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Review #1, by ImAUnicornableRonnie The Fifth: Chapter 10

25th August 2011:
I have a question. When you finish this story (Or possibly now, if you want) could I possibly write Remus' side of the story? I would give you all the credit for the plot and characters and whatever. And I'll try not to change it at all, or if I changed anything,only extremely small things that wouldn't change the plot. May I?

Author's Response: You want to write fanfic of my fanfic? That's pretty cool. But I'm going to have to say no. One, because I tend to be a jealous person and although most of the characters are in Rowling's cannon, the way I've developed them makes them my babies. Ronnie, especially, is my baby because she's completely mine. I guard them jealously. Two, if I had thought this story better told in Remus' point of view, I would have written it that way (and I've thought of doing so myself a few times). But as it stands, I'd rather not have the story told by Remus just yet, even if I'm not the one writing it. Thirdly, this story will most likely have a sequel, and there's no telling what I'll have to tweak to make it work. I don't think it'll be much, but I don't want that to eventually cause problems with plagiarism (even though you plan to give me credit). So while I'm flattered that you like this story enough to want to tackle it yourself, (and I'm super, super appreciative that you asked me) I just wouldn't be comfortable with it.

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