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Review #26, by kjpUnintended Consequences: Chapter 19 - Discoveries

14th August 2012:
this is a gr8 story so far, i'll admit at first i was a bit tenstive at first to read it (i'd been planning on reading it for a couple of months now) because i don't really think the summery is that good of the story but i'm so glad i did read it now because the story is truly amazing... certainly one of my top five stories and i would recommend to other readers, you've just researched so much i can't find one fault at all and that is pretty impressive. 10/10 from me I can't wait to read the rest of the chapters

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

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Review #27, by kjpThe Wrong Reason: I'll fight with you.

3rd July 2012:
aw so cute, I love all of your Harry/Ginny one shots, your a gr8 writer.I've also added you on the dark arts as a friend, i hope u dnt mind :) (god I sound like such a stalker- i'm not btw ;) )

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad you like all of my one-shots, that makes me so, so, so, happy.

Oh no you don't sound like a stalker at all, I haven't been on the dark arts much so I'm glad you told me, I would have never known.

Thanks so much again,


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Review #28, by kjpInnocent: Chapter 1

27th May 2012:
This story seems really cool so far... I like it. Ur writing is really great! :D

Author's Response: I Hope You Carry On Enjoying It :) Thanks For Reviewing x

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Review #29, by kjpBreakeven: XX. Hero

9th May 2012:
as soon as i saw the manky old boot i instantly thought "porkey". Another great chaper... I think it has been celab all along... I always hated him

Author's Response: Hahaha! Thanks!

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Review #30, by kjpBreakeven: XIX. Missing

9th May 2012:
AHHH! this is one of the best stories I have read! It actually reminds me a bit of jk's writing (although never can be as good as Jk cause she created the world (no one can)- but very close, you should maybe think of becoming a writer its that good)

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #31, by kjpSirius Returns: Lost love

24th March 2012:
I actually cried. And I never cry in stories (apart from when harry died in seventh book), but he can't say he doesn't love her and mean it! He does love her? doesn't he. Well I hope he does...

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Review #32, by kjpThe Power Of Love: Thunderstorm

23rd March 2012:
oh this is sooo sad. Has it got something to do with Regulus. Did he say if they didn't break up and he would hurt her, so he broke up with her because he loved her. Oh please say that this is true.
Btw this is a A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. story. I don't usually read third person stories on hppf. But this is definitely the best I have read. Thanks for writing it, 10/10

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Review #33, by kjpDuck and Cover: These Things Move in Threes

12th March 2012:
Its a really funny story. I really love how Avery thinks, its hilarious. Although I'll make you aware that Colin Creevy was a muggle-born meaning his parents never went to Hogwarts, and you've got a Wayne Creevy. Other than that I'm in love with the story and complely obbsesed

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Review #34, by kjpOut of the Abyss: Out of the Abyss

11th March 2012:
AH! thats sooo sad. I feel like crying. Thank you so much for writing this story. I enjoyed it so much!

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Review #35, by kjpWolfsbane: Painting Talk and Butterflies

1st March 2012:
Wow, I love the butterfly part. Is the secret that you need to be in love? I hope so...

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I really like the butterfly thing too, it's probably one of my favourite parts of this story. You'll have to wait and see I'm afraid :D

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Review #36, by kjpRebel in love: A Marauder's drink is my Poison ...

20th February 2012:
This story so far sounds like a one about Lily/ James, Its actually quite cute really. My favorite character so far has to be James: People with big ego's is just so funny in story's

Author's Response: yeah I thought it would be like a curse, your called james you fall hopelessy for a girl lol thank you, he is mine :P

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Review #37, by kjpDouble Trouble: Chapter Twenty One: Falling to Pieces

19th February 2012:
It was a great story but you forgot when Alice and Frank got tortured. Also I don't understand why you made Remus say he didn't love Sekhmet? was it because he wanted her to go? I don't want to sound mean, It was a amazing story and i'm glad i read it. Please keep writing 8/10 from me! :D

Author's Response: Don't worry we did not forget about Frank and Alice. What happened to them is mentioned in the beginning of the sequel. As for why Remus told Sek he did not love her much of it has to do with his belief that he is not good enough for her and that his condition will only hold her back. Once again more is explained in the sequel.

Thank you for you're review!!

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Review #38, by kjpStill Delicate: Epilogue

19th February 2012:
ah! ITS ENDED! i'm going to cry. Your story has had a big impact on my emotions. i'm not even joking. Thank you for writing this. And its so sad, HE is all grown up.All of us have watched him grow up from the womb to hogwarts! AHHH! lol. LOVE U FOR MAKING THIS, KEEP WRITING!

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Review #39, by kjpThe Fairytale Man: The Fairytale Man

13th February 2012:
This is a really cute story. I loved it. You have a great imagination to think of such a story

Author's Response: Aww thankyou- I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #40, by kjpHogwarts Confessional: Damn Books Are An Obsession

12th February 2012:
oh i hope it was him that wrote that. This is probably turning out to be one of my favourite storys. Its just so funny, e.g. like with the Sirius kissing Remus i was in fits of laughter and my mum just looked at me so oddly. I love it. I'm additcted to this story thats all i have done all day! Thanks for making it and making me laugh!

Author's Response: aw thank you so much! And just so you know, you're my 1,000th review :) Hurray!!! And I'm glad you liked the bit with Remus and Sirius haha, I love that part :) Thanks so much for reading!

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Review #41, by kjpHogwarts Confessional: The Secret's Out

12th February 2012:
god, out of the five confesions you showed i think that james atleast wrote one. It would either be two or four. Great story so far btw

Author's Response: haha thanks! and Yes I did write one of those with a certain boy in mind :P so perhaps it was him... perhaps it wasn't :P anyways, glad you like the story so far!

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Review #42, by kjpStill Delicate: Endings

11th February 2012:
YAY! finally they are together. And yes i would have burnt down your house if it didn't end like this. I almost don't want the next chapter to come. Its a bit like how i felt when the final harry potter film came out. I wanted to see it but i didn't want it to end, if that makes sense? you better make it a good last chapter... or else ;) (lol)

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Review #43, by kjpWithout You: without you

4th February 2012:
I love it, its so cute. Its a inspiring story. I love ginny and harry they are perfect. thanks 4 writing this.

Author's Response: ur welcome. thanks for the positive review! :)

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Review #44, by kjpMy Notebook Will Explain: Summer Begins

21st January 2012:
i LOVE this story so far, just one prob, James birthday is really on March, 27th to be exact, (a day before mine!) I know, you must be thinking i'm like a perfectionist or something this or something like that. But just to make you aware... ;)

Author's Response: i actually had no idea about that . . . thank you!

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Review #45, by kjpDeath To James Potter: The Grand Plans of Lily Evans

18th January 2012:
absultuly amazing. And of course the old lils back, which i love. But i also love Lilly and James. :)

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Review #46, by kjpWhy Is He Sitting In The Garden? : Together At Last

17th January 2012:
great story, i luved it!! Your a really good writer. Thanks for letting me make your banner btw!

Author's Response: Thanks, and your welcome haha :) xx

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Review #47, by kjpStill Delicate: The Other Side of Normality

17th January 2012:
no, no, no! Rose just can't be engaged! She has to be with Scorpius. You need Tom and Rose to break up, and get scorpius and Rose together! Great story btw!

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Review #48, by kjpThose Potter men: Those Potter men

7th December 2011:
thats so sweet! Loved it so much

Author's Response: Thanks a lot :)

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Review #49, by kjpRenewing What He Lost: Chapter 2- Time-Turner Two

28th November 2011:
I think in this story it has potential. Is this you first story? because if it is I understand. The main plot of the story is amazing but the actual writing of it is not so good. Carry on writing and i'm sure you'll get better, i gave this a 6/10! Anyway don't worry i used to be crap at story writing until my last story.

Author's Response: Yeah, it's my first story and it's kind of not my best work. I'm gonna go back and edit the chapters eventually but probably once I finish the story. But thank you for the feedback :)

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Review #50, by kjpWaiting For You: Waiting For You

19th November 2011:
that was a really good piece of writing, i loved it!

Author's Response: oh thanks, i dont usually write about harry and ginny so it means a lot :D

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