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Review #1, by ZyiiLies Told To Me: The Sword of Truth

18th June 2013:
Dun dun dun. I promise my reviews will get more creative. I still have sleep in my eyes - just woke up

Author's Response: I'm glad to have you reading. Thanks for the review.

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Review #2, by ZyiiLies Told To Me: Lie Number One: Blood and Identities

18th June 2013:
Currently re-reading this story. Haven't read it in so long I've practically forgotten it, so it's like reading blindly. Also being stuck in bed with a cough, make me want to read :)

Author's Response: So glad to have you back enjoy

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Review #3, by ZyiiMore Than Friendship: Chapter 1: Just Friends

17th June 2013:
Couldn't resist, so you get this one review from me tonight. I'm so glad you started writing again but aren't you naughty not informing me and don't I have news for you - at least I think I do - haha.

Ohh, you've done me proud with Ron, didn't know you had it in you :)

You have once again brightened my once empty Hermione/George box. I bow down to you ;)


Author's Response: HANNAH! It's great to see you here! Oh my God how I've been neglecting you on the forums, life is so stressful! Thanks a million for the review! Sorry I didn't let you know I really thought I did mention it! Oooh news, hey? Guess I will be logging onto the forums in a second to see what's happening! Haha whatever do you mean? I love Ron, okay? Don't hate on my husbands brother! He's having problems at the moment, alright? Lol! Aw glad I can bring Hermione/George back into your life! Thank you so much for the excellent review! I'm so glad you've come to read this story! Jenna :)

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Review #4, by ZyiiA Building Love: Chapter 44

5th May 2013:

Need I say more? Not really. Well done! Great ending. Be proud. Keep writing. Much love ~Zyii

Author's Response: Thank you Hannah! I really appreciate it! Than you so much for the endless support with the story I don't know if I could have done it without you and some of the other readers! Thanks a million! Until next time! Jenna :)

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Review #5, by ZyiiA Building Love: Chapter 43

1st April 2013:
Ok I'm really quite confused with your writing habits. Chapter 41 was really good, I was happy with chapter 41. Then 42 came with all the weird phrases and I was like ok? perhaps she's trying something new but chapter 43 really. 'I tinky winky you?' wth is that? Personally for me it just took away the seriousness of the chapter and made it light and comical. I wasn't going to say this because I do love your writing and have enjoyed this story immensly but then I thought I'd give you my honest opinion so please don't hate me! I did still enjoy the chapter and apart from all the confusing phrases - it was well written. I just feel you lost some of the magic you'd created.

I may be totally wrong on this entire front and perhaps there is something that I've missed? Not sure, just didn't get the same spark that I usually get.

Cannot wait for the ending - it's gonna be cracking xD



Author's Response: Thanks for trying to save my feelings Hannah but I appreciate you being honest too! It was an april fools prank it honestly had nothing to do with me the site just wanted me to have a massive freak out for no apparent reason! Please come back to re-read and re-review because I'd like to know what you actually think of the chapter! Jenna :)

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Review #6, by ZyiiA Building Love: Chapter 42

1st April 2013:
Hermyi.. Hermon... bloody hell, why didn't they call you something simple, like Janet ? Tinky Winky? Puppies? Have you taken some kind of pill?!?!

It's official you actually managed to confuse me, I had to reread it like three times to understand it! I probably would have cried had I not been trying to understand what you were writing >.< I only have a small brain you know and it's easily confuzzled.

However, having said that, it was a very good chapter. I can really feel the urgency, (and now that I know it's coming to an end) there is a real sense of finality.

Great job as per usual.


Author's Response: Hannah!!! It wasn't me!!! It's the site! It was an April Fools prank! Your reviews seriously freaked me out and someone else had said a similar thing so I looked it up and it turns out the site has a history of doing this! So after my mild panic attack I did some research and now I'm calm and rational enough to reply to reviews! PLEASE GO BACK AND RE-READ THIS CHAPTER AND THE NEXT ONE!!! Sorry about the confusion but you can blame the site not me! Come back and leave me a new review after you have re-read!
Jenna :)

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Review #7, by ZyiiA Building Love: Chapter 41

9th March 2013:
Spectacular as always. Cheered me up considerably! I dyed my hair today - just looks like I have highlights (seems I will have to fork out and get it done professionally) & some snotty little kid came into the shop last week and coughed everywhere - now I am ill >.<

Anyhow, back to this chapter, superbly written as always, I feel the half way mark has been past and the pressure of George/Hermione has calmed down a bit - still want a real affirmation on it tho!!

Nice use of words and no over detailing - good job (:


Author's Response: Thanks so much as always Zyii for yet another amazing review! Oh no don't worry I'm sure your hair still looks great and as for being sick I really hope you get better soon! I'm so glad that I was able to cheer you up and I'm genuinely flattered that you enjoyed the chapter so much! The confirmation of Hermione and George's relationship is coming don't worry Zyii just hang in there! Thanks a million for the lovely review I really appreciate it! Jenna :)

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Review #8, by ZyiiPlaying Hide and Seek: Chapter 5

6th March 2013:
Ok, so I blatently blasted through all the chapters of Exchange and then this. I know - really bad form - I should have stopped to review on every chapter (because this is simply amazing) but I didn't want to slow up my reading process in any way.

I meant what I said above, though, this is amazing so you're a pretty talented writer. I've read quite a few next generation stories and idk usually the Potter/Weasley mob are depicted as saints and saviours, - ofc you haven't told us the big secret yet - but I'm far too much in love with Dee's character to ever truely hate her.

Al on the other hand - well I've had my moments.

Anyhow, I hope that you're life become less hetic so you can update some more. This is a joy to read so don't give up on it (:


Author's Response: So this review made me very happy :) I'm glad you blasted through the chapters, because that means I'm doing a good job. I'm so glad (and a bit surprised XP) that you think I'm talented :). All writers want to hear that, so keep up the good work!

As for the Potters/Weasleys - I just made them like I think the regular person is. Sure there's a little hint of famous in their lives, but they aren't perfect - no one is. I see it happening less and less around the forums that the Potter/Weasleys are perfect children that are beautiful and amazing and do no wrong (but maybe I'm just not reading as much as I used to XP) as writers begin to notice that that's not the story most readers want, but there's still a rather large group of them and I didn't want Exchange to join their numbers. Of course, Dee has had her moments with me (Al more so, but Dee has been especially uncooperative lately) but I'm glad at the same time that they aren't doing what I want them to because that means that they have life.

I hope my life is less hectic soon as well - clearly it's getting there since I just wrote that long-ass response to your beautiful review, but I still need spring break to catch up. I think the next chapter of H&S will be up then.


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Review #9, by ZyiiExchange: Chapter 2

5th March 2013:
Good news, I still liked it :) I promise my reviews will get better, I'm super tired right now (not a good excuse I know) You'll probs get inundated with better reviews tomorrow (: ~Zyii

Author's Response: Oh that's okay, I'm just glad you're reading!

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Review #10, by ZyiiExchange: Chapter 1

5th March 2013:
Ooo I like it :) ~Zyii

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

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Review #11, by ZyiiA Building Love: Chapter 40

27th February 2013:
Verry good chapter love :) & yay happy birthday to me!! I shall have to tell you of all the wonderful things I got as presents / bought myself but I will do that tomorrow as I'm sleepy now.

I managed not to cry reading this chapter but that might just be because I am tired.

I'm really liking where the story is going - having got over my 'they're a couple but not confirmed' issue.

As always, cannot wait for more!


Author's Response: Thank you so much Zyii! Hope you liked your present! Haha I was told of everything and it all sounded pretty amazing! Good! I don't like making people cry! Is my writing that bad that it makes you want to cry? lol Just kidding! But the question is where is the story going Zyii? And will you still like it when it gets there? Dun dun dun...! Yes that's exactly what they are Zyii! I will be updating as soon as possible! Thank you so much for the brilliant review! Jenna :)
ps. Happy Birthday!!!

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Review #12, by ZyiiA Building Love: Chapter 39

24th February 2013:
First of all I was really excited when I saw you had updated, now not so much.

Do you know how painful it is when you cry and a bit of eyeliner gets in your eye - let me tell you it's very VERY painful!

But besides my anger at your chapter making me cry, it was very well written - so have a pat on the back.

I demand you post something for Wednesday (it's my birthday then) !!


Author's Response: Thanks a million Zyii! Haha no I don't wear makeup unless it's a special occasion I'm more of a natural girl to be honest! But I do imagine it was very painful indeed! Haha thank you I just did and my friend looked at me very strangely! Sorry I made you cry but I'm really glad you enjoyed it! And of course I shall update on Wednesday in that case! I just really need to get a start on writing and I'm sure I'll have something ready! Thanks so much for yet another brilliant review Zyii! Jenna :)

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Review #13, by ZyiiA Building Love: Chapter 38

12th February 2013:
Nawh, fluff and giggles, good stuff. I like totally had a great review lined up but then I got distracted and started watching Doctor Who and now I can't remember what I was going to write.

Anyhow, deal with this less that perfect ramble of a review. I enjoyed it. It was good. Keep writing or I'll force a slimy wet fish up your nose :)


Author's Response: Haha! Yes all good stuff! Haha don't worry Zyii any review from you is a great one trust me! As if I would ever stop writing! How could you be so ridiculous! Okay I definitely won't stop writing after that threat! Thank you so much for all the amazing reviews! Keep them coming! I love hearing from you and I really appreciate all your support! Jenna :)

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Review #14, by ZyiiA Building Love: Chapter 37

12th February 2013:
I disagree I don't think it was rushed at all - yes you did put a lot into the chapter but it was a good lot because it was dramatic and nail biting so don't worry over it.

Steve is dead, Albert killed him and my dog ate the remains..


Author's Response: Thanks Zyii! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! No! Steve will never die! He's too awesome to be killed by stupid Albert so take that! :p! Lol! Thanks so much for the review! Jenna :)

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Review #15, by ZyiiA Building Love: Chapter 36

12th February 2013:
Well well well you have been busy.

You made my heart drop in my chest - which I might add wasn't a good thing as I've just eaten three pancakes with more to come.

However, congrats for this chapter, you had the right balance to make it emotional but not soppy and icky. You used the right amount of words and it wasn't cluttered or over detailed - you've been a busy bee recently haven't you!

And I'll have you know that I don't have a favourite exam questions - I hate exams.

And he isn't called Steve, he's called Albert so there :)


Author's Response: Haha busy indeed! Oh no sorry Hannah! Didn't mean to make your heart drop! Especially not on pancake day! Thanks so much! I think we all hate exams but you have to admit multiple choice questions are the best style of question! They save all the stress of having to write stuff out and even if you don't know the answer you can just take a guess! But I love the name Steve! If I had a pet gecko (which by the way I have wanted since I was six and here I am still gecko-less! Lol!) I would name him Steve. Thanks as always for the awesome review! Thanks a million! Jenna :)

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Review #16, by ZyiiA Building Love: Chapter 35

17th January 2013:
How many letters can you fit in one chapter? Apparently a lot! Lol. Was well excited when I saw this posted, I know you've been busy but I was worried you were neglecting your writing. I see now that you haven't - for which I'm glad.

What word can I use for this story that I haven't already used? Fantabulousa? I'm going with that. It's a mash up word - deal with it.


Author's Response: Haha! I really have been neglecting my writing if I'm honest but I'm glad that you don't feel I have been! That's definitely a comfort to me! I guess I shall have to deal with it then! Thanks so much Zyii for yet another fantabulousa review! Jenna :)

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Review #17, by ZyiiA Building Love: Chapter 34

11th December 2012:
Jenna you are seriously trying to kill me aren't you. At this rate they're going to find my body and realise I overdosed on cheese and an annoyingly obsessive story!

I'll tell you why it's really good and really annoying because everyone knows (even the characters), everything has basically been admitted and yet nothing has been admitted in actual words. There has been no grand informative statement, you skipped the statement.

Anything could happen, you've set sail in uncharted waters. (Imagine Fred and George as pirates - yum).

Back to the chapter though, superb as always, each chapter leaves me wanting more. Though it also makes me want to hit you...perhaps with a wet fish.



Author's Response: Thanks Zyii! Um I'm starting to think you're slightly insane! No I am not trying to kill you! Would I ever do that? I mean come on be realistic! I did skip the statement- you're right but I did do it on purpose and for the sake of the story so please don't hate me! I know that you really want that dramatic, emotional, romantic moment when they declare an undying love for each other but that's just not how I work I'm afraid! That's way too cliche! See my aim is to drag this out, slowly and painfully, right up until the moment where you're about to smash the computer screen in frustration and then I will do the previously mentioned dramatic decleration of love! Yes anything could happen and it all depends on the mood I'm in when I'm writing! Ooh pirate Fred and George...that's an interesting thought! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! You are far too kind...ok well you were far too kind up until the point where you said you wanted to hit me with a wet fish! Please don't do that by the way it won't be very nice of you! Oh ok you were kidding see I should really read the entire review before I start typing! Oh well! Anyways thanks so much Zyii it really is so kind of you and I always love to hear from you! Thanks again! Jenna :)

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Review #18, by ZyiiA Building Love: Chapter 33

11th December 2012:

Was literally about to go to sleep when I saw you'd updated and there were 2 chapters I hadn't read.

For some reason I've been reading puckleberry fanfiction all day (don't ask). Was waiting for my daily update of your Hermione/George loving fest.

And here it is! Yes, amazing, wonderful,fantastic, joyous, good, great, awesome [and every other word that I currently can't think of but know would fit what I mean].

Fyi, I had like six crackers and cheese earlier - you can blame them for this current state of mind.

Weird thought just entered my head, Fred and George would make really cute fish -.-

I think I need my head examined.

Anyhow, I got off topic - fabulous as always.


Author's Response: Thanks Zyii! I can never expect a boring review from you there's always something to entertain or make me laugh! I'm sorry to keep you waiting but hopefully it was worth it! I think that's pretty much all the words that exist that have a meaning along the lines of the words you're using! Haha oh right so I can blame the crackers and cheese for this very strange review! Um Fred and George are really cute as humans and I don't really think you should be turning them into! Yes I think you do too but everyone loves a bit of madness! As a wise person, whose name I do not know, once said *clears throat* 'If you have crazy friends you have everything''s not technically true though since I have crazy friends yet I still do not have a Fred or George Weasley! Well that was slightly off topic but what I was trying to say is...
Thanks so much for the great and hilarious review! As always it is lovely to hear from you! Jenna :)

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Review #19, by ZyiiChasing Him: First Meeting

7th December 2012:
Good start, was looking for another next generation fic to read and with this promising start I know I'm going to have a lot of fun reading your story ~Zyii

Author's Response: thank you for your review!

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Review #20, by ZyiiA Building Love: Chapter 32

1st December 2012:
If you get them together (and they admit that they're together) - before christmas I'll send you a christmas card :)

Very good as always.

Author's Response: Haha Zyii I will not tolerate bribery! Whether they get together or not is completely in my control and christmas card or no christmas card whatever I want to happen will happen! But um whilst we're on the topic can I PLEASE have a Christmas card anyway? It will make me happy! You don't want me to be sad at Christmas do you? Thanks this review was very good as usual too ;)! Thanks again for all the great reviews and for always reading and reviewing! Jenna :)

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Review #21, by ZyiiA Building Love: Chapter 31

26th November 2012:

I was proper excited when I saw this chapter was up. I just had a nap with the weirdest, creepiest dream ever. It had The Sims, Lord of the Rings and Mannequins that had come alive (I have a phobeia of mannequins) D:

I am loving the drama though, keeps the story entertaining.


Author's Response: Um...I...well...erm...I don't know how to tell you this but I don't plan on doing either of those things but please still love me forever? :)
I'm glad that you were excited and I hope that this chapter was excitement worthy! That sounds like a very um interesting dream lol! Hmm mannequins are quite creepy but my main phobeia is of pidgeons...wierd, right? Me going to Trafalgar Square doesn't go well at all!
I'm glad your enjoying all the drama! Thanks for the great review!
Jenna :)

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Review #22, by ZyiiA Building Love: Chapter 30

16th November 2012:
Oh you are horrible. Just as I was beginning to come round to the other Weasley's. Nope, not going to happen. I can just about write Ginny in a goodish light but argh. Spiteful, vindictive, little [enter word here].

I'm actually quite impressed, I didn't think you could make a character do something like that. You've supassed my expectations, well done and keep writing :)


Author's Response: Horrible?:(...I'm sorry! Oh right I always forget about your hatred for all Weasleys apart from the twins! SORRY! Oh no Hannah...Ginny's not that bad a character I'm only writing her like this she's not really like this usually! Please don't rule her out! She's actually a great character! Uh oh I'd rather not enter a word there...I'm worried about the word you would've used to be honest! lol! Why thank you, I'm proud to have impressed a writer with talents like yours! Thank you so much! I seriously appreciate your support and compliments because of how much I look up to you as a writer! I will never ever stop writing as long as I keep getting reviews like this! Thank you so much for all the brilliant reviews! Jenna :)

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Review #23, by ZyiiA Building Love: Chapter 29

16th November 2012:
I know you said you struggled with this chapter but I really like it. I know most of the chapters are focused on Hermione and George's relationship/friendship and it can be quite intense at times.

But here you've branched out, cooled it down a little an involved other characters. I think sometimes it can be hard when writing a story that has so many minor characters in it, to make sure they all get their own time.

I think this chapter is incredibly well written and I like that you've taken time away from Hermione and George to look at the lives of the other characters. It gives the story a nice break :)


Author's Response: Thanks Hannah for the great review! I'm glad you enjoyed it even though it wasn't all Hermione/ George! Yeah definitely, I always try to get the 'minor' characters involved because they're some of my favourite characters and it's nice to bring them into the light every now and then! I'm so happy to hear you liked it and thanks as always for the support! Thanks a million! Jenna :)

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Review #24, by ZyiiA Stolen Kiss: Kiss, Appropriated

26th October 2012:
Was literally hooked on the first 6 words, and came incredibly close to standing up and doing a happy dance. Then I remembered myself (:

Anyhow, that aside, incredibly good starting chapter. It's not often I read a first chapter that makes me so excited. It seemed a very controlled chapter, so you obvi know exactly where you want the story to go but it didn't appeared forced as other stories can be.

Look forward to reading more! :3 ~Zyii

Author's Response: Oh my gosh thank you so much. It made me excited too when it came to me! This is why I will take my time in the next chapter. I am thinking it will be done within the next week or so hopefully and it should be great. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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Review #25, by ZyiiPranksters world: The surprise birthday

26th October 2012:
When I set about to write this review all I could picture was a shark - no idea why. (I tend to leave random rambles but my hearts in the right place).

Anyhow, what I was going to say was that this is a good start to the story. You give enough for the reader to be interested but you also don't give too much away.

I like either of the Weasley twins in a pairing with Hermione and look forward to reading more :)


Author's Response: Thanks so much im glad you enjoy it so far and it makes me happy to know your reading it haha i hope the rest satisfies your twin Hermione romance needs and you'll continue reading! ^^ I'll do my best to write good enjoyable chapters! so hang in there :)
Mischeviously yours,

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