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Review #1, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayOddities, Opposites & Opinions: The Chips

13th January 2013:
I really like this story! Please update soon, I really like these characters and the setting! they just seem so real, not the sterotypical Al/OC, please keep writing!

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Review #2, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawaySparks Fly: Sparks Are Flying...Maybe

13th October 2012:
Very cute and electric song fic! Taylor Swift is always very good! Love Al/OCs! It was a little confusing, but you did a good job! Loved it a lot!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I haven't been on in a while so I didn't see your review, sorry about that. I reread the fic and I'll go back and fix the errors that I caught once NaNoWriMo is over.


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Review #3, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayIntoxicating: Traitor

5th August 2012:
SooO good! Please update soon! Such an intense chapter!

Author's Response: i promise i will, i'm editing the next chapter now! haha, thank you(: x

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Review #4, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayIntoxicating: Home

23rd July 2012:
Amazing Story! I absolutely love it! The creeping thrills and the haunting shadows and nightmares are absolutely tantalizing and captivating! The romance between Al and Arabella is subtle, but enough that I want more! Please update soon!!

Author's Response: i love how you describe my story, that's too kind(: and i'm glad you think so, i dislike romances that are too obvious and cheesy, that sort of thing. but what a compliment, thank you! x

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Review #5, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayCheating the Bet: Flashback

28th June 2012:
Ahhh! Please update soon! Amazing chapter!!

Author's Response: Thanks much! I'm trying :) I'll definitely have it posted by tomorrow.

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Review #6, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayCheating the Bet: I'll Be Waiting

26th June 2012:
Just wanted to say that this is a really great story! Real nice plot line, right amount of complicated! Al/OC is my fav pairing and I'm currently writing one myself!! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! It's my fave, too :) I just updated yesterday so it should be validated soon.

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Review #7, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayWho Is She?: The One From Al's POV

26th June 2012:
I really like this story! Please update soon! Really want to know who this Olivia chick is, and what's going to happen next with Anya and Al! < so cute btw! Love it!

Author's Response: Hey, thank you :) I will try and get the next chapter in tonight and then hopefully it will get through in time, before the staff go on holiday :) It's all going to be revealed at some point so keep reading ;) Thank you :)

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Review #8, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayWonderland: Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun

12th June 2012:
Great story, I love how she just skips right over wizard. Hilarious. I love these two together!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D

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Review #9, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayBeing Summer: The One with More James' Point of View

10th May 2012:
Great chapter! Summer is being so stubborn though! I'm definitely team James, and Team Conner for meddling- I'm glad someone still has their head on straight!

Author's Response: thank you so much :D summer is a very stubborn person - annoyingly. but that's just the way she is. someone needed to meddle. they're too stupid on their own :P

ellie :) xx

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Review #10, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayAverage Ally. : Rule Number Eleven: Biting Is Allowed.

3rd May 2012:
Team Albius all the way! Great story b.t.w's! Update soon!

Author's Response: I keep forgetting to mention this to you, but I love your username XD
I think Alibus has 60% compared to Jally with 40% It's a close count, but I think it's in the lead :}
Thank for the lovely review! I will update soon I promise, once my last year at college stops trying to murder me in stress! :}


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Review #11, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayBeing Summer: The One That Changes Everything

23rd April 2012:
AAAah! Please update! You can't leave us hanging like this!! So good! Update soon! Pretty pretty please!

Author's Response: the update will be very soon, i promise. the next chapter will hopefully solve a couple of things :D thank youuu,

ellie :) xx

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Review #12, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayDéjà Vu: Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

10th April 2012:
PLEASE UPDATE!! I'm dying here! Also, I would be okay if you updated either Breathless or Welcome to 1the Chase as well. Either or. ;-) Really loved this story!

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Review #13, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayBeing Summer: The Fifteenth One

3rd April 2012:
So good!! That was great!! Can't wait for the next chapter! Please Update ASAP!
James was great, but I still think there might be a chance that Penny could be pregnant... she seemed pretty sure of it though... Please Update!!!

Author's Response: aww, well thank you :) the update will be pretty soon, im making progress with it, though this chapter is hard to write. i love your penname! i feel like i may have said that before, but oh well. seriously. so clever.

ellie :) xx

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Review #14, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayBeing Summer: The Thirteenth One

25th March 2012:
Oooohhh! Finally! He finally caught them! I think he's going to just think that its the funniest thing, while Summer and james are completely embarrased. He'll probably tell Dom, although I hope not, as she would tell everyone and the secret would be out! Please update soon! Great chapter!!!

Author's Response: yes, he finally did! hmm... so thats what you think he's going to do... interesting. the next chapter will be up very soon, so youll be able to see if youre right or not :D youre right - dom would tell everyone, if she found out.

ellie :) xx

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Review #15, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayLife, Love, & Berries: First day of Christmas my true love gave to me A PILE OF MISERY

4th March 2012:
Finally! This was great! I love how Rose didn't even ask any big questions, just comforted her. I also love the confrontation in the grocery store when she knocks over the old lady! So funny! Bonnie is so cute! I miss Al! Please bring him back in the next chapter! Pretty please!

Author's Response: oh albus is definitley in the next chapter :D haha! glad you liked it :) sorry it took so long. i should have the next chapter in a week xx

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Review #16, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayTake Flight: Hawthorn

23rd February 2012:
Awww! It's over??! Please write a sequel! I loved watching Olivia's progress over the story and seems like it finished so fast! She knows where she's going, but there's so much that could have happened! This story was great, I loved all the wand references and character depth. I loved James and Olivia's relationship and it's progresses and quirks! I'll miss this story!!

Author's Response: Awww, thank you! I'm glad you liked it :) Who knows, one day I might get back to this for a sequel!

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Review #17, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayThe Potter Boys and the Enchantment of Redheads: Chapter Twenty Three: Giving In...Again

20th February 2012:
AAahhh! Why would she do that? It seems kind of stupid of her to just kiss him again with no warning! Not to mention they're in the middle of a huge prank with everybody around them! Please update fast!

Author's Response: I think we've established the fact that Elaquay is sort of stupid. And rash. And a bit psychotic. XD. Poor girl just keeps ripping apart her dignity. I'll update as soon as I can and thanks for the review :D

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Review #18, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayTake Flight: Cherry

20th February 2012:
Wow, big chapter! So much stuff to chew on! Great chapter, I can't wait to see what happens next! Please update ASAP!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #19, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayTake Flight: Fir

20th February 2012:
Oooh! It's great that she'll be playing! good chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #20, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayBeing Summer: The One with Lots of Talking

20th February 2012:
Good chapter! Please update soon!! The story is in a real interesting spot!

Author's Response: thank you! update will be soon :D

ellie :) xx

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Review #21, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayTake Flight: Maple

13th February 2012:
Wow, that was fast! Pretty short, more of a filler. Good otherwise, I liked hearing about her different past Christmases. (I miss James) Please update soon!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for the review :) I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #22, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayStill Delicate: Endings

11th February 2012:
AHHH! Finally! and can I just say, it wasn't even cheesy! It wasn't the least bit romantic, which is perfect for Scorpius and Rose! Love it!

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Review #23, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayTake Flight: Chesnut

11th February 2012:
wow, that's cool about how Ollivander gave her the book.
Rose and Scorpius. suspicious!
I want to punch James! That sucks that he was snogging that girl!
Good chapter!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for the review :) Rose and Scorpius are completely hilarious I find, I love writing the small mentions of them.

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Review #24, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayThe Human Factor : The One With All The Anger

8th February 2012:
Great chapter! I wish Al was the one to save her though... *sigh*.
So when I was reading that first part (great writing there btw) I had my songs shuffled and I was listening to Poison & Wine by the Civil Wars, and when I got to the part "I still loved him. I always would." in the story, the words "I don't love you. But I always will." came on the song, and they lined up exactly! It was so weird, but very cool, and went perfectly with the beginning part- so beautiful, but so sad.

Author's Response: Yeah, me too, but Albus just isn't built like that. He has way too many issues! Thanks, I'm glad you like that part! Wow! That is so weird! But I love that song, you have a good taste in music. Thanks! I'm so happy you liked the chapter, I had a lot of fun writing it. Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a wonderful day! xxx

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Review #25, by IrobbedgringottsandgotawayBeing Summer: The Tenth One Has Arrived

7th February 2012:
Wow, great chapter! That was hilarious how James fought back so easily and quickly. I loved when they were in Zonko's - so funny, but so awkward!
Please update fast!

Author's Response: yeah, james pretty much realised what summer was doing straight away, and he wasn't very happy about it. so he fought back :p

thank youuu, ellie :) xx

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