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Review #51, by GrangerDanger76Rumor Has It: Winner Takes It All

15th July 2012:
This is really really good. My only suggestion being if you could, put the song lyrics in the beginning as well perhaps under the CI simply because I don't go back to the story page everytime and I miss them :)

Author's Response: I'll take that into consideration! Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #52, by GrangerDanger76To Lily, With Love: A decision

8th July 2012:
My heart is crying. Poor Sev! Anyways, excellent story :)

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Review #53, by GrangerDanger76To Lily, With Love: A shock

8th July 2012:
NO! Bring Severus!!! Bahhh!

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Review #54, by GrangerDanger76To Lily, With Love: An interruption

8th July 2012:
NO! Don't ruin the beautiful moment! :)

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Review #55, by GrangerDanger76To Lily, With Love: A surprise

8th July 2012:
Drama drama drama! :)

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Review #56, by GrangerDanger76To Lily, With Love: A note

8th July 2012:
These two are so adorable. I really like the way you characterize Severus. :)

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Review #57, by GrangerDanger76To Lily, With Love: A test

8th July 2012:
So. Beautiful... Love this beyond words. :)

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Review #58, by GrangerDanger76To Lily, With Love: A declaration

8th July 2012:
Bah! Love them together!! :)

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Review #59, by GrangerDanger76To Lily, With Love: A shot to the heart

8th July 2012:
This is an awesome start. Snape is a bit creepy but I still adore him. :)

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Review #60, by GrangerDanger76Team Rosius: Like, Totally!: TOTALLY Realistic Chapter

7th July 2012:
This is the most beautiful story ever.

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Review #61, by GrangerDanger76Dead On The Floor: Suspicious Circumstances

6th July 2012:
This is a rather interesting set-up. It could have easily turned cliche but I really enjoyed it, because it wasn't, and it was actually quite creative! Good Job on that!

There were a few typos/errors..

For example..

Bloodied up, in shock, Harry had one though as he watched the flames...

I am asuming you meant thought :)

I quite liked Harry's character as well, especially at the end, because you could really see his leadership but also his compassion and kindness. :)

This is GrangerDanger76 for Team Blue! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I appreciate it.

Yeah, I had meant thought... I keep making that mistake and it bugs me.

Go Blues!

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Review #62, by GrangerDanger76Love Rules: Love rule #2

5th July 2012:
Pretty sure I read this entire story without this chapter. :)

Author's Response: Haha yeah just a filler chapter to help you learn more about the characters ;) nothing really missed out on!

Thanks for reading :)

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Review #63, by GrangerDanger76Playing Ghosts: Playing Ghosts

3rd July 2012:
SO. BEAUTIFUL. Wonderful job!

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Review #64, by GrangerDanger76Adagio in D: An Exercise in Silence

16th June 2012:
WOW! I just love the imagery of this story! A unique paring, and wondeful sense of mystery an just, wow...

You had a good mix of plot and fluff, so good job on that.

I really liked the way you characterised Minerva... It was really subtly beautiful!

This is GrangerDanger76 for TEAM BLUE! :)

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks so much for the review! I really appreciate it!

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the imagery and the characterization in this story. :)

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Review #65, by GrangerDanger76A Lovely Trick.: In Rose Molly Weasley's World.

9th June 2012:
Aw :D I love fluffy stories like this :P

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Review #66, by GrangerDanger76Remembering: Remembering

9th June 2012:
SO BEAUTIFUL. This was elegant an just stunning. Well done :)

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Review #67, by GrangerDanger76Words Unspoken: Words Unspoken

9th June 2012:
AW!!! So adorable :D

Author's Response: thank you :D

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Review #68, by GrangerDanger76Fallin' : Awakening

9th June 2012:
Perfect, now we can just elope next week.

YAYYY! :D Excited for the epilogue detailing our beautiful wedding and romantic future without Rose Weasley! :)

Author's Response: *gasp* planning on stealing Scorp from dear Rose? she'd be heartbroken. She says you better not or she'll crucio you. Temper that one, I swear.

Hahaha your reviews always make me laugh. Thanks for being a loyal reader and reviewer. It means a lot. :)


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Review #69, by GrangerDanger76Perfect Moments: Perfect Moments

6th June 2012:
How could you just end it like that!

BEAUTIFUL! I loved this, you really captured James in a really unique and mature way. I really enjoyed that aspect of it.

Bravo! You really left me wanting more! :P

This is GrangerDanger76 for TEAM BLUE! :)

Author's Response: Ahha I'm glad you found it sort of pulling, then :P And thankyou! I did want to get across how the War had changed him, so I'm really glad you liked it :)

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Review #70, by GrangerDanger76Of Words and Weeping: {I DON'T WANT YOU THEN}

6th June 2012:
Sorry, I just had to. Anyways, this is really unique and I really enjoyed it. I liked the whole progression and such, with the subtitle thing. I was a little slow with catching on for a bit, but it's good.
I also really liked how you incorperated cannon while also keeping your unique flair :P

This is GrangerDanger76 for TEAM BLUE! :)

Author's Response: Hehe yay, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! And yeah, I think it does take a while to work up to the main plot, but I just needed to set the scene and couldn't really cut it down any more :/ But yay, thanks!

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Review #71, by GrangerDanger76Self-portrait in Crimson: Central

6th June 2012:
Wow! You really created sort of a unique aspect to this story in the way, that you've gone and did narrative v what was happening. I really enjoyed it, although the guy kinda gave me the creeps! :) You are a super taleneted writer though.

I liked the way you characterised Dom when you went back and told her what her mum used to tell her and such! :)

This is GrangerDanger76 for TEAM BLUE! :)

Author's Response: Hey GrangerDanger76,

I kind of like messing with narrative and having different tenses and bits and pices in things though. It's fun. Ahha, I guys at clubs/ bars and things are like that. See it as a warning in life.

Glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for the review! :)


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Review #72, by GrangerDanger76Un-twining: Regrets

4th June 2012:
WOW! This is really good! I really liked his personality - you are quite good at characterization; but I also really liked the descriptions, especially of Angelina.

I found just a few grammar/spelling mistakes, but they were so minor they were'nt worth pointing out! :)

Great job!

This is GrangerDanger76 for TEAM BLUE! :)

Author's Response: Oh my, I wrote this quite a while ago, thank you for taking the timte to read it! I'm glad you liked the characterizations and hope the mistakes didn't bother you too much!

It's great you enjoyed it!

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Review #73, by GrangerDanger76Taking Initiative: Taking Initiative

1st June 2012:
Awww, CUTE!

This story has a TON of potential... and for your first story, it's REALLY good! :)

Here are a few tips: :)
1. Add more description. Your pretty good at adding in like "The murky black lake" and stuff, but for example:

“Yes, you!” Clara replied.

“B-b-b-but the boy always asks the girl out!” Molly said, the sunlight coming through the leafy trees was glinting off her red hair turning it a deep auburn colour.

Insted of just saying "Said clara" add some description of Molly. What did she do? What did she look like? For example:

“Yes, you!” Clara replied. Molly's palms started to sweat. her heartbeat raced, as she gave Clara her most appaled look.

Just things like that can turn a good story, into a great one :)

2. Get a beta. This story was very good for grammar and spelling wise, but if you plan to keep writing, it's a good thing to look into. We have some great ones here on the forums! :)

3. Get a banner at TDA (If you go to the forums you can find a link) This will atract your story, if it's per say shown up in a search. The people at TDA are so nice, you'll fit right in! :)

Hope these tips help!

This is GrangerDanger76 for TEAM BLUE! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review. I'm glad you liked it. I'll have to go back and add some more descriptions.

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Review #74, by GrangerDanger76Magical Kisses : Patience Is A Virtue

1st June 2012:
This is really good. I quite like the descriptions and such :)

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Review #75, by GrangerDanger76Away From It All: Let's Go

1st June 2012:
He made her feel sane in a world that was ruled by insanity.

This is so incredibly beautiful. Honestly, I just love it all. The subtle descriptions and wonderful characterization.

In fact, on that note, I quite liked how you did very much Direct Characterization for Victorie, however, it flowed and really fit the story. I liked the indirect characterization for Teddy, the mix of the two was quite good.

I also enjoyed the mixture of flashbacks and real time. Plus, Teddy and Victorie are incredibly cute!! :)

This is GrangerDanger76 for TEAM BLUE! :)

Author's Response: Subtle descriptions seem to be my thing at the moment.

Thank you so much, Teddy and Victoire are one of my favourite pairings, both born in sad circumstances - Teddy in the midst of a war and Victoire on the first anniversary - they just seem to suited and very innocent to me.

Again, thank you so much.

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