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Review #1, by paigealyssamalfoy32It was all they ever knew: one

14th December 2011:
Vally like, for like 1000th time ;D Hurry up :D

Author's Response: :))
Haha it valdiated after SIX rejections xD

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Review #2, by paigealyssamalfoy32A Building Love: Chapter 3

10th November 2011:
Your story is really nice! I enjoyed reading these first few chapters. It was extremely cute, in my opinion. Keep up the good work, and I hope there is more to come soon! :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much for the review I will try and post the next chapter as soon as I can!!! Jenna:)

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Review #3, by paigealyssamalfoy32Just For You: Girls, Guys, and "Talks"

11th October 2011:

Author's Response: I WILL!! IM WRITING IT NAOO!! LOBE CHU TOO! the next chappy was rejected alot, so its validating now :)

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Review #4, by paigealyssamalfoy32hidden dessire and atractions: gods of fate

25th September 2011:
um, how old are you , may i ask? and did you edit at all? this story could have so many improvments, and it was very fast paced. a goodish plot line though.

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Review #5, by paigealyssamalfoy32Welcome To The Dark Side: Mission, Meeting, and Branded

25th September 2011:
goodish, could have room for improvments? I hope to see the next chapter up soon...

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Review #6, by paigealyssamalfoy32Love: An Irresistible Desire: Life is a Painting (Epilogue)

22nd September 2011:
An amazing story! Is there a sequel?? If not, I would love to see one! Hey, guess what? Hermione and Fred's child, Tanner, is born on my birthday! I will be turning 15 on February 24th, 2013:)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it! :)Unfortunately, there isn't a sequel since I thought I ended it at a nice place.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I truly appreciate it. :)

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Review #7, by paigealyssamalfoy32Just One of the Guys: Chapter 40 and 41

9th September 2011:
wow... this was so good! maybe you could write a sequel? :)

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Review #8, by paigealyssamalfoy32Don't Touch My Mudblood: Happily Ever After

14th August 2011:
this is such a good fic! i loved it:) i felt like crying in some bits... but then laughed my head off in others! you girls are amazing writers, and i encourage you to write more fics, as i'm sure they would be fantastic!

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Review #9, by paigealyssamalfoy32My Immortal: My Immortal

8th July 2011:
I love this song so much... everytime I hear it, I pretty much end up crying...
Seeing it here, after Harry's death just makes it all the more sadder,
I have read your whole Destiny series, and I fell in love from the first chapter, you have beautiful writing.. never give up.
I love how that.. even though they are in love, you still manage to capture the fighting between Hermione and Draco, that has been there ever since they first saw each other...
I love the series, and this songfic...
Keep writing!

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