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Review #1, by Secret LilyRepetition: Repitition

5th March 2006:
This was quite unlike anything I've ever read and well, I was not disappointed in the least. The imagery of this story is completely well-done. I especially liked the bit you put in about "a character in between his sobriety and his drunkenness that he was attracted to." For some reason, it just completely seemed to fit with Sirius' character. Absolutely loved it. The poem worked in wonderfully, as well. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm happy you enjoyed it and didn't find Sirius too repulsive or anything :)

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Review #2, by Secret LilyUnstoppable: Unstoppable

5th March 2006:
That was completely poetic. Every word flowed incredibly well and you could practically invision the two boys stumbling back to Hogwarts after a night at Hogsmeade. I loved it. I'm not normally a fan of Remus/Sirius, but I think you may have converted me :) Wonderful, wonderful work.

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Review #3, by Secret Lily:

1st August 2005:
That was funny! Those American house elves were corrupting poor little Winky..but it was AWESOME! Nice. I thought it was uniquely funny.

Author's Response: A compliment from the Corruption Queen herself... o.~ sL! STOP CORRUPTING THE NEWBIES!!! ^____^

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Review #4, by Secret LilyQuaffles Are Evil; A Lily Evans Story: Home Sweet Home

30th July 2005:
I love your story! Lily is so funny. She is awesome. I've never read a fic where Lily was the funniest. Normally its James or Sirius. I love this story. Please update ASAP.

Author's Response: Aww thank you *blushes*. Well, in the next chapter Sirius is pretty funny... probably out of stupidity than anything. There is a funny babysitting part that I'm almost done writing. I'll update soon.... promise!

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Review #5, by Secret LilyA Fossil in the Mud: Chapter Two: Midnight Outings

15th May 2005:
I like this story. Lexie/Alex is a weird one, but she's unique and you should be proud. Nice job.

Author's Response: Thank you! ^^

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