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Review #1, by Little Miss PotterBeyond the Slytherin Dungeons: Harry, Hermione and Hangovers

2nd September 2011:
woohoo yippy loved it nymphy

Author's Response: woo! thanks little miss potter!
big love NymphadoraLupin xx

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Review #2, by Little Miss PotterThe Uniting Of The Order: Denial

23rd August 2011:
My mother wanted to register a review so here it is;

i have never been able to get into the harry potter books, sacraligious as i know that will be to all the harry potter fans out there, never having finished even one. i once tried reading one to my eldest daughter (L.M.P) at bedtimes but sadly found myself with very heavy eyelids, yawning and barely able to stay awake. However, Little Miss Potters' fanfiction story has me wanting more. The intriguing love triangle between Ron, Hermione and Draco.more please! Easy to read, follow and best of all i'm not falling asleep! Just watch your spelling L.M.P. Mrs Rose Potter

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Review #3, by Little Miss Potterbrotherly love: The letter.

8th August 2011:
My names is Harlene Rainfield. I write novels for adult readers in Britain. I am pleased to say that your story shows promise and you, as a writer, show great potential. I would be pleased to publish this story for you when it is completed. Harlene

Author's Response: OMG, thanks,i had a really bad review, but i guess ill show him :)

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Review #4, by Little Miss PotterToxic Valentine: Death of a Good Girl

30th June 2011:
explicit. disgusting. rude. what more can i say. you should take up righting porn stories. =(

Author's Response: I'm sorry you think that. I myself didn't think it was that bad because I've read worse. But I didn't expect to get nothing but good reviews especially on this story. Although this other side of Ginny is most of the plot.

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