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Review #1, by fayeswonderlandTrying not to love you: Chapter two - The Other Side of the Coin

12th December 2012:
I lilalove the interactions between James and Gwen - they have this atmosphere around them, a certain aura that instantly captures me. I think they are wonderful as best friends, but you must be blind not to see that there is a spark lingering underneath the 'friendship facade' and even though they are still so far from even anything that comes close to a couple, they are so so close at the same time. I don't think this made any sense (in my head it did, but you know how difficult it can be to bring some words onto a paper, or well into this little review box thingie) but somehow I hope you vaguely understood what I meant haha :D
Anyways, I'm off to bed now, dear, and I expect a new chapter when I wake up ;) Just yesterday I read the whole 19 chapters again for the second time :P And YES that means I really do love your story (:
Stay as you are!
Lots of love,

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Review #2, by fayeswonderlandLeave the Pieces: What Hurts the Most

12th December 2012:
I't such a sad sad ending :(
I adore James in all his ways, his flaws and of course his stupidity. He's so realistic, it really stands out.
I like that no one in your story is perfect, but everyone unique in his or her own way.
One typo though: In the first paragraph you wrote "breathe" instead of breath ;)
I love you Kristinabear and hurry up with the next chapter! Salisbury is excited! xx

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Review #3, by fayeswonderlandWillows and Wood.: Cat: Of problems and proposals

11th December 2012:
Oh my god.
Initially, I just wanted to read the first chapter and then review and save the rest for later because quite frankly I don't have much time on my hands at the moment but IT WAS SO GOOD that here I am at the end of the third chapter and I still don't want to stop. I thought, I'd write the review though, because I'm dying to fangirl over this and tell you how much I love it.
I may be a bit biased, because I just can't resist Oliver ever ;) but his character and the one of Kiwi just made me laugh so hard. All those awkward situations kind of remind me of my clumsy self and life and I totally want to eat your story.
I've got to go now, but I'll definitely be back with more reviews later!
I also love Kiwi's best friend Cat - I found it hilarious when she locked Oliver and Kiwi and just everything about her - her quirks just make her come to life (as do Ollie and Kiwi!).
I already favorited it ;)
Keep it up!
Lot's of love,

Author's Response: Everybody is biased with Oliver. Feel free to go ahead and eat this story up, though I'm not sure how digest it will be!

Cat will always be there to stick her nose into Oliver and Kiwi's business -- and I'll add that it's a very good thing or they'd both still be awkwardly shuffling their feet while exchanging what they think are subtle glances.

Thank you for this. You're awesome, you know that? :)

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Review #4, by fayeswonderlandThe Girl Next Door: Prologue

10th December 2012:
This. Was. Pure. Bliss.
I really truly loved your prologue. Usually I pretty much only read fun, humorous and bright next generation fanfiction, but this got me siriously (yes I just did write that :D) hooked on this story.
The relationship between the two protagonists is so special and you almost feel intruding when reading it. Your style of writing is easy flowing and almost melodic and I am definitely favoriting it!
Keep it up!
Lots of love,

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

Well, I'm glad to have converted you (or at the least, expanded your taste in fanfictions) and I'm especially pleased that you're siriusly addicted. There is no-one like Sirius, after all. ;)

Aw. Thank you! ♥ I'm happy that I captivated you enough for you to feel as if you were intruding on Sirius and Lexi. And I especially like that you think my style of writing is melodic. I'm getting author feels! XD

Thank you for favouriting this story!

*hugs* *hugs again*


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Review #5, by fayeswonderlandLeave the Pieces: Broken Angel

10th December 2012:
ALL THOSE FEELS. (needs to regain breath shortly)
So, yet another perfect chapter. You chose the setting of this very emotional chapter just perfectly. It's haunted, yet tied together with feelings and just eerie in its own sense.
I may be a bit biased (meaning: I'm totally biased) but I am in love with James' character - he is the perfect guy and if Aria doesn't want him - well I'd gladly snag him ;)
I honestly can't wait for the next chapter because you've got me hooked, dear. So hurry up so I can read more perfection :P
Lots of love,
your twinnie

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Review #6, by fayeswonderlandThe Human Factor : The One Where It All Begins

10th December 2012:
This first chapter is every little thing it should be. It's fantastic, flawless and perfect. I'm in love with Pippa and I adore her quirks and weirdness - it kind of reminds me of myself because I often tipped into awkward and embarrassing situations like Pippa does. I fell head over heals into your story, being dragged into another world, filling me with envy. You're a fantastic writer and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
If I hadn't read all the other chapters already, this would be the place where I'd tell you that I'm truly excited to see what happens next and that this one chapter got me totally hooked already.
Well done on that, not everyone achieves that this fast.
So, I think I'm done rambling (aka. fangirling) now and will wait eagerly for the new chapter to arrive.
Lots of love,

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Review #7, by fayeswonderlandTrying not to love you: Chapter one - Best Friends Forever

10th December 2012:
Hi there!
So, I love love love love love love it and I wish I could hug you to convey my feels. *_*
This chapter is a brilliant start to an even more brilliant and perfect story and I want to eat it ;)
The way you started it, with the different love types, makes pretty much every reader identify with at least one type and hence pulls one directly in - so yes, basically I'm calling your story a supermassive black hole (shh I love metaphors and yes - it's a compliment ;)).
I have a huge weakness for James/OC stories and I'm reading yours since about forever now, which should tell you that you did an excellent job here!
You're an extraordinary writer and I can't wait to see more from you!
Lots of love,

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Review #8, by fayeswonderlandFalling in Love is a lot harder than it looks: Putting trust in Lorei Is harder than it looks.

10th December 2012:
Amira (:
I love the start of your story (: It makes me want more! I'm sure this is going to be amazing and I can't wait!
What you should watch though, are your paragraphs - right now they seem a bit random and I can't quite understand them at some points.
Furthermore, in the middle of your chapter you started many sentences with I, maybe check that and alter the sentence structure? That would be lovely!

Author's Response: Thanks so much Salleh and as for the advice I will take up on that :)

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Review #9, by fayeswonderlandTask One Challenge - Illusoire: Illusoire

10th December 2012:
I really like your one shot and the pairing you chose. Helena and Salazar together is really interesting and you showed her internal struggle in a nice way. I really felt for Salazar - but I may be biased, I always love him ;) - and at times I truly slipped into your story.
What I found though, is that some of your sentence structures get a bit repetitive and boring. You often start a sentence with the name of the person, or she or a noun - try using other words, linking words for example or "While she was doing this and that..." or "Because of the heavy falling snow..." etc - it makes the story flow a bit more and the reader's interest doesn't decrease with the words. (:
I really liked it though!
Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking time to review this and I’m glad you liked it! So do I! I really love the guy for some reason whaha. Thank you for pointing that out! When I have time I will read it through and I will look at other reviews to see if they agree with it. But personally I have also noticed the patron when I have to write something for school or something.

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Review #10, by fayeswonderlandDreamscape: darkmark.

9th December 2012:
I'm fascinated.
It's simple as that.
I'm captivated.
And without words.
And why?
Because your chapter is simply amazing. It astounds me how much I already love this story after only reading one single chapter - I have no idea what will happen when I read more D:
Draco and Astoria both come to life with all their quirks and flaws - I was pulled into heir lives with a force of ten thousand trains and I just want more.
I love how Draco and Astoria meet, how they already develop so much and how they both learn about each other.
This isn't like just any other story. This is a hundred per cent you. A hundred per cent of perfection.
I love your works, Gina, please don't ever stop!

Author's Response: Hee, hey hey! Thanks so much, Sally :3 I'm so glad that people like the fic; it's been awhile since I've posted anything angsty, and I've never written a proper romantic drama before, especially a 3-parter!


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Review #11, by fayeswonderlandOur Post-Relationship Friendship: Three days after

9th December 2012:
Hi there!
So this story has only two chapters until now, but you already got me hooked!
I love how it the plot is so different from all the others i've read: the traditional built up from either friendship or hate to a relationship in the end.
I like that it starts with the break up and that it already has a complicated pre-story.
Stacey is a lovely character - when she said the bit about the booty call at the end I actually had to laugh out loud (that's a very good thing ;)).
I really feel for Scorpius, the poor guy is devastated :(
What I also really enjoyed were Scorpius parents and the fact that their relationship isn't perfect either, but they try to make it work.
What I would love to see in the next chapter, would be a bit insight into Rose's feelings - how she sees the break-up: was Dom right, when she said "nobody means that" (being friends after a break up) and and and...
You really made me curious as to how your story continues!
Favoriting and I can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #12, by fayeswonderlandRusted from the Rain : Haunted

8th December 2012:
Kristina being awesome again...
You are perfect, my dear, don't ever stop what you're doing!!! (:

Author's Response: Stop being crazy, Sally! Love you though

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Review #13, by fayeswonderlandLeave the Pieces: My Heart Cant Tell You No

22nd August 2012:
Kristina. what can I say? We've already established that you're flawless & perfect and frankly I don't really have to say anything new to you!
I do, however, want to tell you that your story just screams awesomeness already & I am more than excited for the new chapter!
{And for James of course :P}
- Your new found inspiration source AKA. Sally

Author's Response: Who are you crazy lady and why do you keep reviewing my stories?! haha love you Sallykins. You will always be my number one fan for reasons I don't understand. Thank you twin!

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Review #14, by fayeswonderlandThe Blackwoods: Sudden Movements

4th August 2012:
and there she goes again with another perfect chapter. I seriously don't know what to do with you, girl!!! You keep making those awesome things and that makes me so jealous!!! But don't ever stop, please!!!
I LOVE YOU *___*

Author's Response: Stop kissing my butt twin, no matter how much I enjoy it ;) Thank you so much for your constant inspiration

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Review #15, by fayeswonderlandThe Blackwoods: Running Up That Hill

30th July 2012:
This story is going to be so awesome, you have no idea ;)
I love it already and you should make sure to post the next chapters as soon as possible, girl, because I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS SO BADLY!!
I love you!!!

Author's Response: Oh twin how I appreciate this comment so! ;) Thank you so much for all the inspiration. Guarantee you I would not be writing this without you.

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Review #16, by fayeswonderlandBeing Summer: The Twenty-Third One

3rd July 2012:
{is it weird that I'm strangely comfortable with the thought that Summer & Jack are basically done?}
I love you for writing that chapter!!
And also the Summer/James action at the beginning was the BEST!! :O
/is camping in front of the computer waiting for it.
So, in case you couldn't tell, I'm pretty much in love with your story and you.
Full stop.
Until next time!

Author's Response: haha!
nooo, i don't think that is strange. most people seem to feel the same way :P
thank you so much!
i actually enjoyed writing that bit...
it had been so long since i wrote something like that. i missed them :D
the next chapter will be very soon, i promise!
aww. well, i love you too.
thank you!

ellie :) xx

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Review #17, by fayeswonderlandQuidditch Camp: Breakfast with a Malfoy

12th April 2012:
Hey (:
First of: your story is great, keep it up!
Then: I saw you would like to have a banner for your story, is that right? If yes, I'd suggest you to join the TDA (the dark arts) graphic design community - this is where you can request a banner and chapter images for your story! If you want to have your banner made by me, just look for "fayeswonderland" on TDA and make a specific artist request, once you registered. It's pretty easy and if you have some questions I or the admins/mods of the community will be happy to help you (:

Author's Response: sweet! thank you for the info!! (: and thank you for reading.

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Review #18, by fayeswonderlandMatters of the Hart: Mistletoe and First Kisses

24th March 2012:
Oh boy...
"Poor Peter...nobody seems to like him (Except Tabby!)" - I swear I thought the same thing while reading it! :)
And I'm slightly suspicious because my gut tells me Peter's up to no good.. but we'll see I guess :D
Awesome story so far!
Just like your other stories *___*
Keep it up!
PS: *insert whine* WHY DIDN'T SHE KISS JAMES? *sobb* :D

Author's Response: Oh dear, poor peter, everyone does seem suspicious of him. And as far as kissing James goes...well I need to up the tension and drama somehow! LOL :D
Thanks for the review, I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

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Review #19, by fayeswonderlandBreathless: Dont Panic.

24th February 2012:
Oh I waited for this chapter for so long and now it's there and *MENTAL SQUEEL*
JAMES!!! Oh it's so exciting, I can't wait for more, please update as fast as possible YOU. ARE. MY. HERO.
And just so you know: I'm a little in love with Blakey-boy *_*
Cutest child ever :)

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Review #20, by fayeswonderlandOpen Air: Absolutely Yes

21st February 2012:
*Just let me go and find my tissues first*
It was so amazing *sobb*
The line with the unicorns was flawless and you totally are my hero.
I've been waiting for this chapter since FORVER! Seriously!
I love you.
Keep writing.
This is amazing.

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Review #21, by fayeswonderlandOpen Air: Letters and Quidditch

18th February 2012:
I simply loved the letter! :O
I want to receive something as cute as this! :(
But I've got one little tiny question: did Alya and Albus kiss at the end? Or were they almost kissing when Freddy shouted and they broke apart? *insert mental rant about how I want it to be a kiss*
They are just so adorable *sobb*
Keep it up and please update fast!!! *puppy dog eyes*

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Review #22, by fayeswonderlandTwist of Fate: Morals

18th February 2012:
Oh wow!
I didn't see that one coming!
Still, somehow it seems so right.. I love it.
Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks and I hope there are plenty more surprises to come. I will update soon.


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Review #23, by fayeswonderlandTwist of Fate: Home

12th February 2012:
Oh the irony of Vivian carrying Albus child :(
So sad!
*True Viv/James fan here*
I'm waiting for the happy end *___*
Keep up the great story!

Author's Response: I know, it sucks... But it has to get worse before it can get better, so you might have to wait a little longer for a happy ending. Thank you very much for the review.

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Review #24, by fayeswonderlandAnimal Magnetism: Gnomes, London and Falling in Love

10th February 2012:
This is so amazing!
I just can't stop reading this :D
I've been waiting for this chapter since FOREVER and now it's there and aww so cute *sigh*
I wish Al kissed her though :/
But he'll do sometime in the future, right? :D
I love it!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter and the whole story in general. I knew there would be quite a few people who wanted Al to kiss Lucy on NYE but it was a cliche I only wanted to dabble in a little bit rather than go the whole way with. You are all just going to have to wait it out :) Thanks for the review and please keep reading!

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Review #25, by fayeswonderlandThree Times The Charm: How Out of Shape Am I?

27th January 2012:
Haha oh boy... The scene with the backstreet boys and n*sync collection could be me. A 100% to be exact :D
Great great chapter, I really enjoyed it!
And now: Off to read the next!
Keep it up!

Author's Response: my 90's boy band collection is something i really should be proud of. as should you! thanks so much for the review :)

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