27th November 2011:
I really liked this chapter, it was an excellent start. Firstly, I loved the idea of Scorpius being a singer, that's so unique and I can just imagine him crooning away. Ok, maybe not crooning, but definitely singing something lovely :)

I'm impressed by the continual presence of Rose's strong views/opinions on Scorpius, her character was constant throughout this chapter and it really aided in the confrontation between the two; hearing Rose's opinion on Scorpius definitely set the scene for the character interactions.

Another thing I really liked was the description of her waiting, and how it was frustrating passively waiting for something to happen; as when it did it often wasn't worth the wait. I do believe that manifests itself in a phenomena called 'Christmas Syndrome'; in which actual Christmas Day often doesn't compare with the long wait. I thus could easily empathise with Rose here.
In short, I really liked this character, there wasn't anything I thought you could improve on, and I'm excited to see what happens next. :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the wonderful review! I'm really hoping to continue working on this story soon but my dramione and tracey/theo have taken a hold on me. It just depends on when the ideas come back to me for this story as they all kinda left me.


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Review #9, by Free_RhapsodyWhat's Meant To Be: The Mirror of Erised

26th November 2011:
This chapter was excellent at developing the anguish in Sirius as a result of James and Lily coming together. It was totally necessary and really effective, especially his musings on life and love; one minute as sweet as confectionery, the next as sour as an apple.
I'm interested as to what that scrap of parchment says, it's probably consisting of something vitally important! Oh dear, read it Sirius! :)
I'm really intrigued as to what Sirius sees in the mirror of Erised! I love that mirror, I always wonder what I would see if I were to gaze into it... I honestly don't know. But I am really interested to find out what Sirius sees, so please update soon, I've become hooked on this excellent story!

Author's Response: Oh wow, this review has simply made my day! In fact, all of your reviews have! I cannot thank you enough for all the effort you've made in to writing these reviews, they have both helped and encouraged me, as well as literally making me dance around the room with delight!
I will update soon, and will dedicate this upcoming chapter to you!

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Review #10, by Free_RhapsodyWhat's Meant To Be: Through The Trees

26th November 2011:
Wow, this chapter was so eventful! The only confusion I encountered was that in the first paragraph; you mention James transforming, but in the next paragraph, he's holding hands with Lily. Hm, maybe you meant it in the way that his character transformed, not his external appearance due to him being an Animagus. I love the conflict instilled in this chapter, it's really palpable and effective. The conflict between James and Sirius, and the internal conflict within James. Excellent, it's wonderful when characters from friction experience real, palpable emotions that we, the readers can identify with. It makes the story easy to relate to, and thus, the effectiveness of the story increases.
Loved the description of Remus howling. So haunting..
The dialogue between James and Lily was really sweet, but I'm sure their troubles are far from over.
In the meantime, I'm going to discover what happened to Sirius.
In short, well done :)

Author's Response: That is true! Now I read over it, it does seem a little confusing! I'll definately correct that one! :)
I'm so glad you can relate to it, I am never sure if I portray the characters correctly!
I am also pleased you liked the description of Remus howling, I thought if I added that in it may seem a little too predictable.
Thank you so, so much for your review!

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Review #11, by Free_RhapsodyWhat's Meant To Be: The Wereworlf, The Dog and The Stag

26th November 2011:
This chapter was pretty exciting!
I really liked the resolution of James and Sirius' friendship; that was a nice development in their relationship and was quite realistic, particularly in regard to their race; that was sweet and so typically boyish.
Oo, drama, drama, drama. Remus transforming into a werewolf! I love those transformations, they're so eerie and you've perfectly captured the mood here.
And that last word. So impacting. I'm going to read more now... :)

Author's Response: Yipee! Thank you! I am delighted you found it realistic, I am always worried it comes across as fake or hard to believe.
I agree, transformations are eerie and the one in the movie especially freaked me out. I guess I kind of modelled my description around that, really!
Thanks for your amazing review!

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Review #12, by Free_RhapsodyWhat's Meant To Be: A Dog Outside Hagrid's Hut

26th November 2011:
Wow, this was my absolute favourite chapter so far. It was honestly so beautiful. The description, the sumptuous imagery, the conflicting emotions; lovely.

I absolutely adore the imagery in this character; the summery evening atmosphere is such a gorgeous time of day and it provides a striking contrast to James' tortured emotions. Poor James. I totally empathise with him here; whatever his decision will be, it'll be difficult, and it may mean the loss of someone he dearly loves, be it Sirius or Lily.

Just a few typos I noticed; 'inahled' should be 'inhaled' and 'agruments' should be 'arguments'. Sorry to be so pedantic about spelling.

The last paragraph was beautiful, I loved the silent conversation that occurred between James and Sirius.

Author's Response: Is it really? This was the chapter that I conjoured up out of the blue, I am so so happy this is your favourite! :)

Don't be sorry my friend, I would much prefer silly spellings pointed out to me! Knowing my awful typing, I never seem to notice when my fingers have dodged the right key :P

Thank you so much!

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Review #13, by Free_RhapsodyWhat's Meant To Be: Moon and Fire

26th November 2011:
Ah, this was quite a sweet chapter :) I could tell from the title that something like that was going to happen :) Before I comment on anything else, there was just a typo I noticed in the first paragraph; "butterbear" should be "butterbeer". When I read that, I immediately imagined a little butter-coloured bearcub sitting in front of the fire. He really was quite sweet... (I digress again)

Anyway, back to the story. That little scene between Lily and Sirius was quite adorable. In all honesty here, this is the first Sirius/Lily fic I've read and liked, usually I'm all for strictly canon. So you must be doing a good job :)
Again, they're in quite a quandary, aren't they? The whole chapter, I kept on waiting for James to pop out of the shadows and confront them, but not yet...
The description of their repressed love was quite sweet and endearing, especially Sirius's raw confession, that really brought out another side to the typical badboy he is usually :)

Oh, and the Sirius/serious had to put that in, didn't you? :)

Author's Response: Oh goodness gracious, so there is! Thanks so much for picking up on that one, your description sounds rather amusing now! A butter-coloured bearcub, n'aww :) I shall correct that!

This was the chapter I was most unsure of writing, I must admit! I am all for canon as well, that's why as I was writing it it just didn't sound right! I'm so glad you like it, though.

Hehe, you caught me out! I just had to finish with that one, never gets old!

Thanks once again for reviewing :)

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Review #14, by Free_RhapsodyWhat's Meant To Be: The Discovery

26th November 2011:
Oh wow, that last sentence was really surprising!
Anyway, starting at the beginning. I really appreciate the sense of trepidation Sirius has as he lies in bed; it's nice to see the (usually portrayed as such) arrogant Marauder feeling nervous, and it definitely adds another element to his personality. Loved the comment:

"Ten minutes until his destiny was chosen. Sirius stifled a snigger. Admittedly, that was slightly over-dramatic."

So over-dramatic :D I do that to, I have a tendency to over dramatise things, and then I realise I'm being far too melodramatic and I should just be realistic :)

And Sirius blurting out his love for Lily to Remus... oh dear. What an awkward mistake :) And to add to the calamity of it; James has heard everything? Uh-oh. :)

I really liked this chapted, however the only thing I didn't like was the description of Remus' voice 'nearing a shriek'. If he was shrieking, no wonder James woke up :) Sorry, I have a thing about boys shrieking. Perhaps it's due to my oh so lovely little brother..
Anyway, I digress.
I'm very excited to read the rest of this story, well done :)

Author's Response: Ah, thank you! I am rather glad I'm not the only one who over-dramatises things a little, but I'm glad you saw that in my sentence :)

I wasn't actually planning for Sirius to blurt it out like that, but it suddenly came to me when I was in the middle of writing the chapter! I wasn't sure what people would think :P

Now I look back... I quite agree with you! That description of a guy's voice is rather odd. That made me laugh, "no wonder James woke up" Your analysis of my chapters is amazing, and so helpful! Thanks for pointing that out, it really does sound weird!

Thank you so much!

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Review #15, by Free_RhapsodyWhat's Meant To Be: The Unexplained Parchment

26th November 2011:
That chapter was quite cute :)
I particularly liked the introduction of Lily and Andromeda's friendship; Andromeda is one of my favourite minor characters in HP and you created quite a lovely character out of her. I laughed at her yelling, typical teenage girl reaction to such a piece of news :D
And Sirius's letter was quite sweet, and, oh so Sirius :) " I would say 12, but I have to get my stinkbomb back from Filtch's office then..." Haha, of course you do.
You've really effectively created that sense of confusion in your characters, Lily's in quite a dilemma, isn't she?
Well, I'll carry on reading now, I want to find out what happens next...
Lovely chapter :)

Author's Response: Yay! I love Andromeda too, she has such a cool name! I just thought because she's Sirius's cousin and all, it would create a different twist to the story.
I'm so glad you thought it was cute, I wasn't sure how Sirius would write a letter but I tried to do it from his perspective as best I could.
I love your reviews so much, they are so encouraging! Thank you! :D

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Review #16, by Free_RhapsodyWhat's Meant To Be: Dawn

26th November 2011:
Hello there :)
*on a reviewing spree*

This chapter was a lovely start to your story; you introduced your characters well, and I really enjoyed reading it. I particularly liked the banter/dialogue between Lily and Snape, you captured their moods really effectively and their initial conversation perfectly set the scene for the confrontation between Sirius and Snape. That was pretty intense, and you described it nicely, especially the line " (Sirius) whipped out his wand with white knuckles ". That was brilliant; the description of his tense hands conveyed his emotions perfectly as it provided a striking visual image in my mind.
I'm really curious as to what Sirius is going to be writing to Lily, so I'll carry on reading. :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I wasn't too sure about how to start it at first, but I thought I'd better make the emnity between Snape and Sirius clearer, I am so glad you liked it! I'm especially glad the imagery and description came off well, I always find it hard at creating pictures in your mind in my description. Thanks so much!*grins broadly* :D

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Review #17, by Free_RhapsodySouthern Cross: Home. Apparently where my heart is.

24th November 2011:
Just because I adore this story, I'd thought I'd start with reviewing the first chapter, because being irrational, I previously only reviewed random ones :)

This is honestly fantastic. I love all the NZ references (Kakapos!) and the way it's all so subtly tied together. It's such a clever idea, having a school of Magic in NZ, and you've really brought it to life, what with the Placing Pounamu and the house founders being the first missionaries to New Zealand (correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to recall Pompallier being a Bishop of some sort, at any rate, when I visited Russell grounds there was the Pompallier House.) *Scurries off to research* Yes! I have indeed had a tour of the Pompallier house, 'twas fantastic! I really appreciate the research you've put into this story, in thoroughly creating an intricate and meaningful background to Southern Cross, and the New Zealand magical community as a whole. I especially love the kakapos, how on earth do they deliver mail, being flightless? I suppose they just waddle extremely fast :P
Dislike Anna intensely, perhaps just because she's the quintessential plastic airhead, which, oh so unfortunately, we seem to have a lot of these days.
In short, this story is fantastic and I fully intend on placing more reviews :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! You're right, Pompallier was a bishop - I may have stolen a bunch of early 19th century missionaries as my founders... Thanks for the review and I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #18, by Free_RhapsodyBathing in Roses: Denouement

29th October 2011:
Good Evening :)
I've fallen in love with this story; it's so refreshing and delightfully satirical. And to enhance everything, only about ten minutes ago, I realised what this story reminds me of; namely 'Northanger Abbey', by Jane Austen! I love the work of Austen, and to me, you have perfectly managed to capture the satirical tone of Austen in 'Northanger Abbey', as she pens a fascinating and delightful parody of the stereotypical gothic novel (complete with a naive and innocent heroine who is greatly influenced by the overly dramatic and romantic novel 'Udolpho'), while subtly employing the techniques of the very genre she satires. I'm not sure if this is intentional in your work, but the similarities between Catherine and June are excellent; both are naive, easily influenced by ridiculous literature, somewhat ignorant and slow on the uptake. You however, have entirely created a new character (I'm not in the slightest implying that you've been overly influenced by Austen), as June is a poignantly idiotic, yet beautiful character all the same. I commend you on such a wonderful parody of all the cliches that abound in hpff, well done.

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Review #19, by Free_RhapsodyScorpius Malfoy: Hot or Not?: Scorpius Malfoy vs. Tom Riddle

28th October 2011:
"My name is Scorpius Malfoy. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Oh. My. Gosh.
I'm currently fanning myself from the sheer awesomeness that is exuding from this tale, from the ridiculously attractive Scorpy and PRINCESS BRIDE REFERENCES!

That made my day :)

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Review #20, by Free_RhapsodySouthern Cross: Orientation

15th October 2011:
Oh ho ho ho, that was deliciously awkward. I loved it, even though it made me squirm at some parts :D
Favourite line? "I can tell, you can't pronounce a damn thing." She grins at me. "Still, better than the Australian we had here once."
EPIC! Always, take every chance you can to flip off the Australians :D I approve (I actually love Australians, however the international bantering is hee-larious.)
Speaking of Australia, we'd better own them tonight else I shall be severely dissapointed. ( "Unless we're talking about rugby or Quidditch. We're not really chill about that.") Damn right.
Anyway, I digress.
Your story is actually one of my favourite favourite stories on this site because it's so absolutely well written and comical, and I love the kiwi feel of it, even though it's currently set in Hogwarts.
In short, this story is fabulous, Adelaide is fabulous, and you are fabulous.
. Kiwis unite :D

Author's Response: It's marvellously awkward! Awkwardness is sorely lacking in fanfic, and I felt like I needed to restore it :P What's romance without truckloads of awkward?
YUS for trans-Tasman banter and Aussie baiting! :P WE WILL WIN THE RUGBY. WE HAVE TO. OUR NATIONAL PRIDE IS AT STAKE.
Thank you so much! That makes me so happy! KIWIS UNITE!

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Review #21, by Free_RhapsodyThe Name of the Game: Lydia & Her Wickham

15th October 2011:
Oh my goodness. This Lily, is totally reminiscent of Lydia Bennet. She irritates me somewhat, but I can't help sympathise with her, especially at that awful point; "Rose". Oh dear.
That last section is utterly eerie and chilling. You gave me goosebumps.
The whole Lydia/Wickham situation (in P&P) doesn't have a satisfactory ending anyway, does it? I recall that they eventually drift apart.
Anyhow, I loved the spectacular imagery and incandescent prose that as usual characterises your writing. Superb.

Author's Response: It's wonderful that you also see her as Lydia - I didn't want it to sound forced, but still give a strong enough impression for those familiar with P&P. I don't know if Lydia was ever as jealous of her older sisters, but certainly she was selfish, petty, and with only one goal in mind: marriage to the right man. Lily did a heck of a lot better than Lydia, though. :P

You're right that they do drift apart, and what scares Lily the most is that she knows, within, that Scorpius doesn't love her - or at least, she suspects that she's been used - but she takes advantage of it and makes it work out better for her. She's not really the loving type, anyway. Her story is a sad one, but it's so hard to feel sorry for her, too, which makes her a complicated character to understand.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this story! It's fantastic to hear that you loved the imagery and prose - I was worried that Lily's annoying voice would overwhelm the rest, so it means a lot to hear that it wasn't actually the case. ^_^

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Review #22, by Free_RhapsodyOne and Only: Seven

14th October 2011:
Dear PenguinsWillReignSupreme,
I LOVED this. It was a beautiful, totally incandescent story. I adore your writing style, it's so sweet and uncluttered and somehow you manage to perfectly convey the unsaid truths. This was an utterly gorgeous story, congratulations. Honestly, you're one of my very favourite authors because your writing is so succinct and wonderful.
Thank you for writing this story
- Free_Rhapsody :)

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much for such a lovely review. I hear this a lot about my writing but it never gets boring and it really makes my writer's block ease when I hear it.

I really cannot thank you enough for reading this story and leaving such a lovely review.

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Review #23, by Free_RhapsodyThe Marauders: James and Evans

13th October 2011:
That was so adorable, unimaginably so. I utterly loved it. Plus, I loved all the (not so subtle) digs at Peter. :)
Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Haha, I tried not to be too mean to Peter but it's difficult! Glad you liked it. :)

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Review #24, by Free_RhapsodyKismet.: Of Almost-Kisses & Soapy Sponges

13th October 2011:
Oh Please,
Why don't you update this? It's fantastic and I want to read more!

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Review #25, by Free_RhapsodyBathing in Roses: Crash

4th October 2011:
June is so adorable and hilarious, and Albus is just so irritatingly enigmatic. I loved how she owned everyone in Charms! *cheers for June enthusiastically*. Favourite part?

"Her heart threatening to thud out of her chest, she stomped on his foot. Taken by surprise, he released her hand and she raced past him, up the castle steps and through the open door. She could hear him cursing alone on the snow, but the world was suddenly too full of her heartbeats for him to matter."

Yeah! You stomp on his foot! Well done, Juney :D
Ok, you, you're a fabulous author, and please continue to update!

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