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Review #1, by chelsizzlePlay, If You Dare: Molly Weasley, Mother Of All

9th April 2012:
Wow!! That was an interesting spin on both the Hunger Games and HP, so is there only one survivor? Or can the whole team win? Also did Draco defect? Like join the order? Anyway, I like the start it has great potential. When you switch from character to character POV maybe put in a line break, or a symbol or even just write their name then continue on...just a suggestion! :)

Author's Response: Thank-you very much! I really admirer you as an author so your review has made me very happy! The whole team can win. Draco joined the order but still remains surly to Harry and Hermione ( as you can see). I am quite excited about later chapters (you guys will LOVE them!). Haha! Once again, thank-you for your review!


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Review #2, by chelsizzleFor the children: Ranting

7th October 2011:
I really liked this chapter, I think this has potential, please continue to Harry married to Hermione, just friends or what??? Please oh please won't you give us more? Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you :) Chapter two is validating now. And Harry and Hermione are just friends. Thank you again :D

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Review #3, by chelsizzleHermione and the Beast: Once Upon a Time Books

27th September 2011:
Hey, I loved this story and was reading your other story Playing house with Malfoy, but the story seems to be gone? What happened???

Author's Response: HPFF hid it from view because they thought it was inappropriate because it had two underage students being forced into marriage and also that their teacher drugged them into their project and whatnot. But they told me if I change it a bit here and there then they will put it back up. I'm in the process of changing it right now. Instead of it being a project that gets them stuck in the future together it's going to be a accident and they have to find a way to get back on their own with no help from the teacher or anything. I'm hoping it will get approved and get back up. But right now no one can access it on this site not even me until I fix the changes that need to be made. But cross your fingers and I hope it will be up soon.

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Review #4, by chelsizzlePlaying House with Malfoy: Seeking the Truth

25th August 2011:
LOVE the update, wonderful story telling. The details are great and I can really picture them and the things happening. Please update again soon!! :)

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