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Review #1, by NicolelovesdracoConcrete Angel: Concrete Angel

3rd December 2011:
This song along makes me cry like a baby, and just that you've made the most perfect fanfict about it just makes it even sadder. so powerful. so beautiful. this was amazing.

Author's Response: I'm sorry I made you cry! But, I'm glad I got the emotions across that I wanted to get across!=D

Wow, thank you so very much, it means a lot!:D

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, that makes me happpy!(:

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Review #2, by NicolelovesdracoHermione's Seventh Year: Christmas

3rd December 2011:
its a great fanfiction and plot, but it does come across that you're rushing this story a bit because you don't stick to a scene throughout one chapter and you skip time a lot. also, draco is out of character and so is most of the characters. they wouldn't of let draco stay at the burrow even if hermoine asked, and i think you should've made draco a little more cruel.

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Review #3, by Nicolelovesdraco'Til Death Do Us Part: The 2nd Installment: It Happened One Night

19th November 2011:
OH GOD THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN:O omg i am in love with these stories, i'm sorry i haven't reviewed AT ALL. i feel bad but this chapter is fantastic.

Author's Response: Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it! Keep on reading, hopefully it only gets better from there. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by NicolelovesdracoThe Art of Breathing.: Drifting.

27th October 2011:

Author's Response: SORRY MY DEAR!

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Review #5, by NicolelovesdracoThe Art of Breathing.: Alienation.

26th October 2011:
Again, absolutely amazing. you never disappoint me:D
why was the song Sirius started singing to Mary so familiar?

Author's Response: Thanks for a lovely review! Glad you're enjoying it :)

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Review #6, by NicolelovesdracoThe Art of Breathing.: Comfort.

26th October 2011:
I LOVE THIS. this is my favourite story. seriously. its absolutely amazing. i cant wait for her to tell them she's dying, even though i'm a million percent sure i'll cry. also. at the end when lily was reading that romance novel, is it real? it sounds like the film beastly sorta, and idk i was just wondering. anywho, amazing xo

Author's Response: Oh wow, I'm so glad you're enjoying it! Ahha, it's not real as far as I know - just another figment of my imagination. Thanks for such a lovely review :)

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Review #7, by NicolelovesdracoThe Art of Breathing.: Tranquillity.

25th October 2011:
"HAS ANYONE SEEN MY CHEESE?" oh god that made my entire week. mainly because they're all arguing and then peter comes out with something like that. i laughed for ten minutes straight. no joke. you are an absolute amazing writer and each chapter gets better and better. i cry almost every chapter because i know that mary's going to die no matter what. its truly heart breaking. but i love this story regardless. more than you understand. you are my hero. xo

Author's Response: Ahahaha, I really enjoyed writing that line. Owh, thank you so much for such a lovely review! You're my hero too :D

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Review #8, by NicolelovesdracoThe Art of Breathing.: Mischevious.

25th October 2011:
I have been squealing like an idiot for the past 5minutes. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS STORY. i know i havent reviewed any more chapters, but thats just me being selfish because i just cant read to wait on that i forget how much you appreciate reviews! So im sorry for that. I've laughed, cried and screamed (in a girly excited) so much at this story and i have a feeling that its only going to get worse.
You are an absolute genius and comedian, and i just LOVE you. im glad I dont have to wait for more chapters cause i'd die slowly if i did.
anyway, sirius's POV was fantastic and im gonna read on nowXD 10/10
Nicole x

Author's Response: Awh! Thank you so much Nicolelovesdraco! I ABSOLOUTELY LOVE YOU. Yep. I wne there. That's okay, you've left me a bunch of really lovely reviews that I've really loved reading and responding to so I can definitely forgive you!

Awhhh, thank you so much :D

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Review #9, by NicolelovesdracoWinning Hermione: The Suitors Game

24th October 2011:
AH i love you like tons for this story:P ive been reading it all day. im hooked. NO. im obsessed. the only pairings i like are:
& Hermione/Blaise
the rest bore me. and sorry for all the shippers but i really really hate ron&hermione, i hated them in the films too. and ill never change my opinion on them so if they end up together, ill murder you:P this plot it really unique and different. i love it. possibly one of my favourite fan fictions ive ever read. and trust me, ive read a lot. i usually dont like hermione& any of the weasley's, but i love her with george and im rooting for them. i usually hate her with blaise too but its different and hes cocky like draco so im sorta a sucker for them kind of characters:P
&i also HATE hermione/harry, so pleaseee dont make them end up together.,
overall, this chapters amazing& so is the whole story.
10/10 xx

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Review #10, by NicolelovesdracoUntouchable: Fifty-Four

12th October 2011:
NO IM CRYING LIKE CRAZY-.- i cant believe this. i dont like alex now, i changed my mind hahahhahaa i need anna with sirius no

Author's Response: Haha, you don't like him because he proposed to her? xD You know, not everyone ships Anna/Sirius xD

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Review #11, by NicolelovesdracoUntouchable: Thirty-Nine

12th October 2011:
OMG YAY:P i actually love you and i love alex too. he's just perfect -sigh- and i'm drawn to them but i still love anna and sirius more:)

Author's Response: I totally understand what you mean... kinda makes me feel bad, though xD

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Review #12, by NicolelovesdracoUntouchable: Twelve

11th October 2011:
I am actually in love with your writing:P I've read Susie Q, Susie Q where are you which I think you should update btw:P, ill be there for you and second chances and honestly, your like my favourite HPFF writer on here:)im so sorry i havent left any reviews, its selfish of me and ive just been so anxious to read on that i havent had time:P but i promise ill go back to susie q and review every chapter once ive finished this story and ill review this one too:) your amazing and i wish you luck in the future.

Author's Response: Aww :) I'm impressed, actually! You know, they're all very different types of stories, different ships and so on, so I think it's impressive that you've actually read 'em, stuck with 'em and even LIKE them. So really - I am SO happy to hear that! THANK YOU !

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Review #13, by NicolelovesdracoDirectionless. : Lucid Dreams...

30th September 2011:
Haha I still like Miffy and Tits, and Cookie too but now I officially hate Nate:P You've done a great job with these characters Jodie! Another amazing chapter, can't say I'm surprised because you never disappoint! I loved the dreams and the fact she kept imagining that dude to be Draco! And the way you made her argue with herself in her head for calling him Draco. It made me giggle! I can't wait until the next chapter of this and fake foundations! I'm excited!xo

Author's Response: Awww, yay! :) I'm so glad you enjoy this :D Your reviews really do make my day (I know, I say this on like everyone of your reviews haha) Next chapter of Fake Foundations should be up sometime in the week so watch out for that :D
Thanks a MILLION for the review :D
Love, Jodie :) xo

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Review #14, by NicolelovesdracoDirectionless. : Reunion

18th September 2011:
Oh my gosh:P I came online to look for another fan fiction to read and I saw this under draco/hermione pairings and i got real excited! You yet again made my day(; And again, this was as amazing as the other chapters. I really like Tits and Miffy so far, i cant wait to read more about the two characters! Oh, and i'd also like to say i really like this fan fiction name, just saying. and oo, a cliffhanger! i wanna know about hermione's night:o update when you can!(: xo

Author's Response: I love your reviews so much! I think my favourite part about updating is the thought that you might review! God, I'm so sad -.- :')

And yay! I'm glad you like them :) And thanks haha :') It's kinda how my writing is at the moment haha! I write some of the plot into like brief chapter overviews and then the next day i'll decide I've had a better idea and scrap the lot, so who knows what direction this story is going in! :') I'm terrible, I know :/ (Also, sorry this chapter has A LOT of mistakes :') )

I have chapter 7 written, however...

I've started a new fanfic! (Its called Fake Foundations, watch out for it ;)) :D I couldn't help it. I had this idea and it was nagging me to write -.- So the first chapter of it is being validated and I can't put C7 in yet because of that :(
Anyway, thanks A LOT for the review and continue to read and review :D Love, Jodie xo

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Review #15, by NicolelovesdracoPlaying House with Malfoy: Let's Just Be Friends

15th September 2011:
Haha so i'm like the same as someone below me. i was supposed to be asleep almost an hour ago but i've stayed up to finish your story which i started last night. i can honestly say this is amazing. I HATE GWEN ALREADY AGH. but i guess drama's good. i honestly cant wait until the next chapter. just wow.

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Review #16, by NicolelovesdracoDirectionless. : I’m not going to count this as cheating…

8th September 2011:
YAY(: this has made my day now. i am sat here smiling like an idiot at 2am:P you're a hilarious genius. I always look forward to your chapters! your such a good writer! keep writing more please.xo

Author's Response: Thanks! Theres something about the fact that you read this at like 2am and I probably stayed up till 2am writing it! I'm terrible, once I have an idea I have to write it. Chapter 6 is finished so that shall be submitted for validation today :D I'm so glad your enjoying, so continue to read and review :D xo

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Review #17, by NicolelovesdracoDirectionless. : Confusion

3rd September 2011:
Aghh, its me again, im re-reading your story because i just love it and it cheers me up! How long will it take for chapter 5 to be validated?:( its been like 24 hours im going crazy hahahha! oh, and i absolutely love you for writing this story. xo

Author's Response: Hahaha, thanks so much! I must check here like a million times a day! I think these reviews are becoming my life; I'm slightly worried!

I'm not so sure, soon hopefully. If were lucky, sometime tomorrow maybe?

I love you too for loving this! And also for reviewing and re-reading!! :D
You'll be glad to know I'm about half way through Chapter 6!
Unfortunately, theres always a bad point -.-
I start college on Monday (I'm super worried! Eeek!) So I'm not sure how fast I'll be able to write more. This is getting kinda long so i'll have to cut it off but I cant express how much I appreciate this! Thanks a million! xo

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Review #18, by NicolelovesdracoIt's Just a Crush: Have fun in Hogsmeade!

2nd September 2011:
omg, i love this story so much so farr!!! PLEASE UPDATE:(

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Review #19, by NicolelovesdracoIt's Just a Crush: I despise gingers and mudbloods

2nd September 2011:
Hahahaha blaise's pick up lines were hilarious;)

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Review #20, by NicolelovesdracoDirectionless. : 10 points from Gryffindor for not having the emotional rage of a teaspoon.

2nd September 2011:
PMSL THIS IS SO FUNNY. you had me in tears from laughter! i need more. PLEASE update!!

Author's Response: Thanks :D Chapter 5 is awaiting validation :D I think I might start Chapter 6 tonight :)

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Review #21, by NicolelovesdracoDirectionless. : TOO FAR!

2nd September 2011:
His hair falling slightly into one of his eyes, his lips, oh, they were prefect. Letting my mind wonder I found myself thinking of running my hand… WOW, WOW, WOW. HERMIONE BLOODY GRANGER! I had to take a deep breath just to get oxygen back into my brain.
HAHHAHA that made me laugh like crazy. I absolutely love this chapter and this story!

Author's Response: Again, thanks a million! :)
Please continue to read and review :D
I am so glad you enjoy it :) I get worried incase it isn't good enough!

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Review #22, by NicolelovesdracoDirectionless. : Emotions

2nd September 2011:
HAHAHAHAHAH this was so funny. im lurving this story so far cant wait to read on(: 10/10

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it :D I try to make it as funny as I can :)
I really appreciate reviews, they encourage me to write knowing people enjoy it :) Thanks a million :D xo

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Review #23, by NicolelovesdracoA Man Barely Breathing: Until I take my last breath.

2nd September 2011:
I am seriously crying my eyes out. you are amazing. I LOVE YOU. you made my heart sink when i thought they were over, i was in depression mode for 2 and a half chapters. and then it got to the happy bit! thank you so much for writing this!

Author's Response: Nicolelovesdraco,

Awe... you cried? I love you too!

This one was very emotionally sad as Draco's loss had him falling to the depths.

2 and half chapters does sound like a long time to be depressed! I'm glad you stuck it out to find the happy part! :)

I'm so happy that I was able to evoke such emotion in a reader. Thank you so much for letting me know and for taking the time to review.

So glad that you like it and... you are most welcome!
Dark Whisper

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Review #24, by NicolelovesdracoPromises Are Made Of This: The Pain of Resolve

2nd September 2011:
PLEASE WRITE MORE:( this is one of of my favorite fan fictions!

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Review #25, by NicolelovesdracoTwisted Turns: New Beginnings

2nd September 2011:
AH i love this so much! You should really keep writing, im in love with your story!

Author's Response: Nicolelovesdraco,

aw, thanks heaps! chapter 3 is up and i am in the middle of chapter 4. I'm so glad you like it!


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