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Review #1, by spinners_groveA Touch of Light: Alive

4th August 2011:
Oh, I love this. I've read more than a few post-battle Malfoy fics, but I think this captures Narcissa perfectly in her humbled state. I especially like that you included Andromeda, as well as Arthur (who has offered to help bury the woman who killed his son, if I'm not mistaken). Very poignant. Very real. I think this is how it would have been in canon, though I might chance to say that it's a little too well-written for canon. :) Fantastic work.

Author's Response: Hi!

Um, what? You, one of the authors I admire most, decided to come over and check out my humble little challenge entry? Ha, thanks :) Seriously, I appreciate your comments and it was sweet of you to check out my work. I'm pretty proud of this one, especially since it was the first time I wrote Narcissa in depth.

Yes, I wanted to cast a bit of an interesting contrast between Arthur and Andromeda, who sort of personify selflessness in this moment, and Bellatrix, who was consumed by her own greed. It does put the Malfoys in quite the emotional predicament, doesn't it?

Too well-written? YOU are saying that to ME? Wow. Also, don't let JKR hear you :)

Thank you so much. It's so kind of you to review!


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