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Review #1, by moondrifterMissing: Me

22nd January 2013:
Oh, this fic is so addictive to read! It's inspired by Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and that's an awesome book (am I right?) You're really good at maintaining the suspense in your writing :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're enjoying it! Haha, Missing is inspired by several of my favourite books, a more modern version of Rebecca indeed!

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Review #2, by moondrifterOther Side of Glass: fred

11th November 2012:
This is amazing! This is the kind of fic that I'm always on the lookout for but never seem to find. So thank you for writing this :) I love your poetic experimentation with spacing and parentheses. Your writing is so emotive and atmospheric. You're extremely talented.
I'm so glad to have stumbled upon this. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Oh, thank YOU for reading and reviewing! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :) And even more glad that you stumbled upon this! Your review has absolutely made my night. Am currently editing the third chapter, should be in the validation queue some time this week! Thank you so very much once again for your lovely review :D

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Review #3, by moondrifterMe Versus You: Callum: Complicated

30th June 2012:
Oh, I love your Lucy! It's so refreshing to read a character who's actually strong and intelligent and isn't so emotional and melodramatic. I'm interested in Callum's back story. You write him well and he vaguely reminds me of Patrick from 10 Things I Hate About You, especially the rumours about him selling a kidney.

All your characters are so full of personality and your premise is really intriguing! I can tell that you're really in control of the plot. I look forward to your next update :)

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Review #4, by moondrifterUntamed: Chapter Five: Boys and Broomsticks

19th May 2012:
Awesome fic! I'm surprised that this doesn't have 100s of reviews. I love Holly's personality. She is pure entertainment and yet so modest. Also, I'm really curious to find out more about the Black brothers.
Really looking forward to the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much! This review is seriously giving me a big head haha! I'm so glad you like Holly, she's such a hoot I love writing her. The black brothers will be making appearances of course, can't leave those hotties out no way haha!
Thanks so much again for reading a reviewing, the next chapter is complete and I'll be adding it to validation queue tomorrow :) YIPPIE! So until the next chapter my dear!

XOXO WildFlower!

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Review #5, by moondrifterThe Time Train: Meeting The Time Train And Fake Sympathy

24th March 2012:
I think my brain just exploded but, yeah, wow! I think this fic has a lot of creativity and originality. I like that you've taken on such a complex task and I think more people should have the guts to take on such feats. I like how you've slightly changed Draco and the Trio's characterisations to suit the time warp. It's more believable the way that Harry's failures have taken a toll on him and how Draco is less of a coward.

You've got something really interesting going on here and I hope you continue. I look forward to your next update :)

Author's Response: I'm not surprised, it's very complicated! Aw thanks moondrifter, I like how you're interested by it and that you thought it took guts to put it up. I spose it did in a way, because most fanfics follow a certain formula. I had to change their characterisations yes but only in the sense that Draco would be too cowardly without the help of the time change to do anything certainly lol and Harry would be braver and more sure of himself if the time thing hadn't changed. Those are the only differences though.

Thanks v much, I was going to take this down but now I've realised it's alright actually, gonna put the next chapter up now for you :)

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Review #6, by moondrifterMuggle Studies: A Bunch of Crushing Disappointments

16th March 2012:
XD Words cannot describe how awesome this fic is! I love how blasé Archie is about his students and the hilarious patterns in students who take Muggle Studies. He sounds like a uni tutor I once had except she'd actually call people by their nicknames to their faces (there was a guy in my class who looked like Edward Cullen). This fic had me laughing so much especially all the students with terrible names. Can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Ah, thank you very much moondrifter! I love writing Archibald just because well, i can't explain it - he's just wonderful. I love the guy, ahha.

Oh, Archie, he does /sometimes/ call them by his nicknames... but it doesn't always work out as he planned and the odd-law suits aren't very, er, helpful to his career :P

Thanks for the lovely review! :)


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Review #7, by moondrifterEnchanté: Confrontation

14th March 2012:
This fic is really interesting and I especially like how well it fits in with the original series. Fleur's characterisation is really apt and it's good to see her in a fanfic as the brave (and snobbish!) person that JKR wrote her as instead of the superficial airhead that you often see. I also like that this fic isn't purely romance, considering that Bill/Fleur are actually one of my favourite canon pairings from the books, and I'm really intrigued by the mystery that you've set her to solve. I'm guessing that the clankers vault has something to do with Helga Hufflepuff's cup?

I'm really enjoying what you've got so far and I look forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hehe thankyou! I'm really glad you like her and that she's not OOC - her balance can sometimes be so difficult to get right, especially since the books' POV is biased in Harry's favour and we can't really get a straight character reference. Hehe, yes, there'll be a while before the romance really kicks in :D Bill/Fleur are one of my favourites too! I'm glad you like the mystery... and well, I can't really say, but... YEAH ;)

Hehe thankyou!

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Review #8, by moondrifterSaving Grace: January 26th and 27th.

13th March 2012:
This is absolutely brilliant! I just discovered your story and I read it all in one go. Your writing seems to have such an effortless balance of humour and emotion and this chapter was no different - just heartbreaking. I love that you've taken a cliched premise and just put so much depth into your characters. Grace is definitely not a mary sue and I like that you've genuinely written her as a twenty-something-year-old, aimless and unsure about taking on responsibility, instead of as an overgrown teenager.

I also should say that I don't read a lot of next gen in relation to how many there are flooding the boards but I think yours is a cut above the rest. So, thanks for writing this :)

Author's Response: Hey moondrifter! It's always lovely to have new readers. especially when they leave me nice reviews like this one :)

I love writing Grace because she feels so natural to me and it's lovely that people enjoy reading about her too. Ahhh, this review was too lovely to respond to properly. Thank you so much!



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Review #9, by moondrifterWilted Flower: Distraught

10th March 2012:
I'm so glad that I took the time to check out the recently added page. So far I'm interested to see where you take this because you don't see very many Pansy POVs and even less that write her in such a dark and in depth way. It's interesting how you've developed the teenage love for Draco depicted by JKR into more of a twisted obsession that continues on after Hogwarts. It was really heart-wrenching to read.

Also, the way that you portray the post-war wizarding world is really well done. It's a lot more believable then the happily ever after scenario and it's refreshing to read this from the side of the defeated.

Hope you update soon. You write beautifully.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! I'm glad you checked as well and that you're enjoying my version of Pansy's life after the war.

I'm also glad that you liked the way I portrayed the Wizarding world after the war. I knew it wasn't going to be alright/perfect right after the end of the war but I also wanted to balance it with hope. It's nice to hear that I got that balance right, especially from the point of view of Pansy.

Thanks for the compliment! I'll hopefully be putting the next chapter into the queue soon.

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Review #10, by moondrifterStaying Strong: Another Year and Worries of War

9th March 2012:
I really enjoyed reading this :) It's a strong start and you have a very clear way of writing that flows well without being simplistic. I thought the characterisation was pretty spot on and the dialogue is really well done especially when you add bits of humour thoughout as it reflects the way JKR writes.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. It reminds me of the fic 'In the words of Ginevra Molly Potter' but more in depth during that hazy seventh year period. Anyway, I think your hard work definitely paid off - I love fics like this and I wish more people would take on Hogwarts era stories. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for the review! I tried very hard on the characterisation. I think Luna was the hardest to write, because her way of thinking is so difficult to show. (Probably why she doesn't have too many lines.) You understood why I wrote this fic perfectly- The seventh year is so incredibly hazy! I think JKR purposely left that year open for us fans to think about for ourselves. To be honest, I'm not really a Hogwarts era fan because when people write about a Hogwarts era fic they totally mess it up by going off-canon. That's why I'm trying to write as canon as possible. Thank you again so much for the review, I hope you come back for the next chapter, it's almost done! :)


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Review #11, by moondrifterThe Satellite Heart: 7.

7th January 2012:
Amazing! I think this is one of the best fics on this site despite the fact that I almost NEVER read Drarry (well, serious Drarry anyway). The plot was so engaging that I read it all in one go and to top it off your writing is gorgeous and the characterisations were spot on (the trifecta!). I love mindscrewing books which blur the line between reality and dreams (yay for the Murakami quote!) so it was really interesting how you brought those ideas to the world of HP where the connection between magic and the mind is pretty much dark and unexplored territory. I don't really have a theory. Is it about the transformative nature of fanfiction subverting the conceived spaces of the real or canon? (hahahahahahahaha) ;)

Thank you so much for writing this.

Author's Response: The first time I read this review, I laughed so hard and showed all of my friends -- not in a bad way, please don't think that. It was because it was completely brilliant and so so spot on! I felt really inspired by the unexplored possibilities of magic in the HP world and kind of wanted to take it as far as possible, but in a way, this was also a way for me to live out my fanfic fantasies were Draco wasn't a jerk and he and Harry could be together and not want to kill each other.

So. The answer to your question is yes, hahaha

The quotes for this was one of my favorite parts of working on it I think, and the Murikami one was definitely one of the most applicable. It actually sums up the ending quite nicely, because if it really is a dream, there is no true collision, just like he says, but if it isn't...?

Anyway, one of my favorite reviews ever, haha, thank you so much for reading!


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Review #12, by moondrifterThe Heartache Squadron: SHE'S A PLOTTER AFTER POTTER

25th September 2011:
I love revenge fics! Thanks for writing a fic with such a tough, crazy ensemble of female characters. They are my favourite kinds of OCs and they really are entertaining to read together. I can't wait to find out how (or if?) James will get his comeuppance :)

Author's Response: I love female ensembles too! They're kind of rare compared to all the male ensembles and the comeuppance of James is the event of the century, as I've said. ;)

Thanks for the support! ^_^

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Review #13, by moondrifterPureblood: Falling For You

22nd September 2011:
I started reading your fic because I love stories about Slytherins and I am so impressed with your main character. She is definitely one of the best OCs that I have come across. She is so fleshed out and I can really tell that you've put a lot of thought into her personality and complexities. She is very Slytherin and I like that you've written her to be a bit unlikeable (I love unlikeable characters!). Also, I see that you first published this in 2007 and I just have to say that your writing has really matured. Especially in these last few chapters, I couldn't tear my eyes away from reading. It was that good! I can't wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: That is so lovely =)
I'm really glad you think so because getting the characters personality's just right is a big thing for me. You're right Alex is a bit unlikeable haha we can't have any Mary-Sue's running around in this story!
Thanks so much I really appreciate your review, I hope you keep reading my fic.

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Review #14, by moondrifterStarving Artists: Metaphor Wrapping Paper

15th September 2011:
Aw, I can't believe it's the end but at the same time I'm so happy for Lucy and Scorpius and congrats for finishing. Long time reader, first time reviewer (eek, sorry!). The entire fic was well written the whole way through and so much fun to read especially because I go to an art school and it's hilarious to see so many uncanny parallels between the indies in your fic and the plindies in real life at uni. I really hope you enjoy art school too :) Your brand of humour plus how you've written Lucy are definitely the bees knees. Thank you so much for this fic.

Author's Response: Ooh, thank you! You go to art school? So jealous! (I'm applying and mega scared of not getting in, it's pretty tough!) I know the art school in this fic is pretty much as far removed from a real art school as possible (hell-o, like, ten students?) but, yeah, I plead artistic licence, haha! Yeah - those indie types. I know them well. I'm really glad you enjoyed it & thank you for reviewing :) ♥

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Review #15, by moondrifterDanger Days: Chapter 5

14th September 2011:
I just discovered your fic and it is a gem! This is the kind of alternative universe that I love reading but are hardly ever written: dark, mysterious and slightly absurd. I thought the idea was really original and you obviously write well. I can't wait to find out what happens next :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I appreciate it a lot. Hope you'll continue reading and keep enjoying the story as it progresses! Thanks for taking the time to review! :D

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Review #16, by moondrifterMy Not-So-Imaginary Friend: II: Please Leave All Broomsticks Outside

29th August 2011:
This is a really interesting idea and i like how you've handled and balanced the dark psychological aspects and the lightness of Marta's everyday teenage worries. The whole story is rather creepy and mysterious and I'm really interested to see where you take this.

"Even in the wizarding world, hearing voices isn't a good sign" - and all that good stuff :)

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for the review! I'm glad you like this idea and I hope you continue to enjoy! And ah, I love that quote- it was a tiny bit of my inspiration. :)

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Review #17, by moondrifterThe Deepest Scars: The Deepest Scars

29th August 2011:
Oh, I love this! It's such a refreshing concept and the writing is brilliant. It's really well-paced and has good flow - I was breathless by the end of it :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! THis was very much an experimental piece so I'm glad you liked the way it turned out (:

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Review #18, by moondrifterTwist of Fate: Progression

24th August 2011:
I just discovered your story and I find it really interesting. Your writing style has a good flow to it and seems to echo JKR's quite nicely. I love that you mix it up and show how other people are affected by Harry's absence (I like how you've written Ron and Hermione, in particular). Your plot is keeping me pretty intrigued especially because it shows how the Dursley's abuse has emotionally damaged him which is something that I've always thought to be lightly dismissed in canon. It also shows Harry's Slytherin side and his desire to prove himself.

One thing that I'm wondering about it whether Harry's uncontrolled magical abilities will resurface any time soon. Will James get what's coming to him?

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to review! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story. I think it's very interesting to look at how a whole story (and all its characters) can be affected by a small change. And yes, the magical abilities will come up soon. :)

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Review #19, by moondrifterThe Left Side of Tomorrow: The Left Side of Tomorrow

16th August 2011:
I am completely mesmerised by the Tom Riddle and Mcgonagall that you've created here. This is seriously one of the most excellent pieces of writing that I've read on this site. I love that you were inspired by a simple, passing description in DH. It's a really interesting way to generate fanfic ideas.

Author's Response: Wow, really?! That's amazing! I don't know what to say to a compliment like that - it's wonderful, thank you very much! ^_^

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Review #20, by moondrifter:

14th August 2011:
I really hope you continue this! I like your characterisation of the Marauders - s'a bit different :) And, as usual, your heroine is awesome.

Glad you're writing here again!

Author's Response: thanks! it feels good to be back, and even better than my first reviews have not told me that I suck. (hey, legit fear!) :)

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