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Review #1, by Corinne1367phk3lsStill Delicate: Epilogue

21st February 2012:
OMGOMGOMG! I can daresay that I'm ten million times more excited than you were writing when I finished reading! PLEASE, I beg of you, to start writing the James/Lily ASAP!!! I'm so so so so so glad that I followed this amazing story all along! Thank you for being the best fanfic author I know! You're the best! Love XOXO

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Review #2, by Corinne1367phk3lsStill Delicate: Yet Another Emotional Breakdown

26th January 2012:
I totally LOVE this chapter! Rose is so damn mad hot in her way of being mad! Please update!

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Review #3, by Corinne1367phk3lsStill Delicate: A New Direction

24th August 2011:
you still have a reader! i started reading delicate when i saw the recommendation on TIME and it's been amazing so far! i loved the part with "Daisy The Cow" though i do feel sympathetic for her now... :( please keep writing fast! thank you!

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Review #4, by Corinne1367phk3lsMy Notebook Will Explain: Meet Me at the Lake

17th August 2011:
I was surprised at the ending but it's really creative--I'd want to fly on a broom when I meet my pen pal(if I ever get one)!I love your story too. Sorry about not reviewing on every chapter ;) Keep writing more L/J stories because i just love the pairing! They are sweet and romantic...haha!

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Review #5, by Corinne1367phk3lsLiving Life: Chapter Seventy Seven

25th July 2011:
what about james and lily's wedding? you promised that it's going to be a lovely wedding! i hope that you include that in your next chapter! :) XD

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Review #6, by Corinne1367phk3lsLiving Life: Chapter Seventy Six

20th July 2011:
Dear Katie,
I started reading your story last week and I love it a lot :) It's really amazing how you include the details (especially about Lily and James' confront with Voldemort and that they were friends with Alice and Frank Longbottom) and have the patience to write for such a long time! 7 years are tough (trying hard not to relate to Harry Potter's 7 years of experience), and your story has remained its quality for so long! I hope that you'll update fast (reason #1 I want to be busy with something in the summer!jkjk) and write more stories. Can I give you a recommendation? I think that you should get to the point when Lily marries James and Harry is born. Not that it's a little boring through out her Auror experience or anything, just an advice. Once again, I enjoy your story :D

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