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Review #1, by SuileanDubhWait, say that again?: Utter Fabulosiosity of the BPETUBOFWEBM Plan…Er, what?

7th January 2007:
This story is absolutley fab. It makes me laugh. A lot. For your first humor fic, it's really good!
= ]

Author's Response: Thanks! =D I ALWAYS write angst, depression, and murder, so this is a very different type of story for me, haha!

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Review #2, by SuileanDubh:

21st November 2006:
Well I must say, this is one of the best stories I have read on this website to date. = ] Another thing, I absolutley love your 'sirius' puns. So funny. So very funny.

Author's Response: *gasps* *jaw drops to floor* *offers SuileanDubh thermometer and checks forehead* Whoa, are you sure? You might' hypnotized or had something slipped in your evening pumpkin juice or something like that....Seriously, one of the best? *pelts SuileanDubh with baskets of cookies* I LOVE YOU! ^^, Ha, thanks - you can never go wrong with 'Sirius' puns. Never. *chuckles to self* Thank you, loff. *grins happily* *skips off, humming*

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Review #3, by SuileanDubhOut Of The Shadows: Chapter 3: Soul Mates?

6th September 2006:
Thatis was a great chapter. I'm glad I started reading this story!
Oh, and that chart thing is neat.

How does it work though?

Author's Response: It's me at and I'll try to explain it....thanks!

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Review #4, by SuileanDubhMy Immortal Essence: Your Mother and I Talk Often, Actually

31st August 2006:
Hah, this story is great.
Honestly, I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! I'm glad you liked it, it was kind of written in a rush. :-)

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Review #5, by SuileanDubhThe Enigma Of Miss Miller: Think You'll Figure Me Out Tonight?

24th August 2006:
I can honestly say that this story made me laugh out loud.
Well done, and I hope you update soon!

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Review #6, by SuileanDubhProngslet: The Ups & Downs of Learning & Teaching

16th October 2005:
I think I would be Earth (My actual element) and Water.

Great chapter, as usual.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Glad you liked the chapter! ^-^ Earth & Water, good elements to be together. ~*Chloe*~

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Review #7, by SuileanDubhHarry Potter and the Exanimagi: Chapter 6 - Into Darkness

25th September 2005:
Please don't drop the story. This 'series' (I guess) is one of the most fantastically written stories I have seen on HPFF. Plus, you can't leave us with such a cliffhanger, well, I mean you can, but it's kinda mean (Not saying that you are a mean person!!). Please continue to update this story, or at least give us a brief outline of what would have happened? Anyways, I've taken up too much of your time already with my ramblings. I do hope to see chapter seven in the future. You are an amazing writer.
Thanks for reading this review,
Megann xoxo

Author's Response: wow! thankyou Megann! lol, there may be mroe of this in the future.. and i would write what was going to happened next.. if i knew... try my new story! tell me what you think!

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Review #8, by SuileanDubhHarry Potter and the Exanimagi: Chapter 3 - Creatures of the Evening

6th July 2005:
*gasp!* What an evil cliffie! lol. I love your storys... I mean, I really do! Ha-ha. Please update as soon as you can!

Author's Response: wow! thanx! I will really try!

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Review #9, by SuileanDubhMy Reflection: Graduation

2nd July 2005:
NOOO! Why is it over? Great story! Loved every chapter! Hope you will write a sequel? YAY! Lily passed with 90%! :D

Author's Response: It's over, yeah! Maybe the sequel will show up someday, yes.

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Review #10, by SuileanDubhThe Wrong Path: Chapter Two

30th June 2005:
♥ hehe... i can do hearts! ♥

Author's Response: lmao. Me too. ♥♥♥Katie ♥♥♥

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Review #11, by SuileanDubhThe Wrong Path: Chapter One

23rd June 2005:
Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatie! AAH! This story is so good! You didn't tell me it was good! Wowwww. But, when are you putting up that otha one you sent to me in an e-mail? It was really good too! Love it Love it Love it (both lol).

Megggie! XOXOXO

Author's Response: :D. Thanks so much Meggie. I'll put up Winnie Black when I recieve the banner for it. Two chapters finnished, but I might add another one at the beginning. it will be up soon. Thanks again meggie, i liked yours too, but you HAD to delete it. Grr. Write another one soon Meggiel. Thanks again! <3 Katielynn

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Review #12, by SuileanDubhMy Reflection: Please!

12th June 2005:
Awwwwah! This chapter actually made me cry! I feel so bad for Lily! Poor girl! And it's all stupid Bryn's fault... If he was a real person and I ever got my hands on him... grr. lol. Please update as soon as you can! I'm glad you liked the poem :).

Author's Response: Yeah, the poem was great =) Lily will be all right, actually. Wait and see!

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Review #13, by SuileanDubhMy Reflection: Transformation

11th June 2005:
*gasp* She figured it out! I hope she'll forgive James now... but I guess I'll have to wait... :(. :P.

I found a poem/prayer thing for dance, and I thought maybe you would like to read it? I'll post it here.

A Dancer's Poem
Dear angel ever at my side
Be there today, my feet to guide.
Help me dance high, and light and free,
So that everyone will be proud of me.
May the judges be fair, and the stages be spacious
In winning and losing, let me be gracious.
So that every dance I'll remember with pride.
And Angel, please keep my shoelaces tied.

Just thought you might want to take a look. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: That is really, really beautiful Megan! Thanks for sharing that poem with me ;D I am posting a new chapter today, so I hope you'll enjoy it =)

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Review #14, by SuileanDubhAdflictation Lair: Innocent Eyes

7th June 2005:
awwah! I cried! This chappie was so sad! Plz update as soon as you can! I NEED to know that happens!

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Review #15, by SuileanDubhMy Reflection: Confrontation

23rd May 2005:
Yay! a new chapter! :D What a great Victoria Day prezzie :). Your right, this chappie wasn't as depressing as the last one. Is Lily going to figure it out soon? I hope so!

Author's Response: Wait and see ;D *smiles*

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Review #16, by SuileanDubhMy Reflection: The Pointe Shoes

12th May 2005:
Ouch! Poor Lily hurt her foot! Didn't have lots of time to read this, just mostly skimmed through it, not ebough timeit... or most with recital tomorrow :P. On sunday I'll come back and read it again... more throughly... or maybe if I'm lucky, saturday morning. Looking forward to see if Lily figures it out!

Author's Response: Ok :) You're so busy you only had time to skim it through? And you still do it? haha! Hope you enjoy it on Saturday/Sunday :)

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Review #17, by SuileanDubhMy Reflection: Looking Through

2nd May 2005:
I love the new banner!! This was a good chapter... a little... erm... can't exactly find the word for it, but good. haha. Must be off to Dance though. Hopefully a new chappie will be up soon? *looks hopefully at computer screen*

Author's Response: Thanks for complimenting my banner! :D I don't find words for this chapter(s) either, so that makes two of us... *mouth in a straight line*

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Review #18, by SuileanDubhPast, Present and Future: When the Dead come to Dinner

13th April 2005:
"We were in 1979 one moment and the next 1999" Wouldn;t it be either 1978 or 2000? lol... cuz you said 21 years... w.e. lol. Great stroy! Looking forward to reading the rest!

Author's Response: umm, i don't know....i just randomly picked two!! lucky dip really.

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Review #19, by SuileanDubhSlave of The Dark: The Serpent's Silence

9th April 2005:
Wow! This was a great chapter!!! Liked the flashbacks. Please update as soon as you can!

Author's Response: Thanks, and I'll update soon.

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Review #20, by SuileanDubhAn Alternate Ending: Accusations And Yuletide Celebrations

6th April 2005:
*gasp* I have an theory (which is prolly wrong) about the clock!!! All the people that have 'strange' places like mortal peril and prison are actually there, and the poeple in the house are imposters.. and the're the ones who are passing information to Voldemort. haha, I told you it would probab;ly be wrong...

oh, and my friend says that she thinks that Dumbledore is the spy? lol.

Great chapter... I'll be waiting for the next one!

Author's Response: Dumbledore, the spy?! Are you out of your mind?! Actually.. that might be a good plotline sorta thing. Although with my writing it would have to be humour I suppose.... :o)

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Review #21, by SuileanDubhA New Beginning: The Rage of Battle

5th April 2005:
WHOO! Go Harry!

Author's Response: LOL! Thanks! Hope you continue to read and enjoy!

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Review #22, by SuileanDubhA New Beginning: The Approaching Storm

5th April 2005:
You know what I find interesting? That the phrase "Now Live" answers the question "In the battle between good and evil, who won?" Get it? "Evil Won"

great story so far!! I love how you describe everything! =-)

Megan xoxo

Author's Response: Thanks Megan! Interesting thoughts on the battle between good and evil. I'm glad you are enjoying it so far and I hope you'll continue to do so. There is actually a revised, and hopefully improved version that I'm posting on SIYE. If you'd like more information about that, feel free to email me. Thanks for the great post.

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Review #23, by SuileanDubhRiley: Chapter Five

31st March 2005:
Oh my gosh!! I love this story! It's so different than the usual "Draco/Hermione" fics. Great Job so far!

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Review #24, by SuileanDubhDetention: Karaoke with Style

29th March 2005:
HAHAHAHA that was awesome!!

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Review #25, by SuileanDubhYou Always Want What You Can't Have: You Always Want What You Can't Have

28th March 2005:
*gasp* I love it!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! =D

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