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Review #1, by iFreakSmall Beginnings: Chapter One: Of Letters and Arrangements

26th September 2011:

Basically, I just got addicted to your fanfiction! You're an amazing writer, something I knew through PW but seriously, this stuff is fantastic. I really hope you're working on something original because Jess, you have one hell of a talent. You manage to describe things in a perfect way, without letting it go on too long but giving us enough detail that I can picture a scene just perfectly, in particular the Shack - I've never considered it with a trapdoor but now you've written it I'm sort of wondering where it was in all my imaginings before.

As you know, I don't like Remus very much, but I'd very much like to hug this character and tell him it'll be alright. He's so shy and insecure, so very young and innocent - you've really captured that amazingly. Also Dumbledore was written seriously well, and I for one find him really difficult to write IC so serious kudos for that.

And Madam Pomfrey too - even from that brief glimpse of her I already have this image of who I think she is; lonely, childless, but kind-hearted and warm, caring and sweet and just waiting for a kid like Remus she can dote upon. You never once mentioned a mum in this, so I get the idea that Remus doesn't have one, and I think Madam Pomfrey (or should I be calling her Poppy?) is going to make an excellent mother-figure for our lost little hero :)

So yeah...kind of a random review but I had to write something You have some serious talent and it's just never properly hit me before :)

Please keep it up! xxx

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