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Review #1, by dark_goddessWhen the Lights Go Out: I love you more and that's final!

7th September 2005:
it kind of reminds me of this one i read, but Hermione had more of a weird person following her, never mind, i like it.

Author's Response: Merci! Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

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Review #2, by dark_goddessChanged For Good?: Skipping

4th September 2005:
Ahhh! So much change, i like it.

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing! again!

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Review #3, by dark_goddessChanged For Good?: Skipping

4th September 2005:
Ahhh! So much change! i like it.

Author's Response: change is good!

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Review #4, by dark_goddessWhispers of a Lost Soul: The Murderer

3rd September 2005:
AHHHH! confused! Will i get this sometime soon? But i like it!

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Review #5, by dark_goddessNameless Slave: Nicole Vasser

3rd September 2005:
Ok jsut to tell you, yes you still have people who were waiting, i was one of them. i liked it, it was greeat. Hope you update soon.

Author's Response: you have no idea how happy i was that i still had some readers, and after my long absense i certainly deserved to be forgotten by my readers

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Review #6, by dark_goddessPhoenix Tears: An Attack, A Fight And An Explanation

27th July 2005:
Cool, write more, please i like reading other peoples views on how they think the 6th year should have gone.kat

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Review #7, by dark_goddessIntoxicating Obsession: The Epilogue (rest of 33 'The Heirs')

16th July 2005:
i liked it, but it was all too happy that EVERYONE was with someone, but i'm just mean, so forget about that part. But it was great.

Author's Response: lol yeah it was but i did say happy ending lol. thank you so much!! i am glad!! :)

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Review #8, by dark_goddessAngel Or Devil: Shallow

26th June 2005:
YAY another update GO YOU

Author's Response: LOL! GO ME!!!!!

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Review #9, by dark_goddessAngel Or Devil: Tearing

24th June 2005:
YAY you poasted it was nice, short but its getting somewhere, YAY!!!!!

Author's Response: This chapter should of been up ages ago, I just forgot to post it. So sorry about that.

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Review #10, by dark_goddessAngel Or Devil: hospital wing

27th May 2005:
its great, ive been waiting for you to post for like a month, maybe two, and i know how you feel when no one reviews, but i think it rocks. PS i hope everything is ok with your life, cause somethings thats why people don't post. kadie

Author's Response: I'm sorry I haven't updated, I just kinda lost the story if that makes sense. Saying that though I have got another chapter on my computer to post. So that should be up in a couple of days.

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Review #11, by dark_goddessThe Maurders Meet Their Match: Train Rides and Bets

6th April 2005:
i love it!!!!!!! its soo funny, and if you don't keep writting i'll have my mob friend come and get you :) and thanks for reading mine and rating it.

Author's Response: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank yous0o0o0o much for reviewing!!!!!!!!!!

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