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Review #1, by Marcus WhiteAlbus Potter and the Secrets Within: On the Hogwarts Express

11th December 2011:
um its ok...i mean beginnings are always hard but it was a little just perfect it just didnt feel right, but it was an ok intro

Author's Response: Trust me, it won't stay perfect. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #2, by Marcus WhiteDelicate: Call Me Mum

3rd December 2011:
yes! i knew rosius would prevail! love the name (aidan ronald!)and great ending! but i swear, i see the sequel if they dont stay together im gonna kill you! (not really but id be really mad!)

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Review #3, by Marcus WhiteDelicate: The Cherub's Wrath

1st December 2011:
this is almost as addictive as the real hp series! this is a review for all chapters because i dont wanna do one for each, but even if i am a guy it is very creative and very realistic. the scale thingy below saws its a scale of ten, but if it were to rowling i would give you an almost rowling...its just that great! ok bye~!

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Review #4, by Marcus WhiteRed Things: Hogwarts Express

19th September 2011:
i say change from one shot to novella! it is awesome write more

Author's Response: aw thanks so much! i was thinking about starting another chapter so be on the lookout!

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Review #5, by Marcus WhiteHow The Wizarding World Was Saved: Why Lily Evans Has To Be Civil To James Potter

16th September 2011:
a couple of words...a maze ing!

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Review #6, by Marcus WhiteThe Kids: Meet the kids

15th September 2011:
aw sorry but it was not very detail or description. choppy and obvious dialogue, and it was just not good sorry

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Review #7, by Marcus WhiteAlone Facing Darkness: An Honorable Charge

3rd August 2011:
just saying the hobbit is set after harry potter get ur facts straight

Author's Response: I'm sorry that this thought was bothering you while you were reading my story. Actually, Tolkien references the way that Hobbits are very shy creatures who retreat in the presence of Men (whom he describes as big, blundering folk), and that they have become far less common as Men have risen to prominence in the world. Add to that the fact that the Elves often discuss the end of their days in Middle-Earth and the beginning of the days of Men, I concluded that The Lord of the Rings must be set far in the past. Hope that this cleared things up!

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Review #8, by Marcus WhiteJust to Balance the Stars: Just to Balance the Stars

2nd August 2011:
best. fan. fic. ever.
1 through ten 11

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it! :)

And so sorry for the late response.



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Review #9, by Marcus WhiteSigned, James Potter: Conclusion

2nd August 2011:
one word EXCELLENT!

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Review #10, by Marcus WhiteThe Next Generation: Footprints in the Night

23rd July 2011:
good but short id like a chapter to be just that a chapter but other than that it was good

Author's Response: Thank you, I was worried about the length but the more recent chapter, that are not out yet, are a lot longer than this one. I kept wanting to add more but decided against it. I really don't know why but I hope when the newer chapters are out they will be more chapter-like. :)

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Review #11, by Marcus WhiteSearching: Finding Draco

20th July 2011:
amazing writing you r very talented i will look for more of ur works for sure

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Review #12, by Marcus WhiteThe Return: Chapter 1 - The Burn

19th July 2011:
when is this taking place

Author's Response: During the time of Hogwarts.
I hope you too will enjoy my other chapters!
I have my 2nd chapter up - Chapter 2 - The Pain of Friendship. Enjoy!

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