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Review #1, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369The Dursley Freak: Charlie, The Loony?

10th December 2011:
oh, suspense...
I haven't been on in aaageees, sorry! I've had an exam overload (did somebody say 2 hrs 15 mins for an english exam? Yawn)
I can't wait to hear about this halloween party
If I was there, I would have given Lee/Charlie a cookie, Cookies cheer everyone up.

Author's Response: Oh, that must have been a hard exam. :/
Well, I know I love cookies. :)

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Review #2, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369The Dursley Freak: Friends It Is

6th December 2011:
One of my personal favourites too!
I'm glad they're finally friends, I could tell that they couldn't stay mad at each other forever.
I love Harry in your story, he makes me smile!
Hmm... What else?
I think your song was pretty good (I can't remember if that was this chapter or last chapter but it was still good)
That's it for now.
I'm going to be quite sad when I reach the end and can't review anymore I think :(

Author's Response: Yes! I love this chapter because they finally make peace. :) Thank you!
I know, I was a little sad, too, when I finished the story.

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Review #3, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369The Dursley Freak: Parties Suck

6th December 2011:
Oooh suspense!
Dora's Birthday, yay :)
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Dora
Happy Birhtday to you!
*Presents with cake*
Tension with Faldo, we finally see who put that almighty stick up his arse...

Author's Response: Lol, your last words amuse me. :)

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Review #4, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369The Dursley Freak: Roxy's secret

6th December 2011:
She so is going crazy :)
Thanks for clearing up the houses for me, I get it now!
So.. Charlie/Lee=same person?
I think I know who dream guy is but I'm not going to say anything in case I'm wrong
And, Roxy and Owen? What? *is stunned* that was unexpected, good unexpected though!

Author's Response: Yes, Lee is Charlie's nickname. :)
The dream guy is dreamy.
And yeah, Roxy and Owen. They're quite the pair. :D

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Review #5, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369The Dursley Freak: Do You Want To Know The Future?

5th December 2011:
Hola again!
Does anyone smell sexual tension? I sure do...
Just to clarify what house is everyone in? I'm a bit confused here :S
Be back again tomorrow!

Author's Response: Well, Dora, Faldo, Al, Scorpius and Charlie are in Ravenclaw. But the boys are a year older. Roxy is in Gryffindor. James and Lily, too, are in Gryffindor. As well is Louis. :) Oh, and Alice is a Gryffindor, too. If you're still confused, tell me. ;)

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Review #6, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369The Dursley Freak: Start With A Bang

4th December 2011:
Yes! My determination payed off! I got over 1 chapter read today! woop! Ruby:1 Procrastination:0!
Anyway that's enough exclamtion marks for now.
I love this chapter, Neville as a mentor :)
And when I read the toilet bit I was like 'OMG Prophecy!"
I'm glad I got that right otherwise I would have looked leetle bit stupid.
School tomorrow so the reviews might slow down :(
(I always go back to check your replies by the way, they're nice)

Author's Response: Neville is made to be a mentor, I think. :) Poor Alice, right? There's no rush, take your time. :) Aww, thank you. I love answering.

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Review #7, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369The Dursley Freak: Crushes Versus Stalkers

4th December 2011:
hmmm... Faldo what are you up to then?
I got distracted yesterday :P
I guess I didn't really put two and two together about the bottle incident
Roxy, just... 'nuf said.
Lol at McLaggen

Author's Response: Faldo is... well, you'll find out. :P
I heart Roxy. Yes, Al's a prefect. A very bad one, too, lol. I mean... He's always organizing parties. What a horrible prefect. XD

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Review #8, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369The Dursley Freak: What The...

3rd December 2011:
Me again!
I was right, I did fall asleep, hence why I'm starting earlier tonight.
God Faldo, get your act together *tuts*
What's the bottle incident? I'm intrigued...
Dudley, a chef? Who'd have thought it (apart from you obviously).
Warning in advance, I imagine that by the end of this story the reviews will all be like 'Another good chapter :)'
But I'll try to continue being original.
I like Roxy, she reminds me of my friend

Author's Response: The bottle incident is the one in the first chapter, when Dora gets hit in the head with it, lol. At least that's what I think you mean. You're really great for doing this, thank you!
I adore Roxy. ;)

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Review #9, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369The Dursley Freak: Cousins And Their "Friends"

2nd December 2011:
I'm baaack!
Did you miss me?
It only took so long because I sort of, fell asleep half way through.
Not from boredom of the story but from the realisation that I actually had to get up the next morning :P
Another really good chapter! What's going on with this Drake guy? Bit shifty if you ask me.
Anyway don't expect another review until tomorrow because, I'm tired again :)
See ya'

Author's Response: You're brilliant, I swear. XD Don't miss your sleep. :)
Yeah, Drake's a very curious case. ;)

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Review #10, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369The Dursley Freak: How It All Begins

1st December 2011:
Just so you know, I've decided (literally right now) that for a certian amount of time, that I haven't come up with yet, I'm going to review every chapter of every fic I read. Congratulations, you're first!
Really enjoying it so far, can't wait to meet this Drake Faldo character. Sounds mysterious.

Author's Response: Haha, that's great! And I'm honored. :) Thank you.

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Review #11, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369Can't Touch This: And So, It Begins

26th November 2011:
I've already read this once, but it's one of my absolute favourites so I'm back!

Author's Response: Aw! Thanks, so glad you like it enough to give it another read through! :)

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Review #12, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369Get Back In My Life: The Conclusion

19th November 2011:
*goes to author page, clicks make favourite author* :)

Author's Response: *Blushes* Thanks!

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Review #13, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369Ding-Dong Voldemort's Dead: a confusing tangle of muggle kid characters

19th November 2011:
The idea for his story had the potential to be great, it was just slightly ruined by the way it was written. Some of the details just don't make sense and it's all squashed into a story that's very short in length. Overall? I was a bit dissapointed :(

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Review #14, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369Curious Happenings at Number Twelve: An Epilogue of Sorts

19th November 2011:
Finally a story where Sirius lives! squee! This is one of those things where I kept reading quickly because I was enjoying it but wanted to go slow because I didn't want it to end. know what I mean?

Author's Response: Sirius deserves to live after the horrible life he had. I mean, seriously. His childhood was crap because of his family, his adolescence was marred by the Dark Lord's rise to power; then his best friend was killed and everyone in the world blamed him for it. So after spending many years in Azkaban, having to live as a dog near Hogsmeade and then having to live in the childhood home he detested, all alone and not being allowed to leave Grimmauld Place or do anything for the Order, he gets killed by his own cousin. What kind of life is that? If you ask me, Sirius got a really raw deal. In my opinion, out of everyone, he deserved a happy ending most of all. So that's precisely what I gave him. :)

Thank you for reading!

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Review #15, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369Imaginary: Chapter One

7th November 2011:
I love all your stories (I've read most but this is the first review I posted, sorry!) Thought you might like to know that they inspired me to write a Remus fic.
It's not as good as yours but there you go.
Keep writing :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like them. And that's awesome that you're writing a Remus fic. I'm sure it's great :) Thanks for reading!

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Review #16, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369Versicolor: Maybe It's Not My Weekend, But it's Gonna be My Year

28th October 2011:
Would it be a bit overdramatic to say that I love you?
Oh well, everyone needs a bit of drama
That felt good.
Was the dramaticness excepted?
Just as it should be.
And yes dramaticness is a word.

Author's Response: Woman. lol

I didn't expect the dramaticness but it is totally appreciated! :)

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Review #17, by Bellatrix_Lestrange36917 Things I'm Not Allowed To Do At Hogwarts: Rule #7

28th October 2011:
What was the rule???

Author's Response: Can't remember for sure . . . I think it was "Don't give Moony a flea collar." . . . Something like that.

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Review #18, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369Polychromatic: If I Ever Have To Go Through This War, Then I'll Survive

28th October 2011:

Author's Response: In all honesty, most of the time it just wrote itself.

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Review #19, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369Polychromatic: I'll Be There For You Through It All, Even If Saving You Sends Me To Heaven

28th October 2011:
Do you know how wierd this is? I'm writing a marauder fanfic and I needed an extra. My friend's favourite character ever is Terry Boot so I thought I'd use his dad and have...
What are the chances???
I really like this story and fully intend to read the sequel :)

Author's Response: Isn't the Marauders era the best? I love getting characters already there and getting to make new ones too. :)

I hope you enjoy the sequel!

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Review #20, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369Three's a Crowd: Who said Gryffindors are good at duelling?

27th October 2011:
Is it sad to review your own story? Because I think it's amazing, not that I'm biased or anything...

Author's Response: Deffinitely sad to review your own story. It's decided.

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Review #21, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369My Brain and Black: The Apocalypse is Nigh

1st September 2011:
I might actually love this story. Not to mention you used one of my favourite quotes on this chapter! (the one about the arguement, it was actually my profile picture for awhile which was fitting because I was in an arguement with my best friend at the time because she laughed at me getting hurt so I slapped her. It seemed like the natural thing to do at the time. Oh no, now I'm rambling. In brackets!) There I closed the brackets, much better. Anyway, stopping rambling now. Don't blame me, It's 4:30 in the morning. Yes that is how much I like this story. APPRECIATE THE DEDICATEDNESS! And I don't care if that's not a word. It is now.

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Review #22, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369Black Dog: Problems at the Potter's

31st August 2011:
What's with all the 'darlings'?

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Review #23, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369Can't Touch This: Wolf Packs and the Quidditch Captain

17th August 2011:
James Potter is a seeker in the books. You know? The bibles of harry potter written by the lovely miss rowling. Hermione finds out for harry and they are told he is a seeker. Just thought I'd point that out. Loving the rest of it :))

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Review #24, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369Can't Touch This: Never Be the Same

16th August 2011:
I love this magical parchement+quill shizz that you've got going on, I want one!

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