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Review #1, by lauries_sockVenom: A Tragedy: Act One

27th July 2011:
Hullo there! To tell you the truth, I had been avoiding your stories for one reason: I didn't want to feel guilty about how amazing your writing was, and how pittiful mine was compared to yours. I have heard excellent things about Violet Gryffindor, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I guess it's what you call self pride. But I decided that I couldn't avoid you forever, and so here I am, afforing my little reveiw, for your amazing story. The reason I clicked on this story was because I love Romeo and Juliet and I was intruiged about how one could pull it off in the Harry Potter universe without making it entirely corny, or clique. I must say you pulled it off perfect, from what I've read so far. There was an elegent flow to it that somewhat reminded me of J.K. Rowling's writing, it seems to float. Your description is absolutely amazing, the way you capture an image that you have in your head and put it in writing takes my breath away. I feel as though I am there, the tension rising up as I watch eagerly the chess match. My heart literally pounded at each move, at each drip of sweat the poured off Scorpius's face. It was incredible and I am certainly going to read more of what you have written. You really give a great impact, and draw the reader into the situation.
"The rain continued to fall and there was always a hint of electricity in the air, thunder rolling down the mountains while lightning flickered across the sky and the ceiling, illuminating the faces of those who watched, silenced, bated of breath, as they took in the expertise of these young players of matched wits and wills, who mercilessly slaughtered one another without raising a finger." This line was absolutely my favorite. I can vividly picture this in my head, as though the lightning is flashing before my very eyes. This was amazing and I can't wait for you to update so I may plunge myself back into this world again.

Author's Response: Really? What gave you any idea that my stories would do that?! Goodness, this talk about my reputation is rather frightening - I'm very far from the best or most popular, and you needn't feel guilty about my work at all. Thank you very much for reading and reviewing this story - it means a lot to hear from every reader, and I'm really glad that you enjoyed this story. :D

I don't even know why I thought of rewriting "Romeo and Juliet" because i really don't like that play, but it's been more fun than I expected. There's a lot of interesting aspects of the play that don't usually come up in stories based on it or in the common summaries of its plot. It's fantastic that you like the writing style - I keep Shakespeare's iambic pentameter rhythm in mind, and it surprisingly helps to keep the flow going.

It's awesome to hear that the story pulled you in that much - it makes me so happy that I'm able to do that. I've never written a chapter like this before, not about a chess game, nor with quite the same silent tension and very narrow focus. Thank you very much! ^_^

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Review #2, by lauries_sockSave the Date: Chapter Two: Showers

21st July 2011:
I think the whole calendar thing was really quite clever, and seemed to add an element that J.K. Rowling might use herself. Oooh, I sound rather smart in that sentence. I win. I also like Ginnyís ignorance at times. You canít expect her to know everything can you? ;) Deffinetly great so far. 10/10

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Review #3, by lauries_sockSave the Date: Prologue: Better Believe It

21st July 2011:
XD I love this story so much! It was incredibly funny and you gave such vivid details. Plus the fact that Ginny and Harry are my favorite ship adds a bit as well. I love that you made it seem magical, with them using spells and quidditch and stuff as I noticed most fics that take place after the final book take on an artificial demeanor, but you seemed to capture it all perfectly. Rushing to read the next chapter and adding this to my favorites. ;)

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