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Review #1, by dreamingofdracoDelilah's Black Book of Poems: A Lonely Friend

2nd January 2013:
I'm sorry to hear you've had such an awful time lately! I hope all is getting better now!
your story is truly wonderful

Author's Response: dreamingofdraco,

Thank you so much for your well wishes. I appreciate it very much.

And thanks for the compliment on my story.

Dark Whisper

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Review #2, by dreamingofdracoFlesh Memory: Before The Dance

16th September 2012:
I loved it! I love the prep before a night out! really paints a picture of how everyone looks and gives a sense of everyone's feeling! I think I have all the pen-pals figured out! And I like that Hermione has kind of figured out hers is Draco!! Another excellent chapter

Author's Response: I"m so glad you liked this chapter, it was certainly hard to write. Thank you so much for reviewing!!!

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Review #3, by dreamingofdracoDelilah's Black Book of Poems: The Animagus in the Library

8th June 2012:
As always I loved it! I wish he went back to kiss her though! Black Leopard was genius also, Sleek, sophisticated, sexy...sorry I shouldn't illiterate haha! I don't care how long your updates take I happily wait, they're always worth it in the end!

Author's Response: dreamingofdraco,

Yeah! I'm so glad you liked it. You are right. He should've kissed her, darn it! XD

Yes, Black Leopard... I too thought "sleek, sophisticted, sexy." That is exactly what he is and that animal is just as gorgeous as an animal can be. Haha! Thank you for your agreement. :)

Oh, my heart thanks you for your kind words of patience. It is truly greatly appreciated.

Soon we will see more of the magic of Delilah's book. :)

Until next time...
Dark Whisper

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Review #4, by dreamingofdracoFlesh Memory: Brain Teasers

27th April 2012:
When he saw the mug my heart near stopped! I knew one of them was close to finding it out!! The Val day dance is going to be romantic I can tell.well I hope!! I loved it brill chapter once again

Oh and is Ron's pen pal Pansy?? I just have a feeling it is!! :)


Author's Response: haha. All will be known in time. Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies. lol. Thanks so much for reviewing, I"m so glad you like it!

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Review #5, by dreamingofdracoFlesh Memory: A New Plan

20th April 2012:
Your A/N notes made me so sad! I hope you're not too stressed! Your story is amazing I love it, I don't care how long it takes to be finished I will read till the end! I totally understand what you mean about losing your muse, I had to abandon a story because I literally couldn't form any sort of story line to keep going, so I know how important it is for people to review as it helps and gives so much inspiration to keep going! 10/10 as always hope to read more soon


Author's Response: aww. you are so sweet to worry about me. :) I'm alright, it's a bit crazy. Reviews make my day, so thanks! Thank you so much!

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Review #6, by dreamingofdracoDelilah's Black Book of Poems: The Undeniable Craving in the Room of Hidden Things

28th March 2012:
Hm I'm in Love with Draco, the piece about the Mirror of Erised, you could really feel the tension both of them and how they must have felt that urge to lunge at one another and have their wicked way.

You have a real gift with words.

I like that Draco is still Draco, if that even makes any sense, that you haven't sugar coated him like a lot of other stories. He's still a dark character, even if he is being good in your story. The same for Hermione you've kept her true to who she is in the books.

I'm dying to see how this is going to go.

Hope to read more soon!!!



Author's Response: dreamingofdraco,

Ah, yes... the Mirror of Erised... I just HAD to include that in my story and I could just imagine what that would be like to watch the thing you want most play out in front of you. I would think it difficult if that person were mere inches from you. :P

I'm so glad that you like this Draco. I don't want him to be 'sugar-coated' like you said. I want him to be 'him' and I know exactly what you mean. I think he does weave in and out of character in some moments, but I do try to keep him dark. :)

I want her to be herself as well, except that I do still want her blood status to be something that she holds onto deep down. I don't think JKR wrote that about her, but this is something that is important in this story as part of who she is.

You will see just how deep these feelings run in the next chapter.

Thank you so very much for Reviewing!

Dark Whisper

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Review #7, by dreamingofdracoFlesh Memory: Separation Anxiety

24th February 2012:
You're breaking my heart! It was so sad! I literally sobbed at the end when I realized it was Draco holding her hand! I'm so Jealous I want him!!! As always it was written beautifully and you captured the atmosphere of a funeral spot on i felt like I was there too. 10/10

Author's Response: haha, that's what I thought, I want my own Draco! I'm both glad and sorry that it was good enough that you felt like you were there, not the happiest place to be. But I'm glad you liked it. Thank you so much for reviewing, means a lot to me!

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Review #8, by dreamingofdracoThe Art of Seduction: Duchess

24th February 2012:
10/10 I loved it! I felt every emotion Hermione must have felt while in Draco's bathroom! Wanting to, but not knowing why! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! And thank you for your review, I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far :)

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Review #9, by dreamingofdracoFlesh Memory: Friends and Comfort

1st February 2012:
awh its so sad! Poor Hermione! but Yay Dramione! He's so sweet can I have him?? 10/10

Author's Response: haha, thanks so much for the review, no you can't have Draco, lol, I wish. Thank you for reviewing, glad you like it!

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Review #10, by dreamingofdracoDelilah's Black Book of Poems: Wolves, Rabbits, and Snowy Constellations

26th December 2011:
this was a beautiful chapter! It was like a dream! Draco melts my heart!

Author's Response: Thank you, dreamingofdraco...

I'm so glad that you liked it. I agree, it was like a dream. These two are getting to know each other on a very deep level and are making connections and memories that they will reflect on later.

Draco melts my heart too. I just love writing him. To me, he has the potential for so much depth.

Thank you so very much for being the first to comment. I hope you return for more.

Dark Whisper

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Review #11, by dreamingofdracoOtherwise Engaged: There's Always A Next Time

27th November 2011:
It's half 3 in the morning and i have to get up at 6am! Damn you Maria and your fantastic story! I normally hate stories told Hermione's/Draco's POV but this has cracked me I love it! Every little detail is so believable from each character! I somehow think I may need Draco to come and save my job tomorrow as i dont think I'm late because i stayed up all night reading a fanfic is going to cut it!

But seriously your story is fantastic! I cant wait to get stuck into the next chapters!

Author's Response: Hahahah! I actually feel quite proud about this, even though I know I shouldn't :p

You are quite amazing!! :D

Thank you for reading and reviewing, hon ^^

Merry Christmas!


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Review #12, by dreamingofdracoDelilah's Black Book of Poems: Surrounded by Magical Graffiti - Part 2

26th October 2011:
it's official I am in love!! Your story is wonderful, magical and so much more! I want to take Draco for my own! Thank you for sharing it with everyone!!

Author's Response: dreamingofdraco,

It's official? LOL! Everyone loves Draco in this story. Isn't he just so... uhh... Loveable?

Some of my Reviewers have already married him and some even "off'ed" those girls from chapter 7 and while they were in Azkaban they gave Lucius parenting lessons! LOL! So funny!

So you, my dear will have to get in line for the Draco of this story. XD

All kidding aside, it is truly a compliment!

Thank you so much for saying that it is magical. I'm trying to keep it that way and remember that I need magical elements for good Potter story.

I hope you keep coming back!

Thank you!
Dark Whisper

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Review #13, by dreamingofdracoFlesh Memory: Pumpkins

26th October 2011:
I was genuinely excited when I seen there was an update here this morning, since I only read the other 3 chapters yesterday!! I love how their relationship is developing can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: thanks so much for your review! I'm glad you still like it. Glad this story gets you excited in the morning. lol. thank you for the review!

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Review #14, by dreamingofdracoFlesh Memory: School and Plans

25th October 2011:
omg why have i never seen this story before, i am in love with it! it's so gripping I always thought they were very alike, school wise and not to mention how head strong and temperamental they both are! please update soon i need to read more!!

Author's Response: haha. you probably didn't see it because it's only a few weeks old. haha. The next chapter should be up in a day or so. I'm so glad you like it. Thanks so much for the review!

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