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Review #26, by starryskies55The Runaway Adventure: The Runaway Adventure

15th July 2013:
I'm calling podcasting this, FYI.

I love that this was based off your own experiences- I actually think you can tell, especially the deliberate packing so the parents would see! It was written in a wonderfully childish tone, which made it sound very authentic and true to character. her dream of becoming the most famous wizarding explorer was adorable, and I can see her doing it!

I love the character you've made Dom into- she's plucky and intelligent and stupid and loving, and seems like a great kid. Poor her with middle child syndrome! There are so many nice little touches in here that make it sound really realistic, like the toy- "Porridge flew with the added help of her small hand, soaring beside her as she twirled." that's a beautiful sentence!

You've got some good canon information in here, like Teddy mooning over Victoire, and also, I'm a big fan of the way you wrapped everything up neatly at the end with Joey being Jonathan's little brother!

Overall, amazing story, Maz! love it!

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Review #27, by starryskies55Their Last Night: The Best Halloween Ever

15th July 2013:
Can't believe I haven't reviewed anything of yours, Maz!

I loved Beta'ing this story, it was really good. I loved the originality of it, and especially the cliffhanger at the end! You couldn't leave it on a nice note, could you? :P
I think you've really done the characters of james and lily justice here- they're so clearly in love and totally exasperated with each other at the beginning (well, more Lily than James) and when it turns all fluffy and cute, you still have those same characters, which are well developed for a short piece.

You've got some wonderful turns of phrases in here, like; "unwrapping a chocolate frog and popping it into his mouth before it could even register its freedom" and "And for heaven's sake, it's a door bell! Ding dong is the noise it makes!"

Overall Maz, wonderful one shot- an honour to read! :P

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Review #28, by starryskies55Once Defied: Lion and Serpent

15th July 2013:
Guess who's back back back, back again again again... that's right, it's time for another round of Jenny the hopelessly reliable reviewer who reviews stories from absolutely years ago (and it's like a year since I last reviewed, I remember I was living at home then, christ).

Okay. Onto the actual reviewing (by the way I skimread the earlier chapters and my earlier reviews so I mostly know what's going on, but please forgive me for any discrepancies). Right, well, you had me cackling like a mad thing about two paragraphs in at Sirius' commentary of the match. The match was really well written, this story in fact has inspired me to write a Marauders but it's a Quidditch centric one (and an AU but shush) SO it was super awesome to see how you did the Quidditch match. The Slytherin's tactic were sneaky. Damn those snakes! I was also very relieved when your little Seeker won the snitch, finally, and your Beater's right hook? GO GIRLFRIEND. I especially enjoyed McGonagall shouting at Sirius- I sincerely hope she doesn't ban him from commentating a match again.

Gotta say, love Ursula's tactics. Get James while he's tired or eating- he can't escape then. I use similar ones myself. Next thing you know, she'll have broken into his dorm. However, pleeease don't let Ursula manage to go on a date or something with James because he's not paying attention, I don't think my heart could cope with the feels. The rest of the Marauders were helpful as always, regarding girls- although it was a brilliant ending to that bit, Peter's line 'She's not Lily Evans' would have earned him at the very least a scathing remark from me if I had been there.

Oh I forgot Remus earlier. WHY ARE YOU TORTURING HIM, WHEN HE'S ALREADY FEELING SO BAD ABOUT HIMSELF?! I'm glad for him that he's wormed his way back into Mary's good books, and I feel bad for Mary because he's gonna break his heart again, even if she doesn't know it yet. Especially if she doesn't suspect it. (and that bit at the end with Mary and Lily- I shall come to that later).
And slightly linked to Remus- the werewolf register thing- well that ain't good. That kinda needs to be stopped. However, oh my god, the fact about the bill going into its second reading- its that kind of detail that most writer (published or not) just wouldn't think about including! Gah woman. It makes the whole story seem so much more well thought out and developed.
Of course, that can be said for the rest of the newspaper articles. Such a great way of reminding us (especially wayward readers like myself) about the horrible things that are going on in the wizarding world at the moment.

Lily's point of view, as always is so different to James that is almost magic. How can you write the same story in such different ways? The careers thing sounds interesting, I look forward to reading that. Lily is being annoying again, I gotta say, but that is mostly because I'm tired of her pigheadedness. KISS JAMES ALREADY, DAMMIT.
Okay. And Professor Dearborn. While I was skim reading, I reread my theory about his ultimate bad-man status, and this nice exchange where Lily is persuaded of his goodness- NOT BUYING IT, MATE. a) I don't think you would have brought up his shiftiness to just drop it again, and b) that could totally be his regret talking because he's spineless or c) he could just actually like Lily and wish her well, despite his general evilness. Or he's trying to throw her off the scent. Basically, what I have learned from this is I am very suspicious. "hang onto that courage" - not reassuring, that's menacing. (if it turns out I'm wrong about Dearborn, then I'm totally going to protest he still is evil and that he has a background not even you knew about ;) )

And then back to Remus and Mary. This review is mostly in order, I'm so proud of myself. Eek. Again, I'm in two minds about this, and I think that there is going to be a lot more heartbreak before this story is over. However, I'm a little happy that Mary is taking her own stand about Remus, and not caving to Lily, who quite frankly, should keep her nose out. I know she has good intentions... but Mary is a big girl and can make her own descisions, kay Lils?

Okay, so overall, this was a fantastic chapter, a wonderful read, brilliantly written, with amazing description, flawed characters (which is why they're so damn perfect) and I cannot wait to go onto the next chapter. I promise it won't be another year before I do!
Until next time! - Jenny.

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Review #29, by starryskies55How to Stop a Beating Heart: Flatlined

15th July 2013:
Aha! I knew it was going to be a Dramione!

This was quite well written, and set up a good premise. Hermione's reasons for splitting up with Ron were well explained and logical, although I was sad to see Molly and the rest of the Weasley's being quite mean about it. :( I like the addition of a wizarding university, Hermione's struggle to get a job. Sucks for her that as soon as she felt like her life was sorted, it wasn't! :(
I did wonder where exactly Ginny had got all her money and glamour from- it seemed to me that as she came from quite a humble home, she wouldn't go mad with money once she married Harry.
But the chapter ended on a great cliffhanger! Well done for a nice start to a story, well written and intriguing.

Author's Response: Thanks for leaving a review. I will have to consider when writing the next chapter exactly what you explained about Ginny. My intention isn't for her to be money-crazy at all, just a fun night between two old friends was what I have planned in my head, but I can see where it may come across as as so. Glad you like the ending and I'll update soon.

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Review #30, by starryskies55Percy's Day Off: Down to Breakfast

14th July 2013:
aw this was cute! A nice insight into Percy's mind, but, having read this, I don't see how he could have left the family later on! If he understood his mother's love so well, how could he do that? You meanie, you!

Anyway. This was quite short, quick read, and a little fluffy which was nice. Grammatically, all present and correct, and I enjoyed the canon bits you slipped in, like the cauldron bottoms. I also especially liked Percy's exasperation with his other siblings- Fred and George being troublemakers, and Ginny and Ron egging them on; adding fuel to the fire is one of my favourite expressions!

I think your characterisation of Percy was really good- he came across as a nice, well meaning person and well developed. Overall, great little one shot!

Also- brilliant ending line!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this kind review, and especially for reading my little story about the Weasleys. I am so glad you enjoyed it, because I loved writing it and it flew onto the page with simple ease. That's the magic of writing stories set around the Weasley clan; they are all so relatable that it makes it kind of effortless in ways.

Thanks again.


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Review #31, by starryskies55Lilyís Love: Lily's Love

14th July 2013:
oh my god I have goosebumps. This was amazing!

I don't think I've really read many stories about Lily in the afterlife, but this one was incredibly haunting. your short sentences and the juxtapositioning of words really added to this and was incredibly well done.
I especially liked that you implied that Lily was a little selfish- she didn't want to go on in a world without Harry or James, so she chose to die. I don't really see her as selfish, but its quite interesting and it was a good contrast for Harry who died in an act that would actually save his friends.

This was very well written, very moving, and I really enjoyed it. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
To be honest, I don't know where it came from, but I knew I hadn't read much like it so I thought why not? It seemed to work out okay. I really did try with the sentence structure- thank you for noticing :)
Yeah. I mean, I know JK always said that love in a relationship is nothing compared to love parents have for their children, but I do think that her love for James was powerful enough to shatter her thoughts into just 'don't let Harry die'. Thanks.
Thank you for reviewing- I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #32, by starryskies55Somewhere Only We Know: Somewhere Only We Know

14th July 2013:
this was beautiful and so damn sad! not fair, not fair at all. gah. lemme compose myself. okay. this was amazing. haunting, and amazing. I really enjoyed this, and i thought that the characterisations were wonderfully canon. It was a really nice story. gahh. bad review alert.

The little snapshots (GEDDIT PUN) were really interesting, and, for little pieces, they were all quite well developed, and there was some beautiful description in here. I especially loved Ron taking an extreme dislike to poor Scorp. I wonder what he said to him?

The description of their married life was so perfect and blissful, it broke my heart when Ron was gone at the end, but well done, this was amazing.

PS. "ultimately had murdered one another in their sleep" - you may need to reword this unless Hermione actually did murder Ron. In which case... its stopped being so adorable.

Author's Response: Hey Jenny!

Wow, I'm so pleased you enjoyed it! Seriously thank you for your comment about how canon they are because I was seriously worried about that. I have always avoided writing the Trio because of it! So thanks :)

Nice pun there ;) and thanks! To be honest I was rushing a little bit to reach the deadline so I need to work on description for it. And yes, typo - fixed it now!

Thanks for reviewing lovely!

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Review #33, by starryskies55What It Is To Love: What It Is To Love

14th July 2013:
This was truly beautiful. I really enjoyed it. Short and sweet and very cute.

Your descriptions as Molly as a mother was very true, I think, I'm not a mother myself but I'd like to think that this is what being a mother was all about. Sacrifice and love. Also, Molly's mothering tendencies towards her brothers- that was a great addition and really reminded the reader about the time and how much loss had happened.

Arthur's characterisation was spot on, I loved the fact that he'd talk to Ron about Muggle things- I can imagine a five year old Ron still having to listen to his dad enthuse about plugs :P Additionally, Charlie and dragons! That bit was wonderful, I love it when non-canon stories slip in bits of stuff, and also, the way you wrote Bill and Charlie's relationship was exactly how I imagined it- the two older brothers, but Charlie's still younger!
Annd we have Percy who's grumpy and Fred and George making trouble, what are they like, eh?

Overall, fantastic story, wonderful characterisation, and a perfect peek inside Molly's mind. Well done!

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Review #34, by starryskies55Swept Away: Swept Away

13th July 2013:
That's a brilliant disclaimer.

I really enjoyed this- you don't tend to think about the little people in the Ministry, the janitors and cleaning ladies, and it was interesting to see their point of view, even if for a little bit. I'd hate to clean up a perpetual mess, I'd get so angry at it!

I enjoyed the plot- the idea of them both inventing time travel is a bit Back to the Futurey, but I enjoyed it, its quite ironic. The journey part was really well done, I loved reading about the old ships, and I thought you did it very well! I did think you could use some more description- the journeys did seem a bit rushed, especially the one on the ox cart. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this, well done!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks!

I'm so glad you liked the story! I didn't even think about it being like Back to the Future but I do see it now that you mentioned it.

And yeah I realise that the ox cart voyage was rushed, but I was rapidly approaching the word limit by that point and had to cut it off :P Hopefully that didn't take away too much from the story!

I'm so happy you liked reading it, and thanks much for the review!

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Review #35, by starryskies55The Restricted Section: The Library

13th July 2013:
This was an interesting concept, but not one too out of the blue for the Restricted Section of the library!

I liked Roxanne and Jacob's kinda half-relationship, and she was very protective over Freddy, which was cute as well. It was quite sad to see the captain of the ship die, but it was a good twist, and I liked it. I've always wanted to write a pirate hpff!

There could be a bit more description and explanation for things, but overall this was very good! (although you probably should work on your formatting).

Well done!

Author's Response: I thought the relationships were cute while I was trying to be realistic. I needed some sort of plot twist haha... but who knows? The future could have changed ;)
I have wanted to write one since I read Pirates by Singerhotti last year- they are so fun to write about!
I will add more of everything and fix the format *embarrassed look* it was a two hour throw together so when I add more the format will be addressed. Thanks!

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Review #36, by starryskies55He Hopes: He Hopes

13th July 2013:
I really really really really enjoyed this! It's something I have never thought about before, but something really interesting- Regulas did sacrifice everything to try to defeat the Dark Lord, but I had never thought about the stuff behind his decision, and it must have been torturous, so well done on portraying all that angst.

The muggle journey was really well written, I thought it was a great way to incorporate travel, and also it was a clever idea.

You had some wonderful turns of phrase in this as well; "dark-haired boy-man" as well as "shedding his childhood like a snake sheds its old skins? Regulus is a snake, has always been a snake. He lived as a snake, and he will die one too- playing for both sides."

That metaphor is wonderful, and its very powerful. You said you wrote this quickly, but I think its very very good!

Well done. :)

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Review #37, by starryskies55Soaring through the clouds: The honeymoon

13th July 2013:
Hey! This was a sweet short piece, nice work. You've really thought about the carpets, and the description was really good! I liked the touches about the charms and the whole businesses behind it!

I think there could be some more plot in this piece, like, some more description of the places that Harry and Ginny visited, but the bit that was there, the part about the Great Wall of China was very good, and some great description there! The little bits of canon knowledge in there as well were good as they were weaved in.

Parts of this were also very funny, I thought that Ginny being one for speed and shouting 'what you survived Voldemort!' was brilliantly hilarious. Well done!

Author's Response: Hi. Thanks :)
I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was rushing to get this i for the HC entry, so I'll probably tweak it and fine tune it. I've always wondered about carpets in Potterverse. It's nice to have Harry just enjoy himself with Ginny. I can definitely see her saying that to him when he's like "We're gonna die!"

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Review #38, by starryskies55House Cup 2013: Scabbers' Holiday: According to Plan

13th July 2013:
ahaha, this was interesting!

Great concept, telling the story from Pettigrew/Scabber's point of view, I liked all the references to Death Eaters and Pettigrew's life. I enjoyed reading this a lot! I think perhaps there was a bit too much going on - them getting lost, and croc!Charlie and swamps and Erumpets, but it was quite well written.

Scabbers/Pettigrew's voice was very funny, I liked his sarcasm and he was just so done with the Weasley's getting stuff wrong all the time!

So well done on a great entry for the HC from a fellow Gryffie!

Author's Response: Hahah thank you! I've always been interested in Pettigrew's life as a rat, and I thought that life form his perspective as a rat would be really fun to write (which it was :P). Thanks! Maybe I'll cut out an event or too, and just focus on the smaller ones! :)

It was awesome trying to write in his POV, and I imagined him as quite a dry and sarcastic person, with a slightly bitter at times view on life. I really enjoyed writing all about the Weasleys up close, and in third person as well! They do just keep getting in to trouble!

Thank you very much! Wooo Gryffindor!

Sophie LD

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Review #39, by starryskies55Voldemort on Broadway: Chapter 1

13th July 2013:
Oh my giddy aunt.

I don't know what to say, apart from is Harry actually Simon Cowell? Oh dear lord. And then poor Voldemort didn't even get his own part. I always end up feeling bad for him in your stories! I loved that it was like the X factor though, very good- and Rita Skeeter is a publicist now? That's definitely the highlight of her career. Also- this line; "Voldemort confidently belted out the latest teen anthem" - Voldemort confidently singing?

There were tons of great one liners in here- the rabbits dying and 'Old habits die hard', as well as Snape being a bank robber and the vampire films with Cedric Diggory. Who knew that rl and Harry Potter blended so easily?

Aside from the complete madness of this, it was very well written and engaging. Well done from a fellow Gryffie :)

Author's Response: I'm afraid the fame might be getting to Harry's head a bit here. I get easily amused thinking about how the characters would act if they were self-aware of their real life popularity, which is kind of the underlying theme of these stories.

Also, Die Hard is one of my alltime favorites, so I just had to make the reference to Alan Rickman's role in it.
Go Gryffindor!

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Review #40, by starryskies55The Homecoming of Rose Weasley: And what an adventure it was

13th July 2013:
aw this was beautiful!

I love the development of Rose, even in this short piece. She went from not feeling older and wiser, and to feeling like she'd had an adventure. The description of the places she went to and the things she did was brilliant, I loved the bit about reading Plato! All the different things were very clever and original.

I especially loved the little bit we saw about Charlie's character- this line "He, of all her family, knew what it was to run away. And he also knew how to come back home" says so much more than just that, it was very good, it developed mystery and empathy and it was very good.

As some CC, well, I would have liked to see a scene with Rose in a place, while she was travelling but thats because I enjoyed the piece so much that I wanted more!

Well done from a fellow Gryffie!

Author's Response: Thanks a ton! Gryffies for the win, eh?

I feel like Charlie is such an interesting character, who definitely has some unplumbed depths, so I'd love to write more of him.(who knows, maybe i'll write more Rose as well?)
Thanks again for the review. I'll see you when we win the cup, my friend ;)

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Review #41, by starryskies55New Destinations : Australia

13th July 2013:
This was brilliant Helen! and I love Othello :P

Stupid as I am, I didn't twig what on earth was going on until about the middle- where Monica said about the Alps and something disappointing- because Hermione went home, and it was like WHOA I UNDERSTAND NOW. There are really some good lines in here, one of my favourites is "There are grains of sand caught between the pages and her toes."

Some CC, the skip between Monica and Margaret felt a little too jarring- I know its supposed to be, but it did take me a long time to guess it, and you wrote the flashbacks in present tense and the present tense stuff in past tense? It seems a bit backwards to me, but thats probably just me.

As always Helen, this was amazingly written, and I wish I'd had this idea. Well done!

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Review #42, by starryskies55Unraveling a Broken Soul: Unraveling a Broken Soul

13th July 2013:
Oh holy crap. This was a completely amazing piece (and because I usually go yaay this is awesome and then do CC, I'm gonna say, no CC. I can't think of anything).

Your description was amazing, I felt like I was there, and the tiny bits of the back story you revealed throughout was very well done technically-wise, and beautifully executed. I especially liked the character of Victoire. I know that I, among many other people, typically write Victoire as a whiny idiot, but your Victoire was so beautiful and heartfelt and she was burning with a desire to be magical and it was beautiful and beautifully written. The way Victoire got her magic as well, i loved the idea of a flow of magic, and it opening the barrier.

Actually, I lied, one small CC, possibly make the paragraphs at the start a bit smaller. This was amazing. Well done. I'd really like a follow up on Victoire showing her parents, but at the same time, the ending was very powerful. Favouriting!

PS. Totally just realised who you are. Hey June! It's Jenny! I'd totally love to podcast this. So good!

Author's Response: Jenny omg :3 This review is so nice, and incredible, and omg, just, omg. You honestly just made my day with this :3 I'm so glad you enjoyed ee! n.n And I would be HONORED if you wanted to podcast this, honestly :3 (ps: all the :3 are imaginary hearts, because HPFF won't let me make hearts ;-; ) I lurve you :3

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Review #43, by starryskies55A Magical World : Bulgaria

13th July 2013:
I TOTALLY CALLED THAT SHE WAS A MERMAID AS SOON AS SHE SAID HER NAME WAS SIRENA and then they went to Greece and it was like... hell yeah I'm right.

Anyway! I really like the premise to the story, it really built up intrigue and it was really well written. Whether Louis was the right person for the job was interesting, and Fleur's worry for him worked really well too.
The character of Sirena was pretty awesome as well, very well built up to being a mystery, especially as we know she's not a Veela and she's not human.

I was slightly confused as to why they globetrotted a little before they went underwater - I understand why they went to Greece, but the forest was a bit :/ However, your description was very good, and I would like to see another chapter! The Veela's being blamed for a mermaid's crime is intriguing, and also as your mermaid is not a canon mermaid, that is also very interesting.

Great story! And woop! Go Gryffindor! *roars with you*

Author's Response: hahaha yes, someone managed to guess her species!! her name was a big clue, so I'm glad that you picked up on that. Fleur's always got that motherly instinct that reminds me a ton of Molly Weasley so it only made sense that she'd worry a lot. Well, Louis would essentially start off his search for Veelas in the forest. It really wasn't needed but I did want to make the traveling prominent. Sirena is a Siren, a species of mermaid. The merpeople in the Black Lake are Selkies, another species. Thank you for reading and reviewing!(: (and yes, Go GRYFFINDOR!)

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Review #44, by starryskies55Money Mania: Money Mania

13th July 2013:
this piece really made me smile :P

I'm not a fan usually of marauders stories, because they're quite hard to write without sounding cliched, but I think you did it really well actually! Mentioning the rise of Voldemort and his threatening power was a brilliant idea, especially to add context and a lot of people write Marauders forgetting about him. You also kept the rest of it very close to canon, which is a good idea when you don't have enough time to make an AU, for example with Lily and Sirius at James' house in the first place.

James and Sirius' exchanges were very funny as well, I loved the bit at the start when they were lying on the bank together. 'Get a hobby!'- and Sirius turning into a dog and licking him. I like to think he does that a lot to annoy James! It was very original as well- I liked that the Americans used paper money and the difference between Gringotts and their bank, as well as the bank in France. (Oh! And when Dorea shouted at them, she shouted at Sirius like he was her son as well. I liked that a lot. Poor Sirius.)

As some CC, I'd say that the piece as a whole could be developed and expanded a bit more. It was a bit of the leap of the imagination to have Sirius and James just fly to America- that would have also taken them at least a day- and how did Dorea Potter know where to find her son? However, this is a great start, well done!

Author's Response: Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, I'm STILL trying to catch up on everything I neglected during the house cup.

I'm not much of a marauders person either, but it's great for little one-shots like this. I like next greneration much more, since you can really do anything, but as my main novel is about Albus Potter, I decided not to do them for this.

I liked making little funny exchanges throughout the story. I really wanted to make the banks different as well.

Dorea treats Sirius as her second son. :)

Thanks for the CC, I always like knowing what I can imrove upon. I wrote this in sort of a rush. In an earlier review, the reader suggested Sirius should get a little inspiration for the trip, and I think that is a good suggestion. Yeah ,you do have a point, they got there a little fast- I had them put a speeding charm on there broomsticks though (Which would be illegal in Quidditch). Dorea found her son through a variety of tracking spells, I just wasn't sure how to incorporate that fact in the story (And I needed to get the story in really quickly).

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #45, by starryskies55Enchanted: Getting to Me

5th March 2013:

oh my god, NO THE READERS DO NOT LIKE YOU, LOUIS, BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT KISS CIARAN. Well, this reader doesn't, anyway.

Anyway, this was a beautifully fillery chapter with lots of fluff and cuteness and n'aww they are so cute! You've made a couple of spelling errors and used one word instead of another (and I only noticed because whoa, a mistake in Sam's work? Surely not!

The idea that Ciaran will write a book about himself though... wow. I think it should be called something like... Enchanted :P

Brilliant chapter, as always! Love it to pieces, Sammy!

Author's Response: No, the readers don't like Louis. He's too mean, not kissing him. The horror! :P

Haha. Maybe it will be. ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Jenny!


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Review #46, by starryskies55Enchanted: More

5th March 2013:
Aw Sammy! it's a little fillery, but you know I love all of Ciaran and Lucy and Jack and Louis :) I hope Jack and Lucy are getting better together, don't make them break up! Jack's picnic sounds awesome (well done Key), and hopefully theywon't fall out and hopefully it'll be in the missing moments, yes yes? :D
I also want to know more about Ellis, but, like Ciaran, I'll suppose I'll have to wait! Louis 'showing' Ciaran his paintings was super cute as well, oh asdfghjkl feeels, you are meean, Sam!

Love Enchanted, as always! (and I didn't notice any Americanisms :P)

Author's Response: Haha. Yes, the picnic will be in the missing moments collection. Like I could ever miss out a moment between Lucy and Jack. :D

Thank you for reviewing, Jenny!

Sam. :)

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Review #47, by starryskies55Enchanted: Dinner, Stories and Titles

4th March 2013:
That was quite possibly the cutest chapter in the history of fluff. It was adorable. I loved the bit in the restaurant- not just the cuteness- the extra bits about Ciaran's family, it's wonderful! I love all the extra cute stuff, and I loved that Jay named his restaurant after his daughter. D'aw.
and I'm hoping Lucy and Jack are all betterer now as well!
But hearing Ciaran's story was sad, like, heart wrenching, I can't imagine a three year old having to try to deal with that, it's awful :( You're cruel, you are.
Other than that, well, it was brilliant, like always. The only quibble I have is that you spelt honour the American way, and you are BRITISH.
Love it!


The cutest chapter in the history of fluff - now things will get angsty. ;) I'm glad you liked meeting Ciaran's family.

I know I'm cruel, but you love it anyway. :P

I don't believe in the French way. There is no U. No. :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #48, by starryskies55Betrayal: The Letter

20th January 2013:
wow, this was very powerful! I thought that the ranting done by Victoire was brilliantly well written, and very moving. Her swearing and shouting and the sentences all running into each other or being chopped up, that's very well done! Yaaay!

Dom and Teddy were also well written, their characterisations seemed to be ones you were familiar with. Your dialogue is great, and I'd love to see this maybe in the Guild? Sounds like it could be a wonderful script!

My only criticism would be to set the scene a bit more, as you've explained a bit but not gone into very much detail.
Overall, a wonderful piece of writing, that is really powerful. Stupid Teddy and Dom for cheating! How could they? SEVEN MONTHS? HER OWN SISTER? Evil. I knew I didn't like Dom :P

-Supreme Shop of Awesome, out.

Author's Response: Hey Jenny! Thanks for reading and reviewing this!

I am glad you found this powerful, and liked Victoire and her dialogues and such.

Yeah, I know my Dom and Teddy pretty well, since I wrote them in the prequel, and again glad to know you liked the dialogue. Thank you for the amazing idea of turning this into a script, I think I may just well do it xD

Since this was a sequel to another story (though working as a stand-alone too) I didnt think much of setting the scene, but I'll think about it!

Haha poor Victoire, but poor Dom too. Dont judge Dom so easily. She got carried away by Teddy. Its TEDDY THATS EVIL :P

Thank you!

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Review #49, by starryskies55Once Defied: A Not-So-Sweet Halloween

30th September 2012:

I'm really sorry I haven't read/reviewed any more chapters until now, I have been ridiculously super busy! :( Now I'm making time where no actual time exists :P

I adored the bit at the start, about the differences between Muggle and wizarding Halloween, it was really nice to be reminded of the difference! And James and Lily... you stubborn morons, you! I badly need for them to get back together, you hear me?
I'm blaming James here too, not Lily. James is trying to give Lily some space to cool down and stuff, and Lily is just being pigheaded and stubborn! Role reversal, much? Gahhh, you make me mad :(

I also liked the little bit of pranking with the Slytherins :P You make the cliche bits of the maruader era seem not cliche, which is super awesome. It's also kind of cool that it's usually Peter who has the ideas against the Slytherins.

REMUS/MARY. Holy moley, why do you do this to me? :(
Not fair. I know Remus is doing the right thing (in his eyes at least) and James and Sirius and Peter know that too, but Mary can't understand why and this is horrible :( I thought that Remus' internal conflict was written amazingly (per usual) and I'm so sad for him! Although, as soon as the words 'Mary' and 'near the dungeons' were mentioned, my internal Slytherin/evilness radar was screaming!

I really hope everything gets better soon.. but I doubt it, somehow :P Another fantastic chapter! Also, I'm writing a marauders now, one that I've been wanting to write for aaages! So, thanks for giving me the push!

- Jenny

Author's Response: Oh, no, don't apologize! I totally understand being busy, and no rush at all. I definitely did miss your lovely reviews, but other commitments come first. :) I will be happy to receive your reviews whenever you have time (existing or otherwise)!

I hear you, don't worry. And they will, I promise! That's one of the great things about James/Lily--you never have to worry TOO much about them (as long as you ignore their eventual fates), because you know they'll end up together. They are both being very foolish, and as much as I'm sorry to make you mad...I'm also happy about it? :P If you weren't frustrated, I wouldn't have done a very good job writing this.

"You make the cliche bits of the maruader era seem not cliche, which is super awesome." - That line made my LIFE. Thank you.

I think at this point, I may need to invest in a shield, in case you decide to start throwing rotting vegetables at me. Remus and Mary are not in a very happy place, it's true, and...well, I shouldn't say anything more, because it'll spoil it! You must read on! (When you have time!) Mwahaha.

Well, like I said, everything will get better. Actually, SOME things will get better. That's more accurate. And I'm so happy to hear that you're writing your own Marauders story! I bet it will be great. :) At some point, I want to read it.

Thanks for another great review! I'm so happy that you're still enjoying the story.

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Review #50, by starryskies55Broken Smile: Chapter 1

18th September 2012:


The imagery here was amazing, and the emotion just seeped through it all, making me all sad and stuffs ;(

I love that Fenny regretted his decisions, and that Teddy could forgive him showed a real strength of character, which was super powerful and really touching. The ending was my favourite, with them both drunk outside the pub, although the ideas and imagery about his smiles and his laughing at the start was absolutely fantastic :)

Some quick CC - you've changed tense a few times when I don't think you meant to, and you've also got a few typos. (I would totally not mention this if you hadn't been so ruthless with Hattie)

- Supreme Shop of Awesome, out.

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