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Review #1, by MyxomatosisOperation: Broom Cupboard: Operation: Broom Cupboard

26th August 2012:
This was amazing! It was so cute and lovely and wonderful. And I really like this writing style - it suits you! Something about it is very mature (and I can totally feel the influence of The Life and Times hahaha) and it flowed really wonderfully. Please please please keep writing. Reading your fics actually makes my day. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU.

Author's Response: HA! Yeah I had a feeling the TLAT inspiration was showing through a bit on this one. But I actually really enjoyed this writing style and I think for my next story I'll stick with it. I AM working on a new one, never fear! I'll let you know when I'm getting ready to post it :)

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Review #2, by MyxomatosisIf Wishes Were Fishes: Wish Upon a Fish

15th August 2012:
... I have never before been so gloriously happy and pathetically miserable at the same time. This was too perfect, but what do I do with my life now!? Never ever stop writing. I'm glad my boyfriend is still in bed because he'd definitely be questioning the goofy grin and simultaneous tears right now. WHY.

I can't wait for more stories from you. Furthermore, I can't wait until Oct 31 (when my thesis is due) so I can finally start writing again. Reading your fanfiction makes me want to write more than anything. Maybe one day I'll be as captivating as you.

I love you. There, I said it. Be mine.

Author's Response: So here's me being totally lame and answering your review like 8 months later. my bad. Anways, you are totally awesome and your reviews are awesome and you totally inspired me to keep working on this story even when i had zero time and massive writers block and anyways, thanks and you're amazing (I think I've said that before?). Yup.

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Review #3, by MyxomatosisIf Wishes Were Fishes: The Nicest Thing

16th July 2012:
I actually don't know what I'm going to do when this is all over... I might cry. I might die! Either way, I most certainly will not be okay...

This was so amazing. I don't know how you do it every time! I'm on the edge of my seat with EVERY chapter. And my god can they just make out already?! You are amazing. Your story, your character development, the way everything progresses so perfectly... This is actually literary gold. I want to kidnap you and keep you in my basement and force you to write Jily for me. Actually... that's a really good idea. See you soon!

Author's Response: I don't either. I'll probably cry and cheer and wander around aimlessly for a few days. I'm so glad you like the story and your support and reviews and everything mean so much to me. You're amazing, thanks for being awesome!

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Review #4, by MyxomatosisIf Wishes Were Fishes: Imposter

20th June 2012:

"She hates me."

"Nah, she doesn't," Sirius shrugged it off.

I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE YOU CLEVER MINX. Ahem. But onto the review. This story literally keeps me on the edge of my seat. I'm all tense. And this whole chapter my eyes kept darting over to the scroll bar to see how far I was from the end and every time I was TOO CLOSE. I wish this was a million times longer. I know this is a bit rich coming from me but PLEASE update soon! I'm actually in agony. Why can't they just WORK IT OUT? Aghhh. You are so amazing. Everything about this is amazing. I have missed this terribly. If I didn't have this stupid assignment I would go and write my fic right now because I am so inspired now and wah and omg and meep.

And because I never actually answer your questions: When she regains consciousness they will MAKE OUT FOREVER. The end.


Author's Response: haha clever minx. I rather like that title :P Hahaha oh my god and they will make out forever. So good. And YOU must update as well, I'm dying to read more of yours. UGH. Ok go continue being amazing. Hurray!

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Review #5, by MyxomatosisIf Wishes Were Fishes: Deja Vu

20th June 2012:
OH MY GOD okay I'm sorry I promise I'll leave a proper review on the next chapter. Must. Read. On.

Author's Response: Haha go read on! I understand.

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Review #6, by MyxomatosisIf Wishes Were Fishes: Lost (and Gone Forever)

20th June 2012:
okay okay okay this HURTS. I just need them to be in LOVE. I can't even think of a worthwhile review because I just need to read the next chapter. WHY IS THIS SO PAINFUL/PERFECT.

Author's Response: Haha i know while I was writing this I was just under a full attack of FEELS. All the feels. I made myself cry just writing it. Pathetic. But true.

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Review #7, by MyxomatosisIf Wishes Were Fishes: Operation: Broom Cupboard

20th June 2012:
Hey you. Guess what. I still exist. I REALLY should be doing my assignment right now... But I had a sneaky look at HPFF for the first time in months (sadface) and saw how much you had updated and couldn't help myself. This is brilliant. You are brilliant... Though cruel. Very cruel. Geez Lily, quit over-reacting and just snog the boy... again. Aghhh I love this story! I misss this I just want all of my school work to be OVER so I can come back and everything will be joyfully joyful. Eep I'm going to read on now! So excited!

Author's Response: YOU STILL EXIST. I've missed you. You should come back and write jily fics forever and frolic through fields of feels with me. Hurray!

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Review #8, by MyxomatosisIf Wishes Were Fishes: An Excess of Word-Vomit

19th March 2012:
Yes sss s updates are my favourite. This was such a clever idea! I never would have thought of it in a million years, you brilliant little thing. I wish more was said, though - between James and Lily especially. But I'm guessing (HOPING) we may get that in the next chapter??? We better. I want them to word vomit all over each other... (ew?). I LOVED "probably the best snog of my life" and I just want MORE JILY. Meep. Please update soon, mein schmetterling.

Oh, and it was so satisfying to finally have a wish come true! THANK YOU FOR YOU AND THIS.

Author's Response: oh god you'll get SO much more in the next chapter. And the one after that, and the one after that. the rest is basically just jily-centric haha. Haha "word-vomit all over each other". such a brilliant description and oddly accurate for the next couple chapters?

Also, you'll get to see bits of this from James's POV in a few chapters :P

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Review #9, by MyxomatosisIf Wishes Were Fishes: Secrets, Snogs, and Silly Wishes

25th February 2012:
Mah quick updates are my favourite. Also, James kissing Lily is my favourite. You should include AT LEAST one Jily kiss in every chapter. AT LEAST. Okay? Okay. Good girl. That was lovely, though. It has made my morning happy.

I'm going to go ahead and say that James does NOT break up with Celia. Do you know how I know? Because you're a horrible person, that's how! And a tease at that. I suppose I'm alright with that, though. Drag this out as long as possible, I don't know what I'll do once it's over. But seriously. Can you just tell James about the cheating already? Seriously.

I'm really tired and this review is sloppy but I LOVE YOU UPDATE AGAIN SOON.

Author's Response: Hahaha oh be nice :P I'm a wonderful person and you know it! Ugh and I am most definitely trying to drag this out I don't want it to end! haha but don't worry, I have another like, 3 stories in the works for when this ends!

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Review #10, by MyxomatosisIf Wishes Were Fishes: Cupid's Chokehold

23rd February 2012:
Before I begin:

"It would be so much easier if she were a bitch and I could just hate her like I wanted to." My thoughts exactly.


YOU ARE HEARTLESS. Oh my GOODNESS can James just find out already? FURTHERMORE (you filthy mud - ), WHY would you bring us so close to happiness and eternal peace and love and wonder and then RIP IT OUT FROM UNDER US? Mah my poor Jily heart. I just. I can't. She was so close. I don't even know what to do with my life anymore. NO SHE DID NOT MEAN IT WHEN SHE SAID SHE WAS GOING TO MOVE ON DUH WE ALL KNOW HOW THIS STORY ENDS but serrriously give us SOMETHING, woman!

You make me abuse the caps lock key. I am also a bitch to you in my reviews hahaha you know I love you, baby. But seriously. Get your shit together. I want more romance immediately! IMMEDIATELY. Oh Jily.


Author's Response: *hides*. i'm sorry? "Get your shit together" hahaha I can feel the love. No but really I totally understand and I'd want to kill me too if I were you :P But hopefully the next chapter will make up for it! I'm actually really excited for the next chapter so I'm hoping it'll go up soon! Maybe by this weekend? Love me now? :P

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Review #11, by MyxomatosisIf Wishes Were Fishes: Little Lion Man

7th February 2012:

Author's Response: I'm sory! Really, honestly I am haha. I knew you'd be upset by this chapter :( But I promise it gets better? Kind of?

... and did you just call me a muggle? I promise I'll have the next chapter up before you know it, I honestly feel bad about leaving you hanging with this one haha :)

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Review #12, by MyxomatosisIf Wishes Were Fishes: My Five Stages

15th January 2012:
So I wrote a really long review for this last night but HPFF decided to be a jerk and wouldn't post it. I guess it's for the best, though... considering the review was one giant squee-fest. Literally the whole thing was in caps. Literally.

I can't remember what I wrote but I'll try again. This was wonderful. I am that excited to finally know about the well, you have no idea. I was scrolling like crazy. Crazy, I tell you! Also. DUMBLEDORE IS THE BEST AND SO ARE YOU. This chapter was brilliant, and Dumbledore sweeping in and unraveling all the mysteries was perfect. The mirror and Ravenclaw's well and and and I haven't even gotten to the best part yet...

SHIT YEAH JAMES IS THE DEEPEST AND MOST DESPERATE DESIRE OF HER HEART. She loves the crap out of him. THEY'RE GONNA GET MARRIED AND HAVE BABIES (maybe just one omg drown me in my tears) AND EVERYTHING WILL BE JILY AND NOTHING WILL HURT. That happy. THAT happy. Shit, I have to go to work. MORE. MORE. Can they kiss again? Okay cool.

(PS. Did you know the J/L community on Tumblr recommend your fics? Just sayin'.)

Author's Response: Wait... seriously? This may just be me being incredibly dense but it totally never even occured to me that there would be a Lily/james tumblr... mind. blown. And now I won't be productive at all for the next two days.

Anyways, back to your review haha she loves the crap out of him. yup, I'd say that's about accurate :P And yay I'm glad you liked this chapter! This was probs my favorite one to write haha. And I love Dumbledore, I was so happy when I thought of using him here, he's such a badass. Anyways, I'll have more up as soon as I can!

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Review #13, by MyxomatosisIf Wishes Were Fishes: Atonement

29th December 2011:
This WAS up before the break! Good work on proving me wrong. Anyway, I read this the other night but haven't had the time to review as of yet - but don't worry, here I am! It was so lovely to see Lily's perspective and have clarification on all of her expressions and what not that James vaguely explained in the previous chapter. She loves him. LOVES HIM, I TELL YOU! I'm so happy this story exists. Also... I don't hate Celia... but I want to hate her so much! PLEASE make her a bitch? It's unfair that she's nice! You are both my favourite and least favourite person at the same time :)

Author's Response: hahaha thanks! I told you I'd get it up :) Haha sorry I had to make Celia nice... maybe I'll change my mind in the future and just make her go bat-shit crazy just for you :P

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Review #14, by MyxomatosisIf Wishes Were Fishes: The Messenger

22nd December 2011:
Oh my goodness, it has taken me far too long to read and review this. But don't worry (you were totally worried)! I am here now and ready to go. I have been FLAT OUT but reading this is always relaxing. It soothes me (ha?). So - YOU SUCK. I started this chapter super excited like "Yeah, piss off Celia, get out of my life" but then she came back with her stupid note like a stupid stupid. I THOUGHT THEY WERE GOING TO BREAK UP YOU MISLEAD ME WHY WOULD YOU HURT ME LIKE THIS? Everything about this was awesome, though. I'm so happy I found the time to read it tonight (probably should be in bed...)! That moment between them at the end had me all goosebumpy. That one line... Hold on... This one: "Lily lifted her eyes to meet mine and her emerald green irises danced in the sunlight filtering through the windows." Yeah. Good. GOOD. Holey moley, I love this story so much. I doubt your next chapter will be up before the break, but I'll wait (im)patiently for it because I adore this so! Wonderful. WONDERFUL. Also. Pretty sure you have like over 100 more reviews than when I last looked. Intense. I am so tired. Goodnight! :)

Author's Response: Ummm not gonna lie, I was a bit worried. True life. But hurray you're back! And I'm glad you liked it! I know it was a bit of a downer, and everyone wanted celia and James to break up :/ but it'll happen eventually haha don't worry :) It wouldn't be a lily/james if they stayed together :P And Just your luck, my new chapter went up today! And I think you have a new chapter too that I need to read... hurray!

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Review #15, by MyxomatosisHere comes the sun (and it's alright): It's alright

1st December 2011:
Oh, this was lovely! I always get goosebumps when I think about the building threat in their final Hogwarts years and I think you communicated that anxiety and fear really well. This is also one of my favourite songs! It's my ringtone, haha, and I think it was really lovely in this context.

You're a wonderful writer. This flowed so well and your characterisation was so human. It was just the right length to provide a teasing little tidbit of James and Lily's developing relationship. I really enjoyed this! Thank you for writing it :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much for this!

Really? It's your ringtone? You rock!!

When I wrote this story, I wanted the song to be a counter-balance to the tension of the war. To show that no matter how dark times are, there is still a ray of light in the comfort of our friends and loved ones.
I'm glad you like how I portrayed James and Lily's relationship. I didn't read many stories where their relationship is in the middle stage (not screaming at each other and not madly in love either); one where they are simply friends, growing closer together.

You made me blush with your kind words, I thank you a million times!

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Review #16, by MyxomatosisIf Wishes Were Fishes: Love Potion No. 9

21st November 2011:
I have two separate responses.

One: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS WAS THE BEST. The Marauders are so cute! Eep I love them. I always love them, but I have never loved them more than right now. Sirius and Remus' little fight made me squee. So adorable! And James - well James is always adorable. This whole chapter was just the cutest - SUCH a good idea and you handled and expressed it amazingly well. Also. OH MY GOODNESS THEY KISSED. Dammit, I want him to remember. I actually re-read the line when he kissed her like seven times because I was so happy about it. I don't know what my face looked like but considering my boyfriend looked and me and went "... what are you doing?" I'll say it was probably pretty goofy. WHY IS THIS SO GOOD WHY IS THIS SO GOOD WHY IS THIS SO GOOD?

Two: WAHWAHWAH. Stupid Severus. I mean, I love you... I can't help but love you... But... YOU HURT MY JAMES. Oh, I was so intent during that part. Scrolling like a madman. Seeing this all play out breaks my heart because I have the biggest soft spot for Severus but... yeah. James. It's sad. To answer your question, I do think this is it for their friendship. You did a really good job of maintaining it after the original "mudblood" incident, but I really think this is it. Lily seems to have accepted the path he has chosen and there's really no coming back from that. Sad.

This chapter was the sweetest and the saddest. I am THAT addicted to this. Also, I apologise if this review has been a babbling mess - I just woke up. On another note, check out this funny coincidence: I just sent my latest chapter to the queue last night, it's about the same word length as this chapter, and in my A/N I talk about considering splitting it in two but deciding to leave it as a whole. Yep. WE ARE ONE.

Okay I actually have to go now... but... you... good... this... yes... :)

Author's Response: hahahaha oh my god I love your reviews. I must say that I always look forward to them :) I'm glad you liked the bit with Remus and Sirius! i had a lot of fun writing all their shenanigans. And I ESPECIALLY liked writing the Lily/James bit... that was fun. I was trying not to squee when I wrote it haha.

As for Severus... I have a HUGE soft spot for him as well which is why I incorporated him into this story in the first place, but... alas, I had to do it. It was REALLY painful for me to write, but it needed to be done. And unfortunately this is it for them. They have a brief encounter in a future chapter but I won't give anything away about that.

Also, that's so great about your next chapter! haha, I seriously had some extreme internal debates about it but then I was like "oh well, I'll just make it one gigantic chapter" haha. but YAY I'm so glad you have a new chapter coming up! I've been waiting for ages!!!

caio, love!

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Review #17, by MyxomatosisStupid: Stupid Secrets: #23-25

15th November 2011:
You are genuinely making me remember how it feels to first be in love.

Author's Response: I'm glad! :) it's the least I could do!
thanks so much for reviewing again!

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Review #18, by MyxomatosisStupid: Stupid Secrets: #21-22

15th November 2011:
Oh my goodness. Why are you so wonderful? Everything about this is perfect: your characterisation (especially James); the flow and meter of your writing, your descriptions, the plot in general and the atmosphere you create. This is so, so lovely. Sorry, I'm a little lost for words and really can't explain myself well. Regardless, wow. Wow will do.

Author's Response: you astound me with your praise! thank you so much! I can't explain how great it is to hear that this story is working out format wise!
I absolutely love hearing that.
thanks again so much for reviewing! :)

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Review #19, by MyxomatosisStupid: Stupid Secrets: #19-20

15th November 2011:
WHY IS THIS SO GOOD? Also, you have an amazing grasp over the English language. Also also, your James makes me love James even more.

Author's Response: ...I don't know! haha :) thank you for the wonderful praise!
thanks so much once again :D

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Review #20, by MyxomatosisStupid: Stupid Secrets: #16-18

15th November 2011:

Author's Response: haha you are too funny :) thanks so much for reviewing again!

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Review #21, by MyxomatosisStupid: Stupid Secrets: #14-15

15th November 2011:
This is wonderful! Your characters are amazing and so well thought out. Lily, especially, is fully realised and just a pleasure to read. Oh dear I am enjoying this.

Author's Response: your reviews make me laugh and smile :)
I'm so glad you like the story!! thank you!

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Review #22, by MyxomatosisStupid: Stupid Secrets: #11-13

15th November 2011:
"Or maybe I was just angry that even when he was being downright infuriating, he still sent tremors through my heart."


Author's Response: true story, right? :)
thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #23, by MyxomatosisStupid: Stupid Secrets: #8-10

15th November 2011:
This is really cute. The way you have approached this story, the layout etc is so clever and refreshing - I have never read something quite like it. Not to mention it is so well written and just... just perfect.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it- and it's amazing to hear that I'm being 'clever and refreshing'!
thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #24, by MyxomatosisStupid: Stupid Secrets: #1-7

15th November 2011:

Author's Response: thank you! glad you liked it :)
thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #25, by MyxomatosisIf Wishes Were Fishes: Dangerous

9th November 2011:
I love you. Too bold? Too soon? I don't care, I'm putting myself out there! Seriously never stop writing this story. I think when/if you do, I might actually weep myself to death. You could totally be arrested for manslaughter... ahem... Just sayin'...

On to the review (I never really get to the point in these things so I'll try and submit a normal review for once): This was an amazing chapter. I love the way they all interact; you have a real talent for writing seamless and flowing conversations that aren't an effort to read. You have a real talent for writing, full stop. Your characters are beautiful and I lovedlovedloved the conversation between Lily and James. It was beautiful, they were perfect, everything was spot on. I really, really love that you've built the relationship from scratch; they you haven't come into the story with James already head over heels like so many stories (mine, oops) because it really gives you room to move and explore and discover. As frustrating as it can be, I am so hooked on watching everything unfold. Oh, and I literally squee'd when James shoved Sev up against the wall. Babe. Babebabebabe.

Now, to end with the expected "update soon!" and I'll be on my way :)

Author's Response: bahahaha I think we can safely say that we have a mutual love for each other. *ahem-updatesoon-ahem* But I think I'll also just sob uncontrollably when I finish this story... It won't be for a while though so don't worry! I have it all planned out, and I have through ch. 30 written but there will definitely be about 40 chapters total? Maybe more? Who knows. I'm dragging it out as long as I can :P

But I'm glad you liked this chapter! And I'm glad you appreciate Lily and James's relationship. That was something I was really striving for with this story. I think it takes an equal amount of effort to build the relationship from scratch as it does to convincingly have James be in love with Lily to begin with (as you have done quite well, I might add).

Anyways, glad you liked this chapter :) I'll have the next one up as soon as I can!

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