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Review #1, by starryskies55Not Quite Shakespeare: Not Quite Shakespeare

18th July 2013:
Oh my god, I properly cackled out loud when James threw a fit, that was hilarious. Awww James, don't worry. You're the only man for Lils!

The first short chunk of this is pretty realistic- what do you say when your boyfriend tells you he loves you? Freak out and run away while he stands there, a bit confused. Very good!
And then amazingly, it got better! Lily's description of Romeo and Juliet was very accurate, I thought :P and James' reaction to the word 'love' was brilliant.
You had some wonderful lines in here that related to canon very well- I liked the bit referencing to their fifth year arguments, and their are some SUPERB little points of description "the motionless couple on the book's cover" which is not a big line of description but it really shows the difference between muggles and wizards and its not even a big thing, but the fact that you noticed and wrote it in, gahh it was really good! Feels over motionless book covers.

The ending of this story as well was lovely- I loved how Lily recognised that love wasn't a definite thing that can be catagorised and god I sound like such a hopeless romantic, but love is such a central theme in the books, and you've done so brilliantly well in recreating it! Well done, I really enjoyed this.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for writing another review! You are a very good fanfic reviewer by the way :)

I get so excited when people tell me I made them laugh because I can't always tell if something I wrote is actually funny or if I just think it's hilarious because I wrote it, so thank you for the reassurance!

I've never even been in a relationship (20 and still single but fanfic helps haha), so I'm glad to know my story came off as realistic.

"Feels over motionless book covers" Ahh I love you! I think I'm learning that the little details are some of my favorite parts to write, so I love that you enjoyed them.

I think that was something I really loved about the books; love was expressed and realized in so many different ways.

I'm glad you enjoyed reading my story (and I think I may have enjoyed reading your review even more!)

Also, if you want to read any more of my writing I posted a Jily one-shot called "The Right Number" rather recently and I think it's one of my favorite stories I've written so far.

Thank you for being so lovely! (Also, I noticed you write stories as well so I will definitely have to check those out!)

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Review #2, by starryskies55Lost in Thought Without a Map: Lost in Thought Without a Map

18th July 2013:
Ahhh! This was a really cute exchange between the two of them. For some reason, I really liked that it was Lily rescuing James and being all 'so what I can sneak out at night as well you know'. It gave a bit more depth to her character, rather than being the usual goody two shoes that she's usually presented as. I enjoyed her confusion at Filch not being able to see two teenager shaped lumps under a blanket, it was quite funny as obviously the readers know it was the Invisibility Cloak, and James' pride and slight showing off of the Cloak- I thought it was very in character and quite funny too!

Despite there not being much of a plot, this was a well thought out and written piece. The premise to both of them being in the corridors was very believable, and I'm so glad you referenced the Death Eaters and Voldemort- so many Marauder stories forget about them, and it makes complete sense that the two of them would be very worried about what was happening outside Hogwarts.

One small bit of CC, this line; "maybe you're deserving of the Invisibility Cloak after all" seems a bit disjointed, I couldn't figure out why James said it or how it related to the rest of the story.
Overall though, I really enjoyed this! Short and sweet, and it definitely has the promise of a relationship and some romance *winks*

Author's Response: So glad I randomly logged onto my account and found these reviews! You seriously made my day! Just the fact that you took the time to read my stories and write such long reviews means so much to me :)

This was actually one of the first Jily stories I ever wrote, so it was really fun to explore Lily and James' characters.

It's also been really important for me to consider the Voldemort aspect of my stories because I think it is such an important part of the characters. I love writing short little love stories (and I write a lot of them), but I think it's also important to realize that they were going through something incredibly serious and that it shapes who they are. I cannot wait to fully explore that in my multi-chapter Neville/Hannah fic!

Also, thank you for the bit of criticism! I always appreciate honest feedback. As for that line, I think it was one of those cases where I wrote it down earlier and really loved it so I struggled to part with it in the final draft. I totally see your point about it not belonging, though. (I think I was trying to make a connection between Lily being a bit of a troublemaker like James and how that meant she deserved the ultimate troublemaker object AKA the cloak)

Again, thank you for writing a review :)

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Review #3, by starryskies55Her Emerald Eyes: Her Emerald Eyes

18th July 2013:
Hey! Despite this being quite a short piece, I found this really captivating and interesting. I've read tons of one shots of this particular moment, but you've managed to put your own spin on it- I think mostly helped by the fact you've used second person, which I know is very tricky, but you've done it very well, I think! :)

James and Lily's relationship, while it was only briefly described in here, was still quite powerful. The idea that she didn't want to live without James was very sad but was effective in showing their love for each other. The bit where Lily is lamenting all the things she can never do with James again made her sound very young and vulnerable, which is a brilliant portrayal of her, as she was extremely young still when she died.
You have some brilliant description in here as well, I especially loved the bit at the end where everything seemed so pointless and hopeless, like "You yell, but itís hopeless." and the no-one caring line. It really added to Lily feeling alone after she knew James was dead, and the empty life she would have without him.

Quick note; watch out for your formatting. :) But overall, this was a fantastic story, and I really enjoyed it. Well done!

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Review #4, by starryskies55Brain Activity: Hot

17th July 2013:
OH MY GOD DRACO'S DYING. yeah I don't actually care, to be honest. Nasty man.

Hermione's dream for a second, I thought was completely real, and I was so glad that it wasn't because then a) she hasn't had to brutally murder her undead husband and b) there are no zombies in Hogwarts still. It was a very scary bit though, and you managed to balance the action with Hermione's emotions really really well.

I also really liked that Hermione is trying to figure out stuff and she just keeps thinking about her daughter and Scorpius :P She still needs to sort out her priorites! However, really interesting twist by adding Draco Malfoy in at the end, thats obviously going to have a huge effect on Scorpius, and I really want to know whats going to happen next! Where did he come from? What happened? Brilliant cliffhanger!

Author's Response: I KNOW. Well. Wait a minute like I just talked to you yesterday and you were all DON'T KILL DrACO but apparently when you read this you didn't care? MIXED SIGNALS JENNY

Yeah Hermione's dream was so awful because I felt like ron was there and everything could be happy and then I was just a jerk and turned him into a zombie, albeit a fake one.

I'm so glad you liked this!!! I LOVE YOU.

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Review #5, by starryskies55Brain Activity: Firearms

17th July 2013:
Ahahaha, Rambo Scorpius? Loving it!

It's good to see an elaboration on whatever weird thing it was that stopped Ginny from moving, and the weird magical things that are happening with the zombies... they're very weird. I loved Scorpius rambo-ing in to save Rose though, it was very cool! What's really interesting about your zombies is although they 'don't have concious thought' they're still very aware- like Harry chased the beggar and animated Dumbleydor, and that zombie who attacked Rose knew to snap her wand! I'm half thinking that someone who is not Harry is controlling them...

But yeah, zombie Harry has now raised a zombie Dumbledore! That's not fair, that's not even fair. they don't stand a chance. Although how did Harry manage to find and put on trousers? He's a clever little zombie.

Another fantastic chapter Ashley :D

Author's Response: I LOVE RAMBO SCORPIUS. He is the best. He makes writing so much fun and I can't wait to reintroduce him once more. This is my favorite chapter I think so far. I just had such a blast writing it, and I really wish I could get back to the state where I could write short chapters like this. WHAT HAPPENED TO ME.

And yeah my zombies are a bit aware. Especially Harry. He's more like the white walkers in GoT. They kind of have a bit of an awareness of what's going on around them...but you know, dead. I don' tknow, it's funtimes. And zombie Dumbledore. SO MUCH LOVE FOR HIM. Can't wait to play a little more with that. LOVE YOU THANK YOU FOR REVIEWING LIKE 70 MONTHS AGO

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Review #6, by starryskies55Brain Activity: Blame

17th July 2013:

Hey Ash, back again! Cor, there was some action in this! Brilliant! I enjoyed this immensely, like all the others. Interesting scene with Greyback- it would really be awkward if they ended up having to fight a zombie werewolf. Oooh a zombie giant that would be fun. Anyway. Good to see Greyback come back- he seemed very lucid despite being a werewolf, to know not to eat people but instead to get out of there.

the short scene with Neville and Hermione together was cute, she really needs someone strong for her right now, and I think Neville is doing wonderfully. She's going to feel guilty whatever he says though :( And too right as well, she did start it :P I'm almost shipping the two of them...

Two small things- you've written 'believe' instead of 'be' I think at one point, and also, once Hermione knew from Greyback that there were zombies in the forest, why didn't she get them all to go back to Hogwarts?

Again, great story Ashley.


I'm glad you are here yay! Greyback was such a random addition for me, it was so influenced by Mike it's not even funny. And yeah, he was quite lucid. I don't know, I think he just saw the danger and went after it. I don't think he ever thinks about anyone but himself, 'cause he's kind of a jerk. BUT anyway.

I know with NEville, I love writing him he's such fun. I think he's such a Gryffindor and it's so fun to write that side of him, because I think as he grew older it would come out even more. As for her guilt, that's something I struggled with for a long time, writing it all because I think you would almost HAVE to be wracked with guilt, but I think I've gotten it under control in later chapters.

Why didn't she get them back to Hogwarts? I don't know, she didn't see any sign of them, I think maybe she wanted to hang out a little longer and get her head clear? Maybe I didn't think of that? I don't know :P Hahaha but good eye for spotting it!


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Review #7, by starryskies55Brain Activity: Inferno

17th July 2013:
Albus is so angsty, he is really exactly like Harry. And his speechy thing about going off to fight zombies- isn't that an echo of Harry wanting to join the Order so he could fight Voldy, like his dad? Dat's so awesome.

MORE ACTION WOOP. Hermione using a zombie head as a football against another zombie? What's not to love? It was incredibly sad when she had to torch her house though, and get rid of all those memories, especially as Ron is gone. :(

Also, kudos to the kids for working out how to slow down the zombies when Hermione couldn't. She just doesn't watch enough TV. Another amazing chapter Ashley, I'm loving rereading this. :D

Author's Response: Angsty Albus is the best kind of Albus :P I loved writing him, he was so fun. He's tired of being babied and he wants to help out and really who could blame him? He's just lost his entire family, you know?

The action in this chapter was fun, I really like this chapter too, the scene with Albus and James. I hated burning her house down but it certainly had a good effect didn't it?

Hahaha, I love what you said about Hermione not watching enough TV, so true right? And that's a particularly funny comment given some of the things that happen later in the story so well done there Jenny, you super star you!! THANK YOU FOR THE REVIEW xx

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Review #8, by starryskies55Brain Activity: The Zombie Queen

17th July 2013:
Omg Ash that poor beggar! I love the way you've started each chapter so far with a different person narrating, its very Game of Thronesy, and it's really brilliant the way that you've developed each tiny character, like the beggar, even though he's dead now :( Sadtimes. Should've run sooner. Also, I totally forgot that Harry was starkers, that's moderately amusing.

You've got some brilliant description again in this chapter, although it's rather sidelined for the action, which I have to say is fantastic. You really got a sense of urgency from the whole bit with Hermione and Ginny- and slight comic interlude when Neville scared them :P - and everyone is so wonderfully in character, Hermione's still trying to teach Neville, Neville is being awesome per usual and Ginny is understandably still grieving.. and now dead too. Ach.

Fantastic chapter! :D

Author's Response: I know, the beggar was sad, but it was also fun to write and I kind of had to show some sort of way that the zombie was going to infiltrate Muggle society so that was important. Hahahaha starkers. If I didn't know you, then I wouldn't know what that meant, but since I do, I can say yep. Naked Harry zombie running the streets, errybody freeze. ew.

Thanks for your comments on my description but you're right, I tend to neglect it during action. But I'm glad you liked that! And Neville so much love for him. Poor Ginny. But of all the characters deaths I had to write, hers was pretty fun. Because Ginny. And that's it. Loves you xx

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Review #9, by starryskies55Brain Activity: Residue

17th July 2013:
HIDE AWAY, PEEPS, ZOMBIE LORD HARRY IS ON THE LOOSE. Next House Cup should be set in Brain Activity, just saying.

Okay. This was another action packed chapter. Hermione is at least trying to fix her mistakes, and Hogwarts is a very sensible place to go. Little disappointed she didn't go to the library though.
Neville's character was wonderful, I'm so glad he's head of house, and - side note, I really liked how Potions professor was head of Ravenclaw and Herbology was Gryffindor. Break the mould, girl!

Roger Davies is a massive prat, may I just say that. Just do what the woman asks, or you'll get cursed. I like how his protesting got less when he saw how serious she was. Coward!

Another fantastic chapter Ash, and Harry's escaped! And he's killing people! Nomming on brains? Can't wait to keep reading.

Author's Response: OH MY GOD how did I miss this comment?? Next house cup should be set in Brain Activity hahahahaha that is so funny. Loves it! Such action, amirite? The beginning of this story had so much action in it, I can see why I took a couple chapters later to like calm things down. Buuut neither here nor there. Ok.

Awww you're disappointed she didn't go to the library, I totally get that. Don't worry, I believe it does happen later at some point :P

I don't like doin things by the book y'all know me! hhahaha, yeah but Neville just chillin' doin his own thing and then all of a sudden - cray hermione. Why am I writing this like a gangsta in my head I don't even KNOW.

But I hate Roger and I totally agree with you. he's fun to write though. Jerk.

Nomming on brains. That was nearly the name of this story you know. I should have called it that. It's more descriptive. But, neither here nor there. Thank you so much for reviewing again you're amazing and awesome and yay xx

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Review #10, by starryskies55Brain Activity: The Zombie Lord

17th July 2013:
Holy crap I'd forgotten how much I loved this. And I can't believe I haven't reviewed! You are such a wonderful, wonderful writer, Ash. This is a fantastic story, and a wonderfully original idea.

I really think that Hermione's voice in this is brilliantly canon, it just seems so much like her, and so personal, which is great, especially as its not in first person. It was great that you gave us a ton of background info without it seeming like background information- like, about the kids and Ron and what Hermione was doing in her career- it was all weaved into the story very effortlessly.

The scene were Hermione tried to resurrect Harry- it was so intense it was difficult to read properly without skimming it because I wanted to know what happened next! I'm sorry though, when Harry went 'Raarrg' I burst out laughing. Too funny. It was a really weird balance of humour and dark, because Harry was making 'wet noises' and thats funny, but at the same time he 'stunk of death and rot' and that's terrible imagery and if you put yourself into Hermione's shoes, which is so easy to do with your writing, she's just turned her dead best friend who she's grieving over into an undead monster, which is horrific.

And finally, it should have been called Om nom nom brains. :( I really enjoyed rereading this Ash! Well done!

PS.The only thing I can't believe in this is that Harry let a statue of himself get erected.

Author's Response: YAY CHAPTER ONE! First of all you are really too kind to me haha. But I'm glad that you like it and you think it's original and honestly 2 years later I really do think it still is original, which makes me so crazy happy.

Ok can I just tell you that I could cry with the whole fact that during the Harry resurrection thing you skimmed because you wanted to find out what happened? I do that ALL THE TIME especially when I'm reading asoiaf and I can't believe I've written something that makes people want to do that!! Gah I am so excited :P YAY. I am glad you get the balance of humor and horror too, because that really is what I'm going for and while some people get that I think that a lot of others don't so it's nice to see that.

Thank you so much girl, you're an inspiration and I love you again, and I'm glad you like me and so much love to you xx

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Review #11, by starryskies55A Real Dark Night of The Soul: A Real Dark Night of The Soul

17th July 2013:
Oh Sirius you poor baby :(

This was so sad, Alli! Sirius must have been in so much pain after Lily and James were killed, it doesn't bear thinking about, but you've done such a wonderful job of portraying this, it's truly astounding.
Starting from the beginning- I was a little bit confused at first, but I thought it was a prisoner of Azkaban nearly straight away after you described the cliffs, and it sounded like a deliberate allusion to Azkaban. The fact that Sirius dreamt that, or hallucinated, it was painful for him to wake up and me to realise it wasn't real.
Again, you have some FANTASTIC turns of phrases- I loved especially how you described the prison walls as painted, like they weren't real. It was awesome.
And the flashback to the night at Godric's Hollow- that was some amazing description. It was very evocative, especially when you described the house as lifeless, and Sirius repeating that he just couldn't lose Harry as well- it was so so sad.

Amazing one shot Alli, well done!

Author's Response: Jenny,

I'm sorry I made you sad! What can I say - I'm a sucker for an angsty story. I can understand how the beginning of the story is confusing. It was really difficult to figure out how to transition from the dream state to reality without making it sound choppy. I'll have to go back and see if there's a way to make it a bit more clear. The flashback to Godric's Hollow was probably the most difficult part of the story for me to write since it's such an important moment and forced me to write dialogue which I always find to be challenging. I'm happy you enjoyed that part and that it didn't distract from the rest of the story.

Thanks for taking the time to review!


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Review #12, by starryskies55In My Dying Breath: In My Dying Breath

17th July 2013:
WO ALLI. Okay, so this was so powerful and moving, it chilled me. I can't ship Snily, but this piece really made me appreciate the love that Snape had for Lily. It must have really been astonishing for it to sustain him throughout all those years, and you did such an amazing job showing it.
Even in such a short piece, you saw Snape develop and grow but his love remained the same and that was beautiful. I loved the line where he told Lily that she was 'blossoming' today, that was a fantastic pun! :P You've got some great phrases in here, and your description is fabulous, I really enjoyed the first part in particular, for example- 'murderous heartbeat'- the oxymoron there is just to die for.
Your descriptions of the relationship between Lily and Snape seemed very easy and realistic- their dialogue was very natural and the piece overall flowed really well, even with all the different flashbacks.

Overall, I really enjoyed this piece. I'm so glad that Snape got some happy thoughts and memories before he died. Well done, Alli!

Author's Response: Jenny!

I'm sorry it took me so long to respond to your review! Thank you for taking the time to review this story and provide your amazing feedback. I wouldn't call myself a Snily shipper either, but I'm glad you enjoyed the story despite the Snily feel to it. I think there was certainly potential for a relationship there if things had turned out differently. I'm glad you thought Snape's love for Lily was convincing. I find it interesting how Snape's love is stagnant while his personality and goals change so drastically as he ages and matures. I'm glad you pointed out this fact in the story since that was a part of their relationship I was trying to show. I probably focused the most of my time writing on the descriptions, so thanks for pointing those out! I hope they helped bring the story to life.

Thanks again for your lovely review.


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Review #13, by starryskies55Enchanted: Accept, Adapt and Move On

16th July 2013:
Ah! Adorable!
Their little date night was perfect, exactly what those two needed after all that drama. Now all thats needed to be sorted out is Louis' granny, and Kyle and Luka. Simple. *rolls eyes*
I'm glad Louis told Key about the thing with his ex, the hypocrite. I'm glad everything is out in the open, even if it was painful to talk about. He sounded really broken as well when he was explaining to Key, it was very very very sad.
And who is Ellis? Do we know him? Family friend? Is he dating a James family member now or something? Eeeek. WANNA KNOW.

Another brilliant chapter by a brilliant writer. I LOVE YOU SAM. I'm so glad they're happy now.

Author's Response: Yay! They really needed a nice, normal date night. I out the, through too much. Haha, simple. Since when do I do simple? :P Louis' grandmother will still be a problem in the sequel. As for Kyle and Luka... ;)

He is a hypocrite, he's very stubborn and doesn't listen to people, hence why he doesn't talk about himself. Awww, he was sad; we should hug the hypocrite. *hugs*

Ellis! Naughty boy. He'll come, you'll know who he is soon. ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review! I LOVE YOU, TOO!


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Review #14, by starryskies55Enchanted: Broken

16th July 2013:

Although Key was having enough regrets about breaking the two of them up, I knew that Louis would be able to persuade him not to :P Poor Jack and Lucy, I gotta say. Always stuck in the middle! I'm half thinking that they'd end up falling out with each other again over Ciaran.

Daniel is going to come back, I can sense this. I really don't want Ciaran to get beaten up but I think it's going to happen :( Also, that little bit on the train with Luka? That was so cuuute! I liked that Luka went and got Louis, even though he knew Ciaran wouldn't want him to. Adorable. He's not totally broken yet.

The use of the word broken in this chapter was used with great emphasis and it really worked amazingly, well done! :D Another fabulous bit of writing, Sammy girl, and I love you again because they're not going to break up. YAY!


I wasn't going to finally get them together just to break them up; that would have been horrible... and you would have come after me. :P

Yes, we have faith in Louis. I know, poor Jack and Lucy. But they'll be alright. If something was going to break them up, it'd be them not Ciaran.

Daniel definitely will be back... but not in this story. I think. Sequel.

Luka is Louis' best friend, he'd help him first. No offense to Ciaran. Not yet, almost though. ;(

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #15, by starryskies55Enchanted: Revelations, Good and Bad

16th July 2013:






Okay, seriously now. this started off so wonderfully! Ciaran was just finally starting to trust Louis and the other way round (and omg I've been pronouncing Ciaran wrong) and then that happens. Told you that his grandma's thing was going to come back- but i didn't realise it was his sight! Now all that confidence has completely gone, oh Key baby honey I love you. :(

I love how Louis defended him, it was very realistic and evoking, and the fact he loved him, and Ciaran is realising he loves Louis- YOU'RE SO MEAN. Torturing these characters! Ugh.

But I can't lie to you, this is such a gripping story, wonderfully written, and you're keeping me on the edge of my seat. Love it!

Author's Response: I'd caps lock a sorry, but I've already read and responded to a review saying you love me, so I don't believe you. :P

Haha, yes, his name is pronounced differently. Poor Ciaran, I know. It's very sad. Everything Louis and Ciaran has built up has just crashed back down and smashed to pieces. It's sad that they have to start again. ;(

I'm very mean to my characters. I'm very glad that you liked the scene with Louis and his grandmother. It wasn't how Louis wanted to say it the first time, but he has and Ciaran knows and he feels the same and it's all so sad. ;(

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #16, by starryskies55Enchanted: Key

16th July 2013:

I'm so proud of you, how did you make that so effortlessly amazing? It was so cliche fluffy- and yet it didn't seem cliche fluffy because you wrote it really well! EEE! Wonderful!

I'm glad Ciaran meeting Louis' grandparents went kind of well- apart from that weird french bit which is most definitely not going to come up later ;). I'm sad to see that although we had the beautiful first kiss, we also had another moment when Ciaran is super sad about his blindness. I'm really sad for him, and i wish it could get better!

And, YOU USED MY LINE, YOU USED THE KEY TO MY HEART LINE OH MY GOSH. EEE! exciting stuff, and Louis can never take the mickey out of Ciaran being romantic now, after he said that!

fantastic chapter sammy girl! oh the feels!


Aww, thank you. *hugs*

I know, Ciaran will always have obstacles. :(

I DID! I PUT IT IN FOR YOU! Haha, he definitely cannot. :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #17, by starryskies55Enchanted: My Way

16th July 2013:
omg Ciaran is so mean to everyone! Pushing his cousins in the pool and taking money of grandparents?! Low, mate, low.

Okay, well as always this was brilliantly written, very engaging, and some really cute little twists in here, like them being bumped up to first class and the family already knowing about them. Although, I've got a feeling its not going to be that easy for Louis' family :P

I love that Hugo got a lockpicking set for his birthday! I think him, and my hattie!Rose should be related :P

Another amazing chapter, well done! ONWARDS!

Author's Response: Since when has Ciaran been genuinely nice to someone without an agenda? He's a mean boy. :P

Yay, there are fun, happy bits, but when do I ever keep things that way? ;)

Ah, yes! My Hugo and or Rose should so be related! :D

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #18, by starryskies55Enchanted: Plans of My Own

16th July 2013:
Hey! I'm reading and reviewing again!

This was an amazing chapter, again. i love how Key's character is developing- he's maturing (if only a little) and taking other people's feelings into consideration like Hugo's and Kyle's and Luka's. Baby's all grown up!
That was a wonderful scene with Lucy's case of chronic foot in mouth - cake in mouth? Her and Jack are so unbelievably cute together! I love them so much. I SHIP THEM. Also, Louis and Ciaran finally seem to be like they're not fighting over stupid things! I really enjoyed this chapter, it was a great instalment! (especially the cuteness of the last bit where they're all hugging UGH)

I like that now everything is sorted out between Louis and Ciaran, you go and give Louis some problems, just to keep up the drama. Well done!

Author's Response: Hey, Jenny!

Yeah, there's little bits of maturity. Key is growing up, just very slowly. :P

SHIP THEM! They're awesome together! Ciaran is always right! (Ciaran is sometimes right...)

Yes, no fights. Yet... There's always drama.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #19, by starryskies55Angel: Angel

15th July 2013:
I think its because I'm super tired but this just made me cry.

It was such a heart-breaking story. Poor Tonks was so confused about what was happening and why, and of course we knew her and Remus were dead the whole time. Tonks' emotions were particularly heartbreaking- her anger and confusion and sorrow over her son not seeing or hearing- and when she thought that he didn't know her! It was awful.
I'm glad there was a moderately happy ending- at least Tonks knows that Teddy is safe and happy with Harry and Ginny, and that he's loved, even though her and Remus are both gone.

Additionally, your writing is superb, as ever, and this was a story idea I have seen a few times before, but you wrote it very powerfully and originally. Amazing!

Author's Response: Awww, I'm sorry for crying. It made me cry writing it. ;(

I know, I feel so sorry for Tonks in the beginning. It's just such a confusing time and it hurts to see her son walk away.

I'm glad you like the somewhat happy ending. There's a sense of closure, at least. I think. She knows he's okay and can leave. *hugs them all*

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #20, by starryskies55I Know Him So Well: I Know Him So Well

15th July 2013:
I have only recently started shipping Albus and Scorpius, and this is so cuute! the mirroring of the rain at the beginning was very clever, immediately linking the two characters together, and all the verbs you used to describe the way that Albus and Scorpius were feeling was very poetic and effective, especially the patterning of them.

Your characters were quite well developed for a one shot- and not only in terms of their relationship with each other- we learnt about both their families, plus some tidbits about Albus and Scorpius' immaturity :P

I'm so glad they got a happy ending (so far.. who knows with you, right? but I suppose there is the threat of James) because you wrote two characters so in love it would have been horrific to end it any other way.

I really enjoyed this story too! You wonder writer, you! :D

Author's Response: Albus/Scorpius is awesome. Everyone should ship them. (Even though I love Albus/Lexi and Scorpius/Lily.)

Aww, I'm so glad you liked it. It was my first time writing them when I started this.

Haha, knowing me, I could. But don't worry, this is a stand alone story. Nothing will change.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #21, by starryskies55Haven: Haven

15th July 2013:
Aww! It's for Ash!

And crumbs, this gave me goosebumps, that last bit. I don't like to think of Ron and Hermione going through a tough patch, but seeing as we know arguing is very canon, I think it's very likely, and it would be really hard for the kids.

However, Hugo is very lucky to have such an adorable older sister 'because I'm older and wiser!'- the amount of times I've pulled that one :P She really has Hugo's best interests at heart, keeping him away from the shouting, and it was really a lovely relationship you described here.

Your dialogue is wonderful, as always, and so is your description. I loved that it was Christmas- the snow gave implications of a fresh start, or a clean slate, and as Christmas is a family holiday, and they were decorating the tree together, I have a lot of faith in everything ending up okay.

Another amazing one-shot. Well done!

Author's Response: Yes, it's for Ash. :)

Ah, Ron and Hermione - it wouldn't be right without the arguments. I imagine Rose keeping Hugo away from a lot of them.

Yes, everything is okay in the end. I'm glad you liked that.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #22, by starryskies55Regret: Pride

15th July 2013:
Ohh, this was dark and a little scary, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It was interesting to see into an older Lucius' mind- one who was mostly broken but who occaisonally, temporarily fixed himself. It was especially good, I think, because he wasn't insane, or completely hating the new wizarding world, or completely regretting his actions, it was a mix of all three and it made him a brilliantly complex character. I really liked the way that you referenced narcissa's actions in the battle of hogwarts- and Lucius' main regret wasn't helping her or helping Voldemort, it was just that he didn't do anything.

Your description here, is, like always, brilliant, and you've really developed the character of Lucius and the setting of Azkhaban amazing well for such a short piece. Although its not really my genre, I really enjoyed it. Well done Sammy-girl!

Author's Response: Dark and scary is good. Very good. :D

I'm so glad that you like Lucius, he's a very compels character and not just what you see from Harry's PoV. It was interesting and cool to write this one-shot about him.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #23, by starryskies55Happy: You Can't Have Everything

15th July 2013:
Oh my god!

That was a brilliant twist, Sam, I was half expecting it, as Daphne doesn't marry Draco in canon, but it still came as a shock! Cor, that was amazing!
Your description here was what really stood out- in present tense and in the few flashbacks, it was all flawless. You did a fantastic job of saying so much, and still keeping quiet about that twist, but, rereading, I'm picking up the hints- the engagement, not my engagement. Brilliant.

Additionally, the speech was brilliantly done- very natural and easy to understand, which i know I find super hard. Well done!

Author's Response: Haha, surprises! Yay! I'm glad you were still shocked, even with canon on the brain.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #24, by starryskies55Forget the World: Lie With Me

15th July 2013:
Aww! Sam, this was adorable, I love it.

I was wondering how on earth you'd fix Hermione's problems when Ron was being so unhelpful, so thank god he wasn't actually being unhelpful! I thought this was a very cute little fluffy one-shot (very unlike what I thought it would be!) and beautifully written as always. All that jazz about grammar and spelling and punctation- you've got that down to a T.
The characterisations were superb very true to canon and therefore didn't have to be developed that much, and I'm glad Hermione is going to get her (my) idea of a dream Weasley wedding! I love the song by Snow Patrol, and I can really see Ron just trying to get Hermione to chill out and relax.

So, I really enjoyed this, well done on an excellent one shot! LOVE YA - Jenny

Author's Response: Aww, yay!

Ron would never be unhelpful. Given how long he's known Hermione, he must understand what to do by now. :P

You write the most amazing reviews, thank you so much for leaving another one!



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Review #25, by starryskies55No Glory in Death: The Final Cut

15th July 2013:
Wow. This was amazing. I'm not sure how to review it. It really did touch me - I had goosebumps- and my most frightening nightmares are about forgetting who I am and what I'm doing somewhere.

This was such an original idea for a story, and you wrote it brilliantly. First there was the intrigue as the narrator wasn't mentioned, and then you built up a picture of Ron through memories, and then shattered it. It was heartbreaking to read. The foreshadowing and present bits in the piece were well placed for extra effect, and knowing that something bad was going to happen, but not know what- it was a really good hook to keep me reading.

I think your character of Rose is very well developed- I liked how we saw her as a child, even though Ron would forget her. Also, as you described the aging of Rose, it helped show her mature as a person and how she dealt with Ron's illness. I also really loved the canon bits we saw strewn in- the book of fairy tales, and the ford anglia for starters.

Overall, well done! I would say i really enjoyed it, but I'm not sure enjoyed is the right word. But brilliant!

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