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Review #1, by untoldstoryDisgusted: Dearly Beloved, Dearly Departed

21st July 2011:
I honestly thought that this was written beautifully :) I really enjoyed every minute of it! Finally someone who actually appreciates Severus Snape, and deems him worthy of the happy ending he was robbed of...thank you for posting this, it was lovely :)

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the story! Yes, I firmly believe that poor Severus worked way too hard to go out the way he did, and while I want to think that Lily informed him in the afterlife of how grateful she was for his efforts to help her family, it seems to me that we as fanfiction writers have an even better opportunity to give him the happy ending he so deserves. In my opinion, he is the most fascinating character to emerge from the Harry Potter series, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to write more about him in fanfiction. Anyway, to make a long story short, thanks so much for your review, and I hope you check out more of my work in the future! :)

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Review #2, by untoldstoryCurious Happenings at Number Twelve: An Epilogue of Sorts

21st July 2011:
I would like to start off by saying that I absolutely love your writing :) Just a warning, I will probably ramble...A LOT in this review lol. I finished reading Curious Happenings at Number Twelve in one night because I was so eager to find out what would happen next. I must admit that you worried me with the chapters leading on to the happenings at the ministry, I was worried that you'd kill Sirius off and that I'd be left feeling utterly disappointed :( Now, here's my constructive criticism, and I really hope you don't take anything I say the wrong way because I mean it in the nicest way possible, generally speaking, tone doesn't come out too well in text and I hope that you won't be upset by what I have to say. Bare in mind that this is simply my opinion! Here goes: I thought that the way in which many characters fell in love with Nora to be terribly cliche, I feel as if it took away from the beauty of your writing...I would understand Sirius being unreasonably jealous, but to make Snape develop real feelings for her...It just seemed like she became a Mary Sue and that's a bit irritating for the reader who is obviously rooting for team Sirius :P Furthermore the Snape-Nora love just seemed like overkill, Dearborn is one thing, but Severus Snape? It just felt a bit overdone. Speaking of characters who have been through enough (in response to your author's note in the epilogue) I feel as if poor Severus has been through enough! Unrequited love all round? Poor man! I feel as if you owe it to him to write a story for him in which he lives happily ever after lol. Or perhaps I will do so, maybe you have inspired me? Who knows :)
All the best,
Your Faithful reader
-Untold Story :)

Author's Response: Hi, there! Thank you for reading my story, I don't mind constructive criticism at all. I hope you don't mind if I try to explain a few things, however. ^_^

Snape and Dearborn were not in love with Nora. Allow me to draw some proof from the story:

Chapter 24: David
But as it was, he only knew the Nora Prewett from beyond the classroom, and for that he was thankful. Otherwise, he may have never come to realize how her easy gait reminded him of Lily, how her level-headedness and the way she crinkled up her nose when she laughed all sent images of Lily flooding forth. They were so different, and yet…for a small time, Nora had made a decent substitute. So decent, in fact, that he’d started truly liking her on her own merits. But not quite love. Never love.

His heart still belonged to the dead.

Chapter 10: Peppermint Licorice Wands
Nora smiled. She knew that Cargan didn’t like her, of course. He thought he did, but she suspected it was the novelty of her sudden re-emergence since her Hogwarts days more than anything else, and he was greatly deluded. There is something to be said for a lack of young witches in an immediate area; it will convince even the most brutally handsome young man that the new girl in town is someone worth running after. She imagined a flock of pigeons converging on a single bread crumb in a park. Nora was the new bread crumb. The pigeons would peck and peck until they realized she was poisoned, and then soon enough would turn around and leave her alone again.

Severus was only using Nora as a distraction, a substitute, to fill the void of pain left by Lily. He was never in love with her, he only wanted to be, because he thought it would muffle the pain.

As for Cargan, he was clearly delusional. He didn't like Nora, either. He was bored because he'd been looking at the same women for years and Nora was something new. Neither of these men loved Nora. :) I was trying to convey, rather than all these men liking Nora, the strange reasons why people do what they do, and how they can use other people for their own imaginary purposes. I am quite aware that Severus had been through a lot, and even though he did deserve a happy ending, it wouldn't have been right for him to end up with Nora. His heart was with Lily, and if he'd stopped loving Lily, then he would have stopped protecting Harry Potter. That is why I did not give him a happy ending. It's tragic, but for the sake of canon and the importance of Severus's love for Lily in Deathly Hallows especially, he had to die with his heart still longing for Lily Evans Potter.

The only man in this story who had any real emotional attachment to Nora was Sirius, and that is why I created her in the first place - a gift to Sirius, who was lonely in Grimmauld Place.

Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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