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Review #1, by AlyseaObject of Their Affections: The Sacrifice in the Library

9th February 2014:
Oo, and the plot thickens like chowder...

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Review #2, by AlyseaA Game of Masquerades: Chapter 1: First Impressions

3rd February 2014:
I like this, it's interesting. And I like that you've added in a secondary story for Harry and the Gang. I'd like to think that they did more than just get into shenanigans. I look forward to reading more.

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Review #3, by AlyseaObject of Their Affections: Meeting Teddy

1st February 2014:
Yay! Teddy. I'd like to see more of the what Rose's deal is with Voldy and her part in your story. :) Also Harry really does need to pull his head out of his bum. :p

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Review #4, by AlyseaObject of Their Affections: Stolen Moments

1st February 2014:
Gah, Harry is such a boob. Love this chapter though. It's really cute.

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Review #5, by AlyseaObject of Their Affections: The Rubbish Witch

25th November 2013:
Loved it, it was nice having something fluffy after to many dark things happened.
I would have liked it to be longer, but since you seem to be doing NaNoWriMo, this fanfic isn't currently your main priority. Good luck with the final stretch of NaNoWriMo :D

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Review #6, by AlyseaObject of Their Affections: What it Feels Like

10th November 2013:
Wow, I really liked learning more about your version of elemental. I can't wait to read more of your story and finding out what happens with Rose, Harry and Voldy.

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Review #7, by AlyseaObject of Their Affections: Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Spirit

28th October 2013:
oo, things are getting really exciting. :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! Thank you so much for always being a loyal reviewer.

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Review #8, by AlyseaObject of Their Affections: The Condition of Loneliness

16th October 2013:
YAY! Harry and Rose. I wonder how Draco is going to take this.

Author's Response: Thank you for always being such a loyal reviewer!

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Review #9, by AlyseaObject of Their Affections: Always Be Mine

13th October 2013:
I am really intrigued at to where your story is heading.

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Review #10, by AlyseaThrown in The Deep: How could they?

7th August 2013:
There seems to be a theme in facfics lately to write in a character that had been hiding in the muggle world, and to be honest not many of them really work. They always have a way to use muggle stuff at Hogwarts, "enchanted" laptops and cell phones. And I really dislike those cheap story telling devices. I dont see those implements really adding anything to the story. I think I would have liked her first entrance to the Magical world to be Diagon Alley and not the train, because what about all her school stuff, and her wand? I am curious as to where your story will go, and who your character is. :)

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Review #11, by AlyseaAddicted: Addicted

31st July 2013:
Wow, great chapter. It really drew me in. Can't wait to read more.

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Review #12, by AlyseaMade From A Masquerade: The Teasing

15th July 2013:
I have a feeling that it's Draco putting the flowers on her bed.

Author's Response: lol. But how would he be getting into the room with the stairs enchanted? :)

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Review #13, by AlyseaAlways Yours: Insufferable Git

30th June 2013:
Im still on the fence about this story. I like your Origional Character, but there are just some small things that bother me. For example, why does she get her own room, and why would they bother enchanting her electronics to work in the castle.
There are also some grammatical errors. You also seem to have made McGonagall absent minded, and I am curious as to why. You have a pretty good start though. Im just kind of a stickler with grammar.

Author's Response: about that, it will be explained in later chapter :) as for Professor McGonagall, I'm aware that she's sort of OOC, I'm not really good at portraying her :( Also for grammatical error, I apologise for that as english isn't my native language. But this story is currently being revised by my beta (I just got a beta reader like two weeks ago), so hopefully it will all be fixed as well as McGonagall matter. Thank you for your review though, I appreciate it :)

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Review #14, by AlyseaObject of Their Affections: The Deal in the Dungeons

25th June 2013:
Re-reading some of the early chapters 'cause its been long enough that I wanted a memory refresher. I'd like to hear more of her abilities in the later chapters, and more about that prophecy that was mentioned in the last chapter.

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Review #15, by AlyseaAntebellum: Grimmauld

21st June 2013:
Oooo.. great start. I am really interested in where this story will go. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review :) I'm glad you liked it so far!

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Review #16, by AlyseaAlways Yours: Long lost fiancée

19th June 2013:
Chapter one was a bit rocky, but this one is much better. interesting start. :)

Author's Response: yeah, that one wasn't beta-ed, will re-upload the edited one soon. thank you :)

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Review #17, by AlyseaObject of Their Affections: Gala

19th June 2013:
It's really starting to seem like Draco is actually in love with Rose. I find that plot point interesting, it makes me wonder where their relationship will go in the end.

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Review #18, by AlyseaObject of Their Affections: Anger and Frustration

20th May 2013:
First: WOOT! on the new chapter :)
Second: Saucy... it would be really interesting if she really did start to love Draco. I wonder where you are going to take their relationship.

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Review #19, by AlyseaJust One Chance: Flash Backs

24th April 2013:
Im not sure where this story is going. Its starting to sound more like a cheesy teen-soap opera.

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Review #20, by AlyseaJust One Chance: Fire Whiskey

24th April 2013:
Wow. Interesting take on Harry after Sirius. A couple tiny grammatical errors, but in all a really intriguing beginning.

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Review #21, by AlyseaCursed Fate: Unfortunate Circumstances

15th April 2013:
Interesting start. Hopefully you're going to tell us what Draco did, but its still early in the story. :) I look forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Eventually I will but not too soon :) Thanks for reading!

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Review #22, by AlyseaThe Unlucky Never Cry.: Unlucky.

1st January 2013:
Wow, simply amazing. There were a couple of small typos in the first paragraph, but it was just a fantastic story. 10/10! :)

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #23, by AlyseaWhat if?: The Next Generation

31st December 2012:
I like the idea. But as a personal preference I don't really care for the switching of PoV. I think that if you decide to carry on with that format you should change it so its more like journal entries, giving a date at the top of the PoV switch. Just a thought.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it:) And thanks for the advise but I think I'll stick to what I'm doing

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Review #24, by AlyseaTrapped with the Draco: The fall in

31st December 2012:
You should try and watch your grammar, interesting idea, but it would be better if it had more detail in it. But continue writing, I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

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Review #25, by AlyseaObject of Their Affections: It Begins`

1st December 2012:
Will Rose end up staying with Draco, or will she ultimately end up with Harry?

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