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Review #1, by Sorceress Cassandra180Albus Potter and the Resurrection Stone: Some Changes

11th November 2010:
Rather good thus far! I can't wait to see what else you cook up for this one. =)

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Review #2, by Sorceress Cassandra180Ashes and Dust: Fog

10th November 2010:
Just finished reading Trial by Fire, as well as what you have of this one. I have to say as both a Silent Hill fan as well as a Harry Potter fan this story is just brilliant. I'm rather ensnared by the blending of the many universes here. I ask that you, please, do continue.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the great review, Sorceress Cassandra! I'm so glad you enjoyed both Trial By Fire and the first few chapters of the sequel. I know it has been a while since I've updated, but I am hard at work on chapter three and should have it posted soon.

Again, thanks for everything! I do hope you have a pleasant weekend. ^_^ Take care!


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Review #3, by Sorceress Cassandra180Your Guardian Angel: Your Guardian Angel

28th October 2007:
I have to say I too was wanting a bit of a better ending for Draco. I'll admit, I didn't much care for him when the series began but after reading book six I was sorta hoping that maybe he would recive some kind of redemption in book seven. And this fic truly delivered that, showing how much Draco has grown since the final battle.
I also admit I really loved the ending, it's so remenescent of Harry and Ron's meeting and I just had to smile.

All in all, great job in showing Draco's growth in this on shot.

Author's Response: Thank you Cassandra for this lovely review. I´m glad someone who isn´t a major Draco fan still enjoyed my story; it means a lot to hear that. And I agree with you; after HBP you sort of expected some kind of redemtion, but we didn´t really got that. I´m ramling now, forgive me... Thank you again for taking time to read and review!


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Review #4, by Sorceress Cassandra180Harry Potter and the Four Elements: Unsilenced

30th July 2007:
Not bad. Not bad at all. I Like it.

Please, Continue.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you think so. I will be continuing, I just have to re-write a couple of earlier scenes =).

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Review #5, by Sorceress Cassandra180Welcome to My Litter Box: Yet Another Lesson in Humility

30th July 2007:
Oh. My. God. If Draco thought he was going through hell before... Well, It's just going to get better and better now that the rest of the 'Golden Trio' are here.

I really must apologize for not reviewing until now *Dodges throwing knifes*. Things have been pretty crazy over here and I finally just now had the chance to check this site in... Well, as another once said "Salazar knows how long!"

Really sorry about Lexi by the way. Many of us can understand your lack of motivation, especially when (I've got this funny feeling) she was one of the "muses" for your story. So you have no need to apologise.

But on a happier note, how is Persia taking to Rogue?

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Review #6, by Sorceress Cassandra180Alone Facing Darkness: A Silver Hand

25th January 2007:
And so the plot thickens. Excellent work so far, already I can see that these two stories will blend into one truly memerable one.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it - thanks for the reviews!

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Review #7, by Sorceress Cassandra180Alone Facing Darkness: Voices and Visions

25th January 2007:
*Jaw drops* That was just... wow.

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Review #8, by Sorceress Cassandra180Biscuits: Biscuits

21st January 2007:
Cute, very cute! 9/10!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #9, by Sorceress Cassandra180Seasons of Love: Seasons of Love

21st January 2007:
Aww, You nearly had me going for the tissues there. And the song from Rent (awesome musical by the way) was a perfect fit.

Author's Response: Awe, wow, thank you. I'm glad you thought the song fit perfectly, so did I! =D (and Rent IS an awesome musical!) Thanks for the review! =)

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Review #10, by Sorceress Cassandra180Wicked: Chapter 01 ~ My Beginning

15th January 2007:
Wow! What a beginning! Please continue...

Author's Response: I will, updates will be soon! Thanks!

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Review #11, by Sorceress Cassandra180Popular: Popular

15th January 2007:
Cute! Very Cute!

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Review #12, by Sorceress Cassandra180Far Away: Far Away

12th January 2007:
Aww! I love it! The Nickleback song really seems to bring this fic to life.
A few grammer errors, but no matter. We're all guilty of that from time to time aren't we?

Please, keep writing!

Author's Response: yay! glad you love it, it's always great to get such awesome feedback! are there still grammar errors? damn, I just got it beta-ed. I'll have to check that out! Thanks so much, by the way!

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Review #13, by Sorceress Cassandra180A Tale of Two Sisters: Something To Distract me...

22nd November 2006:
I have to say I really like the way this story is progressing. Especilly the idea of having Rowena and Helga as sisters.

Please continue...

Author's Response: Yeah, this story has had so many rewrites, I mean chapter 4 alone was done 3 times

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Review #14, by Sorceress Cassandra180Let Your Fantasies Unwind: Nerves, Lists, and Wide Eyes

22nd November 2006:
I confess I'm a pretty big Phantom Phan (or Fan if you wish), and I just had to read this story. I also must say, I'm not dissapointed. I rather like it alot.

Please, continue.

Author's Response: I love the Phantom Phan thing! I'm gonna have to use that now! lol. Anyhow, thanks so very much! I will continue ASAP!

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Review #15, by Sorceress Cassandra180As Long As Your Mine: As Long As You're mine

16th August 2006:
Wow! I really liked it. No... I loved it! The discripation and feeling of it was just amazing. And of course the song was awesome (Wicked is amazing all the way around!)
One thing you need to work on though. You may want to bold in the lyrics, just so that way it's a bit more noticeable to other readers. Many others out there haven't heard of Wicked (Scary thought huh?) and they may get a bit confused.
But other then that awesome!!

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Review #16, by Sorceress Cassandra180Hermione Granger and the Boy Who Lived: Introduction to Hogwarts

12th July 2006:
Wow, I mean it. Wow.
Please continue, my interest is peeked!

Author's Response: I'm so sorry, but as it says under status, this story is abandoned, and I doubt I will return to it...please forgive me! Thank you for reviewing, however. :-)

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Review #17, by Sorceress Cassandra180Listen to your heart: changes

9th July 2006:
Not bad, not bad at all.
You may want to take care of a few grammer errors here and there. But don't worry we're all guilty of that here I've noticed one time or another. But I have to say I like it, and I can't wait until you're Song-fic get's updated!

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Review #18, by Sorceress Cassandra180Protector of Mankind: New York Subway Shuffle

7th July 2006:
Hi Viv! Sorry I haven't reviewed in, well, it seems like ever (blame my lack of Internet over vacation). But anyway I have really been loving this chapter.
It's a bit more of a look into the mysterious Lexi we've all come to love. And it's nice to see that Ron and Harry are at least able to coexsist with Draco (must be quite a feat for them huh?).
Can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: Hey Cassandra! It's been awhile :D It's alright. It's summertime. People do go to places and actually look away from the computer screen. I figured it'd be a bit more fitting to have a much more relaxed chapter than all the other ones I've written (Seeing how I planned what's ahead...). I kind of made them get along didn't I? Maybe I should've had them fight... Oh well. I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

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Review #19, by Sorceress Cassandra180Eclipse of the Sky: The Companion of Grief

25th June 2006:
You've really outdone yourself, firefawn.
I mean it. For your idea of a "filler" chapter you've really outdone yourself.
Not only have you answered questions in this chapter, but you've given an even higher price to Kally's powers then the original Quizilla version (couldn't help but add a bit of an edge could ya?).
The only thing I'm bumming about is how we'll all have to wait for the next chapter. But something tells me you're enjoying having us all wait on our tip toes aren't you? (Don't worry I can't say that I don't enjoy doing the same thing, then agian I've been told various times I'm pure evil. Can't imagine why.)

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Review #20, by Sorceress Cassandra180I'm Not That Girl: I'm Not That Girl

20th June 2006:
Wow. I'm a pretty big fan of Wicked, and I rarely read songfics but when I saw the song I just had to read.
And, let me tell you I'm not dissipointed.
I love it! The emotion really captures the song, and it makes it so all of us can all-too-well relate to Hermione's pain.
Excellent work!
I also hope that you'll write a reprise in Lavander's point of View. I'd love to read that.

Author's Response: Thanks. Wicked is definitely one of my favorite musicals, and I was really afraid I wouldn't quite do the song justice. But I get to actually see it this fall! *dances*

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Review #21, by Sorceress Cassandra180She was brought here by the northern wind: Chapter 19

18th June 2006:
Nice chapter.
I really like how the realtionship between Danika and Remus seems to be growing. Please continue...

Author's Response: aww,thank you! i kinda wanted to take my time with it,to see how it evolves from meeting to solid friendship. i will continue,no worries about that. thanx for the review! xxx

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Review #22, by Sorceress Cassandra180Eclipse of the Sky: Condemnation by Choice

1st May 2006:
Well, I have to say I agree with Hill: if you say this chapter wasn't any good, you're WILL get slapped.
I loved it! And I'll definately say it was worth the wait.
As for the several mounths that it took to write it, don't worry about it. Somethings are worth the wait, and this is one of them.

Author's Response: Slapped eh? *dons boxing gloves while laughing* And thank you so much for being so understanding about the oh...3 months and 2 week wait on this! lol In a way it really helped me recharge so I'm actually excited about writing again! *grins happily*

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Review #23, by Sorceress Cassandra180Everything About You: The Beginning of the End

14th April 2006:
Oh. My. God. Hill!
Seriously, I think I cracked a few ribs while laughing so hard. Please go on, I'm dying to know what will happen next!

Author's Response: Haha, don't hurt yourself over there! Glad it entertained you though! I'll start the final chapter when I get free time.

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Review #24, by Sorceress Cassandra180Protector of Mankind: Reunion

14th April 2006:
Hey Viv! Long time no see, eh? *dodges ninja stars*
Love this latest chapter. And, dispite the bitterness, I couldn't help but crack a smile at Ginny's attitude with the fight between Draco, Harry, and Ron. As for Lexi's "Never drinking agian" line? That was priceless!
I also noticed how you really hinted that Lexi has fallen for someone, but, still, haven't mentioned a name. Don't worry I'm not accusing you, in fact I'm really having fun guessing.
Can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: Hey Cass! It has definetely been awhile! I hope everything is going well for you :D. Ginny was the tension reliever of this chapter instead of Ron. I think we've all said that line to ourselves one too many times. Myself included. Now, I just pace myself *laughs* As for Lexi falling for someone, it was Gene. I was talking about how they used to like one another. In a way, it was a reflection upon my own relationship. I'm glad you reviewed and it's great to hear from you!

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Review #25, by Sorceress Cassandra180Purple Eyes Tell No Lies: Mother..Father. I'm Sorry ^ Part 2

18th February 2006:
Hey! I don't really know if you remember me but you reviewed my story awhile ago. So I thought that I'd return the favor. And I must say, this story is awesome! And that cliffhanger... Man that was just cruel! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Lol, of course I remember you! Haha, thank you and I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I want to update...but I've had no time to write the next chapter. I've been so swamped lately, but I'll get to work on it asap! Thank you for reading and reviewing! :D

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