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Review #1, by jordinoWolfsbane: If I Could Only Run

13th April 2012:
Bless Dan... and kyle and drew reacted like anyone would, i think they'll come around in time

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Review #2, by jordinoWolfsbane: Mistake doesn't cover it

13th April 2012:
You were right, i totally went, "oh my god." And it is pretty much Evies fault because if she would of just LET IT GO then James wouldn't have gotten that angry and shouted that out. And know one outside of the Wotters knew about Charisma, right?

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Review #3, by jordinoWolfsbane: Protecting My Families Honour

3rd April 2012:
Okay a few things: 1) i freakin love Lily's character! 2)James is so dense sometimes... but that's obvious. and 3) i strongly dislike Evie and honestly don't know what James see's in her. oh and i like the story so far!

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Review #4, by jordinoBadgers, Blushing and Gods of Lurve: Birth of a Hero

7th February 2012:
HOLY FREAKIN GOD! i know this is only a story but OH MY GOD! Wow, that was really obnoxious

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Review #5, by jordinoJust One of the Guys: Chapter 40 and 41

6th February 2012:
awh! That last part was so cute! I want a cheesy proposal like that :P Good Story!

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Review #6, by jordinoBadgers, Blushing and Gods of Lurve: A Hospitable Visit

3rd February 2012:
That last line was too cute!

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Review #7, by jordinoThe Art of Breathing.: Empowerment II.

3rd January 2012:
FINALLY! I was just waiting for them to get back together and Sirius begging... priceless. Haha but i'm glad she finally told Lily! I mean it took 38 chapters, ahah.

Author's Response: Well, they weren't long chapters... ahem. Okay,they were a LONG 38 chapters... :P

Thank you so much for reviewing! :)


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Review #8, by jordinoThe Art of Breathing.: Chaotic.

23rd December 2011:
i personally thought that she was gonaa spill her secret while drunk, but that didnt happen! haha but i liked this chapeter, some good stuff!

Author's Response: Thanks! I guess she managed to retain some of the things she was keeping in at any rate :)


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Review #9, by jordinoThe Art of Breathing.: Devious.

28th November 2011:
I hate snape. Doing this for his own selfish reasons for lily, who doesnt even want him. So frustrating sometimes! But anyways... 10/10

Author's Response: BO SNAPE. He is a frustrating induvidual.

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Review #10, by jordinoThe Art of Breathing.: Quizzical.

28th November 2011:
i just freakin love this story! oh and my answers for the little questions up there: Ria(:/Rachel then Sirius/dont have a least favorite and lastly, James&Lily(hopefully)/i dont really know for least favorite couple

Author's Response: Awh, I'm so glad you enjoy it and thanks for leaving me such a nice review! :)

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Review #11, by jordinoDelicate: An April Fools Prank Gone Horribly, Horribly Wrong

26th November 2011:
oh my god! I seriously freaked out(not literally) when i thought james was dead! And laura :/ Nicely done!

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Review #12, by jordinoDelicate: Secrets and Cigarettes

25th November 2011:
the james dumping laura was pretty funny(:

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Review #13, by jordinoComing Clean: Coming Clean

25th November 2011:
i really like this! I dunno but i've always preferred Draco and Hermione!

Author's Response: They're my guilty pleasure! Thank you! x

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Review #14, by jordinoDelicate: Letters From My Godmother

25th November 2011:
i'm mentally preparing myself for when everyone finds out since i know they will not take it well, or at least that's what i'm predicting. haha

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Review #15, by jordinoDelicate: I'm Not You

24th November 2011:
awwh, that last line :( such dissapointment. And when the whole 'dealing' stuff. That was funny(:

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Review #16, by jordinoDelicate: Prologue: The Test

24th November 2011:
i already love it and it's just the prolouge!

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Review #17, by jordinoThe Potter Boys and the Enchantment of Redheads: Chapter Six: Weasley Hell (The Birthday Bash Pt. III)

21st November 2011:
Rose and Lily are ridiculous! I just wish i could B* slap them both! And poor Elaquay :/ Sorry for the language there!

Author's Response: lol, it's all good. Yes, in this particular chapter, Rose and Lils are both ridiculous. They get even worse though. Just saying. But then of course they get better ;).
And Elaquay will also go through a lot worse in later chapters
Thanks so much ;D

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Review #18, by jordinoWonderland: Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun

20th November 2011:
this is so cute, the two of them anyways. And the whole starbucks scene made me think of a date i had where the cashier was really arrogant and i wanted to pay for my stuff but my date wouldnt let me so we like playfully fought about it... yeah haha

Author's Response: Thank you! And you went on a Starbucks date like Spencer and James?!?! That's so cool! Wow, that kind of made my day!
Thanks for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #19, by jordinoWonderland: Dreaming

19th November 2011:
its only the second chapter but im liking it! (:

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad that you're enjoying it! :D

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Review #20, by jordinoWho's Playing Who?: Am I keeping your attention?

14th November 2011:
im liking this story(:

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Review #21, by jordinoTurning the Tables: Talk About Greatness, Whenever They Speak About Me

11th November 2011:
so i feel weird reviewing when a story has been up for a while but still, (: So i really like this story! And i was a little sad when Chaise was put into Slytherin :/ Now there group of 5 will only be 4! And stupid Freddy, bringing up bad memories! He deserved that punch

Author's Response: Don't worry about feeling weird! I don't mind the reviews at all :)

I'm so happy you like the story! & I needed to put Tyson into Slytherin in order for Coco to make a place for herself there, or else I thought it'd seem random. Slytherin is also my favorite house, so I'm not really bothered by it.

And yes, Freddy is stupid and he most definitely deserved the punch :)

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #22, by jordinoOtherwise Engaged: What Perfection Looked Like

7th November 2011:
so freakin' cute! I was going to comment on other chapters and i dont know if i did or not but i decided to now and i really liked this story(:

Author's Response: Well, thank you! :D

Thanks for reading and reviewing :D


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Review #23, by jordinoButterfly Kisses: Butterfly Kisses

2nd November 2011:
i like it! it was really cute including the bits about butterfly kisses(:

Author's Response: Aw thank you! I really appreciate the review!

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Review #24, by jordinoExchange: Chapter 8

20th October 2011:
i really like this story! (:

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

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Review #25, by jordinoNormalcy: Chapter 48: Welcome to the Black Parade

1st September 2011:
i know this story has been done for awhile but i've just started reading it and wow. This is really well written and this chapter most definatly made my mouth drop open for a while. So to conclude things, i am enjoying this story and good job(:

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