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Review #1, by atellamGlasses: 2 a.m.

6th April 2014:
Your James is the best James.

That is all.

- A. ^_^

Author's Response: Adele, you're too good to me - thank you!!!

~Jess :D

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Review #2, by atellamRed.: Prologue.

28th August 2013:
I hope you continue with this, because this sounds awesome as hell. Honestly, dark and slightly twisted with the concentration camps and the experiments, but a brilliantly original plot none-the-less. I hope you update soon, as I'll definitely be on the look out for updates. Best of luck!

- A. :)

Author's Response: I will, I promise! I know it has been a year (wow, even I was surprised it had been that long) and I am the most ridiculous human being with an appalling lack of excuses but I am currently in the middle of writing the next chapter! Thank you so much for reviewing :)

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Review #3, by atellamDid I Make the Most of Loving You: Here to Work

28th August 2013:
I'm going to sound like a broken record, but some more description could have really added to this chapter, as well as upping the word count. I know we'll see more of her later, but I have no idea what Holly looks like, or anything to do with Terrance other than his arm was hurt. Obviously, no body wants to be that person who spends three paragraphs describing a dress, but slipping in description is easy. "The two walked to the front door, Holly's shoes click-clacking as she crossed the patio, the sound largely drowned out by their laughter. Neither were aware of the dark shadow passing from the far hedge to the trees as they made their way inside. Rosie barked at the movement, her small yap filling the otherwise empty garden, until a maid came rushing out of the house to pull the small terrier inside by the collar least she disturb the master." Not that that's perfect or anything, but see how just adding in some of that description helped make the whole thing longer, as well as also adding to the overall flow of the story? Anyway, that's just my two cents. I love what you're doing regardless, but yeah.

Keep up the awesome work, and I'll be on the lookout for an update!

- A. :)

Author's Response: Broken records are fine dear, I appreciate any advice. This chapter was quickly whipped up (I regret it looking back now) because I'm going to college and I wouldn't be able to update for a few days and I'd already waited over a month to write a decent chapter. I'm glad you liked that last bit. It was one of my favorite parts with the little dog seeing something the other characters were unaware of. I'll include more description of Holly. I realize now I didn't do that before. lol. Thanks for your advice and your help! It only helps me write a better fic and become a better writer! :) Thanks for reading and I'll update in a few days (probably in the first week or two of September). :)

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Review #4, by atellamDid I Make the Most of Loving You: Pureblood and Posh

28th August 2013:
I wonder why Garrett went all cold when he dropped her off? I suppose we'll just have to wait and see! And this is far from the Poppy we know and love from Hogwarts. Such an excellent opportunity for character development! ^_^ And werewolves! Oh my!

Again, I know this is your first time writing in third person, and you're doing brilliantly, but more description would really improve the flow in my opinion. And I'm not trying to sound harsh, or picky, because I know how much easier it is to get emotions across from a first person point of view, but just remember to SHOW us how Poppy feels, not just tell us. 'She felt sick with nerves' isnt anywhere near as effective as 'her stomach rolled as she picked up the scalpel, her hand shaking as she realized she was way out of her depth.' Does that make sense? Again, sorry if I sound mean or picky. It's not my intention - I'm just pointing out areas and methods you might try in order to strengthen your writing and the story. :)

Keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: I love developing minor characters. They're my favorites to work with actually so I'm excited to see how Poppy develops throughout. Eeek yes, first time in 3rd person and it scares me a little to add too much description but if you think that's what this needs more of, I'll gladly try to include it! I'm very open to advice at this point as it's still early on in the fic. Thank you for your suggestions as well as your reviews! I hope you continue reading!

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Review #5, by atellamDid I Make the Most of Loving You: Only the Beginning

28th August 2013:
I love stories about Madam Pomfrey, and this one certainly looks promising. Lots of set up here and I can't wait to see where it goes. Some of your (I'm going to call them sections because I don't know how else to refer to the different time periods you've broken up the chapter with) are a bit brief though, and I think you could flesh them out some more with description. It might help the flow of the whole chapter if you did. I found some of the sections quite jumpy, although maybe that was just me. The story reads fine as is, but just food for thought. :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reading! I'm thrilled you like Madame Pomfrey as much as I do. I love minor characters and I jumped at the idea I had spinning around in my head to write her story. Some sections are a tad brief, but that's only because I'm switching from place to place (like from hospital to estate etc). However, I will take your advice to consideration and I shall work on that in the upcoming chapters! :) Thanks for the advice and thoughts!

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Review #6, by atellamFree Fall: Free Fall

28th August 2013:
So that was the most moving Tonks piece of fanfiction I've ever read. Seriously, this was amazing, and I know you said the style was experimental, but it was brilliant, and really well done. Wonderful story. Absolutely fantastic.

Keep up the awesome work,
- A. :)

Author's Response: THANK YOU.

You're so lovely. This means everything.

Thank you so much for reviewing. It really means a lot.

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Review #7, by atellamGrowth: dull as dirt

26th August 2013:
Creepy as hell, this story was. Brilliantly written, but creepy as hell, haha. Although I think that's the look you were going for, so again, well done!

I've only read one other story about Merope, which I loved for reasons very different to this one. I like the language you've used, even if the constant nature references freak me out a little bit. The other story was much more about how Merope fell in love with and hooked Tom Riddle, while this is much more her personal struggle after he's left her.

Ahh, definitely favoriting this one.

Keep up the marvelous work!
- A. :)

Author's Response: Hi again! I really do love it when a reader appreciates my writing enough to read through several stories on my author's page! Your reviews are honestly so flattering and so encouraging, and they've left me feeling so elated.

This story was originally written for the horror/dark challenge earlier this year, which explains the creepiness! It means I probably succeeded in writing a horror/dark piece, which is territory I'm not altogether familiar with. You're right in saying that this story doesn't focus much on her relationship with Riddle; I was more bent on describing those last few months of her life, when she was abandoned and alone while pregnant. I can't even begin to imagine what a difficult time she must have had.

Thank you so much for your lovely review and for favouriting! It truly means so much to me as a writer! ♡

teh ♡

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Review #8, by atellamYou Can Write The Book: it's all in the details

26th August 2013:
Beautifully written. I love your writing. You're so unbelievably gifted with words. You deserved your Dobby nominations. The quote from this story is just amazing. Wonderfully done.

- A. :)

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much for this lovely surprise review! ♥ I'm so glad you chose to read and review this story; it's one of my personal favourites out of everything on my page. The Dobby nomination for this story was honestly so unexpected, and I'm still more than a little humbled that this simple story has achieved so much. I'll be happy no matter what the outcome is! Thank you so very much again! *hugs*


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Review #9, by atellamHonour Among Thieves: family, help, and step one is complete

24th August 2013:
Hooray! James it back!

God, I love this story. I got so excited when you updated. Can't wait to see what happens next. Keep up the good work!

- A. :)

Author's Response: I KNOW I LOVE JAMES TOO!
I'm so happy you keep reading and reviewing, thank you so much!

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Review #10, by atellamCluedo: Snakes

21st August 2013:
I'm in love with this story. It's absolutely brilliant. Very clever and I'm very intrigued as to what will happen next. I don't trust Victoria, I hope Henry makes another appearance, and I hope Lily believes/forgives James soon and also gets involved in the bad guy hunt. Her brilliant brain is sure to come in handy at some point. :)

Again, great story and hopefully you'll update soon because I can't live with this cliffhanger!

Keep up the great work!
- A.

Author's Response: Hey Adele! Clever? Wow, that's a high accolade. I've never thought of it as clever- something about knowing exactly what's going to happen makes a mystery lose it's lustrous appeal :P I wouldn't trust Victoria either, she's a shady one isn't she? I like Henry,he's a kind, helpful ghost- what's not to love? Of course Lily will be involved! How can she not? I won't give too much away on that point though ;) She will forgive him, she's a forgiving person (and I love Jily too much).

Thanks so much for the lovely review, and I'll try not to leave you dangling for too long!

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Review #11, by atellamagainst the dying of the light: rage, rage

20th August 2013:
I wish I could write like this at three am. Honestly, I loved this. I had to read it once I saw it was Jily, but I absolutely love what you've done with the pairing here. I love that it's from James' perspective, I love the use of second person, and I love how you've focused on their life after the war. The poem is a lovely touch, and the title is very fitting. Wonderful job and I hope to read some more of your stuff!

Keep up the good work!
- A.

Author's Response: James' perspective and the use of second person was something I wasn't sure I would be able to pull off while writing this, so I'm glad you like it! Both of the poems referenced to in this fic are some of my favorites, so I'm glad you think they're fitting. thank you so much for the lovely review! ♥

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Review #12, by atellamAnd Love Prevails: And Love Prevails

10th August 2013:

'Dominique Preverell' - I rolled around on my bed a bit at this, some goofy smile on my face as I sort of squealed into the pillow. Then I realized it was a sadish moment, because she's died, but then I rationalized it all by reminding myself she was happy, and therefore I am allowed to fangirl over this.

I loved the part where you had 'begin Mother of Dragons'. I know it was the title of the song, but I dunno, it just sounded ominous and dramatic and I momentarily forgot that it was about the song, and I was like, oh, my God. Is Dom going to take after Uncle Charlie? WILL SHE BECOME A KHALEESI? HOW IS DRUE GOING YO FIT ALL THAT INTO THE LAST CHAPTER?! And then I realized... Honestly, though, I went and listened to that song, and even without reading this chapter, that music almost makes me cry. Instrumental music tends to do that. It's so beautiful and emotional that in sneaks into your soul through your ears and tears apart your heart, and you let it because it does it so beautifully you don't have the will to stop it.

*Ahem* But yes. Back on topic.

I can't believe this story is coming to a close, and yet I've only just found it. Still, I'm glad I have, and while I wish I'd been able to make this amazing journey with you as a reader, I'm still glad I get to be here for any part of it at all, particularly the end. :)

Ahhh, Drue. I honestly cannot wait to start reading some more of your work. (I have my eyes on The Seer, and Prime Suspects first, but plan to eventually get through all of them. (I cannot believe you have over 50 stories on the archive! That's crazy!))

I loved the GoT quote at the beginning. It set the tone beautifully.

Okay. Wow. This has been rambly. (My reviews always are, it seems...) Anyway, I'll leave you with a reminder that you're awesome, and to keep up the amazing work, because as far as I'm concerned, Dominus is now canon...

- A. ^_^

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Review #13, by atellamLate Nights: October: 1981

7th August 2013:
AH, Kayla! This whole story is brilliant. I actually stumbled across it on FFN? You've posted it there too right? But then when I saw you'd posted a story by the same name here, I was like "oh! That makes so much more sense!"

Anyway! This was amazing. You know how much I love Jily (my babies!) and you didn't disappoint. I loved how you wrote then, both before and when they were together. Harry is adorable. ^_^

Lots of love, and can't wait to read some more of your stuff now that my Trials are over. Woohoo!

Keep up the amazing work, girl!
- Adele. ^_^

Author's Response: Hey, Adele!

Yeah, I started to post it on FFN as well! Although, that's the "less-important" one, haha!

Aw thank you! I'm glad to hear I didn't disappoint with the Jily, I was so focused on getting them exactly right, ahah! And yeah, Harry is adorable, isn't he? :p

That's exciting about your trials! I only have two more left, and they're the easier ones! :p Hope you went well on them! :D

Thanks for the review! :D

- Kayla. :)

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Review #14, by atellamcorporeal.: happy

5th August 2013:


Oh, my God. The feels. I love them so much. And I totally love how you've mentioned that all of Lily's memories are tainted. They would be, with the difficulties she's had in her life, and James is her saving grace. I love that. I really do.

Ah, Jess. It's perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect. I'm 83% done with the next Canis chapter, so I hope you're working on Wonderland! Go, go, go!


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Review #15, by atellamAnd Love Prevails: A Choice to Leave Everything You Know For Love

4th August 2013:
Oh, my God, what? YOU CANT'T LEAVE ME WITH A CLIFFHANGER LIKE THIS. asdfghjkl; I need to know what happens next. How does she find Ignotus when he's left Godric's Hollow? How does Ignotus react to the fact that she's pregnant? And most importantly - how big the the reunion scene between the two? It better be massive. I hope it's massive with lots of kisses and hugs and declarations of love. You could write four giant chapters of fluff between these two and I'd love every minute of it. Honestly, I'm so upset this isn't an actual ship. Like, other people haven't written stories about it, too, because I totally ship it. Oh well. I'll just have to go back and re-read the story to get another Dominus fix (which, interestingly enough, was a title of sovereignty in the Roman Republic; was the official title of Roman Emperors; and it's shortened form 'Dom' is used as a prefix of honor. All goes to show this ship is boss (:P))

Anyway! (I need to get less rambly in my reviews.) This story is amazing, it deserves all of it's lovely awards, and many many more, and I can't believe it's taken me this long to read it!

*ahem* To conclude, keep up the amazing writing, Drue. You're brilliant. ^_^

- A. :)

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Review #16, by atellamAnd Love Prevails: A Mother's Love

3rd August 2013:
It's quarter past four in the morning and I'm officially hooked on this story. Actually, I think I was hooked chapters back, but c'est la vie. You're writing is brilliant, I'm a total Domnotus(? (Domius?) What's the ship name here?) shipper. Going back to all those Next-Gen stories with their Victoire/Teddy/Dominique love triangles just isn't going to cut it. (Not that I ever enjoyed those plots. They just seem to pop up in all sorts of stories, Scorose, James II/OC, Albus/OC, you name it.)

(This review is getting rambly, isn't it?)

ANYWAY! Love the story, shall review again in a bit, but I needed a break from the feels before the next chapter so I though I'd review. Wonderful story, excellent writing, and brilliantly original plot.

Onwards! (Even though it's 4:25am!)

- A. :)

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Review #17, by atellamAnd Love Prevails: And Then There Were Two

3rd August 2013:
Poor Sean Bean... Even when he's cast as a face claim he dies. :( Brilliant story, though. Wonderfully original, and excellently written. I'm completely hooked!

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Review #18, by atellamDanse Macabre: Exit Music

1st August 2013:
Don't ask me why it's taken me so long to get around to reading this, because it's been on my list since it was nominated for GSotM, and then bumped up when it won Best Honorary Gryffindor in the Golden Paw Awards, but somehow it's still taken me months to get around to reading this. Seriously, I'm hitting myself now, because this is brilliant, and I wish I'd known about it sooner. Honestly, I love your portrayal of Regulus. I feel it's wonderfully accurate, and really fits my head-canon.

You're a wonderful writer, caoty. Truly.

Best wishes, and keep up the good work!
- Adele. :)

P.S. If you ever get a banner, Tom Sturridge for Regulus. *hint hint* He's suitably dark and angsty, in my opinion. :P

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Review #19, by atellamA Lightness: not quite her name

1st August 2013:
I love your interpretation of Lavender. I think this is the most canon story I've read about her, although I must admit I haven't read many (largely because I hate how people characterise her so often in fanfiction.) Your Lavender is brilliant, though, and I love how you've written Parvati and Padma as well. Really well done.

Wonderful story, and I can't wait to read some more of your writing. Keep up the excellent work!
- A. :)

Author's Response: Hello! Wow, what a lovely surprise review! Thank you so much ♥

The most canon story about Lavender? I'm honestly so flattered right now :D And yeah, she isn't characterised with too much sympathy in fanfic; it's probably because we see her through Harry's skewed POV in the books, where she appears to be a ridiculous, silly, vapid, annoying character. The goal of this story was to change that! I'm glad you like the Patil twins as well; they're such minor characters in the books and we hardly see anything of them!

Thank you so much for your lovely review!


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Review #20, by atellamShe, He: She, he

27th July 2013:
My beautiful babies. *sobs*

Jas, why do you always write the best Jily? It's not fair. I always get hit by intense feels when I read your work because it's just so good.

I loved this, I loved the differences and similarities between the two of them, and I love that your brought it all back to the fact that they love one another. I love that. I really do.

I know school's crazy (for both of us!) and you have a million other things to be doing, but I get so happy when I see you've posted something new. I love your writing. Keep up the amazing work, lovely!

- Adele. :) x

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Review #21, by atellamBefore They Fall: The Force That Drives Us

27th July 2013:
I can't believe you finished your first novel! Ah! This is amazing, and I'm so jealous, because it's been nearly two years and I'm still only 12 chapters into Canis Major (which is embarrassing now that I think about it) but I'm so excited for you, Jami!

I'm super excited about book 2, and while of course it's totally up to you, I'd totally stick with a 'they' theme for the title, eg. 'As They Fight' or 'As They Stand' or something. (I'm a sucker for title continuity. I think it's really clever when an Author can find a running theme through the titles. Plus, it helps link them together as part of a series.) Of course, I know I'm going to love it regardless, haha. :P

Anyway, congrats again, Jami, and can't wait to see more of your work soon!

- Adele. :)

Author's Response: Adele! I already PM attacked you, now I'm response attacking you! Deciding to update weekly is hands down the only reason this is finished. If I'm left to my own devices, I'll take ages to write one chapter. But having someone to hold me accountable to weekly chapters, and promising that they will be updated weekly, seriously made all the difference, haha.

That sort of pattern was what I was thinking of too, that or 'into the --" so it would finish the title. Like, Before They Fall Into The Darkesns. That was almost the title for a bit, then after hours of brainstorming Athene Goodstrength helped my find the perfect one with As Darkness Descends! What do you think?!

Thank you so much for your awesome words and for reading this story and for just being so awesome. I can't believe you decided to start reading such a long story and I'm so honored and I just want to hug you ♥

I'm so nervous/anxious/excited to see what you think of book two!!

♥ Jami

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Review #22, by atellamGravity Happens: radiance

26th July 2013:
MY BABIES! I love Jily, they're my OTP, and I love how you wrote them. The continued celestial motifs were really well done, and I can just see them, orbiting around each other, hating that they couldn't get away, but eventually realizing they need the other to function properly. Lily made me chuckle and James made me smile, and your writing is brilliant and this was very well done.

Congrats, and I hope you write more Jily in the future! ^_^

- A. :)

Author's Response: BABES! I, too, love Jily. How can they /not/ be anyone's OTP?? Thank you for the lovely comments - I was a bit scared of writing Jily and the style I used in this is very different from what I usually write, so yeah. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the lovely review ♥

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Review #23, by atellamThunder: I like the rain.

26th July 2013:
I think Louva's a cute ship name. :)

I haven't come across many Louis/OC fics, but I love it when I do. I always love the different way people characterize him, although yours is my favorite by far. :) Ava's a brilliant character, very dynamic, despite her inability to see that she causes a lot of her own problems by working herself up in her head and then getting angry at people for not understanding despite refusing to tell them. Louis challenges her and she doesn't like that, and pushes him away because it's easier to live in her terrible, failing little life than to deal with the fact that she might be the cause of some of the problems - not her social class, not anything else - just her. Granted, her situation doesn't make it easy, but it would be simpler if she didn't work everything up in her head and push everyone away.

Anyway, that's how I read it, and while the chances are I'm wrong, I can't wait to see how this story progresses and how she'll continue to grow as a character. Same with Louis. :)

Anyway, I've added this to my favorites, because it's awesome, and I can't wait to check out some of your other stories. Best luck with your writing, and can't wait for an update. :)

- A. ^_^

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Review #24, by atellamForget Me Not.: if you could go back in time, what would you change?

21st July 2013:
Tears. I'm crying. Dear God, I can't see. I actually... Nope. My chest hurts. Be right back.

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Review #25, by atellamEnemies with Benefits : Bravery (Sort Of)

21st July 2013:
So excited that you updated this! I was worried that it had been abandoned and we'd never know the ending! Loved the drama. I hope Fred goes into super protective mode when he hears what happened to Dessie. Either way, I'm dying for the next chapter. Keep up the wonderful work and I'll be sure to check out your new story, too.

Update soon! We've all missed you, haha.
- A. :)

Author's Response: It actually was sort of abandoned to be honest! I didn't think I'd ever get back to it but I already had half of the chapter written for months and a few days ago I was just like "I don't feel like writing my English paper so instead I'm going to write so fan fiction." I ended up getting a C on the paper but hey, I got this done so that should count for something.

Please do check out the new story! I really love writing it and I would love for more people to read it just because I think my writing has improved and I think you can see that in the new story.

I'll try to update soon but my college classes this summer are taking up a lot of my time so I'm not exactly sure when.

I've missed you all as well! Thanks for reviewing!

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