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Review #1, by katkaaax3Unwell: 11. Memory

26th January 2012:
i love this story...last night the first part made me stay up almost all night long, but thankfully i could sleep in the morning :)

Author's Response: Soon, I hope :)

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Review #2, by katkaaax3How to tame a Marauder - alternative ending: September 1978

11th December 2011:
sory but i hate you!!
i love the HTM but i hate the ending and i hate this ending...what can i say i am a sucker for happy endings, at least just a bit like the ending of JKR she at least put two happy coupples at the end but you you dont giva us any hope nothing :(
otherwise i love the HTM (sory i didnt review the acctuall story 'cause i was reading it on my phone) :D
i hope to see another long story with a happier ending pleassse ;)

Author's Response: Yes, sorry about that. I'm a sucker for a happy ending too, but the canon didn't allow it in this instance. However, if you check out chapter 30 in The Process of Becoming Tamed (also on my author page) that has the happy ending that I wasn't able to give them in this story. Not ideal, I realise, but better than nothing.

cheers, Mel

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Review #3, by katkaaax3Otherwise Engaged: That Sign You've Been Looking For

15th November 2011:
im back :D no its not like i was away but i was just simply too lazy to write a review ;)
it is not like i have any other words then before other that i L O V E your story really, since the summer i read so many fanfictions about draco and hermione and i can tell you yours is on of my favorites and one of the best written :D
im off to reading :D

Author's Response: Oh, thank you :D You are too kind ^^

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #4, by katkaaax3A Vagabond's New Home: Epilogue

10th November 2011:
i love it :D i really do :3 it is an amazing story i am just a little sad that you didn't make it longer...i mena you could have written all the time in the war but still i like it 'cause everything seems so real and not cheesy so i just simply love it :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I was thinking of writing in more war, but I figured I'd just be plagiarizing the books more and JK dd it better than I could.

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Review #5, by katkaaax3The Heir to Prince Manor: The Wizard and the Warrior

11th September 2011:
i really do love your story and i actually cant wait to read the sequal to this story 'cause i love stories about hermione and draco..they are my favorite lovers :D
but i must say that is a little wierd to picture sev with sarai even if i know that he needs someone to love him but still for me he will always be just with lily evans :)
love the story but i found a lot of mistakes and i know that when you are writing you dont have the time ti pay attention to spelling but maybe you schould get a program or better someone to check it for you or at least when you finish writing to check it yourself with a dictinary ;)

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Review #6, by katkaaax3The Heir to Prince Manor: Nobody's Son . . .But Mine

4th September 2011:
i really do love the story so far :)) but i would say that you dont like albus do you?because you made him like he doesnt care for harry..because albus made harry stay at his aunts house because of the blood connection with lily which protcts him...i know it is your story but i am a fan of albus and it hurts a little to see albus like an ignorant old fool :/
i am exited about the meeting between harry and draco :D :D

Author's Response: Sending a child back to an abusive environment year after year when you have even an inkling that something is wrong there, is not looking out for Harry's best interests. There should have been someone sent over to make certain he was being treated right by the Dursleys, not just dumped like a bottle of milk on their doorstep. Minerva had strong reservations about leaving Harry there, and sadly, she was right--they were awful abusive people and Harry was stuck with them for seventeen years. I think that an alternative to putting him there could have been found besides the wards, or at least spells should have been cast either on Harry himself or the Dursleys to ensure that they didn't treat Harry like garbage whenever he came back to them. But nothing was ever done, and for that I blame Albus, who put him there. I also don't like the fact that at the end of Book 7 it was revealed that he deliberately put Harry in harm's way in order to have him die so he could get rid of the Horcrux. To me that is horrible! There had to be another way to rid him of the Horcrux rather than killing him, and he had over 20 years to discover one. He forced a boy to play a man's role before he was even of age, because of some vague propehcy, and that to me is also inexcusable. Yes, his intentions were good, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and wars should be fought by grown men who know what they are sacrificing, not by half-grown teenagers. If AD was the only wizard Voldemort was afraid of, then he should have fought the Dark Lord and killed him when Harry was a baby and figured out how to destroy the Horcruxes also. I think he made a lot of mistakes, huge ones, where both Harry and Snape were concerned, and covered them up in order to complete his agenda. I think he did care for Harry, but not enough to think about how his decisions impacted upon the physical and emotional well-being of a child.

The difference in this story is that Albus sees Harry as a savior, while Severus sees Harry as a boy, his son, and a child who needs protection from evil, not to be made to face it before he's even seventeen. Another thing here is that Albus believes in the prophecy, like Voldemort--Snape doesn't. He believes in the free will of the individual, and that you alone control your destiny. By choosing to disregard the Chosen One propehcy, Sev frees Harry of all obligation to be the Golden Boy, and allows him to live a somewhat normal life, like he deserves. Harry never had that at all, not with the Dursleys and not even at Hogwarts. And so Severus figures its high time he was treated like every other child, and has a parent looking out for him.

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Review #7, by katkaaax3To Be a Snape: Quidditch and Politics

19th August 2011:
i love your story :D :D :D it is amazing :))
and i love the new image of snape as daddy severus :D
update son :D

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Review #8, by katkaaax3The Untold Story: A Moth To The Flame

17th August 2011:
omg i just read only the first three chapters and i am already in love with your story :D

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Review #9, by katkaaax3The Proposal: Epilogue

15th August 2011:
so this is IT?i was like expecting at least another 10 chapters or something...i love the story but a little sad 'cause you finished it here :/
love the story :D

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Review #10, by katkaaax3Above the Clouds: Greece

12th August 2011:
aww i love your story :D :D :D
you have quite a few spelling mistakes but a lot were probably just typing mistakes but you have a lot of incorrect use of was and were and such thingd...maybe find a program or someone to check it for you?
and i noticed that you repeat yourself quit a lot but at the moment i forgot what was it but i think something like about the drac's body but if i remember i will writi it down so that i wont forgot it ;)
i dont want to sound like i am crticizing you but just so that you know and correct yourself :D and i absolutly love the story *.*

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Review #11, by katkaaax3Above the Clouds: Departure

11th August 2011:
i cant stop reading D: really i am just adicted to your story :$

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Review #12, by katkaaax3Above the Clouds: Names

11th August 2011:
i love it :D i really is so different from other stories taht i read.yours is so realistical and i like it a lot :D :D :D

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Review #13, by katkaaax3Otherwise Engaged: There's Always A Next Time

10th August 2011:
O M G ! i love it :D :D :D
all the sex *.* ( okey my horomons get the best of me with sex scenes ) it's perfect :))
i just cant tell you how much i love this chapter, for me it is one of the best ones ;)
and draco finaly opens up to hermione...but i just wish martin would disappear for good^^, but then everything would be to simple xD
and sometimes i wonder who has more sentimental issues: hermione or draco?for most of the time herimone since she cant admit her feelings for draco..but draco has troubels with them too so...but again that's just something about draco that you want to catch him and be the women he falls for and the women that he would confide in :D
and to me abot former mrs malfoy it is believable that she was cheeting on lucius, with all his belives in purebloods and the dark lord i would leav him too (maybe that sounds a little hursh, 'cause i think everyone deserves a chance at love but he probably)
so like always love your story :D :D :D and cant wait for the next chapter^^,

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Review #14, by katkaaax3Poison: Completely Philosopher Stoned

9th August 2011:
pretty pretty pretty pleeeaseee ^^, DO NOT ABONDON this story i DEMAND to know what happens next (demand in a was like if draco wants something he will get it 'cause he is a malfoy :P )

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Review #15, by katkaaax3Feelings Unknown: Graduation Dances And Goodbyes

9th August 2011:
to me it doesnt really feel like an ending 'cause everything ''ends'' when the war itself takes place and with it the downfall of the dark i wish you wouldnt finish it here because you really did improve your writing and you could it finish like a happy ending or at least with draco choosing to leav voldemort and dieing in the fight to protect hermione or something ...i feel like is not fair that you ended it this way D:

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Review #16, by katkaaax3Feelings Unknown: A Night To Remember

9th August 2011:
i hope ther are more sex scenes :D :D :D i love them :$
it is really good ;))

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Review #17, by katkaaax3Feelings Unknown: Time For Change

9th August 2011:
i love your story :D :D
in my opinion you rush sometimes and some things are a little unrealistical (like puting inside rihana song i mean it would be anough if you would just let it at muggle music )
and who is that guy you posted picture?taugh you have to check out tom felton now :D :D he is soo hot to me *.* :$

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Review #18, by katkaaax3Rule Breaker: Hogsmeade

7th August 2011:
i love the story :D :D :D
and theo sounds really nice ;) but for me it is too much as a fairytale and i do not trust him ;) even more because you wrote 'but wiil hermione trust him (draco) when he sais that he's inocent' :)) and second this is a story about hermione and draco getting together..i hope i didnt wrote too many clues but i had to i mean i do like theo, but...ooh well we will see what happens :D

Author's Response: Haha, I'm really glad that you're speculating so much on the story. :] I like to know that it's making you consider things. Don't condemn Theo too quickly though...and don't worry TOO much about Draco. You'll see how it pans out.

Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm really glad that you like the story and I'll be updating really soon.


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Review #19, by katkaaax3How Far Would You Go?: Aftermath

7th August 2011:
okey i AM SO HAPPY NOW but i have a feeling it is not over, yet...the leader of the darsk side??he was watching outside, so i cant wait you to update i really do love your stories they are one of my biggest favorites :D :D :D
i kinda wrote you so many reviews that i dont know what to say anymore i just wish that you would write about one happy romantic long moment at the end of the stories :D :D :D

Author's Response: I'm happy too.

I know a story is going to be good when I get teary eyed writing it.

There will be an epilogue, I just have to get around to writing it / getting the inspiration to know exactly how to finish it.

Love Pepper

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Review #20, by katkaaax3How Far Would You Go?: Waiting

7th August 2011:
now i am angry with malfoy :@
how dare he do this?i know he is doing it from love but not dead-.-
ooh yeah i forgot to tell you you are a really good writer because you make me happy, angry, sad all the emotions from the story transfer to the reader so tolerate my emotional writing :)

Author's Response: I will.

People in love do some very, very odd things. "I love you so I am not going to be with you" is an oldie and a goodie.

But this causes the person in question to have one of their fears (that the person they love will move on and find someone else, will give up on their love) become a reality. A self created one.

Love Pepper

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Review #21, by katkaaax3How Far Would You Go?: Dark Rising

7th August 2011:
i now i have a lot a questions and you must be annoyed with me by the time you will noticed all my posts.sorry about that but i have to ask you but i notice little details that just dont go with the book (and i forget to ask you when i first notice them) and i read on your page meet the author (but i dont know how to post there probably have to register or something) that you like to keep it why black?the last black was sirius who died...
even if i wish for a happy story (but hen i would be complaining abot how sugery is this story so) i really do love yours :D :D :D

~ katja

Author's Response: Black was just the first name that came to mind. Who has to say that it is his REAL name? I know I wouldn't have used mine.

Love Pepper

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Review #22, by katkaaax3How Far Would You Go?: What could have been

7th August 2011:
okey i have one question: ginny and harry have a son albus and how is ginny going to explain that she has two albus?i am cmpfused and ron o.O he is suddenly just so calm and comletle different and i just wish he would tell her draco did this because he loves her but no he msut be the jerk and say that if she would be his he would never let her go, but draco let her go now for the moment to protect her in the book i like ron but in fanfiction i dont like him 'cause he brings only problems xD
love the story even if i may sound like i am crticizing belive me i am not :))

Author's Response: Ah, yes, Ron. Ron has never really stopped loving Hermione and he views her as "the one that got away, the love of my life".

Ron hates to see her suffer and he wants to do everything he can to make Hermione happy. But at the same time he wants to be with her. Why should those two things be mutually exclusive?

Harry is currently away on training / business and when he is home Ginny is able to cast a disillusionment charm on him.

Love Pepper

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Review #23, by katkaaax3How Far Would You Go?: Hiding the truth

7th August 2011:
i am feeling like crying ;(
this is so sad, but again i have a feeling like draco is not acting same as in the Choices and Chances like in the first story i got the feeling that he would never shout to her because of work but at the same time the way he wants to protect his family is perfect and understandable and i am all sad i wanted to read about their ''perfect'' like after the proposal, how they love each other and when they found out she was pregnant and when scorpius was born and the look in draco's eyes (sometimes i wish i would write but writing is not my talent i am more of a drawing)
but i know that you are the writer and i accept and love your story but you crackes my buble of love between hermione and draco ...cant stop reading your stories :D

Author's Response: The thing is with married life is eventually you settle down and start living a normal life with paying joint bills and making joint decisions. It can't always be grand romantic gestures of love.
You need to compromise and see things from the other persons view, something Hermione isn't doing.
And how often have you just snapped at something else when you are fighting with someone? That's what Draco did and of course it did not go well.

Will things start looking up?

Love Pepper

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Review #24, by katkaaax3Completely Unexpected: Another Chance At Normal

7th August 2011:
when are you going to update?i love the start :D :D :D

Author's Response: I actually wrote two chapters for it today ... including a sorting hat song! Whoo!

This is not related to Choices and Chances, it's just my take on the cliches used in Draco / Hermione stories to see if they can be made into workable and realisitic within cannon ideas.

Love Pepper

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Review #25, by katkaaax3A Second Chance at Love: The Wedding

7th August 2011:
i am a little comfused :O

like ron diesd?and what about draco?scorpius is son of draco or what??and lily yes she is daughter of ginny and harry...i love it but i find it a little comfusing :)

Author's Response: This story sticks to cannon and in no way relates to the world of "Choices and Chances".

Therefore Ron and Hermione married and had Rose and Hugo, Draco married Astoria and had Scorpius.

But Draco has always loved Hermione. And he always will.

Love Pepper

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