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Review #1, by LogamindHappiness: Hogsmeade

11th November 2011:
Hi there!

Thanks for entering the challange. This was a lovely little one shot to read. Especially since I never usually read Harry/Cho. I really liked the idea that they never broke up after all that happened in fifth year and kept growing strong.

Also I love the idea that Cho still wants to go to Madam Puddifoots. She really does love that place doesn't she :P

Lovely little story, glad you could enter it!


Author's Response: Thanks! It was fun to write.

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Review #2, by Logamindvolatile. : you and her and she and he.

6th November 2011:
Sorry this took so long! Was sure I had reviewed this but clearly I haven't.

To be honest i'm actually glad I didn't review the first time, it gave me a chance to read this again. It is such a lovely story.

I loved the idea that instead of saying it to the person face to face they instead thought the words. You're the first entry to do that I think. I really liked that idea.

Such a beautifully written story!


Author's Response: HAHA i do it all the time, so not an issue!!

And thanks so much!! ^_^

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Review #3, by LogamindSoul Breaker: Soulbreaker

4th October 2011:
Hey it's Logamind here from the forums.

Tell you what. This was completely mental, and I loved every minute of it.

A battle of the band? Surely this should be how all great battles are fought. It would add a whole new way of thinking for the final battle.

Tom was so devishly sexy with the hair and the moterbike, I actually kind of wanted to join the soul breakers. That might just be because the vision I have of my head of Dumbledore (Richard Harris version) jumping around on stage is slight freaking me out and yet making me laugh at the same time.

How did you even come up with this? Kudo's to your muse since it's a complete and utter genius! This was one of the weirdest and yet best things i've read in a long time.



Author's Response: HAHAHAHHAA thank you hun!

oh yes, all conflicts between good and evil should be solved with a battle of the bands!!

I loved writing Tom in this! he was magnificent!

bahahahaha i can see why that particular vision would be slightly scary, lol

i could never do this madness on my own - gina (justonemorefic) and gubby (gubraithian fire) are to blame for sowing the seeds here.


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Review #4, by LogamindForgetting You : Forgetting You

2nd October 2011:
Hey it's Logamind here.

Sorry this took so long, I actually thought I had reviewed this but clearly my mind has gone to mush. Thanks for participating in the challange!

This was a lovely one shot. Such a sad ending. Poor Blaise you've just increased my dislike for Ron. The way Blaise just lets her go even though he realises he loves her.

The characterization of Blaise especially was wonderful. Hermione was also well written but Blaise stood out. Especially when he caught Hermione with Ron.

This was a really good little story.


Author's Response: Aww, thank you very much, love, it means a lot to me. And I enjoyed writing this, a lot. :) Thank you for making a great challenge!

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Review #5, by LogamindOnly Power Remains: Chapter One

2nd October 2011:
Hey it's Logamind here from the forums, sorry this took a few days. Real life got in the way again.

This was certainly an interesting start to the story. The idea is very origional and captures the readers attention straight away.

Jade is going to turn into quite a character, I haven't seen many stories where the main OC is a bad guy so this is alrady something new . . . to me at least. Hopefully she'll develop futher as the story continues.

You said you were worried about the use of he/she et cetera but I thought it was actually very well done. Especially the use of he/she at the start. It kept an air of mystery about the story that made me want to read on.

Overall this is a promising start to the story. Don't worry it really is good. Definitely feel free to post when the next one is up if you want it reviewed.


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm surprised that many people are saying they've never read a character that's a bit evil! I love it!

Thank you so much for the review, I really appreciate it! :)


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Review #6, by LogamindWhite Lie: In which obvious things are pointed out.

26th September 2011:
Hey it's Logamind.

Sorry this took so long. My internet decided we were no longer friends and wouldn't let me on for a few days.

Another great chapter. With each new little lie Pen tells I cringe a little more but I love her. Her inner thoughts are hillarious through-out like the first chapter.

Penelope and Athena's relationship is really interesting so far. They seem to go well together and their friendship seems natural. Opposites attract and all that I guess.

Chester reminds me so much of Mr Heckles from friends with the whole "I could have a wife" and wearing his Pj bottoms. I loved Mr Heckles so that's definitiely a good thing!

I can't wait to see how poor Penelopes lies are going to unravel. Surely Oliver has to work out that she's making it all up.

Another good chapter.


Author's Response: My internet does that to me quite a bit as well so no worries. :)

You're supposed to cringe :) Pen's lies are ridiculous mainly because when I was writing the story I couldn't think of any good lies :).

Glad you liked it! :)

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Review #7, by LogamindPink Eyes: Pink Eyes

24th September 2011:
Hey it's Logamind here from the forums.

This was a brilliant story. I'm so glad you requested for me to review it.

I loved the idea that Teddy had no control over his powers. His descriptions were creative and made me laugh, especially he very begining one about the Hippogriff with flaming insides. I feel like this should be a saying in everyday Hogwarts life. And then there were some, like the one about the beaters bat that made me want to give Teddy a hug and tell him it would all be ok. Your descriptions truly were fantastic.

I loved the characterization of both characters. You almost felt like Teddy was growing up before your eyes when he confronted Simon *cough - jerk - cough*. You've written Teddy so that he fits in Slytherin, yet he's brave and loyal and you've done it wondefully.

Victorie was also wonderfully written. She was such a strong character who I'm pretty sure if Teddy hadn't shown up would have taken care of Simon herself.

The flow on the story was good and you've given time to each character so the reader appreciates them all.

Great read. It really was brilliant.


Author's Response: :) Aw, wow, thank you! I'm so glad that you liked it, and I really appreciate your review!

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Review #8, by LogamindYou don't deserve this: You don't deserve this

24th September 2011:
Hey it's Logamind here from the forums.

Sorry this review took so long, my internet decided it didn't want to be my friend for the last few days.

This was a brilliant, it was so wonderfully sad. I usually am an avid Sco/Rose shipper but in this fic I hated her. It was such an origional perception of Rose. She is usually the nice girl who everyone loves. This version was unique to me and extremelly interesting.

Dominique was written beautifully. The way she acted around Scorpius and her thoughts about him and Rose were just so genuine and you turned her into a wonderfully likable character who was easy to relate to.

I thought the flow of the story was good, you didn't drag it on which can sometimes kill a perfectly good one shot.

All in all this truly was a great little story and so sad. You've got me wishing it wasn't a one shot just so I know that Scorpius sees past Rose and Dominique finally gets to be with him.



Author's Response: Thank you so much :-) And don't worry about the time at all. Ah sorry to change your Sco/Rose ;) Thank you thank you! Lovely review. Ha, you never know, I might decide that I want to write more one day!

- Megan xo

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Review #9, by LogamindRonda: oo1.

24th September 2011:
Hey it's Logamind here from the forums.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, me and my internet fell out for a few days!

This was a great little one shot. As a huge Seamus fan I really enjoyed it. Poor Seamus! You've just given another reason not to like Ron (I know it's not his fault but honestly gr.)

The characterization was wonderful. You've captured Hermiones attitude brilliantly and Seamus was hillarious. I could see it all in my head perfectly as I read it.

I agree with one of the reviews that mentioned the repeat of "he kissed Lavander". I got a little confused over it, just because of the new paragraph. I thought Seamus had said it at first and had to reread the line a couple of times before I realised she was repeating herself. Putting in the same paragraph as the first bit of dialouge or adding in a "she repeated" would make that bit a little easier to understand at that part.

Apart from that this was a wonderful one shot. The ending was almost heart breaking. I'm a big lover of happy endings but this ending seemed to fit the story so much better than a happy one would have.

I think the flow was brilliant. It didn't go too fast or drag on. You really managed to capture my attention with this.

You've done a great job.


Author's Response: Hiya,

You're a Seamus fan?! So am I. I adore Seamus! Glad we got that in common. I'm glad you think they were both in character - never written Hermione before besides a catastrophically badly written Dramione that I don't even want to talk about - because OOC-ness is something I absolutely despise.

Thank you so much for the lovely review.


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Review #10, by LogamindPhoenix in the Ashes: A New Awakening

24th September 2011:
Hey it's Logamind here from the forums.

Sorry this took so long to get back to you, my internet decided it didn't want to be my friend anymore.

I've never read a fic in the second person before and it was certainly interesting. I liked trying to work out what was going on and who was the speaker.

You've done a really good job with this. I didn't think I would really enjoy a story in the second person but it was actually really enjoyable to read.

You asked if it was easy to follow. I would say yes. At first I didn't know what was going on but that's going to happen in the second person and the start was enjoyable even without knowing the full details of what was happening. I worked out who it was pretty quickly and what was going on so it all fit together well.

Poor Justin, this gave a good view on what being petrified was like, I hadn't really thought of it before then.

I thought this was a really good piece of work. The fact it's your first attempt at writing in the second person is brilliant, you've done a brilliant job.


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Review #11, by LogamindSailor Moon M: The Beginning of Something Different

19th September 2011:
Hey it's Logamind here from the Forums with your Review.

It's a good start to the story. Even the parts I had no clue about were well written.

Harry and Neville were both in character I thought. There was only one or two lines that we're slightly OOC but you could hardly notice them.

I think Harry would ask Neville "How's your Gran?" rather than "How's Augusta?" He had called her that all through Hogwarts and just personally I don't see him changing it since then. But that's just my personal opinion.

I'll definitely try and read more of this. It's an interesting read and hopefully i'll soon get all the Sailor Moon parts.


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for the review! And I definitely think you're right about the OOC of that line. Harry would call Neville's gran by well...Gran instead of by name. I'm glad you think it was well written! As for the Sailor Moon parts, don't worry, in the later chapters I'll have some kind of "fillers" and help for those who 1) don't know Sailor Moon or 2) don't remember the details as I'm going with the Manga instead of the old anime.

Anyway, once again thanks for taking the time to read! :D

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Review #12, by LogamindWhite Lie: Larry Rotter and The Sociable Pebble

19th September 2011:
Hey it's Logamind here from the Forums.

Wow this was a great start to the story. You never get to hear about Penelope Clearwater in the books and i'm so glad you've given her the character she deserves.

"Percy's greased afro" actually had me laughing out loud. There are some great lines in this but that might just be my favourite out of them all.

I loved the characterization of Pen. You've written a great character so far, she's certainly very witty. I found myself laughing every few lines with some of the things she said. Her relationship with Percy was great as well. They were just so awkward when it came to talking about Percy's feelings for Audrey even though they had previously dated for years.

OLIVER WOOD!!! You have no idea how much I love him. *School girl style freak out over!* But honestly he's one of my favourite characters to read about . . . ever.

This really was a great start to the story. It's really got me hooked already and I can't wait to read the next chapter (which should be in a few minutes!)


Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Pen is my favorite character to write, so it's nice to know that people enjoy my characterization of her.

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Review #13, by LogamindTick Tock Goes the Clock: Prologue

19th September 2011:
Hey it's Logamind here from the Forums.

This was certainly an interesting start to the story. The mystery surronding it was very captivating.

I thought the use of the "tick tock" through out was a great idea, it really gave the reader an idea of what was going on inside poor Albus's head.

Will you go into how he became this way? Hopefully because I really want to find out how Harry Potters son fell so far. You've certainly pulled me in with the first chapter.

A good start to the story and looking forward to reading more of it.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad you are looking forward to more :)

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Review #14, by LogamindLife As We Know It: chapter one

17th September 2011:
Hey it's Logamind from the Forums

This was a really good opening chapter. A little short but still a great introduction to the story. It'll be interesting to see how this develops.

Poor Hermione, you really feel for her when she see's Ron and Lavander together. You've described her feelings wonderfully and the reference to Hogwarts a History was really clever, it was such a Hermione thing to do.

I thought the descriptions of Ron and Lavander were perfect. It just seemed canon to me. You did a great job of writing them and hopefully we'll see more of Lavander and "won won" more in the rest of the story.

I liked the way you ended the chapter with Dracos line. I find it a little creepy that he was hiding in the classroom watching Hermione, but it's Draco what do you expect!

This was a really clever begining to the story, looking forward the reading the next chapter!


Author's Response: Wow I'm so glad that you enjoyed my first chapter! I was hoping to stay close to canon with both characterization and plot though somethings will change. Again thanks for your time and for the wonderful review!


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Review #15, by LogamindThe Grey Heart: The Grey Heart

17th September 2011:
Hey it's Logamind here from the forums.

This was a wonderful story. I'm so glad you asked me to review this piece, I really enjoyed it.

The charcterization of Helena and Edmund was great. They fit beautifully into the time you had put them in. You wondered if Helena is believable and in my opinion anyway, she certainly is. The way she acts around Edmund, in the astronomy tower especially is brilliant.

I never thought that Helena would return the Barons love, so this story seems to fit perfectly in to how the events leading to her death would have gone.

I can tell you this would make a great novel. It would be wonderful to get more details on their story. Especially in Albania and their journey away from Hogwarts. If you do begin to write it as one, let me know! I would love to read it.

This really was a wonderful piece. 10/10


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Review #16, by LogamindWhispers Like Prayers: It's Enough

15th September 2011:
Hey it's Logamind here from the Forums.

I actually read this story not that long ago and absolutely loved it. So it's great having the chance to read it again. It was a magical story the first time and my opinion on it hasn't changed.

I loved the charcterization of Remus and Sirius. The idea to have Sirius smoking was oddly genius in my opinion. It just worked for me for some reason, it seemed like something Sirius would do.

Stories like this really make me wonder why some people have such a problem with reading slash. They miss out on some brilliant stories, many of them better than most non slash. This is one of them.

The plot ils brilliant. I kind of wish it had went this way in the books, someone should have given JK this idea before she shifted Harry off to the Dursleys. When they're all lying on the bed in the hospital wing. . . it was just beautiful.

"his body broken like his cracked glasses." I could feel the tears in my eyes when I read it. I could just picture the whole scene, you described it wonderfully.

You said to mention something you think could be changed, but honestly I can't find a fault in this story. I loved it. You're a talented writer and I can't wait to read more of your stuff.



Author's Response: I'm so happy you love my Remus and Sirius! I find it interesting that you enjoyed Sirius smoking when a previous reader didn't think it suited him at all. But like I told her - difference in opinion.

Slash is definitely a tricky topic. But I've found some non-slash readers who have enjoyed my stories so I feel like while I do write slash, I try to make my stories accessible to everyone.

I'm glad the plot worked for you. I'm always so sad because of all the death and tragedy of the Marauder era and I just really wanted a happy ending for once, so I wrote this. :) I wish this happened too, that Harry could be raised by people who love him and respect magic.

I'm glad you like my descriptions. I try to make it so that readers can picture what's going on because I love writers who can do that as well so definitely a goal I strive to achieve when I write.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I hope you read more of my stuff soon! :)

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Review #17, by LogamindA Bit of Boysenberry: Boysenberry

15th September 2011:
Hey it's Logamind here from the forums.

I hardly ever read fics with Percy Weasley in them. Not because I don't like him but simply because he is generally left out of most of them. It was wonderful to actually read one where he was one of the main characters as he is so under apprieciated on here.

The idea that Percy and Audrey had been friends since Hogwarts was brilliant. As was the descriptions on why they had never gotten together at Hogwarts, they made me laugh.

I thought the characterization of Percy was great. Especially when he was a ickle first year on the train. The idea that he would be drawn to Audrey because she was reading a book as well seemed to me like to sort of thing Percy would do.

I also liked the narration in the story. It was a clever way to tell the reader what was going on without having to go through loads of extra paragraphs.

I'm not a major Ginny fan but her brief apperances in this were hillarious. You did a brilliant job at writing them.

There was only a few spelling mistakes that I noticed (although i'm a horrible speller so there could be more, this review is probably littered with mistakes!)

This was a great one shot for the much under loved Percy Weasley. Great Job!


Author's Response: I love writing under-loved characters, my favorite is Penelope Clearwater, but I had a plot for Percy so I ran with it :).

I'm glad someone liked the descriptions and narrations, I enjoyed writing them!

Thanks for the great review! I'll definitively request more of your reviews!

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Review #18, by LogamindRule Breaker: A Predictable Appointment

14th September 2011:
It's Logamind here from the forums!

What a great start to the story. I love the idea that it's Nott instead of Malfoy that's head boy. It definitely seperates this story from nearly all other Hermione - head girl / Dramione stories. I loved the characterization of Theodore Nott. I like that he's seperate from Malfoy and not (exuse the pun) part of his gang.

Also the use of events that happened in Deathly Hallows like Hermione sending her parents to Australia and the trio still having a mission to do was very clever in my opinion. It made feel like this story could just carry on from HBP which was brilliant.

Draco's lines at the end made me grin. I have no idea why. The characterization of them were perfect though, that was such a Draco thing to say.

I think Hermione could have argued back a little more when Harry and Ron told her she was being obnoxious but apart from that the way you described her character was really good.

Great start to the story. So glad you put this in for review and i'm looking forward to reading the next chapter.


Author's Response: Thanks so much for this review! I'm so glad that you liked the opening chapter. :] Everyone always mentions Draco's last line there, haha. You aren't alone in liking it. I'm very fond of it myself, though I DID write it... :] Thank you again for your opinion, I'll definitely take it into account.


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Review #19, by LogamindEvening: Hermione

14th September 2011:
Hi it's Logamind from the forums here.

This is a great story. You're descriptions were perfect, the amount of detail you went into when describing everything was truly beautiful. It really helped me picture to story you were telling.

Hugo's going to Hogwarts right? At first I was wondering why Hermione was so upset (which you've described wonderfully by the way) and then when I reread it I realised it was late August so Hugos departure to Hogwarts seemed like the most likely reason. Do correct me if i'm totally off the ball there!

The way you've described Hermiones emotions in this is genius. I really felt her pain, it was just extremely well written.

Brilliant story and written so beautifully!


Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the quick review! I'm never that prompt :(

I'm so glad you enjoyed this! And you're right, Hugo's going off to Hogwarts. Specifically this is the night before he leaves, but with only 500 words, it didn't seem as important to say that in light of making Hermione's emotions apparent!

Also this was my first -serious- attempt at writing Hermione, and my very first as /mother/ Hermione, so I'm glad that it didn't appear OCC or anything.

Thanks so much for your review, I appreciate it! :D

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Review #20, by LogamindThe Most Evil Mind of Lysander Scamander: Chapter 3 - In Which I Obtain a Hat

14th September 2011:
Logamind here again to review the third chapter.

Yet another really good chapter. Poor Mea, though i'm impressed by her abilty to make the tunnel. Glad that Lysander has concluded that she is awsome.

I really love the way you've portrayed Lysander. He's just so cocky it's brilliant to read. "Bravo Lysander."

Poor Mea is putty in his hands. If I could get anyone to call me "oh great one" I would certainly be doing it.

Once again another good chapter, this will turn into a great story when it's done. Looking forward to the next chapter being submitted.


Author's Response: Thank you! I really, really appreciate it =) A challenge fic is in validation at the moment, but then I'll submit the 4th chapter =)

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Review #21, by LogamindThe Most Evil Mind of Lysander Scamander: Chapter 2 - The Essence of an Evil Plan

14th September 2011:
Hello again!

Another great chapter. The part on old Voldy near the start was brilliant. I recieved a rather odd look from my mum as I began to laugh out loud at my computer screen. It really was a genius bit of writing that.

When you said "Lysander Scamander's Association for Budding EVil" you've put a capital on the V as well as the E in Evil. But really who cares about that, it takes two seconds to change that in a quick edit. Just thought I'd mention it quickly incase you didn't notice.

I must say i'm actually rather tempted to join the Lysander Scamander's Association for Budding Evil. The leader seems like a pretty cool guy. Your characterization really is perfect.

And lastly i'll just have to ask is it weird that i'm really excited about the fact that Jeremy signed up to be Lysanders assistant? I'm weirdly intrigued by this mermaid boy.

Another great chapter, looking forward to the next one.



Author's Response: Hello!
Thank you for reviewing so quickly! I'm glad you liked that bit, and thanks about the characterization!
Oohhh, glad you pointed that out! I'll change it, and pleased that's the only critisism!
I have to say, without being offensive, it is a little strange, as he is quite a minor character for the time being! That might change though, who knows! =)

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Review #22, by LogamindThe Most Evil Mind of Lysander Scamander: Chapter 1 - My Most Evil Mind

14th September 2011:
Hey it's Logamind here from the forums.

This was a great first chapter. I loved the characterization of Lysander, i found him hillarious. The cocky air was brilliant and so unlike Luna. I also like how you've made Lorcan like his mother and hope we'll see more of him in the next few chapters.

Lysander is already looking like he'll become a brilliant character. This version of him is fantastic, i'm loving the evil geniusness he's got going on and some of the things he says are great.

Also one last thing. Mermaid boy, Jeremy Corner. Please tell me we're getting to meet him some time soon. That would be brilliant.

All in all great start to the story and i'm looking forward to reading the rest. You're a talented writer. Great work!!!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! The next chapters are focused mainly on Lysander and his evilness, But in the 4th chapter (I'm writing it now!) I'll make sure to include both Lorcan and Jeremy! Thanks again for the lovely review! =)

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Review #23, by LogamindCareer Advice: career advice

11th September 2011:
This was brilliant! I've never read a Frank/Alice fic before but this was really very good! The characterization of Frank in particular I liked.

It was one of those stories that warm you're heart stories and make you smile.

I'm glad I chose to read this, it was just so cute. I hope you have more stories like this because I think i'll be off to read them now.

You're a talented author :)


Author's Response: wow, thank you! ive had this one shot up for ages and had no love for it yet, haha, so its great to get a review :) glad u like frank aswell :D

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Review #24, by LogamindMake Me Forget: Unexpected

11th September 2011:
Hey Manga Girl sorry about the wait for the review I thought I would be able to figure out how to do it on my blackberry, turns out I was mistaken!

I really enjoyed this, usually when I read Sco/Rose they already know each other and either hate each other or are good friends. The fact that Rose really didn't know him at all was interesting and I really liked the idea.

The idea that Rose was already broken sort of (I don't have another way to describe that haha) and Scorpius was the one wanting to fix her was also very sweet. When he kissed her it was such an "Aw" moment. One of those that just puts a grin on your face!

Thanks again for entering, i'm really glad you did this was a lovely piece to read. It made me smile.

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch for the review, the wait was worth it! Thanks for all the comments, they made my day and I am so glad you liked it, I was a bit nervous posting this one.
Emma xx

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Review #25, by LogamindDo You?: Do You

8th September 2011:
This was a really cute little piece! I love the idea that even though they are secretly together they still argued all the time!

I thought the characterization of Draco during the arguement was dead on. The idea tha he seemed bored with the whole thing just felt like typical Draco to me so well done on that!

And YAY for being the first to submit their entry! Hopefully you are the first of many that will hopefully all as good as this piece here!

I really enjoyed it!


Author's Response: Hi Logamind,

Thank you so much for reviewing! I love that you enjoyed it so much at that you love the idea.

Well I thought there was no use wasting time, I find that if I sit on an idea for too long I lose interest as well as the story does not seem to work as well as it would have if I just let it all flow out when the idea hits. :)

Thank you again for reviewing


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