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Review #1, by CassiePotterThe Love You Never Knew: The Love You Never Knew

25th March 2015:
Hi Ellie!
This story was so, so wonderful. You've captured Molly perfectly here, and this story contained all the qualities that make me adore Molly so much. She's kind and compassionate, and is always willing to open her heart up for someone who needs a little love. I thought Ron's letter was really great. I thought it was a nice touch that Ron was expecting Harry to act a certain way just because he was famous, but instead learns that Harry is just like him, and doesn't want all the attention he gets.
Honestly this story just left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling, and I'm so glad I read it!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hey Cassie!

Thanks for reviewing for me. I'm glad you liked it. This one just kind of popped into my head one day.

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Review #2, by CassiePotterStill Into You: Need you now

22nd March 2015:
Hello! I'm here for our review swap!
Wow. This story was really, really intense, but so well-written. You've created a very complex, layered character in a very short piece, which is really hard to do. I felt like I knew Victoire by the end of this, which made it that much more difficult to read what she was going through. She's had her heart broken, and she doesn't think she'll ever move on, so, unfortunately, she does something drastic.
My heart went out to her in this, it really did. I just wanted to hug her! It's so hard to deal with the pain of losing someone you love, especially when it's a situation like this, when you are happy with them until all of a sudden they walk out on your life.
The one line that stuck with me reading this story was this one-

She had learnt to talk, to walk, to laugh, to smile, to love, and to live with him by her side.

It's such a gorgeous line, and really makes the darkness of the rest of this story hit even harder.
I think you did a fantastic job with this, and I really enjoyed it. Even though it was really sad, you wrote it beautifully.
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks a lot for your lovely review.
It was quite intense but I love writing such intense scenes so I am glad you liked it. It's great to know that you felt you could know Victoire in this short one-shot. I feel flattered that you felt for her so much. That line is one of my favourites too and I am pleased you liked it. Thank you so much for your lovely comments!

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Review #3, by CassiePotterOf Bets and Broom Cupboards: Of Bets and Broom Cupboards

21st March 2015:
Hello! I'm here for our review swap!
I thought this was absolutely hilarious! It's such a funny idea for a story, and even though you can tell James is going to crack, it's still funny to watch him freak out for two weeks first! Haha.
Ursula Umbridge seems pretty awful. I think she's just too much like Dolores, and it makes me shudder a little bit! And all that pink!
I really loved how you wrote Al. Most of the time I read him being characterized as a really nice, stand-Up guy, but I thought it was a really cool choice of yours to make him more of a stereotypical Slytherin. He was cunning and smart and knew exactly how to trick his brother into losing the bet!
I'm really intrigued about the feud between Rose and Molly...
Overall I thought this story was really great. It was a really fun read, and I loved the way you characterized all the Weasley and Potter cousins!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hi! I'm just about to head to your page to fulfill my end of the swap so hold tight ;)

Thank you for your compliments. It was great fun to write James in such a stereotypical way. His pain is hilarious. As for Al, I love him, even when he's so...Slytherin (?). Especially then. I prefer him as a Slytherin, but if he's going to be in the house, he has to show some of its qualities. Sometimes I find that some writers place him in Slytherin, but write him as a Gryffindor. I didn't want to do that here though.

Ah. The feud between Molly and Rose. I'm pretty sure that when I wrote Of Bets and Broom Cupboards, I intended to upload more material in that universe e.g. a ScoRose story where the Feud was explored. Unfortunately, I scrapped that idea. I might return to it one day though. :)

Thank you for the review swap!

Dirigible_Plums xo

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Review #4, by CassiePotterWe Will Rebuild.: We Will Rebuild.

21st March 2015:
Hello! I'm here for our review swap!
I haven't read many stories centered around Kingsley or the Ministry trying to rebuild after the Battle of Hogwarts, but I thought this one was really well done! I could feel how stressed and tired Kingsley and Arthur were, and that they knew how much work they had ahead of them. It's one of those times where it's really important to start getting things to a more stable position, but at the same time everyone just wants time to rest and grieve and be at home.
I loved the conversation between Kingsley and Arthur. I could tell that Kingsley is trying to be sensitive in offering Arthur a high position, since it will make him be away from home a lot, because he wants Arthur to be able to spend time with his family. The bit about Percy was really nice. I loved that they were willing to bring him back into the Ministry and forgive his past mistakes.
This was a great story, and I loved how I got the sense of people grieving, but it was still hopeful in the end, because they know they'll be able to move on.
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review.

Yeah, rebuilding the entire country can't be easy, especially considering how many personal issues a lot of people had to deal with at the same time - deaths of family members, friends, trauma from the battle and so on.

And I think it would be unrealistic for the Ministry to fire everybody who doubted Harry's word about Voldemort's return or who cooperated with Voldemort for their own safety.

This was for the House Cup and the prompt was overcoming adversary, which I guess the rebuilding of the Ministry counts as.

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Review #5, by CassiePotterVictoire: The Guard

21st March 2015:
Hi Emma! I'm here for our review swap!
I thought this was an awesome opening chapter of this story! I was hooked right from the beginning and flew throught it!
The opening with Cormac guarding Azkaban was really creepy! I loved your descriptions of the prisoners he was walking past, and how Cormac just deals with it, and is going to stick out his time there so he can work his way up in the Ministry. Greyback's death gave me chills. I want to know why he was laughing when he died!
I loved how you wrote Victoire. My one question about her is her age. I assume she's not a seventh year, since you referred to people down the table from her as the seventh year Ravenclaws and not her fellow seventh years.
I thought the Daily Prophet article was really well written, and it sounded very professional to me. I thought Vic's relationship with Teddy was really strong in this, and I can tell how close they are from theit interaction in this chapter, even though it doesn't last long.
This is a great opening to this story! There are just enought cliffhangers to leave me wanting more without being too confused. Nice work!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hi Cassie, thank you so much for such a lovely review!

Victoire's a sixth year here and Teddy's a seventh, but I think I probably should make that clearer as it's been flagged up a few times.

I'm so glad you enjoyed reading! And thank you for liking Victoire's relationship with Teddy! I'm trying to let them develop naturally so it's nice that people already like them.

Thanks for the swap :)

Emma x

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Review #6, by CassiePotterPitch Black Night: Chapter 1

21st March 2015:
Hi there! I'm here for our review swap!
I thought this story was really great! I LOVE stories that are in second person, and I thought it suited this story really well. Showing Remus that he's an animagus and then telling him that he loves him are two really big moments for Sirius, so reading them in second person made them a lot more personal and a lot more emotional.
I loved the chemistry between Remus and Sirius! You could tell how close they were as friends and then after Sirius told Remus his feelings for him, that bond just got stronger. I thought it was a great moment when they kissed and Sirius thought that Remus had hit him at first! I thought it was a funny little moment, and something I could imagine Sirius thinking.
I thought your descriptions were wonderful, and I could really picture everything that happened in this story. You've done a great job with second person POV, I loved the way you characterized Remus and Sirius, and I thought the fluffy ending was really great, too. Good job with this!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hi Cassie,

Thank you so much for your lovely review! I'm so happy that you enjoyed my version of Wolfstar. The forceful kiss was something I was a bit nervous about, but in the end I like it. I think it demonstrated that there was a lot of built up passion for each other.

It's a big relief to hear that the 2nd person POV worked. It was my first time using it and it can be quite tricky to work with, so I was being really overly critical.

Thanks again for swapping with me!


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Review #7, by CassiePotterJigsaw Memory: Jigsaw Memory

19th March 2015:
Hello! I'm here for our review swap!
This was a beautiful story. The way you wrote it felt almost like poetry to me, and I was hooked right from the first sentence. I wasn't sure who it was about at first, but then I realized that it was about Hermione's parents! I've never read a story about them, but I thought you did a wonderful job with them, and now I want to read more stories focused on them!
The part about the yellow mug and how it makes Monica/Mrs. Granger cry was my favorite part. There was just so much emotion packed into so few words. It was something that I really felt rather than just read.
This was a really lovely story, and I'm so glad I read it!
Cassie :)

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Review #8, by CassiePotterJust the Way You Are: Just Plain Awkward

15th March 2015:
Hi Sam!
This story gets better and better with each chapter, and I this chapter was another fantastic one! I was so nervous for Josh to see David, but I loved that Jeremy was there to give him the (literal) push that he needed. I also loved that Jeremy calls Josh his little brother! That just showed how close they are, and I thought it was a really great moment.
I think the conversation with David went better than I was expecting! There wasn't any yelling or crying or anything like that, and David said Joshua and not Jennifer when he was walking out, which is a huge step towards him getting used to the way things are. I really hope they can be friends again soon!
I can't wait for you to update this again! It's an incredible story!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hey, Cassie!

Aww, thank you! Yes, Jeremy has Joshua to give him both literal and figurative pushes. Honestly, I think they both prefer the literal pushes; it gets things done faster. :P

Josh will always be the little brother, even if it is only by five minutes. One day he will stop resisting it.

David, for lack of a better word, loves Josh. Or he loves Jennifer. So less shouting, more confusing. Maybe later, when he's processed what's going on and what Josh kept from him, David will shout. Right now, he just doesn't want to talk at all. But he does listen; Josh says his name is Josh and David is used to giving Josh what he wants. So the name was always going to be the easiest part between them.

I am so glad you're enjoying this story, Cassie. Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #9, by CassiePotterLove is for Fools: Not a Fool

14th March 2015:
Hi Dee! Since we were talking a little bit through the Hufflepuff Friendship Thread, I wanted to come read and review something of yours!
This story was wonderful! I don't read a lot of Remus/Sirius, but I really, really loved this. I could feel how hurt Remus was the whole way through, and can't even imagine how much worse it must feel for him since he never acted on his feelings for Sirius. I could tell how much Remus loved him and how close the two of them were.
I also thought it was amazing that you were able to both capture all that emotion in 500 words and make the first word of each sentence go in alphabetical order! That must have taken a lot of time and patience to write!
I thought this was a beautiful story, and I loved how much feeling came through in such a short piece. Lovely writing, Dee!
Cassie :)

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Review #10, by CassiePotterpectus draconis: dragonfire.

13th March 2015:
Hello! I saw your link to this over on the forums and wanted to come check it out!
I hardly ever read Draco/Harry, but I really liked this! I thought it was a really fascinating take on both characters. Draco's yearning to be a good man was really clear in this, particularly towards the end when he finally realizes that for himself.
One choice you made that I found really interesting was that Draco's parents accepted that he was transgender. I would have thought that they'd be much less understanding, but I liked that they weren't.
This was a really great story, and unlike anything I've read here before. I really enjoyed it!
Cassie :)

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Review #11, by CassiePotterThe Cat Turned Werewolf: This Can't Be Happening; It Already Happened

12th March 2015:
I thought this was a great one-shot! I love reading about minor characters, so as soon as I saw that you wrote about Padma, I had to come give this a look! I really liked the way you characterized her. Being sorted in to Ravenclaw really seems to fit her, and I loved that she enjoyed memorizing words and what they meant.
I also thought Snape was written really well! Even though he could just ignore that Padma is a werewolf, he still brings her the Wolfsbane potion. I thought it was a lovely addition to the story, considering the fact that Snape doesn't turn out to be on the dark side in the end.
This was a really cool, original one-shot, and I enjoyed it a lot!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Thank you! We knew it may be overlooked since Padma is barely seen in the series, but part of the challenge was we would be given a character to write as a werewolf withing the canon. We got Padma (obviously) and I (Georgina) loved working inside her head. She represents my Ravenclaw side.

I also enjoyed writing Snape, since he both wanted what was best for the kids without truly caring for them in a deep way.

It's great to hear that we could create something you could really enjoy, thanks for telling us!

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Review #12, by CassiePottergladly beyond: in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me

11th March 2015:
Hi teh! It's been a while since I've read something of yours so I decided to stop by your Author's Page!
This one-shot was really interesting! I love Rose and Scorpius together, and I thought the way you wrote their relationship was really unique. I've never read them characterized like they were in this story. I couldnt decide if I thought they were happy together or not, but then right at the end Rose's last line made me think that they really do miss each other. Lily was written really differently from anyother characterization I've read if her character as well. She seems like a handful! Haha. I thought this was a really interesting story that definitely made me think about Scorpius, Rose, and their relationship.
Also I wanted to let you know that there's a chapter of The Fourth Daughter up that I'm not sure if you've read, and I just put another chapter in the queue today.
Great job with this one-shot, teh!
Cassie :)

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Review #13, by CassiePotterLionhearted: May 2, 1998

11th March 2015:
I was looking for a one-shot to review and I'm so glad I found this one! I haven't read many stories that focus on Bill Weasley, so I loved that you did. The way you described his relationship with Alice was wonderful. She's kind to him, but doesn't shelter him too much. My favorite part was when she told Bill about what she was afraid of. That section was just so well-written. I felt like I really knew Alice in that moment.
This was a really wonderful story, and I'm really glad I found it!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hi, Cassie! I'm so happy you took the time to read and review this story! The Bill/Alice relationship came from luvinpadfoot's prompt when I entered the Two Characters Challenge, and it ended up being perfect. I've always thought that Alice would have been wonderful with children, and when I started putting this fic together I realized that she was probably the type of woman who wouldn't hide the darkness of the world from them the same way other adults might. I'm so glad you liked the part where she was honest with Bill about her fears--I rewrote it several times because I really did want the reader to be able to know Alice in so few words, and I'm pleased you think it turned out well. :) Thanks again!

P.S. I've been seeing your stories around the site for a while now and I find pretty much all of them intriguing--I'm sure I'll be dropping by with a review or two fairly soon. :)

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Review #14, by CassiePotterJust the Way You Are: Just Typical

11th March 2015:
Hi Sam!
As soon as I saw that there was a second chapter of this story, I had to come read it! I love the relationship Josh has with Jeremy. The fact that his brother is so supportive of him, and is helping him get what he needs and is there to talk when Josh needs to is amazing. Is Jeremy also in Gryffindor? I was just thinking about how often they'll see each other at school because of what houses they're in and what classes they take.
The conversation Josh has with his mother was wonderfully written. I could really picture it in my head, and I was so happy to see that Erin is trying to say Joshua instead of Jennifer and that she's putting in a real effort to be accepting.
This chapter was wonderful, and I wanted it to keep going when it ended! I can't wait for more of this story, it's really amazing.
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hey Cassie!

Yeah, me too. Joshua and Jeremy as so close. They're basically all they knew growing up. Didn't have especially close friends until Hogwarts, so they'll always be there for each other. Jeremy is also in Gryffindor. There's a line in the plan that says the twins will never be split up. :P

They don't have all the same classes, though. So it'll still get a little hard.

Erin doesn't know how to handle this situation, all she knows is that she loves her kids. And that's enough right now.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #15, by CassiePotterStaring: Staring

9th March 2015:
Hi Katie! Since I got to know you a little bit through the Hufflepuff Friendship Tag, I thought I would come review something of yours! I realized I'd never read anything you'd written, and came right over to your Author's Page to fix that.
As soon as I read that this was written in second person, I had to come read it. I love stories in second person! I find them really interesting both to read and write, and I think it works really well for this story. It helps us get into Lily's head a little more, and makes her feelings come across stronger than they would if it was in another point of view.
I thought Lily was really well-written, and her reaction to James' staring was so funny! I could picture getting all riled up because of his staring, and I loved that she was really stubborn and just wouldn't believe that he wasn't thinking about what she looks like naked. Haha.
I loved the end of this, when he starts talking about her freckles, and she kisses him on the cheek. He's been teasing her this whole time, and she finally teased him back right at the end.
This story was a lovely read, and I'm so glad I found it!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hi Cassie! Thank you so much for stopping by! Second person is one of my favorite things to write. I think it makes things so much more interesting. I don't actually remember writing this, because it was quite a while ago, but you've made me want to take another look at it!
I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Review #16, by CassiePotterPride and Scorpius: The Sorting Hatís Greatest Regret

6th March 2015:
I LOVED that sorting. I've never seen someone be sorted into multiple houses before, let alone all four of them! But if there was ever a character I think could fit that, it would be Albus Potter. I agree in that it says a lot about who he is as a person, and I'm really interested to see how it affects the way people interact with him as the story goes on. Will all the houses accept him, or will the opposite happen? I can definitely imagine some of the meaner students saying that he doesn't really belong in their house, since he's in the others as well. But hopefully since he's so nice, everyone will accept him! I loved that he chose to go sit with Scorpius! Honestly, I just want to hug him because he's so nice.
How about Rose getting sorted without even putting on the hat! I liked that choice a lot, actually. It's something else I've never seen before, but, like I said with Albus, I think it really fits the way you've written Rose. She's very stubborn in the way she sees things, and I think that can lead to her thinking she's above certain people. I'm really interested to see how she develops!
I love the way you wrote McGonagall! I think it's fantastic that she can loosen up a little since it's her last year at Hogwarts.
This was a great chapter! Probably my favorite so far. 10/10
Cassie :)

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Review #17, by CassiePotterPride and Scorpius: Goblin Friends and Friends of Goblins

6th March 2015:
I'm back for chapter 3!
I was wrong about who the dark haired boy was, but I was really pleasantly surprised! I love the idea of a scholarship to help kids come to Hogwarts. It seems like Draco has really changed since his Death Eater days! It would explain why Scorpius is so nice!
Speaking of, Scorpius and Albus are definitely my favorite characters. They're both so kind and polite, and I love the friendship that they already have.
I thought the section at the end when Rose and Dawnsfirstbloom were eating Bertie Bott's Beans was really cute. I liked that they each tried half of each one.
I'm excited for the next chapter to find out where they all get sorted! Great job on this chapter. 10/10
Cassie :)

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Review #18, by CassiePotterTransparent: Him

6th March 2015:
Ok, wow. That was amazing. I love this story SO much, because Teddy and Dom are just so darn complex! Every time I think I know one if their characters, something like this chapter comes along and you throw me for a loop!
Firstly, because I need to say this and get it out of the way before I turn into a pile of feels, LOUIS IS SO CUTE. He's a little stinker throwing bugs at Victoire, and I love him for it!
Now that that's done, I have to say that I honestly don't know how to feel about your characterization of Bill! He's so, so different from JKR's, which I love, but he can be so MEAN sometimes, which I don't love. It was good that he was sort of protecting Dom's honor when he was talking to Teddy, but at the same time she really doesn't get that much attention from him at home. I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW TO FEEL.
And then we have Dom, of course, who I adore. She's so quiet and awkward on the outside, that I don't think anyone has a clue how much she has going on in her head. I think Teddy is starting to figure that out, but I still don't think anyone knows what Dom is really feeling because she's so good at being invisible or just making people see what she wants them to see. I feel really bad for her, though, because aside from her brother, she really doesn't have anyone that she's completely comfortable around. Hopefully that changes soon, because there are so many things in her life that would be better if she just talked to someone about them!
And, last but not least, Teddy. Teddy Lupin, the boy who has me even more confused about my feelings than Bill. I'm with Dom on this one, I just don't understand why he has to be so nasty all the time! If he was actually pleasant, or at least tolerable, some of the time, people would want to be around him! TEDDY JUST BE NICE TO PEOPLE PLEASE.
The part at the very end about his father broke my heart. It made me really sad to see that Teddy had that much hate inside of him, and I really, really hope that starts to lessen as the story goes on. Hopefully having Dom around will help with that. Then, when he asked if Dom loved Bill even though he doesn't love her, my heart broke again! I think that part of Dom ignored that fact, even though she knew it was true deep down, and having Teddy put right there in the open for her to acknowledge must be so hard. My heart really went out to her there.
This chapter was super intense, but it was so fantastic! This story is really, really emotional, but I love it! 10/10
Cassie :)

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Review #19, by CassiePotterPride and Scorpius: Dawnsfirstbloom

5th March 2015:
Hi Andrew!
Since I really enjoyed the first chapter of this story, I wanted to come back for the second one! First, I have to say I love Albus Potter so darn much. He's just so nice to everyone, and it makes me smile.
It was really cool that both he and Scorpius speak gobbledegook! I was definitely not expecting that, but loved it. And I thought it was funny that Rose really wants to learn since she's the only one here who can't soeak it. How very Hermione of her!
I loved the bit about Hannah. I would never think of making her take over pushing the candy trolly around the Higwarts Express! But, now that I've read it it this story, I can totally picture it. It seems very fitting.
The end has me really intrigued! I want to know who came in looking for Scorpius! The dark hair has me thinking it might be James Potter? I guess I'll have to keep reading to find out!
Great job on this chapter! 10/10
Cassie :)

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Review #20, by CassiePotterJust the Way You Are: Just Joshua

4th March 2015:
Wow Sam. This was an incredible first chapter. Really, really fantastic. I really loved the way you started in a place where Joshua has been struggling with who he is for a while, and we see him after that has been building up inside, leading him to this point. I think telling his parents is a huge, huge step, and I'm so glad that his dad took it well! I'm hoping that things at Hogwarts go ok.
This story really struck a chord with me, because I have a lot of friends who have struggled with their sexuality and gender identity. I think you've done a wonderful job with how you've written the topics that have just come up in this chapter, and I'm really looking forward to reading more of this story. 10/10
Cassie :)

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Review #21, by CassiePotterLife Was Meant to Be Easy Now: A Brand New Year

4th March 2015:
Hi Molly!
I'm back for the next chapter, which I loved! I felt really bad for Scorpius when James and Fred brought up the crush he used to have. That would be so embarrassing, especially if it's your current boyfriend's cousin. I think Scorpius handled things pretty well, considering! I felt bad for Al, too, but I'm happy Scorpius was able to make sure he knew that it wasn't something that would affect their relationship at all.
The end of this chapter was so sweet! It was seemingly a very small thing, but you can see that it was a big moment for Scorpius.
This chapter was really great! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! Scorpius has to put up with quite a lot from Albus's family altogethet. ;-)

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Review #22, by CassiePotterReasons to Smile: Hugo: When Something Wicked This Way Comes

4th March 2015:
Hi Sam!
So this may have been my favorite chapter of this story so far. I love the way you write Hugo, and was really excited as soon as I saw that this chapter was from his POV! I definitely agree that this chapter was darker, but I really enjoyed it. It has me even more curious about what happened to make Al so work-obsessed and away from home all the time. I did recognize William from your one-shot that I read a little while ago! Things are starting to come together! Woohoo.
I'm really excited to read more. This was an awesome chapter, Sam! 10/10
Cassie :)

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Review #23, by CassiePotterLife Was Meant to Be Easy Now: An Awkward Dinner

1st March 2015:
I read Albus's Story a while ago, and just reread it (in two days, actually) and had no idea there was a sequel until now! I'm so excited for this! I love that this story is from Scorpius's POV, since we got Al's side of things in the first story. I love the way you write them both, and I think they balance each other out so well.
I thought it was really interesting reading this scene from Scopius's POV since we got it once before from Al's. It made things more tense, since Scorpius is so nervous about how his parents are going to react. I thought his mother was great, since she was really trying to make Albus feel included and was putting in a good effort. Draco, on the other hand, was obviously really uncomfortable, and I thought the fact that he wasn't trying to talk to Albus at all really raised the tense atmosphere during the dinner.
I loved the last moment of this chapter when Scorpius and Albus kissed in the snow! I'm really hoping that they can get past people talking about them and just be happy!
This was a really nice first chapter, and I'm really excited to read this story! I'm so happy you're writing more of Albus and Scorpius's story. 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hi!
Thanks for reading and reviewing! I'm honoured that you actually remember and re-read Albus's Story!

It's fun to read from Scorpius's POV this time. He's very different from Albus, I think.

I wasn't sure about repeating the first (or last?) chapter from another POV, but I do think it works.

Thanks for a lovely review!


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Review #24, by CassiePotterAriana: Ariana

26th February 2015:
Hello! It's Cassie here for our review swap!
I thought this story was so good! I love reading different takes on this moment, because we don't get a totally straightforward account of the circumstances around Ariana's death in Deathly Hallows. I thought the fact that you wrote about how Ariana feels prior to her death, and how she and her brothers are living now that both of their parents are gone was really interesting. I thought the scene when she described what the boys did to her was really awful. It was really, really haunting.
I think you did a really great job with this story! I definitely felt all the emotions running throughout it, and it all felt really intense. 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely review. =) I'm glad you liked how I portrayed Ariana. Given her mental state after she was attacked, I felt like it was a fine balance. Thanks again!

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Review #25, by CassiePotterPride and Scorpius: Well met on the Hogwarts Express

26th February 2015:
Hello! I'm here for our review swap!
I thought this story looked really interesting as soon as I saw it in your Author's Page! I love Pride and Prejudice, so I had to come check this out!
I thought this was a great opening chapter. You set up your three main characters very nicely, and I thought you did a really nice job mixing dialogue, action, and descriptions of everything that's going on. I was hooked all the way through the chapter and was really surprised how quickly I got to the end!
I think Albus is my favorite character so far, because he's just so kind and happy! He seems like he'd be a really good friend. I also love your characterization of Scorpius! Since this is based on Pride and Prejudice, and Rose is the Lizzy of the story, then Scorpius would be Darcy. Since Darcy isn't particularly like able in P&P, I was afraid that Scorpius would be overly nasty, but I loved that he wasn't mean at all.
Rose seems like quite the firecracker, and her thought process was so well done! She approached everything very logically, and it really reminded me of Hermione.
This was a really nice start to this story, and I really enjoyed it! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hi there,

I love P&P too and think it is one of the best romances in the English language. I hope that Miss Austen is not spinning in her grave from the liberties I am taking with her plot line.

Thank you for the lovely and encouraging words - I'm glad you found the chapter so engaging.

Albus is going to be the emotional heart of this story I believe. As the story progresses we will see that neither Rose nor Scorpius will be honest with their feelings - Scorpius because he is not brave enough to express them out loud and Rose because she doesn't know what she feels. Albus is kind and it is a major point when it comes to his sorting. The Albus I am trying to portray is very much like his father, except just imagine how Harry would have been if he came from a family that was loving and nurturing towards him.

Yes I decided upon a Scorpius who is not a proud and arrogant pureblood. I wanted to show as much about himself as his father. If Draco had truly repented of his past actions, then I don't see that any son of his would come to Hogwarts too full of himself.

Rose is Lizzy and Scorpius is Darcy, but I'm afraid, for poor Rose's sake, that it is she who has both the vices of Pride and Prejudice. In P&P Darcy had to overcome his pride so that he could be worthy of the love of Lizzy. Meanwhile, Lizzy had to get over her prejudice, the result of a far too casual an acquaintance with Darcy. In my story it is Rose who has to overcome both. The first to fall will be her pride in a scene (already written) which will occur in her second year (about chapter eighteen or so). Scorpius on the other hand will change, he has to grow up from the frightened timid boy we first see on the train.

Thanks, I tried to get her logicality across. Her initial father-borne prejudice is not the overwhelming factor in her dislike of Scorpius as you saw. Rather she wants to start afresh, but everything she sees of Scorpius just builds up the structure of a new prejudice which is all of her own devising. Everything about him just drives her up the wall, like fingernails down a blackboard. She is too young and naive too know how to deal with Scorpius - especially compared with her rambunctious cousins (Albus is a notable exception to the rest of them, but she doesn't see yet how similar Scorpius is to him, just with a different background).

Thank you for the swap and the great review.


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