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Review #1, by just_meThe Mystery Of You: The Stair

23rd October 2011:
Ah-Eh-Da... buh... um.. P-- please. Finish the story.. ah... please? I d- I n- P-- please? PPPLEEEAAASSSE

Author's Response: Sorry! :/ This is currently abandoned, and I sincerely doubt that I'll ever continue it :/

But thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #2, by just_meOtherwise Engaged: Hand On Your Heart

23rd October 2011:
*enter enraged keyboard mash here*
I read this chapter the day it came out, and my rage is still as high. You are a fantastic writer, I swear this should be Harry Potter 8. Amazing. I've always been hooked on how words can make someone feel emotion, but this is beyond imagination..
I check this story EVERY DAY for a new chapter. I can't help it. On impulse. This story could go so many different ways. I don't care what happens. I have no doubt that even if Hermione doesn't end up with Draco that it'll be done the perfect way, or that if she goes back to him, it'll be even more perfect. She could leave both, and choose to not choose. GAH! Just thinking about it is making my hands shake with frustration.

Thankyou Maria for making a rare and amazing story that I will no doubt print off and keep on my bookshelf.

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