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Review #1, by magicaljessBetween Psychiatrists and Psychopaths: Aye 'Aye Captain

19th January 2012:

1. Ari is AWESOME!! i love the way she get out of THAT (hihi)
2. when Al found Ari by the memorial statue and Ari put the head in Al's shoulder
3. Arlene and James revolt me, really i could find it kinda cute if i weren't for the fact that i almost puke my guts out.
4. my favorite secret was Willie's pierced nipples, and a close second Bart's cheeseburger incident
5. I LOVED THE END! i really did except that they didn't kiss, but well you can't have it all, can you?

hope you update soon! bye!

Author's Response: hahahah, reviews like yours really make my day. I'm so glad you enjoyed my chapter!(and totes not. Gotta have a little drama before the fun, yeah? ;D) thank you so much!

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Review #2, by magicaljessHarry Potter and the New Beginnings: Chapter 25 The Wedding

11th January 2012:
btw I cried when Fred, James, Lily, Sirius, Dobby, Hedwing and Dumbledore show up. (snif sniff)

Author's Response: I get a warm glow from reviews like this. Thank You. I contemplated leaving the 'loved ones' scene out. I was worried it might be a bit too 'fluffy'. I don't know whether I'm happy about making you cry or not. You seem to have enjoyed it, so perhaps not. Thanks again.

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Review #3, by magicaljessDeteriorate : The Thing With Stacey

29th December 2011:
OMG!!! i'd been waiting so long for an update that i couldn't believe it when i saw you post a new chapter.
please update as soon as possible, but i think that your right, if chapter 16 ends in a cliff-hanger then i wouldn't want to wait to long, so if you really need more time to be sure about chapter 17 then i think you should take your time.

lots of love


Author's Response: I'm glad it was wort it:)
I've surprised myself with how quickly I managed to write a chapter eighteen, actually, so maybe you won't have to wait as long as I though...

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Review #4, by magicaljessBreathless: Six Years, Three Months, and Four Days Later

26th December 2011:
OMG! so f... amazing!!!
i love it. love it. love it. i'm dying to know what Al is going to think, say and do when he finds out...
please please please update soon!

- Jess

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Review #5, by magicaljessI Get By With A Little Help From My Friends.: Soirées, Bad Decisions and Regrets

20th December 2011:

i love CeCe... i don't knwo why but i already like James even though he hasn't talk or appear more than once (maybe because i'm a little IN LOVE with James Potter II no matter what the story is about...mmm)

well... hope u update soon


Author's Response: MY FIRST REVIEW EVER. Yayy.
I'm in love with James too. I read SOO many James II stories and decided to write my own :P
I promise I'll increase James' contribution to the story soon, Im sorry he hasnt been there enough, I just wanna work on CeCe so that her character is understood.

Thankyouuu for reviewing, I shall update asa que opens :D

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Review #6, by magicaljessAura Lee: Aura Lee

11th December 2011:
love it...
i hope you update soon...
i'll be waiting

Author's Response: haha I feel kind of scared now because my friend, whenever she wants something she tells me to get it quickly for her and then she looks at me with this freaky face and says 'I'll be waiting'

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Review #7, by magicaljessReckless: Ninja Skills

11th December 2011:
I love it...
please update soon...

Author's Response: I'm trying, but unfortunately validation hates me and even if I fix what it tells me to, it's still somehow not right. Thanks for the review, I hope you stay with me!

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Review #8, by magicaljessThe Deal: Prologue

2nd December 2011:
yay first review
Love it!
i like Maya and James so far, don't like Nathaniel, but i'm not sure about Stella i need to read more about her...
hope you update soon

Author's Response: Congrats, haha! Thank you so much! You'll be seeing much more of Stella, and I hope to explore their background a bit more as the story goes on.

And yep! I'm working on the second chapter. It'll be up before you know it.

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Review #9, by magicaljessThe Potter Boys and the Enchantment of Redheads: Chapter Seventeen: All Lily, All Elaquay, All James

2nd November 2011:
update soon please.

btw, love this phrase: "Oh boo-hoo. Cry me a river and then build a fucking bridge made out of lollipops and cocaine."

Author's Response: lol, thanks for the review :D. I'll update as soon as I can :)

XD. Yeah, phrases like that just sort of come when I'm writing things from Els's point of view.

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Review #10, by magicaljessJames Potter: aka Heartbreaker: Chapter 12

26th October 2011:
your fanfic is amazing!! i mean it, even my friends that are not harry potter fans love it...
i really hope James and Abi would be together soon, they make a cute couple. I love James especially when Alyssa is around.
hope you update soon...

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Review #11, by magicaljessWelcome to the Chase: chapter.twenty – Adrenaline.

26th September 2011:
it makes me laugh so hard people is starting to think i'm crazy...
today they gave me a free period in school and i took advantage of it to read your fanfic while everyone else study for some test that i really don't care about (nerds) so the classroom was in utter silence and then i start laughing like a maniac and everyone looked at me like i'd grown a second head or something... it was quite funny, i like when people think i'd gone insane is hilarious, though i got to admit that i'm a little crazy... mmm... i wonder if that's the reason i like Ariadne?? that girl is seriously insane anyway to the point: I LOVE YOUR FIC! and since i like your stories so much i'll ask politely: would you update soon please (inseert puppy eyes here)?
screw politeness UPDATE SOON OR I MIGHT DIE OR I'LL KILL YOU, what ever happens first...
sorry, don't mind my crazy outburst, but update soon :P

great story 10/10

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Review #12, by magicaljessThe Potter Boys and the Enchantment of Redheads: Chapter Eleven: The Bludgers and the Rows

20th September 2011:
i'm kind of addicted to it ya know...
love James and Els and i hate Elisha, also kind of hate Derrick because i like Elaquay hate that people try to defend me because i'm a girl it's completely anoying...
so hope you upload soon...

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing :D. I'm glad you love it.
Yes, if I met someone like Elisha...I wouldn't be to fond of her...and Derrick...yeah, he would annoy me as well...even though I'd find him very attractive :D
I'll update soon :D

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