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Review #1, by TheRandomKimiA Man Barely Breathing: Until I take my last breath.

30th July 2011:
This was truly wonderful!
You obviously had me crying when he was by his mother's grave. Your words perfectly described his need of a kind reassuring, of a help of some sort. His mother's love for him was beautifully portrayed, showing that despite the hard life they have been enduring during the years before the war, there existed even a small trace of a normal family - a mother loving and supporting her child with all she has got.
I really liked the idea of the judge. He was the light that kept the story balanced.
Also, I loved how you kept the plot next to reality.
You really have talent for writing, as your words created the scenes right before my eyes.

Author's Response: Wow, Thank you very much for your kind words.
That cemetery scene was very sad. And yes, Narcissa loved her son very much and I wanted to portray that 'touching' was the remedy that his mother had used to comfort him... and eventually it was 'touching' Hermione that made her feel loved by him. I'm so glad that you liked it!

The judge was a smart one. I tried to hint that he didn't really like what he did for a living. He'd seen so many divorces throughout his life and kept his 'small photo album' to remind himself that he did some good in the world... however few the couples, he did help some stay together.

Yes, the plot. I'm sure some didn't like that someone wasn't hexing her or blackmailing her into leaving him or something like that. I wanted this to be between these two alone... an issue that they needed to resolve themselves. So, thank you for liking that it was 'next to reality.' :)

Your last line is a true compliment to me as an author. I really try to describe the surroundings so that readers can 'see' what my characters see. So, thank you so very much!

Dark Whisper

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