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Review #1, by GrangerDanger7630 Days of You and Me: Together

8th April 2014:
Wow. This is it. It seems so weird. I can remember exactly where I was when I first found this story. There were only 3 chapters at the time and I was totally obsessed. Two years later and I still am. THANK YOU so much for such an incredible story, I loved the adventure, the twists and turns, and for writing a character I see so much of myself in. I have loved this story since the start, and am SO happy that it went out with a BANG! So proud of the way Rose and Scorp dealt with everything and their immense character development throughout. I love their chemistry, and all the dirty jokes you'd throw in (WHICH MAKE ME LAUGH LIKE NO OTHER). I love the way you wrote Ron in such a unique and beautiful fashion, the most realistic portrayal I've ever read on the site, and the most cannon (if this was cannon!). Ron was a masterpiece. I love Rose and Ron's relationship and the way they love each other, because that kind of unconditional love is rare, yet so very refreshing in fan fiction. I adore everything about the malfoy parents as well, from "parent speak" (which I got immediately, without having to read Rose's translation) and the way they deal with Scorpius' illnesses/sleeping-but-not-really-sleeping with a girl. I love the reality mixed with the fantasy and the substantial plot. This story rides on the fact that the two main characters are so lovable, and you want nothing more for them to be together, but then through the twists and turns you want nothing more than for them to stay together, which is remarkable as they do it, not without some failure which is REAL and how true love is. I just feel so lucky to have been able to follow this story form being just a baby to being completed. Congratulations on a job (VERY, VERY) well done.

With much love,


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Review #2, by GrangerDanger76Allergic to Fun: Invitations and Unwanted Interventions

14th October 2013:
Hello! Iím here for team blue at the CR!
What a lovely story! Iíve really enjoyed reading it! :) Lily was very relatable (There have been too many times ive been stressed for examples and too have just wanted to cryÖ) Lily is very lovable and I found myself longing for her to get out and have some fun. This is very very well written! Thank you so much for a good read! :)

Author's Response: Hi GrangerDanger! Thankyou for the lovely review :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it and that you found Lily to be relatable and lovable. Ha, I kind of based that bit of Lily on myself, I always want to cry when I'm stressed! Don't worry, Lily will get out and have some fun, more so than she expects ;) It's good to hear you felt it was well written, I find that really encouraging :) Thank you!

Haronione ♥

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Review #3, by GrangerDanger76Twelve: More of February

15th September 2013:
WHOHOO! :) this is really exciting! Things are definitely heating up! This was a great chapter, and I think the Rose and Marcus relationship is really interesting and a good plot point. Can't wait to see what happens next!:)

Author's Response: Yes they are, and I can't wait for the next chapter to be posted. Glad that you like the Rose/Marcus plotline, I was worried that people would hate it because it is supposed to be a Rose/Scor story, but so far people are really enjoying it. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, I'll have an update soon.

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Review #4, by GrangerDanger76Twelve: The Beginning of February

15th September 2013:
WOW! Drama! I think that Rose is right and I am glad she is finally sticking up for herself. I can't believe Scorpius is going through with the plan... I wonder what Rose will think of it!

Another great chapter!


Author's Response: Rose is outspoken when need to be. There wouldn't be much of a story if he didn't go through the plan. It's going to be a while before Rose finds out, although knowing her character, I doubt she would be the type of person who would find any sort of deal about dating girls, acceptable, not matter what the reason.
Thank you Camille for reading and for reviewing.

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Review #5, by GrangerDanger76Twelve: Still January

15th September 2013:
Hi there!

This story is just lovely! The plot it very unique and Rose and Scorpius are very lovely. I am really enjoying your writing style, and your flair on all the characters. I didn't particularly like the kiss between Rose and Marcus (but I don't think I'm supposed to) but it didn't feel rushed at all. now if they had gone beyond kissing I would've been like, slow down!

I really hope Rose is number 12 :)


Author's Response: If Rose is a number, I already know which one she would be.;)
The kiss between Rose and Marcus had to be rushed slightly. As for you liking it, more people like the relationship between Rose and Marcus than I had expected, but I am biased because I know what is going to happen. Rose definitely not the type of girl that would go beyond a kiss, and to her that was probably a little to far. So glad that you like the characters and I hope that you like the other chapters. Thank you for the review and for reading.

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Review #6, by GrangerDanger7630 Days of You and Me: Blunt

27th May 2013:
This is such perfection. I love how Rose faced her fears for him, and I LOVED the Darcy reference because it is SO true! :) Awesome chapter :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much!! So glad you're enjoying it... and that you caught my Darcy reference. I throw a lot of random references in there so it makes my day when they're caught. Thank you for the review!

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Review #7, by GrangerDanger76A Minor Setback: Chapter of the First

11th May 2013:
Hey! This is GrangerDanger76 for Team Blue! :)

This is a great start to the story! They way you introduced your MC and Albus was perfect, especially how her mom wanted her to do it - that was my mom when I was in school! I really like your MC's spunk and originality, she's super cute!

You changed tenses a little bit, but other than that, great job! :)


Author's Response: My mom is not like the MC's mom, she's happy that I stay home (although she does yell at me for not going outside and reading too much).

I'll keep a lookou for those verb tenses! Thanks for the feedback and for reviewing!

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Review #8, by GrangerDanger76Imperfect: Imperfect

13th April 2013:
How cute!

I love how this is such a contrast from all your other stories, it makes it so interesting. I really liked how well you conveyed Fleur's delicate and quirky attitude indirectly, by talking about the things she loved about her house.

And Bill too, you showed her immense love for him in such a simple way. This was just such a cute story! It was short but it said a lot.

Great Job!


Author's Response: I used to write fluff quite a bit -- Leaping Obstacles, Coming Home, And Now A Word From Our Sponsors, Painted Blind -- but this definitely is a change from most of my recent stories, and I'm glad I returned to fluff, if only for a bit!

I think Bill and Fleur have one of the greatest canon relationships, and since trying them out nearly a year ago I've been wanting to return and write them again. Sarah set me this challenge and I'm glad I took her up on it! It makes me happy to know that their love came across to you as well. :)

Thanks for reviewing, Camille! ♥

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Review #9, by GrangerDanger76The Other Woman: IV

9th March 2013:
Ooh! This is getting so intense!


Author's Response: Hello again,

The intensity mounts...

Irish Myth.

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Review #10, by GrangerDanger76The Other Woman: III

9th March 2013:
Oh goodness... drama is stirring.

I just love Rose and Scorpius because really, we both know they are totally ment for each other. ;)

I am just loving this story! :)

Author's Response: Hello again GrangerDanger76,

Drama most certainly is stirring. They most certainly are... If life decides to let them. Thank you so much for reviewing again,

Irish Myth.

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Review #11, by GrangerDanger76The Other Woman: II

9th March 2013:
Whee! Another great chapter! I looked at your blog for the story and it is a really great idea! I'll be there often!

Great chapter :)

Author's Response: Hello GrangerDanger76,

Thank you! I'm so pleased you checked out my blog, I hope to see you there,

Irish Myth.

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Review #12, by GrangerDanger76The Other Woman: I

9th March 2013:
Oh goodness! This is fabulous! I was a bit weary reading the description, but this actually like a really quality story.. :)

Great Job! I loved it!

Author's Response: Hello GrangerDanger76,

Thank you so much for reviewing! I hope you like the next chapters just as much,

Irish Myth.

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Review #13, by GrangerDanger76It's Not Love: When It All Began

9th March 2013:
Hey this is GrangerDanger76 from the foums for the review swap!

So uhm, wow, that is a lot to take in... Poor Mikaela, seriously, that is really intense!

I really liked the way you developed her though, she's very quirky. I also think it's pretty unique how she's Scorpius' twin!

Excellent job establishing the relationship of her father, as well as the protective older brother Scorpius, I really liked that, and hope to see more of that relationship grow :)

I'm curious to see what happens next :)


Author's Response: Hii there! Thankyou soo much! :D
I'm so glad you like it! It was a pleasure reading yours.
Thankyou for the swap! We must do it again!

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Review #14, by GrangerDanger76The Odd One: Plotting Revenge

3rd March 2013:
Hello! This is Camille from the RC Review Battle!

Oh wow! You made Tom very compelling! I really did feel bad for him...which was strange. And this is exactly 500 words? That's awesome! I really liked the way you characterized Tom in such a short story, it was really really good!

Nice Job! :)

Author's Response: Hey Camille!

I'm glad that you felt bad for Tom, as that's what I wanted to do ;D

I'm glad that you felt that Tom's character came across in 500 words, as that's what I wanted to do, and I wasn't sure if it had worked or not!

Thank you for this lovely review,


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Review #15, by GrangerDanger76Harry Potter and the Shadows of Time: A Reunion at the Burrow

16th February 2013:
Hey! My name is Camille from the forums! I saw your post in the RC Common room and thought I'd check your story out!

So first off, your writing is just lovely, it's so professional and mature that I would honestly pick this up and read it if it was a published book. I love the way you've developed Harry's character, and I guess you're a Harry/Hermione shipper huh? :) I quite liked the interaction between Harry and Dumbledore but also between him and the Dursley's because while it is somewhat cannon, you're putting your own spin on it which is unique and refreshing. I really really enjoyed reading this chapter, and will definitely come back once the others were validated. Your writing is so very good and I hope your proud of your first chapter.

Overall, I didn't see any typos, but then again, I am no beta. :) But good work there, you probably actually proof read!

But really, great job on this chapter, I can't wait to see you around the forums, and read more of your story!


Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked the first chapter. I've written loads more, but validation takes longer than I'd hope sometimes. If you are interested, I can email you the other chapters I have written so you can read it all now.

I actually don't proofread at all. I right all of my chapters really late at night while I'm just trying to find something to do (clinically diagnosed insomnia does wonders for my writing), then I just save them and post them after maybe one read through. I know that's not the best tactic, but I do edit as I write. I cannot for the life of me leave a typo sitting with the logic that "spell check will catch it later". OCD ftw.

Thanks for reading and I can't wait for you to see the rest of the chapters!

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Review #16, by GrangerDanger7630 Days of You and Me: Paint

9th February 2013:
I'll admit. I squealed.
GAHHH. YES. FINALLY. We have been waiting for this! I loved the families reaction to Scorpius, especially Hugo's. That was such a nice touch. I am so excited for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Finally, right? I hope the wait was worth it. I really loved that scene. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #17, by GrangerDanger76What If?: Mixed Memories

5th February 2013:
Hey! I really liked this chapter and am now very excited to see what happens at the wedding. I love the way you've set up the flashbacks to sorta allude to the whole sco/rose part. I also really like how you showed the relationship between Dom, Albus, and Rose because it brings some light to the story to see her interacting with her family.

Great Job! :)


Author's Response: Hi! I'm so glad that you liked this chapter, but I hate to say, the wedding scene is still a couple of chapters away so you'll have to wait for that! Yeah I thought the best way to be do a lot of flashbacks as you get an idea of their relationship, and I could choose the most poignant moments of it! I'm glad that you liked Dom and Albus as I feel as if I'm neglecting them:( They will feature more in the next chapter though!

Thanks for the review, Kiana:)

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Review #18, by GrangerDanger7630 Days of You and Me: Storm

4th February 2013:
EEEKK! How crazy. I loved the little sco/rose moments in there... I love this story because of how incredibly unique it is! It is such an interesting plot line and I just love it! Ahhg the mysterious women! I just love the way Rose doesn't really know she likes Scorpius yet, but it is so obvious to is. Rose is such an incredibly round character and you have developed her so well so far, and I'm excited to see how she grows even more! :)


(PS: in case you missed it, I nominated your story for the Ultimate Ship-off, and it moved on to the next round! Yipee!)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're enjoying it! I traveled to the Smoky Mountains about four years ago and since driving through them I haven't been able to get them out of my head. Some locations just stick with me. I'm glad I was able to use it in something as fun as this.

Thank you so much for the nomination! So sorry it took me a while to respond to this review, but I really appreciate it! It means a lot to me.

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Review #19, by GrangerDanger76What If?: The Trigger

1st February 2013:
Hey girl! I saw your status on she forums and I thought I'd pop on over! This was just absolutely adorable. I loved the little flash backs and scorose moments. I really liked your creativeness. I can't wait for your later chapters! :)


Author's Response: Hey Camille it's nice to see you here! I'm glad that you liked, and the flashbacks worked as I was a little worried about them! The next chapter should appear soon!

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Review #20, by GrangerDanger76Things Havenít Changed : Rescue Plans, Dark Wizards, and....Chocolate?

27th January 2013:
Oh goodness... DRAMA! I can't wait to find out what happens next! Great Job!

Author's Response: Yup. Drama, drama, and more DRAMA. The drama shall never cease in this story! Please read on! :)

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Review #21, by GrangerDanger76Things Havenít Changed : A Prologue of Sorts

27th January 2013:
Loved it! Super fun little intro chapter. I quite like Zelda she's very spunky! But Rose and Malfoy. Gah I can already feel the sexual tension :p

Author's Response: Thank you! ^-^
I hope you keep on reading, because I can promise that if you like spunky characters and sexual tension, you'll like the coming chapters even more! :P

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Review #22, by GrangerDanger7630 Days of You and Me: Distraction

12th January 2013:
asdfghjkl; I just...

Okay. No. Yes. I can't handle the feels right now. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Breathe.

This was an insanely good chapter. Great Job. My heart hurts for Ron and Scorpius but the way you did this was so artful and lovely. I am so excited for the next chapter. Wow. okay.

Scopius/Rose... YES. VICTORY. :)

Author's Response: FEELS. There are so many feels.

I'm really glad you're liking it! It has been so much fun to write. Really!

Thank you!

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Review #23, by GrangerDanger76City Lights: City Lights

12th December 2012:
Holiday Review Extravaganza Two

Wow, this was much different than I expected. Very, very good. I was like, whoa. It was quite haunting almost, in a really really good way. Draco.Draco was outstanding, and I just... I can't get over it. I will certainly be remembering it, for a while.

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Review #24, by GrangerDanger76Potentially Potent Polyjuice: Give The Elf Some Help

12th December 2012:
Holiday Review Extravaganza Two

Aw! A House elf story! I liked it a lot. I really liked Hermione's character the most, for it was very in character for her, as well as the precious little house elves! Good job! :)

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Review #25, by GrangerDanger76Hagrid's Twelve Days of Christmas: A Fwooper in a Star Tree

12th December 2012:
Holiday Review Extravaganza Two

First off, YES for a HAGRID story. You are just fabulous,because Hagrid is such an underwritten character. You captured him perfectly, and this is such a great story! :)

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