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Review #1, by mashforeverPrime Suspects: Epilogue - Wounds

13th November 2012:
I have to say that, that was the most perfect ending you could have possibly created! Thank for you a fantastic read!

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Review #2, by mashforeverPrime Suspects: Day 43

19th July 2012:
This is really intense! I'm anxious to see how everything works itself out.

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Review #3, by mashforeverPrime Suspects: The Breaking

10th June 2012:
Oh. My. God. I'm practically sobbing. I can't wait to find out what really happened!

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Review #4, by mashforeverPrime Suspects: The Confession

3rd June 2012:
Why is Peakes smiling when Rose confesses? I'll bet that jerk is somehow involved in this whole thing.

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Review #5, by mashforeverEros, Greek God of Love: The Only Chapter

2nd June 2012:
This is good; I like it. But I have one little-bitty baby problem: Zacharias Smith is a Hufflepuff. Other than that, this tale is awesome.

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Review #6, by mashforeverPrime Suspects: The Murderer With a Face and a Name

29th May 2012:
So Rose did do it? Or is she just covering for Scorpius because she (thinks she) loves him? This is so good!

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Review #7, by mashforeverPrime Suspects: My Home Away From Home

24th May 2012:
*squeals at the adorableness that is this story* This is so good!

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Review #8, by mashforeverLe Scorp!: This is the last chapter!

24th May 2012:
I love it! This is one of the most hilarious things I have ever read. :)

Author's Response: Le Scorp thinks you are one of the most awesome reviewers ever. Fact. :D

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by mashforeverStupid Red Head : It Had To Be Him

13th March 2012:
So, this is intriguing, but I have a couple of points of confusion:

A) Why do they have to have a real baby? Wouldn't it be better to use a magic doll? And where would the child go after the course finishes?

B) In case you haven't noticed, you have Dean paired with both Lavender and Luna.

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Review #10, by mashforeverPrime Suspects: Between A Rock and A Hard Place

28th January 2012:
Oh, this is good; brilliant, even! I can't wait to find out what happens next.

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Review #11, by mashforeverPhoenix Ashes: Chapter Two

23rd January 2012:
This is getting exciting! Great characterizations, by the way.

Author's Response: Aww thank you. I am kind of worried that they are a bit ooc, but I'm trying my best.

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Review #12, by mashforeverShadows: Meeting

11th December 2011:
I like it, but Rose, Al, and Scorpius seem WAY too comfortable with each other. I'm sure Harry and Ron raised their kids to be nice, but I feel Draco would still be pretentious and raise his kid as such.

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Review #13, by mashforeverNot A Hero: Not A Hero

6th December 2011:
I like it; your tale has an ambiance of darkness that "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" encompasses, which is good for the setting. Good job.

Author's Response: Thank you, that's good to hear :) I'm glad you liked this story!

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Review #14, by mashforeverWhile Daddy Wasn't Watching: Daddy!

2nd December 2011:
That is cute! Normally, I don't read Draco/Ginny stories, but it seemed too good to pass up. However, let me get this straight: Did Pansy marry Neville? That's how I understood it, and I don't get it. How did it happen?

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Review #15, by mashforeverEpilogue: The Next Generation: Old Endings, New Beginnings

1st December 2011:
Why does the story repeat? Is there a hidden symbolism to that my mind doesn't catch? But other than that, it's good.

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Review #16, by mashforeverRain or Sun: You'll Always be the One: Welcome to Hogwarts

26th November 2011:
Very mysterious. I'm eager to find out who Alex Wilcott really is.

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Review #17, by mashforeverLegacy: Breaking into Gryffindor

21st November 2011:
This is getting exciting! I'm eagerly waiting for the next chapter.

Author's Response: I've just finished writing Chapter 5 and I've now started on Chapter 6 :) glad you are enjoying it so far

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Review #18, by mashforeverSixth Year at Hogwarts: Being Neville

21st November 2011:
The part about Neville was adorable, but he deserves better than Harry; if I were to slash Neville with anyone, it would be...Seamus. And the SAG seems a bit far-fetched to me. But overall, a nice installment.

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Review #19, by mashforeverPrime Suspects: A Chaotic Mess

21st November 2011:
This is really heating up! I'll be waiting with bated breath for the next chapter!! :)

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Review #20, by mashforeverTruthache: Truthache

20th November 2011:
This is adorable! (The end, I mean).

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Review #21, by mashforeverVOLDEMORT AND THE INCOMPETENCE OF HIS FOLLOWERS: The beginning of a never ending day

19th November 2011:
This really is funny; though you could do with a bit more descriptive adjectives and keeping the thoughts limited to just Voldemort

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Review #22, by mashforeverPS ~ It's Payback Time: The Letter

19th November 2011:
Very intrigiung; I just wonder: why James went to Hogwarts and his sister was sent all over the world.

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Review #23, by mashforeverFirst Impressions: Candy apples and muggle witches.

16th November 2011:
Trés adorable! I love it.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it!

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Review #24, by mashforeverLe Scorp!: This is the first chapter!

15th November 2011:
This has brightened my day!

Author's Response: Awesome! Glad to hear it. :)

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Review #25, by mashforeverA Rendezvous or Two: To Class

15th November 2011:
YES! Snape references are always welcome and appreciated.

"Turn to page 394"

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